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Top 6 Best Air Conditioners For Baby’s Room

As we all know, babies are sensitive to room temperature. Since they cannot communicate to explain what is wrong, they will cry. It is one of the signs that they feel irritated. If babies stay in a hot environment for too long, it may result in sleeping problems. Or worse, it may lead to heat exhaustion, dehydration, or heat stroke.  

It’s crucial to ensure that the room temperature is cool enough to make them comfortable. An air conditioning unit is essential in ensuring your baby’s comfort and protecting your newborn’s health. These are the top 6 best air conditioners for your baby’s room.

Best Air Conditioners For Baby’s Room 

1. Best Overall: hOmelabs 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

hOmelabs 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (new CEC 10000 BTU)

The hOme labs 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner makes the top of the list. Aside from being portable, this AC unit is quiet. You can turn it on without disturbing your baby’s sleep. It is suitable for 450 to 600 square foot rooms with horizontal window openings. The unit measures 17.9 x 15 x 30.7 inches and weighs 72.3 pounds.

Through its automatic vertical swing, the airflow is distributed throughout the room. You can also quickly move it anywhere since it has wheels. In addition, this air conditioner is equipped with a 24-hour adjustable timer that can be used in different modes of operation: cool, heat, fan, dry, and sleep.

You can also enjoy its three functions: air conditioning, dehumidifier, and fan mode. When set in the sleeping mode, the temperature gradually lowers to conserve energy. It also has a reusable filter that is easy to wash. If it needs cleaning, the LED display will notify you right away.

With its 14000 BTU cooling capacity, it provides excellent cooling. In addition, it improves indoor air quality and regulates temperature. But the most crucial aspect is that it can give comfort, particularly if you have a baby at home. 

Although the AC unit is energy-efficient, using an extension cord is not good. With the considerable amount that the AC unit needs, the cord may overheat or even catch fire. Instead of using an extension cord, you can move the air conditioner near the socket.


  • Quiet operation that prevents disturbing the baby’s sleep
  • Suitable for 450 to 600 square foot rooms with horizontal window openings
  • Includes automatic vertical swing
  • Has three functions: air conditioning, dehumidifier, and fan mode
  • Operates in 14000 BTU cooling capacity


  • Heavy so it is hard to move it upstairs or downstairs

2. Best Value For Money: hOmelabs Window Air Conditioner – 8,000 BTU

hOmelabs Window Air Conditioner - 8,000 BTU

If your baby is sensitive to the slightest sound, the hOmelabs Window Air Conditioner – 8,000 BTU is the best option. This portable air conditioner is one of the quietest portable AC units. It has a low noise technology that is 55 to 59 dB only. This AC has been given an above-average mark because of its impressive noise output.

This AC unit matches a window width of 23” to 36” and 14.5” vertically. It is designed to fit in a double-hung window. It cools down a single room of 300 to 350 feet quickly. With an easy-to-use remote control, you can use cool, dry, or fan. It also has an ECO sleep mode that automatically cools down once set to the set temperature.

In addition, the air conditioner can be connected to your iPhone or Android, and you can operate it using Alexa or Google Home. As a result, it will be simple to use this digital device to help you with whatever you need. This unusual design of AC may be new to you because of its U-shaped look, but it will satisfy you once you use it in your home. 

However, one of the downsides of using this AC device is that built-in controls may not work. Also, it is only using an ordinary quality power cord.


  • A low noise technology that is 55 to 59 dB only-one of the quietest AC units
  • It fits in a double-hung window
  • Includes easy-to-use remote control
  • Has an ECO sleep mode that cools down once set to the temperature
  • Can be connected to iPhone or Android and operate using Alexa or Google Home


  • Time-consuming to set-up

3.  BLACK+DECKER BPT06WTB Portable Air Conditioner

 BLACK+DECKER BPT06WTB Portable Air Conditioner

This 3 foot tall AC with a cooling power of 6,000 BTUS ACC/CEC can be used with a fan or heat mode. If the weather is too cold for your baby, you can set the AC unit in heat mode. Plus, It has a full-function remote control that allows you to choose the airflow whether you want to cool down the temperature or set it for dehumidification.

This is perfect for your baby’s room with 250 sq. ft. It weighs 53.9 pounds, measures 16.5×12.2×27 inches, and is ideal for your sliding window. It has a 4’11” hose that must be unhooked and dragged to your window. If you run it as a heater, it doesn’t have a drain plug, but it will notify you once the tank is full. 

At its coldest setting, its adjustable fan speed cools the air to 64°F. This is more likely to be more suitable for the temperature of your room. It also provides rooms with consistent, quick, and effective cooling. In addition, this can be put into a sleep mode to make it even quieter while the baby’s asleep. 

If you put the air conditioner beside the bed, its noise can hinder your baby’s sleep after several hours. The best way to make the sound unheard is by putting the AC unit at the window opposite your bed, if there’s any.


  • Includes a cooling power of 6,000 BTUS ACC/CEC can be used with a fan mode or heat mode 
  • Perfect for a baby’s room with 250 sq. ft
  • The adjustable fan speed cools the air to 64°F


  • If placed beside the bed, the noise can disturb the baby’s sleep after some hours

4. Vremi 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Vremi 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This 10,000 BTU unit is ideal for 150 to 250 square feet of rooms. It can cool your space to 64 °F–90 °F (18 °C–32 °C). Install it with standard windows with horizontal openings to enjoy its best performance. You can also set or adjust the unit to cool, fan, dry, and sleep using a remote control. 

In addition, you can automatically set your device to turn on or off, especially before you sleep at night, to help you save energy. The Vremi portable air conditioner is combined with a dehumidifier that provides the proper humidity control while cooling the air in your room. 

First, allow the hose to be attached to reduce the humidity level in this unit by connecting the 5.6-foot hose. Then, by positioning your AC in the proper location in your room, you can improve the production of cold air. This type of unit is also extremely quiet in operation, providing optimal cooling capacity for a comfortable environment that will not disturb babies while they are sleeping.

With this machine, you won’t have to worry about filter refills because the filter is washable and reusable. Its cleaning technique will be simple for you to complete by simply running your dishwashing liquid via your faucet. If you want to prolong the life of your unit, make sure you clean and wash your filters weekly. 

The light cannot be turned off entirely when it comes to the LED display. You can only dim it. As a piece of advice, place the AC unit where your baby won’t quickly notice the light since it can be distracting.


  • Ideal for rooms measuring 150 to 250 square feet
  • Can set the device to turn on or off before sleeping automatically
  • Comes with dehumidifier
  • Extremely quiet while operating
  • Filer is washable and reusable


  • The light on the LED display cannot be turned off completely

5. Honeywell 10,000 BTU Compact Portable AC

Honeywell 10,000 BTU Compact Portable AC

This elegant and lightweight portable air conditioner is ideal for a small space. It keeps rooms up to 450 square feet at a pleasant temperature. Aside from that, it features an automated wind mode that distributes cool air vertically. Cool, fan, dry, and sleep options are adjustable according to what is needed for your baby.

Your room’s air will indeed be filtered, dehumidified, and cooled. This is due to a flexible air outlet hose that allows heat to be transferred to the outside. The air conditioner comes with a window venting kit for easy installation. In addition, the unit is lightweight and portable, allowing you to use it anywhere you desire.

This portable AC has low noise levels, making it suitable to use while having a sleeping baby in a room. The dimensions of this unit are 15.2 x 18.1 x 29.3 inches. Weighing 63.9 pounds, you don’t have to worry about fitting it in your traditional windows.

Unfortunately, the exit hose of the AC device needs more insulation. As a result, you may notice that it heats a lot while cooling down the room.


  • Cools down rooms that are up to 450 square feet
  • Includes an automated wind mode that distributes cool air vertically
  • Cool, fan, dry, and sleep options are adjustable according to your baby’s need
  • Comes with a window vending kit for easy installation
  • Low noise levels


  • The exit hose needs more insulation

6. Amana 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Amana 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Amana 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner unit cools and dehumidifies a room up to 300 square feet. It also includes onboard electronic controls with three speeds, a 24-hour timer, and simple remote control with a display. An auto-swing option that distributes air throughout the room is also included.

In addition, it only takes a few minutes to unscrew and reinstall the window exhaust system that comes with it. This could be the unit you’re looking for.

It also has a convenient cleanable air filter that removes contaminants from your indoor air. It weighs 65.14 lbs. It’s also meant to fit windows that seem to be 24–36 inches wide. You can move it all around with its rolling caster wheels.

The only disadvantage of purchasing this device is that it is more costly than other AC units.


  • Cools and dehumidifies a room up to 300 square feet
  • Includes an auto-swing option that distributes the air throughout the room
  • It takes a few minutes to install
  • Includes cleanable air filter
  • Has rolling caster wheels for easy moving


  • More costly than other units

Air Conditioner For Baby’s Room Buying Guide

Choosing the right air conditioner for your baby’s room is crucial. Not enough cooling effects and noisy AC units can disturb your baby’s sleep. Here are some features you may take into consideration first so that you can purchase the best AC unit for your baby:


AC units work best depending on the size of the room. So first, check how large the baby’s room is to decide what air conditioner to buy. AC units can cool up to 150 square feet to 600 square feet of room size. 


Choose an air conditioner with heat mode if you want to use the AC unit in winter. It can heat the room during cold weather, relieving your baby. Some AC units also have a sleep mode wherein the temperature cools down at night so that you can save energy. Others can be set to turn off at a specific time automatically.

Stamp of Approval

Check for the blue ENERGY STAR® label when purchasing an air conditioner. This stamp of approval means that this unit meets or exceeds higher efficiency standards than similar models. You must make sure that the device you want works well to decide whether or not it is beneficial to purchase.

Can You Put An Air Conditioner In Baby’s Room?

Newborn babies require an open, circulated environment for extra comfort and healthy growth. Because newborns should not be exposed to suffocating temperatures, extreme temperatures can make them irritated and uncomfortable. It can also endanger their lives.

When putting an air conditioner in your baby’s room, ensure that the temperature is between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius, depending on the outside temperature. Check the temperature of the room from time to time.

What Temperature Should Baby’s Room Be In Summer?

What Temperature Should Baby's Room Be In Summer

According to studies, a baby’s environment should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, a desirable temperature range for summer and winter. However, you should also dress them in comfortable clothing to guarantee your baby’s safety. 

When babies are overheated, their cheeks flush, and they appear to be sweating. You may also notice if babies feel hot when they breathe fast.

Important Things And Features to Consider When Buying AC For Baby’s Room

Kind of air conditioners

Studying the type of AC you want to purchase is the first thing. However, because several types of AC are available on the market today, it can give you a hard time choosing what AC would fit into the baby’s room. 

If the window is in the middle of the wall, window ACs are more efficient. Therefore, a split aircon is highly recommended if you don’t have any windows, and the unit would be installed at the top of your wall. On the other hand, a portable air conditioner is designed for small rooms with no large windows. It can be installed anywhere in the room and moved to another place whenever you want.

Aircon cooling capacity / Tonnage 

If you want an air conditioner for your baby’s room, consider its capacity. The cooling capacity is influenced mainly by the room’s size and the amount of heat that enters the room externally.

Increased air conditioning tonnage may result in increased energy consumption. “Tonnage” refers to how much heat an air conditioner can remove from a home in one hour. This is a crucial aspect for consumers to understand to lower their energy usage.

Noise level

Noise from air conditioners can disturb you while sleeping with your baby. It can cause discomfort, interfere with normal daily life activities, and significantly impact your baby’s health. Many modern air conditioners are loud, and we know that babies are sensitive to sound. Therefore, they can be startled if improper equipment is used. 

Thus, your chosen air conditioner must have a lower decibel level because the more decibels your air conditioner has, the louder it can be.


As consumers, we have the right to know about the products before purchasing an item. A warranty provided by the company can assure the quality of a product. Ensure there is an indication of replacement or repairs once a problem occurs after purchasing your unit. 

Filter Maintenance

Before deciding to buy an air conditioning unit, you should determine first how frequently you’ll need to replace the filter of your device. You can’t put off maintenance if you want your air conditioner to operate better. This will result in less cooling and more power usage. 

People Also Ask

Is AC harmful to newborn babies?

No, having air conditioning in a room with the proper temperature is relatively safe for babies. However, many experts believe that providing air conditioning for a newborn is preferable, especially if you live in a hot area where the baby is uncomfortable. 

What is a suitable AC temperature for a newborn?

According to the experts, your baby’s room temperature should be between 68 and 72 degrees. Temperatures of up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit may be tolerable in scorching climates throughout the summer, but make sure your kid has dressed appropriately. You should also protect your baby by maintaining a consistent temperature in the wintertime. Dress your child in an extra layer.

Is fan or AC better for babies?

It depends. A fan allows you to keep the room doors open, allowing fresh air to enter by keeping the air flowing. The direct blow of air from the fan, on the other hand, may cause the baby’s illness or give him a cold. It is ideal for keeping the infant away from direct blasts of cold air, either from the air conditioner or the fan. Maintain a pleasant temperature and adequately cover your baby for more safety.

Are 26 degrees too hot for the baby room?

Yes. A newborn can be harmed by anything hotter than 21 degrees Celsius. This is too delicate for them and may cause irritations, hard breathing, and sudden infant death syndrome. So, to ensure your baby’s health, continually measure the temperature in your room using a thermometer. 

What is room temperature too high for a baby?

The room temperature that is required for your babies should be between 68° and 72°F (20° and 22.2°C). If you want to keep the temperature in your baby’s room at a comfortable level, you need to use a thermostat. Turning your room temperature down helps keep the space cooler and more comfortable. 


Newborn babies need a lot of attention and care because of the crucial phase they are going through. As adults, we need to be extra cautious in taking care of them. With rising temperature outdoors, you might consider using an air Conditioner or a cooler for the baby’s room. 

Using an air conditioner is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong about it. However, using an air conditioner in the baby’s room is very different from using one in your room. To have a healthy baby, its important to choose the right air conditioner for your space. First, it is by knowing the technical capabilities of each of your desired units.

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