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Top 10 Best Quietest Window Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are weapons of humans, made to fight against extreme weather. These appliances help you enjoy comfortable living conditions when the outside world is battling with scorching heat, cold, or even sticky humidity levels.

But one thing that has proved to be a significant cause of customers stepping back from them is that they produce noise. And too loud noises can even be fierce for your overall lifestyle. 

These noises consume energy, disturb sleep, and even affect your AC’s performance.

To avoid such noise nuances, it is better to have an in-depth study before the purchase and go for the one AC which does not disappoint you after that.

Here are the 10 Quietest Window Air Conditioners with brief descriptions, merits, and demerits.

Top 10 Best Quietest Window Air Conditioners

1. LG LW1019IVSM 9500 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner LG LW1019IVSM 9500 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

A smart, efficient, and quiet appliance, the LG LW1019IVSM, with its stunning features and advanced technology, is one of the best ultra-quiet Air conditioners available in the market. 

It is a highly productive AC with a high EER of 13.8. The unit has a 9500 BTU Capacity with area coverage up to 450 feet. This ENERGY STAR-certified product saves you 15% energy, as claimed by the manufacturers. Moreover, the unit has a convenient energy-saving mode that adds to its efficiency.

You can connect the unit to your smartphones, tablets, or desktops for easier controls, usage, etc. Thanks to its SmartThinQ technology, you can even connect it to your Alexa or Google Assistant Devices to enjoy a comfortable environment with a single command.

Apart from these advanced features, the AC also offers some of the basic features, including the sleep mode, programmable timer, fan speed alteration, dehumidification mode, and clean filter indicator light.


  • High Energy Efficiency
  • SmartThinQ technology for remote controls
  • Easy installation
  • Easily programmable timer


  • It’s slightly tough to pair with AI devices.


With its quiet operation at noise levels as low as 44 dB, the LG LW1019IVSM is one of the most advanced featured and energy-efficient ACs available in the market.

2. GE Profile PHC06LY 22” Window Air ConditionerGE Profile PHC06LY 22” Window Air Conditioner

Being under the house of one of the most reliable brands, which is well known for its energy efficiency, the GI Profile AC is among the most impressive ultra-silent ACs in the market.

It has quite a high EER of 11.8 and bags in the ENERGY STAR and UL certificate up its sleeves. Moreover, with its 6,000 BTU Cooling Capacity, it is sure to cover the whole room quite uniformly and consistently.

The GE Profile Air Conditioner offers some highly convenient features. You can easily control the unit using the WiFi function by connecting it to your electronic gadgets. 

The unit also has an easily programmable timer, comfortable sleep mode, energy-saving mode, dry mode, quiet fan speed, and a top-quality LED display.


  • WiFi connectivity
  • Easy controls
  • Better aesthetics
  • ENERGY STAR and UL certification


  • Slightly low affordability


Similar to all other wonderful Air Conditioners manufactured by GI, the GI Profile Window AC is a highly eco-friendly, feature-packed, and high-quality product, making it very suitable for a large variety of customers.

3. Haier ESAQ406T 22” Window Air ConditionerHaier ESAQ406T 22” Window Air Conditioner

With an ultra-quiet operation with noise dissipation as low as 44 dB, the Haier Window AC is an impressive, consistent, and convenient Air Conditioner.

The product features a user-friendly wireless remote that allows the functioning of sleep mode, timer programming, dry mode, quiet fan speed, and much more. Also, this remote comprises a high quality LED display with three indicator lights.

In dehumidification mode, the unit is capable of sucking in 1.5 pints of moisture every hour. 

The Cross-flow fans, along with the 4-way vents, offer uniform airflow to every corner of the room.

The unit is capable of affecting areas as large as 250 sq ft quite efficiently.


  • Convenient remote control
  • Efficient dry mode
  • 4-way air discharge
  • Soothing performance


  • Slightly tricky installation due to heavier body


All in all, this wonderful AC, with its appealing performance, offers a perfect choice for small or medium-sized bedrooms as well as office cabins.

4. Koldfront WAC12001W 12000 BTU Window Air ConditionerKoldfront WAC12001W 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a quiet and efficient window AC that can provide you with a handful of impressive features, the Koldfront WAC12001W will be a perfect choice for you.

It is an environmental-friendly appliance with an impressive EER of 10.9. Moreover, the powerful performance is capable of affecting areas as large as 550 sq ft in cooling mode (12000 BTU) and 450 sq ft in heating mode (11000 BTU).

Besides, the product includes a top-quality remote control with one of the greatest ease-of-use. With this remote, you can easily alter the fan speed, operation mode, set timer, sleep mode, and energy-saving mode in a single touch.


  • Easy Installation
  • Built-in Thermostat
  • Greater Affordability
  • Top-quality user-friendly remote


  • Slightly confusing user manual


Overall, the well-designed Koldfront Air Conditioner, with its great quality, higher reliability, and more affordability, proves to be a well-recommended choice for all types of customers.

5. MIDEA MAW06R1BWT Window Air Conditioner 6000 BTUMIDEA MAW06R1BWT Window Air Conditioner 6000 BTU

With a super-fast and efficient performance, the MIDEA MAW06R1BWT is perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized rooms. 

This AC is a good looking appliance with a user-friendly interface. The features bagged by this appliance include an easily programmable timer, comfortable sleep mode, energy-saving mode, dehumidification mode, and four ideal fan speeds.

The powerful operation of the unit can uniformly cover areas up to 250 sq ft in size. The unit’s optimum dimensions make it very easy to install as they fit into almost any window sleeves. There is a 1-year worldwide warranty offered by the manufacturers.


  • Compact and easy to install dimensions
  • Powerful operation
  • Fine and easily removable filter
  • Quick performance


  • Lacks instruction manual
  • Not that suitable for aluminum frames


In total, this nice air conditioner works very efficiently and quickly to let you enjoy a comfortable environment with optimum temperature.

6. LG LW6017R 6000 BTU 115V Window Air ConditionerLG LW6017R 6000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

Another outstanding production under the house of LG is the LG LW6017R. With its unmatched multitasking abilities, this AC stands out against any other ‘so-called’ versatile Air Conditioner.

It is a good quality appliance that bags some exceptional features and skills. With just six operating buttons, the remote control is one of the easiest controls you’ve ever used. Though, you would for sure miss an LED display with this remote.

The AC is capable of working in dehumidification mode and energy-saving mode. It comprises an easily programmable timer, clean-filter indicator, and three ideal fan speeds.

In dry mode, the unit is capable of removing up to 1.8 pints of moisture per hour.

The coverage area of the unit can be up to 260 sq ft.


  • Gold-fin anti-corrosion coating
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Efficient Dry mode
  • Exceptional quality


  • Heavier unit 


Overall, this multitasking Air Conditioner, with its outstanding quality and unmatched ease-of-use, is a very suitable choice for usage in homes and offices.

7. Emerson EARC6RE1 6000 BTU 115V Window Air ConditionerEmerson EARC6RE1 6000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

The Emerson EARC6RE1 is one of the most effective performing Air Conditioners that you will see in the market today. It is an energy-efficient ultra-silent Air conditioner with super-easy controls.

The 8-Way airflow louvers of the unit offer uniform, adjustable, and consistent airflow in all corners of rooms, which are as large as 250 sq ft. 

This eco-friendly AC has a very impressive SEER of 12.2, which indicates the unit’s productive and smooth performance. Also, this AC is certified with the ENERGY STAR certificate for even more reliability.

The unit also comprises some of the crucial basic features viz—Eco-mode, programmable timer, convenient sleep mode, dehumidification mode, etc.

It also includes a highly user-friendly remote control with easy-to-use operational buttons. However, the remote lacks an LED display.

The unit includes a top-quality removable and washable slide-out filter for added convenience.


  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency
  • 8-way airflow louvers
  • Large LED display 
  • User-friendly remote control


  • A quite Heavy unit
  • Production of unexpected noises


In total, this versatile and comfortable Air Conditioner is a great choice for all kinds of users. If you are looking for an energy-efficient and durable Air conditioner, this AC is surely a perfectly suitable choice for you.

8. Frigidaire 10000 BTU 115V Window Compact Air ConditionerFrigidaire 10000 BTU 115V Window Compact Air Conditioner

Suitable for up to 450 square feet room size, the Frigidaire 10000 BTU promises you to get you a sound night sleep for its low noise levels.

Apart from giving a comfortable temperature in your surroundings, it also supplies you pure air through the built-in-ionizer and protects you from allergies caused by the impure air.

The temperature sensor in the remote control allows AC to set the temperature as per your immediate surroundings, thus giving a more comfortable experience.

Moreover, the unit is also capable of performing the other basic functions and modes.


  • Low Noise levels
  • Purified air through a built-in ionizer
  • Temperature sensor in the remote control


  • Quality of material is not up to the mark


Overall, if you are looking for an AC which does not wake you up from your sleep and provide all-day comfort with just the right temperatures around you, Frigidaire offers a wonderful choice. This cool and quiet AC is a highly comfortable option amongst the many others in the category.

9. hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Air ConditionerhOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Preparing an all-important presentation for your business calls for a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment around you? Well, hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window ACs make it possible for you.

If getting away with some fancy features reduces the cost of an AC without compromising with the quality, it is a fairly good deal to strike.

And as a result, when you get it in a highly affordable price range, you can’t ignore the temptation to possess it right away.

The product also features seven ideal temperature ranges for even greater ease of use. The controls include two unique and surprisingly user-friendly dialing knobs.


  • Low noise level
  • Perfect budget option
  • Highly efficient


  • Suitable for small rooms only


If you want a good not-so-fancy quiet AC at an affordable cost, hOmeLabs AC is a perfect fit for you.

10. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6000 BTU Window Air ConditionerFriedrich Chill CP06G10B 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

The 600 square feet low-noise AC is suitable for up to 250 square feet of room sizes. The feature-rich AC offers advanced features like 24-hour digital thermostat and auto restart options. These features not only provide great comfort but also make Friedrich a highly efficient unit.

Besides, Auto air sweep louvers add to the comfort provided by the multiple cooling and fan speeds.

The Energy Star certified unit presents a combo of beauty and power. And one of the most remarkable features is that Friedrich offers all these lavish features at the most affordable cost. 

This makes the unit one of the most amazing cooling appliances in the market. Also, this AC operates using an efficient programmable timer.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Effective and easy-to-use remote control
  • Low noise level


  • Installation kit does not have many important fittings


If you are looking for a feature-filled, efficient AC with low noise levels going with Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6000 BTU window air conditioners would never disappoint you.


One of the high points of quiet ACs is that they are highly efficient yet never make a noise about it!

There are many quiet ACs available in the market, and it isn’t easy to select one out of those air conditioners suitable for your purpose.

We have shortlisted the top 10 best quietest window air conditioners based on their features and customers’ preference for this very purpose.

Each of these top 10 ACs has some unique features that make them distinct from the rest.

We hope that after knowing about the important features of these ACs, you would be able to select the most suitable air conditioner for your purpose.

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