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Molekule Vs Blueair Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are great for improving the lifestyle around your surrounding. The air purifiers are designed so that it helps reduce allergens like mold, pollen, dust, smoke, spores, and so on.

Air purifiers should be such that they help clean the air around you in the entire room. The air purifiers should be highly effective with top-notch performance with quiet performance.

To help you get sorted, we have listed the detailed comparison between Molekule vs. Blueair air purifiers.

First, dive in to compare Molekule Air Pro vs. BlueAir Classic 605 and then look at the Molekule Air Mini+ vs. BlueAir Pure 411+ comparison.

Molekule Air Pro vs BlueAir Classic 605

Molekule Air Pro vs BlueAir Classic 605
Molekule Air Pro vs BlueAir Classic 605

Let’s dive in to have a look at the comparison between different aspects of Molekule Air Pro vs. Blue Air Classic 605:

Design and Size

Molekule Air Pro air purifier has a modern design featuring handly vegan-leather, making it easy to carry. The outlet engineered in this air purifier helps maximize the air’s cleanness.

With the leather handle featured in this air purifier, you can easily pick it up for easy, portable, and supple comfort. This air purifier also features a cable management area to hide the extra cord.

This air purifier has an aluminum body featuring a polished appearance in clinics, offices, or classrooms.

The Molekule Air Pro is slightly larger compared to the Molekule Air. It covers the entire area of around 1000 sq ft. This Air Pro purifier comes with an 11″ diameter width and a 23″ height weighing 22.9 lbs.

Blue Air Classic 605 with additional 4 casters and a unique design. The 3-D air interaction in this air purifier makes it a different design. This air purifier comes with an air output and an air input, allowing you to inhale fresh air.

The unrivaled design of this air purifier helps optimize the airflow with freshness in the air. You’ll love this air purifier because it has a perfect design for removing all impurities.

BlueAir Classic 605 has the following dimensions, including 26 x 13 x 20 inches, weighing around 35 lbs.


Molekule Air Pro PECO Technology
Molekule Air Pro PECO Technology

With the Molekule Air Pro, you can now control the airflow, which comes with 2 different Auto-Protect modes, making it a great choice for collecting VOCs or particles. You can now enjoy using this air purifier which works in various ranges from boost to whisper quiet.

Detect the air quality now using this air purifier, which helps you eliminate all CO2, particles, chemicals, and humidity.

Molekule Air Pro is a great choice because it comes with PECO technology, which helps remove all particles and smoke, destroying all bacteria, viruses, chemicals, allergens, etc. The expansive air coverage of Molekule Air Pro covers the entire area of 1000 sq. ft.

BlueAir Classic 605 covers extra large rooms measuring around 698 sq. ft. enjoy a comfortable environment with this air purifier that works well for studios, open floors, or the basement.

Get rid of all the particles, allergens, and triggering factors like pet dander, dust, pollen, viruses, mold, and so on.

Get your hands on this energy-efficient air purifier and Energy Star certification. This Wi-Fi-enabled air purifier allows you to adjust the settings using a tablet, smartphone, or Alexa, allowing you to control the pollen count and immediate cleaning.

It is designed to last for a longer duration with low energy consumption and indulging in sleep without any disruption. So, get your hands on this air purifier with a hidden panel for controlling it.


BlueAir Classic 605 Dynamic Airflow

Molekule Air Pro offers enough coverage of the entire area. It covers twice the extra coverage of Molekule Air and four times more than Molekule Mini.

This air purifier offers excellent performance with an immediate reduction of particles from 2.5 to 0.3 PM.

Enjoy seamless in-app controls while using this air purifier, making it a great choice for users. Enjoy visualizing the air quality in real-time with the urgent filter replacement status.

This Molekule Air Pro has six different fan speeds that you can easily set manually or use Auto-Protect modes. Adjust the speeds automatically, identifying the particulate count plus the air quality.

BlueAir Classic 605 comes with the Alexa Compatibility allowing you to easily change settings using the Blueair app on your smartphone or Alexa-enabled devices, which allows voice control.

You can now customize all settings with this air purifier, like LED brightness, night mode, and child lock, allowing it to fit well with your lifestyle. This air purifier can filter the air 5 times more efficiently, reducing the particulate level.

Molekule Air Pro Advantages

Molekule Air Pro Advantages
Molekule Air Pro Advantages

It covers the entire coverage area measuring around 1000 square feet. With the Molekule Air Pro purifier, you can indulge in solid purification with reduced particles from around 1574 to around 89.

Fall in love with the build quality of the Molekule Air Pro, featuring the leather handle with an aluminum body.

Blue Air Classic 605 Advantages

Blue Air Classic 605 Advantages

Blue Air Classic 605 is Wi-Fi enabled. It comes with the Nightime mode with LED lights. This air purifier comes in three different fan speeds. It works well for the entire house, helping you eliminate all hairs, dander, molds, and pollutants.

It is Alexa-compatible, allowing you to control it anywhere and anytime. This air purifier is designed for huge spaces and has a long-lasting particle filtration system. Blue Air Classic 605 features HEPA Silent technology that reduces power consumption to 15 watts.

Which One is Better?

Molekule Air Pro vs. BlueAir Classic 605 indicates that Molekule Air Pro comes with dazzling technology that helps eliminate all pollutants. This efficient air purifier helps eliminate all particulates and hazardous pollutants. Get rid of all the foul odors plus smoke particles using this air purifier.

Read also how Molekule Air Pro performs compared to Air Doctor 5000 and Dyson Purifier Cool TP07.

Molekule Air Mini+ vs BlueAir Pure 411+

Molekule Air Mini+ vs BlueAir Pure 411+
Molekule Air Mini+ vs BlueAir Pure 411+

Let’s dive in to have a look at the comparison between different aspects of Molekule Air Mini vs. Blue Air Pure 411+:

Design and Size

What you’ll love about the size and design of the Molekule Air Mini is that it comes in a sophisticated, compact design. In addition, it comes in an easy-to-place design that you can easily place over the tabletop.

This air purifier comes in plastic compared to the aluminum body. This air purifier’s white, minimalistic design gives it a premium finish. The cylindrical body with 8.25 inches diameter and 12-inch height makes this air purifier an incredible choice.

It features 360 degrees intake from an outlet present on and top for air intake. The one-touch control of this premium air purifier features a natural handle for easy portability. You can easily carry this air purifier which weighs only around 7.3 lbs.

On the other hand, Blue Air Blue Pure 411 comes with a simple, unique design. It is a famous company worldwide that makes sure to offer you exceptional air purifiers. This air purifier’s compact design allows you to move it from one room to another easily.

BlueAir Pure 411+compact design

Blueair Pure 411 has three-stage filtration, including a particle filter, fabric pre-filtration, and carbon filter. Blueair is an air purifier that makes use of small ionizers. The minimalistic design with the excellent performance of this air purifier makes it a great choice for small spaces.

The pre-filters used in this air purifier are available in five colors and are easily washable. This affordable air purifier comes with low energy consumption. The construction of this air purifier is amazing.

It features excellent airflow with top holes with a big center button. This air purifier blends well with the room. The filter construction is best with a small size and high performance, making it an adorable choice.

Lastly, this air purifier comes in 20.3 diameters with 42.4cms height, weighing around 3.35 lbs.


Molekule Air Mini comes with Whisper Quite function, which allows you to sleep easily without any hassle with the lightest snooze. This ozone-free air purifier makes sure to destroy any ozone particles. What you’ll love about this Molekule air mini air purifier is that it comes with filer auto-refills.

BlueAir Pure 411 is designed for use in small bedrooms. It works 4.8 times every hour within around 185 sq ft, effectively lowering all particulates. This air purifier’s upgraded features and high functionality make it a premium choice for users.

It features a sleek frame with a matte coating that is anti-scratch, plus a magnetic cord straightener. The eye-catching three-stage filtration system catches all the particulates and extends the life of your filter.

The carbon and particle filter helps get rid of all odors, smoke, airborne particles, dust, dander, pollen, and so on. It is energy-efficient and certified in terms of ozone emission.

The perfect combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration with HEPASilent technology makes this air purifier different from others. Match this air purifier with your setting, as it comes with six different pre-filter colors.


Molekule Air Mini+ air control
Molekule Air Mini+ air control

Molekule Air Mini features PECO filteration technology using the UV-C ligt filters. The HEPA filter with a carbon filter makes it an exclusive air purifier.

You can safely use this air purifier as it comes with modern technology. The best thing about this air purifier is that it features low fan power, allowing whisper-quiet operation.

Overall, this air purifier features a silent operation making it a wonderful choice for users. This air purifier comes with around 52 decibels. It consumes only 18 watts of power with features like Wi-Fi connectivity.

When we talk about Blue Air Pure 411, features a polypropylene filter that is easily recycled and replaced. The 360 degrees design of this air purifier helps in extend its life. This air purifier filters air from all sides.

The ultra-thin millions of fibers used in this air purifier make it a great choice preventing any clogging with enhanced airflow plus minimal noise. This quiet air purifier is simple and easy to place with low energy consumption.

Molekule Air Mini+ Advantages

Molekule Air Mini+ Advantages
Molekule Air Mini+ Advantages

Get your hands on the Molekule Air Mini air purifier. It has incredible advantages, like a one-touch display that makes it easy to use.

You’ll love this air purifier because you can connect it to Wi-Fi, allowing you to control it anytime and anywhere. The filter life monitoring of this air purifier allows you to identify the status of the filters. The best part about this air purifier is its 5 different fan speeds.

The ultra-quite feature of this Molekule Air Mini makes it easy to use in a bedroom. Moreover, enjoy using this Molekule Air Mini air purifier which is energy efficient and has a particle levels indicator. Moreover, the Auto-Protect Mode featured in this air purifier works efficiently.

BlueAir Pure 411 Advantages

BlueAir Pure 411 Advantages

Blue Air Pure 411 offers many advantages, including removing odors with 99% removal of particles. This air filter helps remove odors, dander, mold, dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen with other pollutants.

This low energy-consuming air purifier has a unique design that consumes less energy than just 10W. This air purifier’s automatic start is possible using a smart plug. With Blue Air Pure 411, you get a 1-2 years warranty.

It is an easy-to-set air purifier with silent functioning. BlueAir is an easy-to-clean purifier with exceptional performance.

Which One is Better?

Molekule Air Mini seems better with the latest modern technology making it an easy-to-use choice. This air purifier comes with a one-touch display with an easy-to-connect app that you can easily control over Wi-Fi.

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With the diverse range of available air purifiers, we understand that finding the best air purifier is a tough job. We all need a competent, highly efficient air purifier with cutting-edge modern technology to give us clean air.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best air purifier now and breathe in fresh air free from pollutants and extreme particulates that might cause allergies.

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