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Top 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

If you enjoy sitting outdoors on your porch or patio during the summers, a good quality outdoor ceiling fan would be your best companion in helping you experience a cool breeze of fresh air. Besides, it would also add to the decoration of your outdoor area.

You can select from the many stylish and effective outdoor ceiling fans available in the market. If you find it difficult to choose from the numerous models, refer to our reviews of the top 10 best outdoor ceiling fans.

Our buyer’s guide contains some beneficial information about outdoor ceiling fans, including the important factors to be considered while buying one for your purpose.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans


1. Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Hunter 59135 Nautical 54 Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ is a highly cooling, efficient, noise-free fan for your outdoors. It has a reversible motor to offer you comfort around the year. The fan is ETL Damp-rated, which makes it extremely suitable for covered outdoor areas.

You can mount the fan in a standard position, or else you have the options of installing it low or even at an angle with your ceiling. The fan has a pull chain mechanism for easy switching on & off and speed adjustments. 

The company offers a lifetime warranty for its rugged motor.


  • Reversible direction motor
  • Easy control through the pull chain
  • ETL Damp-rated
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stylish looks


  • The medium speed is pretty slow


If you are looking for a reliable outdoor ceiling fan that offers high cooling efficiency and impressive aesthetics, The Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ would be a perfect choice.

2. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Downrod FanHarbor Breeze Twin Breeze Downrod Fan

The Harbour Breeze Twin Breeze Downrod Fan is a highly adorable outdoor ceiling fan. The stylish fan also boasts about its high durability. The sturdy & rugged model is whisper quiet in its operation, making it a highly desirable outdoor fan for silent sitting in your outdoors.

The fan consists of 6 brown wicker blades that allow for a change in styles without buying the new blades. The ceiling fan appears sleek, thanks to the oil-rubbed bronze finish.

It is suitable for indoor & outdoor operations and can serve you in all seasons with its reversible 3-speed motor.  


  • Suitable for large areas
  • Quiet operation
  • Highly durable
  • Reversible direction
  • Stylish looks


  • Installation is a bit difficult


If you are looking for a fan suitable for large outdoor areas that can also add to your outdoor decoration value, look no beyond the Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze.

3. Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

With 5 ETL wet-rated wicker blades, the Honeywell Duvall 52-inch Tropical Ceiling Fan offers an amazing fan for medium to large outdoor areas. You can install the fan in your living room, large-sized patio spaces, or the front open conference halls.

The bronze finish offers a highly stylish ceiling that can enhance any exterior decoration. Besides, it is an elementary ceiling fan to install, and you can very quickly assemble and hang it on the ceiling of your outdoors.

The quiet reversible 4-speed motor offers you ultimate comfort & convenience all through the year. The company, also offers a limited lifetime warranty to its high-quality fan.


  • Great aesthetics
  • Highly affordable
  • Very easy to install
  • Highly effective airflow
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not highly weather resistant


The Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan is perfect for those who want an efficient fan that can also enhance their outside spaces‘ aesthetics.

4. Casa Vieja Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote

Ideal for small to medium-sized outdoor rooms, the 44″ Casa Vieja Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan offers you a soothing breeze in the summer evening. The brushed nickel finish fan and silver finish ABS blades are a wonderful combination of style and efficiency.

The fan is also a highly convenient appliance, with the remote offering effortless control of the six fan speed settings.

You can also purchase an optional light kit to add more style to the fan. This kit would allow you to add glitter to your surroundings in the pleasant summer evenings.


  • Superb looks
  • Highly efficient
  • Remote control
  • High-quality finish


  • Not suitable for a humid environment


The 44″ Casa Vieja Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a perfect fan for your small to mid-size outdoor spaces. 

5. Minka-Aire F753L-BNW Java LED 54″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The modern style outdoor ceiling fan Minka-Aire F753L-BNW Java LED 54″ is a wonderful fan for your large outdoor areas. The brush nickel finish offers the outdoor fan a highly attractive look and makes it suitable even for the unique outdoor decoration style.

The 54″ fan has one light bulb to glow your evenings in the outdoor spaces. Besides, it will serve pretty well in indoor areas with equal effectiveness. The fan is an amazing combination of function and style. The safety rating of UL makes it pretty safe for dry environmental conditions. 


  • Stylish design
  • Highly functional
  • Perfect for large areas
  • Modern light


  • Suitable for dry surroundings only


Modern in style, the Minka-Aire F753L-BNW Java LED 54″ is ideal for large outdoor areas of your home.

6. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star 60″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star 60″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a design marvel. The magnificent design offers a superbly stylish fan and provides a high-performing air circulating appliance.

The ceiling fan comprises three wooden blades with a little curve. The beauty lies in the fact that the blades are hand-carved. And the ultimate feature is that these blades come in 6 different finishing styles.

60″ blades are highly effective for large areas. The 6-speed motor can offer a maximum airflow level of 8244 CFM. Besides, it can be controlled through a remote. 


  • Highly innovative wooden designs
  • High CFM
  • Remote operated
  • Six speeds motor
  • Quiet operation


  • Not particularly suitable for high damp conditions


The Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK has a highly innovative design that offers both power & style at the same time.

7. Matthews IR3H-BN-WA-52 Irene 52″ Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan

A beautiful blend of traditional and modern design, the Matthews IR3H-BN-WA-52 Irene 52″ Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan is a highly attractive fan with wooden blades. The fan has a unique cylindrical housing for its motor, further adding to its highly attractive features.

On the performance front, the 52″ blade size is pretty effective for mid-size to large areas. The 6-speed option with the reversible direction DC motor provides a high level of comfort and convenience in all seasons. The highly functional remote control device adds substantially to the convenience. 


  • Beautiful design features
  • Effective functionality
  • Remote control
  • Six fan speeds
  • Reversible DC motor


  • In the higher price bracket


If you want a unique mix of traditional & modern design in a highly functional outdoor ceiling fan, the Matthews IR3H-BN-WA-52 Irene would be the perfect fan for your purpose.  

8. Modern Forms Wynd 5-Blade Smart Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Modern Forms Wynd 5-Blade Smart Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a high-tech ceiling fan. This fan is one of its classes in using the latest technology. You can operate the ceiling fan by using Google Assistant and Alexa. Besides, it also works with other AI platforms like Nest and Ecobee.

Moreover, you can operate the fan through the Modern Forms app by downloading it on your smartphone. Through the Adaptive learning feature, the fan learns to understand & adapt to your requirement & control itself accordingly.   

From the performance point of view, the fan with the DC motor offers high efficiency and whisper-silent running.


  • Adaptive learning
  • Traditional as well as modern control
  • Smart Control through AI
  • 6-speed DC motor
  • Low noise level


  • Expensive


If you want the most technically advanced outdoor ceiling fan, do not look beyond the Modern Forms Wynd 5-Blade Smart Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

9. Craftmade KM52ABZ5LKRCI Knightsbridge 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Craftmade KM52ABZ5LKRCI Knightsbridge 52″ is an excellent ceiling fan for outdoor spaces. Build with five bronze blades; the fan includes three numbers of 40 W Candelabra dimmable lights. The fan with its 52″ blade size is capable of cooling a mid to large size space by providing 5513 CFM of airflow.

The 3-speed fan motor is easily controllable through a highly functional remote control device. The remote can control the fan’s speed, dimming of the light, and the reversing of the motor direction.


  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Excellent lighting 
  • Highly functional remote control
  • Reversible direction motor


  • Not very high airflow


The Craftmade KM52ABZ5LKRCI Knightsbridge 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan serves the dual purpose of providing reasonable cooling and high-intensity lighting.

10. Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN High Power Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN is a highly effective ceiling fan and provides a super-powerful airflow of 6659 CFM. The outdoor ceiling fan has the option to run at three different speeds. The fan has a reversible direction motor to provide cool air during the summers during hot air during winter.

Certified for dry & damp surroundings, the fan offers a durable solution for difficult weather conditions.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Affordable price range 
  • High aesthetics
  • Reversible motor function


  • No remote


If you are searching for an ultra-powerful ceiling fan for your outdoor space, you can confidently go with the Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN High Power Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Buying guide

Why Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Sitting in your outdoor space, a bit closer to nature, and enjoying the cool and smooth breeze is on any day an excellent idea. And if you feel the same, this is an excellent reason to go with an outdoor ceiling fan.

With such a fan, you can enjoy the desired cool and calm breeze and get rid of those irritating bugs and bees in your outdoor.

In addition to its basic function, an outdoor ceiling fan is a perfect way of improving your outdoor space’s decoration and theme.

A catchy design with an alluring light bulb in its center is enough to put a strong impression on any passer-by. And this way, apart from giving you a fresh cool breeze, a beautiful outdoor ceiling fan would give you many other benefits.

What Are The Differences Between Indoor Fans And Outdoor Fans?

An outdoor ceiling fan has to withstand a lot of harsh weather conditions. And for this reason, these sturdy appliances are made especially to bear more than the normal indoor ceiling fans.

An outdoor ceiling fan has a motor casting with a waterproof seal to prevent damage from the harsh rainy weather conditions and even against higher outdoor air moisture content.

The fan blades are robust and durable ABS plastic or stainless steel to withstand extreme climate forces. And for this reason, it is often called an all-weather blade system in the fan market. 

These fans’ body is made to bear conditions like extreme rainfall, humidity, snow, hailstorms, and much more.

Therefore, indoor ceiling fans with a comparatively flimsy body, such as ordinary wooden blades, are unsuitable for outdoor space installation. 

How to Choose An Ideal Outdoor Ceiling Fan?


The size of your ceiling fan is dependent upon your room size. A larger ceiling fan has greater area coverage, whereas a shorter fan has a smaller coverage for obvious reasons.

However, before buying, you must ensure not to move above or below the required size range. And for this, you need to take into account your room size.

Below 45 inches Below 150 sq ft.
45 to 50 inches 150 to 225 sq ft.
50 to 60 inches 225 to 400 sq ft
Above 60 inches Over 400 sq ft.

Power Considerations

The fan’s power determines its speed in cooling up your entire room. The more power, the faster will be the temperature drop. You would better prevent bugs, bees, and other insects with better power.

However, the higher power-consuming fans burden your electricity bills to a large extent from the other aspect. Therefore, you need to choose wisely and by your actual requirements.


The style of the ceiling fan has a high impact on your overall outdoor theme. For this reason, a huge variety of designs of outdoor ceiling fans are available in the market. 

From a calm and meditative design to a catchy eye animation, you can choose from many options to get your perfect match.


With the rapid advancements of technology nowadays, you will find a wide variety of controlling options for our outdoor ceiling fan. Some are wall/switch control and pull chain, and others are controlled through a remote system. 

The latest fans also use AI platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant to control the functions. Besides, they can also be controlled through smartphones by using apps.


This is another major factor for an outdoor ceiling fan. You must have very high airflow capabilities to effectively cool a large outdoor open space. And high airflow would require the fan to run at high speeds.

The powerful airflow would also keep the mosquitoes away, another major problem in open outdoor areas. So, high speed gives you a cool breeze and protects you from mosquitoes’ irritating and harmful attacks.


For ideal airflow, the right ceiling fan height is essential. You need to ensure that you neither place it so low that it does not cover the complete area nor so high that the fan loses its efficiency.

Install it at a minimum height of 8 feet from the ground for human safety. An adjustable down rod is the best option for higher ceilings.


There are a lot of accessories that you can have along with your outdoor ceiling fan. Some of which are:

  • Remote control for conveniently controlling the speeds of the fan from your respective position. You can also buy it separately if not included.
  • A light bulb at the center of the ceiling fan for an alternative light source in your outdoor space. This designer bulb also adds to the decoration value of your space. 
  • Auxiliary fittings and instructions for a more convenient and easy fan installation.

Final Thoughts

There is no substitute for ceiling fans outdoors, as the AC would not be effective in open areas. For this reason, it is necessary to have an effective ceiling fan to enjoy your summer evenings in the outdoor areas of your home.

The ceiling fans we reviewed here allow you to select the best outdoor fan among the topmost fans available in the market. The buyer’s guide also provides important information to make a more informed decision while finalizing buying the best outdoor ceiling fan for you.  

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