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5 Best Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

The hot weather transforms mostly ignored outside areas into a substantial portion of your home’s living rooms when spring goes into full force.

As a result, terraces and gardens are becoming more popular places to relax, whether for a morning cup of coffee, an alfresco meal, or supper with friends.

Modern outdoor wood fireplaces or fire pits, on the other hand, may transform a backyard or patio into your favorite hangout spot.

In this article, you can look through the greatest modern outdoor wood fireplaces, which have been hand-picked for their mix of modern style and functionality.

5 Best Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplaces 

An outdoor wood-burning fireplace might be a fantastic way to provide warmth and a natural meeting area to your patio or outdoor living area.

Of course, numerous options exist for adding fire to your yard environment, from chimineas to fire pits.

Still, an outdoor wood-burning fireplace is a solid, conventional alternative that provides the classic wood-burning experience.

1. Necessories Compact Outdoor Fireplace

Necessories Compact Outdoor Fireplace review

The Necessories Compact Outdoor Fireplace has been meticulously cut and chiseled, meticulously built one brick at a time to create an unmistakable masonry look. This item is the crown jewel of the outdoor space, standing 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

The Necessories Compact Outdoor Fireplace comes in three colors: Bluestone, Sante Fe, and Desert, and contains two 1/4-inch firebrick to ensure the wood-burning firebox’s longevity. This fireplace will last if the stone from which it was cut, thanks to the application of Super-Stik glue.

These DIY outdoor fireplace kits are the ideal centerpiece for your outdoor living area, standing over five feet tall and over eight feet broad (with two wood bins). Its overall profile, general design, and aging look add to its appeal. The Compact prefabricated outdoor fireplace set is the perfect size for adding warmth to your patio.


  • A fantastic firebox that can withstand gas heat.
  • Once built, it’s stunning, eye-catching, and produces a great fire.
  • Best value for money – I would suggest it to anybody looking for a low-cost fireplace that looks like a handcrafted treasure.
  • Pre-cut concrete is easy to assemble.
  • Stability is ensured by steel reinforcing.
  • We suggest that everyone who wants a fireplace also acquire a hearth.


  • The units are exclusively one-sided.
  • The firebox itself had the worst fit of the stones and required considerable trimming.
  • Due to the large nature of this item, delivery will need the use of a forklift.


With the Compact Outdoor Fireplace, you can enjoy outdoor life every night.

The Necessories Compact Fireplace Kit is ideal for creating a fire in your outdoor entertainment space. The warm light of a crackling fire will make every night out on your patio seem like home, particularly on cold winter evenings.

2. Pre-Engineered Arched Masonry Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace – 36″

Pre-Engineered Arched Masonry Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace - 36"

The FireRock Conventional Arched Outdoor Fireplace – 36″ will provide warmth and classic elegance to your house. This prefabricated, modular system assembles to form an all-masonry fireplace that can resist pressures of up to 3,000 pounds per square inch. FireRock offers a superior brick fireplace solution that is simple to install, high performing, safe, and economical, thanks to the unique 1-piece chimney system.

The FireRock Conventional Arched Outdoor Fireplace – 36″ has been built for efficiency and performance from the foundation to the frame. A chimney is required for this fireplace setup. Compared to a 2-3-week scratch-made job, the whole firebox may be constructed in a couple of hours. The FireRock masonry flue system is a one-piece system with a 15-inch inner diameter that improves smoke draw and simplifies installation.

The kit allows you to complete your project half the time and for half the cost of a fireplace constructed from scratch. The equipment is made of high-quality, weather-resistant pre-formed concrete blocks that are simple to build and endure for years of pleasure. The classical form of the fireplace, which has a magnificent arched entrance, is suitable for both classic and modern preferences. The comments you’ll get about your gorgeous, bespoke outdoor fireplace will never get old.


  • Easy to assemble or put together.
  • Robust due to its great quality
  • It comes with a straightforward installation guide.
  • Enough bricks and mortar supports the herringbone pattern
  • It comes with all accessories


  • The shape and size of the precast components aren’t consistent – Needs smoothing and trimming.
  • You can’t get the product on things you don’t want black.


The 36-In Fire Rock Arched Masonry Outdoor Fireplace Kit makes it simple to build the outdoor fireplace of your dreams. This simple-to-build fireplace core may be modified to fit your style preferences.

You can construct the ideal fireplace for your outdoor entertainment area using brick, stone, rock, stucco, tile, or any other finish you can think of.

3. Majestic Villawood Outdoor Wood Fireplace- 36″.

Majestic Villawood Outdoor Wood Fireplace- 36"

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The Majestic Villawood is an outdoor wood-burning fireplace that works well in various settings. Upgrade your outdoor kitchen or add warmth and elegance to your living space.

For an actual masonry appearance, choose from classic or herringbone brick interiors. The fireplace may be converted to gas using standard knockouts.

Thanks to its steel grate, fire screen, and two distinct brick choices, this fireplace will look fantastic for years to come. The Majestic Villawood, with its stainless-steel edge, will complement any decor.

Anyone seeking to improve their outdoor or interior living space will love the Majestic Villawood. In addition, you may relax in front of this fireplace, which has various features and accessories.


  • Dual gas knockouts
  • 10-year warranty on firebox
  • Stainless steel safety firescreen offers more protection
  • It comes with a range of size options
  • Includes customizable interior options


  • The optional Bi-Fold Glass Door makes it costly


As the concept of outdoor living areas takes momentum, outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Adding a factory-built fireplace simplifies and lowers the cost of installation.

These fireplaces are in a framed hollow with just a few inches of space around the entrance. The final product is a lovely outdoor meeting place to escape it all. Gas and wood outdoor fireplaces are also available. Traditional and contemporary types of gas models are offered.

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4. Majestic Montana Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace- 36″

Majestic Montana Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace- 36"

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The Majestic Montana Outdoor Wood Fireplace – 36′′ has a stainless steel structure and a large viewing area sculpted from clean lines and smooth surfaces. This device uses radiant heating to provide constant high temperatures night after night.

This Majestic Montana Outdoor Wood Fireplace – 36′′ blends a contemporary medium with a traditional ideal to warm up your outdoor space and light up the night.

A refractory brick lining is included, effectively reflecting heat and serving as an easy-to-clean surface. In addition, its firebox may be readily converted to use natural gas or liquid propane as a fuel source.


  • Drain channels that have been patented reduce the impacts of weather.
  • It’s insulated.
  • For a genuine masonry look, choose from classic or herringbone brick interiors.
  • It includes a refractory liner.
  • Stainless steel grate and firescreen with a long-lasting finish.
  • Traditional gray herringbone or brown herringbone
  • Viewing area of 36″ or 42.”
  • It comes with a mechanism for draining water.
  • The whole structure is made of stainless steel.


  • You’ll need chimney pipes, thus more costs


Nothing compares to a one-of-a-kind creation. Montana, the first outdoor fireplace, is constructed in its namesake, rough, gorgeous, and one-of-a-kind style.

Thus, the Majestic Montana Wood Fireplace is a ready-to-use outdoor device that will keep you and your visitors warm and toasty.

5. WRE3000 Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace from Superior

Superior WRE3000 Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

The Superior WRE3000 Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace, which comes in 36 and 42-inch radiant smooth-faced versions, is the ideal complement to your outdoor living space. Its durable stainless steel components guarantee that you’ll be able to have many discussions and relaxing nights around it for years to come.

As if that weren’t enough, its refractory panels come in various colors and designs, so you’ll also be in high fashion.

A heavy-duty stainless-steel log grate, an easy-access damper control, and an adjustable outside air damper are all included with the Superior WRE3000 Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace. To put it another way, it contains everything you need. Purchasing this fireplace is an investment in a better standard of living.

PureFireTM Technology is a trademark of PureFire, Inc.

The WRE3800 has all the excellent features of the WRE3000 and the PureFire technology! PureFire is a passive catalytic device that lowers particle emissions by around 75%.

PureFire removes carbon monoxide (including CO from gas logs) and requires no maintenance or special care. Find out more about PureFireTM technology.


  • There are 36″ and 42″ variants available.
  • Soft models with brightness.
  • Refractory panels in a variety of colors and patterns are available.
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel log grate.
  • The damper controls are conveniently accessible.
  • Screens made of stainless steel retract into screen pockets that are hidden.
  • A movable air damper on the outside.
  • Stainless steel construction for long-term outdoor use.


  • It cannot be utilized as an existing fireplace and must be encased into a new enclosure.


The WRE3000 outdoor fireplaces include brushed stainless-steel faces that are one-piece and stainless mesh spark screens. To enhance the splendor of the fireplace, the screen tucks away behind concealed side pockets.

In addition, the WRE3000 has the best refractory brick liners in the market, available in Natural White, stacked brick, and herringbone patterns.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Buying Guide

Nothing feels cozier than sitting by a fire on a winter evening. You may create a warm and inviting place in your backyard by installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Read the following buying guide to get the fit outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

Why Should You Consider a Wood Stove?

By buying a wood-burning fireplace, find the benefits you might be missing by now. Indeed, a burner to use outside.

  • Enhance Your Living SpaceNothing beats a wood-burning fireplace! Whether you ranked them according to their appearance, feel, or aroma. It is a fantastic option for winter days and nights. You will like the roaring fire.
  • Boost the Value of Your HomeA modern, energy-efficient fireplace raises the value of your house.
  • Save Money – It lets you save money on heating costs.

Types Of Outdoor Fireplaces And Fire Pits

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Outdoor fireplaces and pits come in different forms, sizes, and designs. Here are the top outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Built-in fire pit

Build your fire pit by constructing a stone or brick foundation. Designs may be buried or elevated on the sides. Wood is placed inside the cases.

Portable fire pits

They have a bowl-like form with a stand or legs to support them. A lid that may be put on top of several versions is included. If desired, you may use portable giant fire pits to prepare meals.

An outdoor fireplace is a permanent construction that looks like an indoor fireplace. It’s usually made of stone or brick, with a front ledge at the bottom and a mantle on top. Instead of trying a DIY job, you may contact experts if you want a large outdoor fireplace.

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8 Best Indoor Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

8 Best Indoor Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Placement – Where Do You Plan To Put the Fire?

Are you constructing an outdoor fireplace? It’s best to use an existing patio or deck in the yard. One may use mobile fire pits and DIY stone fire pits. This has a more rustic feel to it. Plus, it gives off a camping vibe – without the need to sleep in a tent.

Don’t forget to keep safety in mind when deciding on a place. For example, if you want to put your outdoor fireplace or fire pit on wood or grass, you’ll need a fireproof mat. Additionally, a spark screen can prevent burns.

Function – What’s the Primary Purpose Of the Fire?

It’s a good idea to consider how you’ll use the fireplace or fire pit before you buy it. Some versions are multipurpose. However, others are designed for a particular purpose.

If you have working flames now, you may want to improve your outside space. Fire pits come in various styles, so choose one that suits your tastes.

Will it be a view in and of itself? Will it complement an architectural feature or landscape element? When it’s not lighted, does it need to have an appeal? A bright blaze.

Wood Stove Installation: Finding an Installer

So you’ve decided to buy a stove for your house – a decision they admire. So what’s the best way to put a wood stove together? Hire the Pro!

Who should I hire to put in my woodstove?

Experts maintain a registry of licensed installers, making it quite simple to locate.

Finding a stove installation near you is simple.

Enter your postcode. Choose your installation (a dry stove, a boiler stove, or flue and chimney work).

Alternatives To Wood Fuel

Alternatives To Wood Fuel

Among the choices are:

Fireplaces using natural gas

Gas fireplaces are simple to use and need little maintenance. It takes little effort to start a fire—press a button and relax! In addition, they don’t have to fix messes from soot.

Stoves that burn wood

Wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces have common characteristics. The flames, scents, and crackling noises of burning firewood—or pellets—are authentic.

Wood stoves are not installed in the same way as fireplaces are. Wood stoves need a chimney, non-combustible base, covers, and 18 inches from the wall.

Fireplaces Using Electricity

You can switch the heat and flames.

Electric fireplaces may fit you if you don’t need a flame to enjoy a fireplace.


What should I look for in an outdoor fireplace?

Various variables influence the kind of fire furnishing you can or should buy. However, these two are vital.

  • Financial constraints

A small fire bowl is sold for less than 100 dollars. Yet, a large fireplace with the ability to cook can cost ten thousand dollars or more.

  • Natural Resources

What is the size of your outside space? A full-sized fireplace or a large fire pit may not be appropriate for a beautiful backyard. It’s crucial to have a fire that’s proportionate to the size of the room.

Some kinds of fires may be difficult to accommodate due to the design or landscape around your house. Do you have a flammable patio or deck?

You have a few options to install and how you may install it.  Awnings, low-hanging plants, and overhanging branches are all possibilities.

Is the weather hot or cold? Is it windy or not? You may need windbreaks or be confined to self-contained rather than open-air frames.

What is the best wood to burn in an outdoor fireplace?

Hardwoods: Hardwoods like Oak, for example, are the finest wood for fireplaces. The fire will be hotter, stronger, and stay longer if you use denser wood.

What’s the best-smelling wood to burn?

The most traditional aroma comes from hickory.

It’s no surprise that hickory is the most popular firewood. The aroma isn’t entirely distinctive. It’s still timeless.

How much does it cost to build an outdoor wood-burning fireplace?

The cost ranges from $1,500 to $20,000 for an outdoor fireplace.

A fireplace costs about $3,000 to build on average. Pre-built kits and unfinished contractor versions are priced from $1,500 to $9,000. The project cost ranges from $8,000 to $20,000, with some exceeding $50,000.

What is a better fireplace or fire pit?

Which is the fit for your outdoor living room? Consider these factors:

  • GOAL

When are you going to spend time with your family? Is it possible to take a break from the stresses of everyday life? Fire pits and fire tables fit larger groups.

Consider catching up with friends over a campfire-like environment. For example, you could place a gas fire pit on top of a retaining wall or around a fountain or waterfall to add interest to the area.

You may have quiet time to relax in front of one. You may use a fireplace to separate areas like the dining room and the living room. Its walled construction protects you from your neighbors. They stop the breeze and provide a sunshade.


Because it cannot control the sparks, a wood fire pit requires the best care. To avoid the risk,  use a screen cover.

The flame in the firebox is contained in a fireplace. Children are kept safe from embers and sparks of a wood-burning fire using doors, a steel grate, and a fire screen. Additionally, outdoor gas mesh doors are safer.


A fire table with a burner is a popular design for outdoor living areas. Many coats (stone, tile, block, stucco) are available to match the homes outside.

It’s usually table height to avoid obstructing conversations or views. However, it may be lowered to the level of a coffee table or raised to a higher level.


Even the breeze may feel relaxed. It’s fit for people away from a fire pit’s flame. If it’s windy, smoke from a wood fire pit may be distracting.

To cut heat loss, put an outdoor fireplace against the wind. Smoke is drawn up and out your chimney by a wood-burning fireplace, making it less of a nuisance.


Compared to an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit may be less expensive.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace


Now, “What kind of fire pit is the best?” The answer here may vary. Your outdoor space’s specific needs determine the best fire pit for your tastes. As they’ve seen, the following are major crucial high-level factors to consider:

  • Restrictive legislation
  • Spending caps
  • Constrained by the environment
  • The building materials (metal, mineral, or tempered glass)
  • Set up (proximity to home)
  • Type of design (above or below ground, fixed or freestanding)
  • Role (heating, cooking, or aesthetic)

Lastly, it’s critical to exercise extreme caution when dealing with fire! Nothing ruins a good night faster than a bad burn. Use these tips to avoid damage:

  • Clear a ten-foot radius of grass and needles.
  • Wear tight-fitting, woven, or short-sleeved clothing when using campfires and grills.
  • Make a campfire or a cooking fire away from the breeze
  • Always keep track of children near a fire; never leave a fire unattended!
  • Never fire or use hot coals with flammable liquids (especially gasoline).
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