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8 Best Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Heating your home can be costly, mainly if you use electric or natural gas. Don’t worry if you don’t have an expensive see-through fireplace. A wood-burning fireplace can provide a similar atmosphere without the requirement of breaking the bank.

Even if you don’t have a chimney, you can install a twin wall-flue pipe system, and you are ready to go. These wood fireplaces are categorized by square footage, so you may choose the one that’s right for you based on how much space you’ll be heating.

Top Pick
Majestic Biltmore Wood Fireplace

Majestic Biltmore Wood Fireplace

  • Efficient heat
  • UL listed
  • Equipped with a tilt-up grate
High Efficiency
Hearthstone Wood Fireplace

Hearthstone Wood Fireplace

  • 28,600 BTUs per hour heat output
  • Long up to 8hrs burn time
  • Very low emissions
Good Value
Osburn Stratford II Wood Stove Fireplace

Osburn Stratford II Wood Stove Fireplace

  • High-efficiency wood-burning fireplace
  • Glass air-wash system
  • 74% optimum efficiency

If you want to save money on your heating bill, wood-burning stoves are ideal for you, as using wood as a heat source is often more environmentally friendly than using coal or gas.

While gas stoves are attractive, they rarely produce as much heat as a wood stove. So the best possible option is to install a wood stove. Several wood-burning or pellet stoves can heat your home more rapidly and efficiently.

These stoves are made of tile, cast iron, soapstone, sheet metal, plate steel, or a mix of these materials and come in various styles, from old traditional ones to new modern stoves.

Many modern woodstove types come with big, self-cleaning, see-through doors that let you enjoy the warmth of the firelight with its beautiful view, plus you don’t have to worry about keeping the window clean.

We understand that buying the right wood-burning fireplace from all available options can be overwhelming. That is where we can help you out.

We have prepared a guide to help you find your home’s ideal indoor wood-burning fireplace. Not just that, we will also answer all the questions in your mind and give you tips about maintaining the fireplace once you have bought it.

8 Best Indoor Wood-Burning Fireplaces 

1. Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace

Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace review

The captivating beauty of the flames is truly a sight for the eyes. The Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace is ideal for people looking for warmth and extravagance.

With its unique and efficient features, this indoor wood-burning fireplace can light up your home on cold nights. Let’s look at some of the unique features of The Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace.

  • The Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace provides efficient heat to keep you warm during chilly days and nights. Its full refractory box can warm a large living area or room.
  • If you want a classic masonry look for your living room, the brick design of this wood-burning fireplace will serve you well.
  • You don’t have to worry about cleaning the ash afterward, as the heavy-duty, tilt-up grate in this wood-burning fireplace makes cleaning up very easy and quick.
  • The Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace’s heavy-duty grate ensures efficient and constant airflow for your wood logs.
  • This wood-burning fireplace contains two gas knockouts on each side of the firebox. These gas knockouts allow you to switch from wood burning to liquid propane or natural gas.
  • The 1500 sq inches of the viewing area of The Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace provides a magnificent view of breathtaking flames and is an epic place for your friends and family to enjoy.


  • This wood-burning fire stove is UL listed.
  • The Majestic Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace can be converted to gas from wood.
  • It has a 1500 sq inch viewing area that provides a large view.
  • This stove has a tilt-up grate, making it easy to clean the ashes afterward.


  • The only con of this wood-burning fireplace is that it does not work as efficiently in large rooms as in small ones.

2. Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 Wood Fireplace

Lehmans Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 Wood Fireplace review

This Hearthstone Wood Fireplace is built from quality materials; it makes wood fire completely and outputs excellent heat. It meets clean air standards. It is suitable for spaces up to 2,000 sq ft large.

The Hearthstone wood fireplace has a large glass window that allows you to enjoy the fire from all locations in the room.


  • 28,600 BTUs per hour heat output.
  • The Hearthstone Wood Fireplace can handle logs up to 20 inches in length.
  • The Hearthstone Wood Fireplace will warm the entire room fast. Its heating capacity is superb.
  • Long up to 8hrs burn times.
  • Air control under the glass allows you to regulate the amount of air entering the firebox. The more air comes in – the faster wood burns and makes more heat in your room.
  • Soapstone-lined firebox for extended HeatLife and superior heat.


  • Very low emissions
  • Cast Iron Face and Door
  • User-friendly ash removal
  • Simple and Easy operation, consistent performance


  • It can use only wood. No pellets, no coal, and no flammable fluids to start the fire

3. Osburn Stratford II Zero-Clearance Wood Stove Fireplace

Osburn Stratford II Zero-Clearance Wood Stove Fireplace review

The Osburn Stratford II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace is a beautiful, functional wood fireplace that complies with EPA emissions guidelines.

It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for! Along with keeping your room warm, this wood-burning fireplace has exciting features.

  • The fireplace has a 2.5 cubic foot firebox, which makes it easy to clean it up afterward. In addition, the double cast iron doors of the firebox would make it relatively easy for you to access it.
  • The Osburn Stratford II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace can handle logs up to 20 inches in length.
  • The premium blower in this wood-burning fireplace will ensure that the heat is evenly and effectively in your room.
  • The Osburn Stratford II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace is large, almost 2200 square feet. That is why this fireplace takes no time to warm the entire room. Its heating capacity is remarkable.
  • You will have plenty of options to style and decorate your room with this wood-burning fireplace. In addition, you can design it to match your home’s décor.
  • Among many other things, this wood-burning fireplace provides heating adjustments with a forced-air system.


  • It is a high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace.
  • The fireplace is certified by EPA.
  • It has a glass air-wash system.
  • It has a stainless-steel secondary air system that helps in improving gas combustion.
  • The Osburn Stratford II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace has 74% optimum efficiency.


  • The Osburn Stratford II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace does not include a tilt-up grate.

4. Majestic Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace

Majestic Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace review

The Majestic Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace is well known for its superior feature, classical style, and outstanding performance.

With this wood-burning fireplace, you will have a perfect stop at your home to gather around and have light-hearted discussions with your friends and family.

  • The Majestic Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace does not produce any smoke baffles that prevent you from enjoying the magnificent view of the gorgeous fire flames. The beautiful and ample heat from this fireplace will lift your mood.
  • With its specific features, this wood-burning fireplace is very easy to install.
  • The best part of The Majestic Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace is that even when you are not using the fireplace, its built-in cast iron flue damper will prevent heat loss from your room and keep it warm.
  • This fireplace includes a wood basket grate made of durable ½ steel. It has louvers at the top and bottom of the fireplace, which helps circulate the heat. The heat is then transferred back after moving across hot surfaces.
  • The wood-burning fireplace has a cool feature that allows you to convert it into gas. So, whenever you are out of wood, with the help of two knockouts, you can get access to the gas line. In addition, the refractory brick lining of this wood-burning fireplace makes it easy to clean after use.
  • It has a heavy-duty lift-up grate which makes removing ash simple and easy. This wood-burning fireplace has a built-in ash lip to keep cinders and soot from coming out.


  • It is UL certified.
  • The fireplace contains dual gas knockouts.
  • It comes with a powder coat finish.
  • It prevents heat loss.


  • This indoor wood-burning fireplace comes just in black.

5. Superior WRT4500 Wood Burning Fireplace

Superior WRT4500 Wood Burning Fireplace review

The Superior WRT4500 Wood Burning Fireplace is ideal for prominent places with its 30-inch-tall opening.

However, you must buy this wood-burning fireplace to make your home more attractive and stylish. This fireplace has some exciting features, which we shall see below:

  • This wood-burning fireplace has a brick-to-face design with invisible interior sheet metal. As designed for large rooms, this fireplace has a 30-inch tall opening. Its enormous body makes it the center of attention and a fascinating thing to see.
  • The Superior WRT4500 Wood Burning Fireplace comes in three sizes; the small size is 36 inches, the medium is 42, and the large is 50 inches.
  • Among its many unique features, this wood-burning fireplace provides a reliable operation with its huge smoke dome.
  • Don’t worry if the weather becomes freezing; the fully insulated firebox of this fireplace will keep you warm.
  • Its refractory panels contain integrated ash lip. If you want a high-quality fireplace, this one is your ideal choice.
  • The Superior WRT4500 Wood Burning Fireplace is highly durable due to its textured powder-coat finish.


  • It has a 30-inch tall opening.
  • This wood-burning fireplace comes in three models available in 36, 42, and 50 inches.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It contains a vast smoke dome without any visible smoke shelf.


  • It does not contain a premium blower, so the heat might not be evenly distributed in the room.

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6. Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace With Blower

Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace With Blower review

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If you are looking for a highly efficient and stylish wood-burning fireplace, look no further. This woodboring fireplace is a perfect combination of effectiveness and elegance.

The Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace With Blower is best for medium to large rooms. It has some of the best features, including:

  • This wood-burning fireplace features metallic black louvers and a traditional molded refractory brick panel. This opulent fireplace strikes the ideal mix between a gorgeous and energy-efficient fireplace.
  • If you are environmentally enthusiastic and concerned about your health, you must buy The Ventis HE325 High-Efficiency Wood Fireplace. This fireplace produces extremely low emissions and provides 72% optimal efficiency, which is extremely impressive. In addition, its average particle emissions rate is as low as 0.99 grams/hour, which is not easily found in many wood-burning fireplaces.
  • The Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace has a built-in blower to help distribute heat evenly across the room.
  • You can also use gravity vents and forced air kits to maximize head dispersion around your home.
  • The Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace contains non-catalytic combustion technology, which makes it very simple to operate.
  • The retractable double doors provide an accessible experience to the users.
  • The fireplace has six ventis stainless steel anchor plates and a new air intake adapter.


  • As designed particularly for heating, this high-efficiency fireplace is quite large, making it ideal for large rooms.
  • It is among the most potent wood-burning fireplace options available.
  • The Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace contains ventis distinctive louvers.
  • It has non-catalytic combustion technology.
  • It produces extremely low emissions with 72% optimal efficiency.


  • With all the efficient and distinctive features, The Ventis HE325 Wood Fireplace With Blower is slightly overpriced compared to other wood-burning fireplaces.

7. Ventis HE275CF Wood Fireplace With Blower And Gravity Kit

Ventis HE275CF Wood Fireplace With Blower And Gravity Kit review

Looking for an efficient and elegant wood-burning fireplace? Look no further as the Ventis HE275CF Wood Fireplace With Blower And Gravity Kit is a complete package with beauty and brains. This wood-burning fireplace has some unique features, including:

  • The Ventis HE275CF Wood Fireplace comes with a hot air gravity system. The system is so powerful and robust that this wood-burning fireplace can heat more than one room.
  • If you want an environment-friendly system, you must buy this wood-burning fireplace; it produces emissions as low as 1.14 g/h.
  • Moreover, it has 74% efficiency, which is ideal. This fireplace is made keeping in view the strict EPA guidelines.
  • The large firebox in this wood-burning fireplace has an 8-hour burn time and can hold up to 20-inch logs.
  • It contains a stainless steel secondary air system and non-catalytic combustion technology. Moreover, it also contains fresh air intake and 6-inch ventis stainless steel anchor plate.


  • It has a glass air wash system.
  • It allows an 8-hour long burn time.
  • Ventis HE275CF Wood Fireplace is 74% efficient.
  • It is an EPA-certified fireplace.


  • With all these unique and exciting features, the Ventis HE275CF Wood Fireplace is slightly more expensive than other wood-burning fireplaces.

8. Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace

Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace review

The Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace can add a beautiful touch to your living room. In addition, this convenient and versatile fireplace is known for its exciting features, such as:

  • Due to its compact and straightforward design, this wood-burning fireplace can be installed on your existing wall. Although it has a small design, the wide glass doors give the impression of a large fireplace.
  • The Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace has an air control system that maintains a clean and constant burn. This system ensures to keep your room warm during those chilly days.
  • It also has a patented ignition system, making it best for heating a large room.
  • The Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace is made of cast-iron panels which are fixed on the stainless-steel firebox and provide increased durability,
  • This fireplace allows the heat to be maintained and transferred more efficiently and quickly.


  • This fireplace is extremely durable.
  • It produces maximum heat output of 75,000 BTUs.
  • It comes with a premium quality blower with 250 CFM.


  • The Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace is not environmentally friendly and has less optimal efficiency.

Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace Buying Guide

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Wood-Burning Fireplace

There are certain things you must look at before buying a wood-burning fireplace. Don’t worry; we have got you covered:

  • Consider the size

Before buying a wood-burning stove for your home, don’t forget to measure the size of the room you will put it in.

You will have to buy the fireplace according to the room’s size. For instance, if your room’s size is 1,500 sq ft, a 1.5 to 2 cubic feet fireplace would be enough.

  • It will help if you determine its efficiency.

A fireplace with high efficiency means that you won’t have to spend much time and money on chopping wood, and you will have a more environmentally friendly product.

To get the best wood-burning fireplace in your budget, look for wood stoves for sale with EPA-stated efficiency of 70% or above.

  • Look for a clean air-burning fireplace.

The days of wood-burning stoves leading to potbelly are long gone. Under new clean air regulations, woodstove smoke emissions are now limited to only 2.0 grams per hour. This means that you will inhale clean and healthy smoke.

The Benefits of a Wood-Burning Fireplace

The Benefits of a Wood-Burning Fireplace

Several benefits make wood-burning fireplaces worth buying.

  • An excellent focal point for gatherings

The wood-burning fireplace will almost certainly be the focus of attention when you and your family sit in the living room.

It provides a one-of-a-kind and classic focal point not seen in other living area decorations. With that said, you can also include a television in the design of your fireplace.

  • It keeps you warm even during a power outage.

During winter snowstorms, the extra weight collected on the trees may force them to topple, causing electrical lines to be knocked out from beneath them. If you have a central heating system, you will have to wait for the power to return.

However, there is good news for wood fireplace owners; you won’t be affected by it. You can use a wood-burning fireplace to keep your home warm during power outages.

  • It helps in keeping the bills under control.

If your home has a wood-burning fireplace, you might expect to save money on utility bills throughout the winter. Central heating, whether gas or electric, is costly.

  • Environment friendly

You may relax knowing that these fireplaces are safe for the environment. Wood is a renewable and sustainable energy source using cherry, hickory, or oak.

After the trees are cut down for firewood, new ones are planted in their place. It’s an environmentally friendly approach that makes wood-burning fireplaces possible.

Indoor fire place with wood

Types of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Different types of wood-burning fireplaces include:

  • Open-Faced Sheet Metal Models

The open-faced sheet metal models are built of sheet metal with pop rivets for a sleek look. These fireplaces are lightweight and can also be portable. In addition, the chimney’s shape helps keep the smoke away from your face.

  • Open-Faced Modular Masonry Models

Masonry fireplaces and chimneys are built on-site from brick, mortar, and stone. These fireplaces are an integral component of the home’s structural construction.

If designed or built correctly and maintained adequately, masonry fireplaces and chimneys can resist decades of heat and fire abuse.

  • Closed-Combustion High-Efficiency Models

A typical wood-burning fireplace provides a home’s interior with warmth and romance. However, most of these fireplaces are energy consumers, turning only 15% of the energy in wood into usable heat.

On the other hand, energy-efficient fireplaces allow wood-burning fireplaces to attain more than 75% efficiency ratings.

Wood Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Wood Fireplace Maintenance Tips

To make sure that your fireplace works smoothly for some years, there are some things you must take care of:

  • Keep its interior clean

Though a wood-burning fireplace can add to the charm of a room, it also produces many byproducts from burning all those logs, which must be removed regularly.

Cleaning the fireplace’s interior will improve its appearance and make it more efficient at delivering heat. Furthermore, those ashes are rich in plant nutrients, so you may use them to fertilize your garden. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask.

  • Remove creosote

After the wood has wholly burnt, creosote is one of the many materials remaining, especially if the wood has not been thoroughly dried and stored. This flammable residue found inside the chimney’s inner walls is one of the most common causes of fire or chimney obstruction.

If necessary, this flammable residue must be carefully cleaned to avoid restricting airflow and exacerbating numerous fireplace problems.

  • Install glass doors

A glass door makes your wood-burning fireplace easier to maintain, more efficient, and safer. The glass door will restrict your curious child from coming too close to the fire and sparks from coming out of the hearth.

A heat-resistant glass door is also easier to keep clean. All you have to do is take a damp paper towel and clean the glass.

Alternative Options

If you don’t like buying a wood-burning fireplace for your home, don’t worry, as many alternative options are available.

  • Vent-free gas fireplace

With a vent-free gas fireplace, you can keep all the room’s heat while enjoying an open fire. To keep moisture and exhaust accumulation to a minimum, this fireplace should only be used for three to four hours without a vent.

  • A gas log kit

A gas log kit makes an open-fire appearance while requiring no structural alterations. The damper in the gas log kit must be locked in a half-open position when installed to guarantee proper ventilation.

In addition, it is best to install a tight-fitting glass door with a gas log kit, as it will help keep heat from escaping your room.

  • Electric fireplace units

The advantages of using an electric fireplace unit are numerous. Electric fireplaces are portable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective, and they do not produce pollutants or pose a safety risk in your house. You may also turn off your fireplace with a single button press.

Vent free fireplace


Do you need a chimney for Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace?

Modern wood-burning fireplaces do not necessarily require a chimney. So, if your home does not have a vent, you don’t need to worry, as you will not require it.

Although, fitting a wood-burning fireplace in an existing chimney is much easier. For it to work, you will have to install a twin wall flue pipe system.

What clearance do fireplaces require?

According to the National Fire Code, any flammable object such as trim, mantel, or wood must be at least six inches from the firebox opening.

Therefore, extra space is required for every 1/8 inch combustible material or trim that protrudes.

Are Wood Fireplaces Efficient?

Although many appreciate the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace, it is still not the most efficient way to heat your home.

If your home has a wood-burning fireplace or a traditional masonry chimney, then you must know that 80% to 90% of the heat would be lost up the chimney. Additional air from within your home is also drawn up and out through the chimney.

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