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Top 7 Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smoke

If you smoke a lot of weed or someone else you live with does, you will want to have the right air purifier working. This is important since it can help eliminate all of the allergens and other pollutants in the air that would come from smoking.

Not only that, but it can help with getting rid of the various odors and even the smoke that might be accumulating in the room, so keep reading our comprehensive guide so you can make a choice easier.

Top 7 Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smoke

There are numerous options if you are confused about what model you want to get. Ensure that you know what they are, including:

  1. Best Overall: Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air PurifierAlenBreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

Alen Breathesmart 75i is a top-of-the-line air purifier that can eliminate any smoke, household odors, pet dander, fur, pollen, allergens, and dust. This will be ideal for open spaces, schools, offices, and large rooms since the filter contains 3.6 pounds of activated carbon.

This helps to absorb toxic smells and smoke so that respiratory issues can be avoided, and it uses 75i filters with an antimicrobial-based compound.

This is medical grade, and the True HEPA filter is H13 level that gets rid of bacteria and other airborne particles. A laser-based smart sensor can detect any airborne particle, changing with the air quality.

Blue is excellent, green is good, orange is fair, red is poor, and purple is bad, and it can clean a room of 1,300 every half hour.


  • Ideal for large rooms or homes
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy


If you want the best of the best or have a larger room or home, this model would be something to look at.

  1. Runner Up: Rabbit SPA-700A Air Purifier for Weed SmokeRabbit SPA-700A Air Purifier for Weed Smoke

This model is the next best thing, and it uses the advanced HEPA filtration system with 6 stages of deodorization and purification. It will be ideal for a room of around 700 square feet and has a customized germ defense filter. This traps and then reduces the number of airborne bacteria, particles, and mold spores in the air, and the design is elegant and modern.

This model can be placed in the room or even mounted onto your wall, depending on what you want.


  • 5-year warranty
  • All functions are available on one panel
  • Simple to use


  • Expensive


If you want something you can mount on the wall so you don’t have to worry about it falling over, or children getting to it, then go ahead and check out this option.

  1. Best Budget Option: Fellows AeraMax 300 Air Purifier for Weed SmokeFellows AeraMax 300 Air Purifier for Weed Smoke

This will be ideal for those who want to spend a minimum amount since it has the True HEPA filter system with antimicrobial treatment and carbon filtration with a 4 stage process.

This won’t just eliminate the odors in the room, but it can also capture smoke, germs, dust, and mold, which makes it great for asthma or allergy sufferers.

This is also an area smart sensor that can monitor the quality of the air, and it will adjust the fan’s speed automatically to keep the air of good quality. This is ideal for a room around 300 square to 600 square feet or even a small apartment.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for small and medium rooms
  • Simple to use and operate


  • Not great for larger rooms
  • Filter replacements are expensive


For those with a small budget, this model will be great since it is affordable and easy to use.

  1. LEVOIT H13 Smart Air PurifierLEVOIT H13 Smart Air Purifier

This model will be ideal if you want one great at cleaning the air and getting rid of the smoke smell. It is efficient, quiet, and compact can handle a room of around 163 square feet, and can clean the air numerous times every hour.

This will be super affordable and voice-activated, so you don’t need to get up to turn it on.

You can also use the smartphone application to set the timings and the fan speeds based on your schedule. This doesn’t mean you can choose from settings, but you can easily customize it or turn it off if you are out later than planned.


  • Voice activated
  • Can be customized
  • Affordable


  • Not good for bigger rooms


If you want something that will be great for the money you spend, especially to get rid of smoke, this one should be on your list.

  1. Blueair 411 Blue Pure Air PurifierBlueair 411 Blue Pure Air Purifier

This option will improve efficiency and performance for those who can push the budget a bit. This will be highly energy-efficient since it will cost you around $20 per year to operate, depending on how often you use it. This is also extremely quiet at 17dB, which means it can be used in your bedroom or office based on your needs.

Another great reason to check out this model is that the carbon filter would have a bigger surface area, which can trap particles better. This would decrease maintenance costs since you don’t need to replace the filters as often as the other models.


  • Low running costs
  • Extremely quiet
  • Bigger carbon filter


  • Machine is taller


Go ahead and check out this model if you are looking for energy-efficient energy, which won’t cost you more than you want to spend.

  1. Honeywell HPA100 Air PurifierHoneywell HPA100 Air Purifier

Another classic model you can check out is this one since it can easily clear the smoke out of any small room.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on replacement filters, this model will be ideal since they come in packs of 3 to 4, which are the same price as the expensive ones.

This also has a warranty valid for 5 years in case of any problems, and this is going to be a simple and sleek design that you can use in any room in your home.


  • Filters are cheap
  • Easy to use
  • 5-year warranty


  • Noisier than other models


If having a long warranty is important to you, then this model should most definitely be on your list with the 5-year one.

  1. Hathaspace Medical Grade Smart True Air PurifierHathaspace Medical Grade Smart True Air Purifier

The final option you can check out is this model with the H13 or medical grade HEPA filtration system. This can get 99.97% of all the particles in the air with a 5-in-1 system that removes odors, tobacco and weed smoke, VOCs, pet dander, dust, and pollen.

This also has a huge coverage area of 1,500 square feet per hour, which is great for any large room or home.

A particle sensor also monitors the air quality in the area so you can get precise measurements and real-time feedback.

A display panel is a touch-screen display that reveals the air quality index level and a light you can see on your front panel that would change color based on the current air quality.


  • Ideal for large rooms or homes
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to see the air quality


  • Expensive


If you want to know the air quality at all times in your home and in real-time, then go ahead and look at this model to see if it fits your needs.

Air Purifiers for Weed Smoke Buying Guide

You must look at all the air purifiers used on various types of smoke, including weed. The more options you have and the more factors or criteria you are aware of, the easier the decision will be for your needs.

Go ahead and know why you want to use one of these and what kind you would need.

Why Use an Air Purifier for Marijuana Smoke Odors?

The first thing you need to consider is why you will want to consider using one of these air purifiers for the smoke odors from marijuana.

  • Is weed smoke bad for you?

There has been some evidence that the smoke from marijuana can be associated with and create a higher risk of cancer.

However, it hasn’t ever been definitely linked to increased cancer risk, but it can still be harmful to your health and anyone living in your home and inhaling it. These toxins will be harmful to you, and they can also affect those living in your home.

This smoke might also increase the likelihood that anyone with allergies or asthma might have a higher risk of having breathing issues.

Make sure you are thinking about this, and the air purifiers will be able to get rid of any problematic particles in the air throughout the room or the house.

  • What pollutants are found in weed smoke?

You need to know what types of pollutants will be found in the weed smoke, including VOCs, volatile organic compounds, and particulates. The particulate matter can be either liquid or solid, and the particles can be microscopic, so you can’t see them.

A few other toxins would be found in the smoke, including formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. This means if you don’t take care of the air and keep it clean, it can affect your breathing and those around you.

Make sure that you are considering these reasons why one will need to have the perfect air purifier installed in your home for marijuana smoke.

What Kind of Air Purifier Do You Need?

There are plenty of air purifiers out there, but not all of them can handle gaseous and particulate pollutants, and you should know what some of the top types of air purifiers are. Here are some of the top ones to know about, such as:

  • Carbon filter based – This type of filtration system uses activated charcoal to remove all VOCs in the air. This is one of the top options since there are numerous crevices and spaces where the molecules can be attached or absorbed into the filter. This will help eliminate the smoke, but these filters must be replaced regularly to ensure they work efficiently.
  • HEPA filters – This type of filter comes in various options, including medical grade and normal. Ensure that you are using these since they work well to eliminate all particulate matter in the air. However, this option isn’t as effective in removing odors or VOCs, which are a huge majority of the smoke. Also, if the filter isn’t changed regularly, it can also contribute to the odor.

You should always consider these air purifiers for your home since they are the best ones. The more you know, the easier the entire decision process will become, and the better model you will choose.

How to Choose an Air Purifier to Target Weed Smoke

You need to consider a few factors when choosing the right air purifier that can be used for all your needs. Some of the top factors include:

  • Type of filter – You want to get the best filtration system, which means finding one that uses the HEPA system and that would be able to handle not only odors but also VOC. You should choose one that can handle the smaller particles easily, which would be replaced over time.
  • Activated carbon – Another thing you want to consider is getting a filtration system that uses the best filters and activated carbon. This would help catch any other small particles that would pass through the rest of the filtration system and then get caught in this filter.
  • Additional pre-filter – Also, you want to consider what other filtration levels the model might include, including any pre-filter. The more steps you have in terms of purification, the better quality air you would have, so make sure to think about this when looking at the filtration systems.
  • Airflow – You also need to think about the airflow and how often it would clean up the air throughout the hour. This is important since you want one that would clean the entire room air at least once per hour, so ensure you choose one that would be ideal for your room size.
  • Room size – The final factor you want to examine is the room size and how big or small of an area it can handle. This is vital since you don’t want to get one that can’t handle a bigger room since it will be ineffective and won’t help as you need it to.

These are just a few top factors you should always consider before choosing an air purifier that can be used throughout your home.

Tips for Using an Air Purifier for Marijuana Smoke

There are plenty of other tips that you can use to help you when you are using one of the top air purifiers, and they don’t always mean using the machine. A few of them include:

  • Use a designated smoking area – If you have purchased the right air purifier and only handle a small space, then ensure that you create a designated space for smoking. This would allow the machine to handle and clean that air without affecting those living with you and the surrounding air.
  • Smoke outside when possible – Another thing to think about is smoking outside, if possible, to avoid the VOCs and other particles collecting in your home. This would mean less usage of the air purifier during the times when you don’t need it, including when the weather is good or when the group is larger.
  • Avoid smoking too much – Also, you could try to reduce the amount you are smoking, especially if you are often smoking. This would help keep the harmful toxins and pollutants going into the air, decreasing the need for an air purifier in your home.
  • Find a low-odor strain – If none of these tips would work for you, then try to see if you can find a strain that has a lower odor than others. This would be great if you want to keep your machine working efficiently without you having to make any other compromises.

These are just some of the top tips you should ensure you are using, which can help your air purifier be more efficient and useful.


  • Why does room size matter?

You might not think about it, but the room’s size matters since the more space the machine can handle, the more often the air would be cleaned. Using a smaller machine for a larger room would also be ineffective since it can’t handle that much air.

Ensure that you are checking out what model can handle the larger rooms and which ones are for the smaller spaces.

  • Why are carbon-activated filters recommended?

If you are looking at getting rid of the smoke and the home’s pollutants from smoking marijuana for whatever reason, you want carbon-activated filters.

This is because the activated carbon can catch smaller particles that the other filter can’t, absorb odors, and much more. This would ensure that the smells would be absorbed better, which can help catch any other particles that might slip through.

  • Can the air purifiers get rid of the marijuana smell?

The smallest particles produced by marijuana smoke are anywhere from 0.03 up to 2.5 microns. The filters then capture these on the air purifiers, and the activated carbon used in the filters will absorb the smell that comes from the marijuana.

However, you want to choose the right machine with the highest carbon filter level and a strong fan.

  • What are some other tips for reducing smoke-based odors in the home?

There are a few ways for those thinking about other ways to reduce the smoke in their home rather than just using air purifiers. For one, you should consider keeping all the smoking in one specific area that the machine can easily cover.

You should also consider smoking outdoors if possible or even cutting down on what you are smoking or switching to a strain with less odor.


Ensure that you are thinking about all of the air purifiers available and figuring out which one would be best for weed or marijuana smoke.

It would help if you looked at the options and the filtration system they are using, along with the price, warranty, and much more.

Also, think about going with a strain with a lower odor or try to smoke less or even outside or in a designated area to keep the smoke in one spot.

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