7 Best Indoor Freestanding Wood Fireplaces | Wood Burning Stoves

Imagine an evening wherein the outside temperature is dropping, but inside your house, you have that perfect warm and cozy corner enjoying a nice meal with family and friends? Beautiful, isn’t it? That’s exactly what everyone wishes their winters to be like. As the winters dance in, you definitely would like to keep your house warm and cozy. Having a fireplace at home is the most beautiful and romantic thing to have. However, the days when having a fireplace at home meant a lot of work and cleaning post usage was gone.

But with the modern wood stoves, not only does it make it easy but is also eco-friendly. Therefore, we bring you the 7 best indoor freestanding wood fireplaces that will help you choose the best one for your house.

7 Best Indoor Freestanding Wood Fireplaces | Wood Burning Stoves

1. Best OVerall: Buck Stove Model 91 Wood Stove With Blower – 32″ 

Buck Stove Model 91 Wood Stove With Blower - 32" Review

If you live in a palatial house with room sizes that are big and spacious, then Buck Stove Model 91 Wood Stove should be your best choice. This wood stove is a 4.4 cubic foot firebox and can handle logs of up to 21 inches in length.


  • Perfect for big spaces as it can heat a room of size 3200sft.
  • It can be used as a fireplace insert or as a freestanding stove
  • The blower fan at the bottom can be operated manually or can be set on an auto mode.
  • The flame is always tamed and low.
  • It blows a lot of warm air
  • He is a silent performer.
  • The model comes with an ashpan


  • The stove is big, and it also needs a lot of place for operation.
  • While being used as a freestanding stove, it needs floor clearance of the dimensions 16″ check (Corner) – 23″ (Rear) – 24″ (Side). This means it can actually consume a good amount of space.


If you have a big space and don’t mind the woodstove occupying a good chunk of your living space, then Buck stove is the best.

2. Supreme Novo 24 Wood Burning Stove 

Supreme Novo 24 Wood Burning Stove Review

If you have a relatively big living space and are looking for an elegant and stylish woodstove, then Supreme Novo 24 Wood Burning Stove is the best option. The machine is EPA approved.


  • Has the capacity to cover 2000sft space
  • It gives you an option to choose the outer body variant, i.e., soapstone and cast iron.
  • You can smartly keep it in one corner of the room and even place it directly leaning the wall.
  • Can easily intake logs of 24 inches


  • Takes time to heat up.


If you are looking at a wood stove that is indelible, smart-looking, and capable of fitting into interiors, then Supreme Novo 24 Wood Burning Stove is the best option. The woodstove is meticulously designed to blend design and utility.

3. Osburn 1700 Wood Stove 

Osburn 1700 Wood Stove Review

Made for tiny places, Osburn 1700 Wood Stove can be called the “suitable for all” model. Combining robustness and elegance, this wood stove is perfect for most living spaces.


  • Caters to a space of nearly 1800sft
  • As a built-in ashpan
  • It is installed with a top heat deflector that redirects heat-reducing clearances.


  • Specific guidelines must be followed for the installation of the venting pipes for this system.


Osburn1700 Wood Stove is perfect for smaller places. The unit is small, compact, and very easy to use.

4. Napoleon Wood Burning Stove With Ash Pan Pedestal Base 

Napoleon Wood Burning Stove With Ash Pan Pedestal Base Review

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Call it a close competitor to Osburn, Napoleon Wood Burning Stove is a clean and compact wood stove model.


  • Meets 2020 EPA Standards
  • It has the capacity to heat a space of a maximum of 1800sft.
  • It has a convenient ash pan pedestal for ash removal
  • It is a compact medium-size stove.


  • This model is not Pre Fab Approved
  • This model is not Mobile Home Approved


This is by far the best and the most comfortable wood stove. Unless and until you are particular about the approvals, you can choose Napoleon Wood Burning Stove

5. Osburn Matrix Wood Stove

Osburn Matrix Wood Stove Review

Looking for a compact and sleek wood stove that would add a European touch to your interiors, then Osburn Matrix Wood Stove is the best choice.


  • Suitable for bigger spaces of a maximum size of 2100sft
  • Is EPA 2020 approved
  • Approved for alcove installation
  • Approved for mobile home installation with fresh air intake


  • At times can prove to be a noisy affair
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Osburn Matrix Wood Stove is perfect if your living space is big and you don’t mind the fan noise. It’s not that loud, but considering winter nights become too silent, the fan may sound loud.

6. Ventis HES140 Wood Burning Stove with Pedestal

Ventis HES140 Wood Burning Stove with Pedestal Review

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If you are looking for premium quality and a reliable pedestal stove, Ventis HES140 Wood Burning Stove is the best pick. Created with meticulous detailing, this wood stove consists of a cast iron door, top and side heat deflectors, a glass air wash system.


  • Supported for alcove installation
  • Can cover an area up to 1200sft
  • EPA 2020 approved
  • Applicable for some government incentives


  • The body at times can get hot


The Ventis HES140 Wood Burning Stove is undoubtedly a good combination of utility and style. The angular design of the stove makes it a perfect fit in any contemporary decor.

7. Nectre N65 Contemporary Wood Burning Stove

Nectre N65 Contemporary Wood Burning Stove Review

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Looking for a sleek and modern finish wood stove? Here is Nectre N65 Contemporary Wood Burning Stove that slips into any interiors with elan. The high efficiency makes it a wonderful and pocket-friendly option.


  • Is EPA 2020 approved
  • Can cover an area of 1400sft
  • Can handle log length of 12.5 inches


  • Lower wood storage


This model is a perfect addition for any reasonably sized home or vacation location. It is also power-saving.

Freestanding Wood Fireplace Buying Guide 

As there has been a growing demand for freestanding wood fireplaces, the market has been flooded by many brands offering a wide range of wood-burning stoves. However, buying a wood-burning stove requires understanding how it works, what it needs to make them work, the points the users must follow, and more. Therefore, no matter what type and brand of wood-burning stove you choose, we bring you some common headlines that every wood-burning stove buyer should remember.

Pick the right size wood stove.

The first thing that you must think about while buying a wood stove is the size. What size of a wood stove is suitable for you depends on the following points:

  1. Room space: The first aspect that you must consider is the room space. Depending on the room size, you can choose any of the following:
  • Small stove covers less than 500sft
  • Medium stove covers 500-1000sft
  • Large stove covers 1000-2000sft
  • Extra-large stove covers 2000+sft
  1. Ceiling height: The ceiling height plays a key role in the performance of the woodstove.
  2. Ventilation: The number of windows in the room impacts the heating capacity. The lesser the windows, the better is the impact.
  3. Type of food: The BTU the stove produces depends on the wood used in the stove.


Wood-burning stoves are known for their high efficiency. Compared to their ancestor models, the modern-day wood-burning stoves promise 80% or more efficiency. In addition, many models can cover a range of small to big spaces.

7 Best Indoor Freestanding Wood Fireplaces | Wood Burning Stoves

Catalytic or non-catalytic Stove Fireplaces

The introduction of wood stoves began with wood stoves that used catalytic combustors. The idea behind this was to reduce emissions. However, the model didn’t garner a good reputation because the model failed due to inefficiency. The catalytic stove fireplaces proved to be a tricky system that left a lot of mess post the use. This failure led to the introduction of modern-day catalytic stove fireplaces.

Catalytic stove advantages

  • Promises maximum efficiency
  • It can be called the cleanest burn
  • Perfect for high efficiency


  • It is a part of the wood stove that is prone to breakdown.
  • On the other hand, it is prone to wear and tear over the time
  • The performance is based on the size of the chimney

Advantages of Non-catalytic stove

  • It is simple to operate compared to the catalytic
  • It doesn’t require any extra effort or capability to set up or detach the bypass damper.

Disadvantages of the non-catalytic stove

  • When it comes to efficiency, it cannot match the catalytic version
  • The performance at low temperature is not up to the mark.

Thus, if you are looking at efficiency, then catalytic should be your choice. But, if you are looking at the comfort of use, then non-catalytic should be your choice.


Every wood stove is different in size and design specification. However, one common element of all the wood stoves is the chimney that comes along. Therefore, while purchasing a wood stove, it is better to choose a professional installation. In other words, it is better to ask for an approved installer for the installation. Another aspect to check is whether your purchase includes the installation charges. If yes, what is the cost?


The log used in the wood stove is the key to the BTU and the heat generated. There is a wide range of woods that can use for better impact. The best types of woods widely used in wood stoves are Oak, Cherry, Ash, Mulberry, and Hackberry. However, no matter what type of wood you choose, there are certain specifications that you must remember while choosing the log:

  • Ensure to find wood that has low moisture. The trees from which logs are made have stood for many monsoons.
  • Irrespective of the type of wood stove you choose, the log size range covering all wood stoves is 12- to 20-inch lengths, with an average of 16 inches.
  • The average width of logs is 3 to 6 inches.
  • The shape of the firebox determines the number of logs or pieces of wood you can place in the woodstove.

Additional Accessories

As you decide to buy a wood stove, there are a few accessories that you need to buy along for the effective functioning of the woodstove.

  • The first thing needed is a vacuum cleaner that will enable you to keep the woodstove clean. The vacuum cleaner ensures that the ash plate is kept clean and neat.
  • The second thing needed is a magnetic thermometer that enables to keep a check on the temperature range to avoid any flue damage.
  • The next comes the chimney cleaner. Dirty or creosote-filled chimneys can cause chimney fires that can prove fatal. The only way to keep this risk at bay is to use reliable chimney cleaners to ensure clean and neat chimneys.
  • Heat resistant Gloves: To place the wood or open the stove’s front door, you need to use your hands. Though most stoves assure a heat resilient body, gloves are a must while operating a wood stove.

7 Best Indoor Freestanding Wood Fireplaces | Wood Burning Stoves

Steel Or Cast Iron Body

All the wood stoves are made of either steel or cast iron. The reason being the fact both the materials are great conductors of heat, and so is the perfect material to use within stoves. However, what makes the difference is the way they each release the heat.

Steel body wood stoves can release heat more quickly but are relatively poor in retaining and radiating heat for a long.

On the other hand, cast iron body wood stove takes a long time to heat up but can radiate heat for a longer time, even after the fire is gone.

FAQ section with at least 3 questions and answers

Does setting up a wood-burning stove need permission?

The answer is yes and no. Whether you need permission depends on the state you live in. In some states, the Building Control department must be informed. The approval is necessary if you wish to put up your house for sale as well.

What is EPA certification, and what is the importance?

As the usage of the wood-burning stoves may result in emissions and contribute to pollution, all wood stoves are required to get an EPA certification. This certification confirms that the stove burns completely, delivers better heat output, produces fewer creosote deposits that lead to efficient burning sessions and lesser pollution emissions.

Does the floor below the wood stove need protection???

Yes, indeed, the floor below the woodstove needs protection. Consult an expert to understand the needed dimensions of the floor protection. Ideally, it is better to have a stone, brick, or tile of thicker size to sustain the weight and heat.


Having a fireplace is not just a comfort but a wonderful asset that you could enjoy. However, initially, though the options were very few and poor performance, having a fireplace at home was considered a pain. However, over the years, the introduction to so many wood stove options proves that it is now very much easy and comfortable to have a fireplace at home. Therefore, if you are looking to install one at home, we hope this guide has helped you.

Complementing this guide, you can also find a lot of choices online with all the features and product specifications.

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