Dual Mist Humidifier Buying Guide

Searching through online stores for the best dual mist humidifier would turn out to be a fruitless, painstaking task if you don’t the right information and a good buying guide handy. With so many brands and models out there, it is easy to get confused and doubtful about finding the specific humidifier that suits your needs.

In this article, you will find information that will guide you in your search for the best dual mist humidifier, including our list of the top best dual mist ultrasonic humidifiers.

Generally, a humidifier is a device that increases the level of humidity of a room or a whole house. It does this by emitting water vapor in the form of a mist into the air. Increasing the level of humidity of the area alleviates the adverse health effects of dry weather.

Before we jump to the guide, let’s take a look at the top 5 dual mist humidifiers. 

5 Best Dual Mist Humidifiers

1. Levoit LV600HH Ultrasonic Humidifier

Levoit LV600HH dual mist humidifier

The Levoit LV600HH is a powerful dual mist ultrasonic humidifier with broad room coverage and a tank capacity of 1.5 gallons. The LV600HH comes packed with lots of critical features making an affordable high-end humidifier.

The LV600HH features include an accurate humidistat, an auto shut off feature, a low water indicator, a dual 360-degree nozzle that allows you to control precisely where you want the warm or cool mist to go, multiple mist levels, a timer, remote control, and an auto mode that automatically adjust humidity levels.

Aside from its key features, the LV600HH has room coverage of up to 753 sq. ft, making it an excellent option for large and medium rooms.

The major downside of the LV600HH is maintenance. Most users who gave unfavorable reviews complained that the LV600HH is quite challenging to clean and requires cleaning every week to avoid bacteria, dirt, and limescale.

Nevertheless, the LV600HH makes up for its excellent performance and smart features, making the humidifier easier to use. If you’re looking for a dual mist humidifier with broad room coverage and high performance, then the LV600HH is your best choice.


  • Room Coverage: 753 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Humidification Performance: Warm mist: 3.17 gal/24 hrs, Cool mist: 1.9 gal/24 hrs
  • Weight: 4.92 Ibs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Dual 360-degree nozzle
  • Low water indicator
  • Auto shut off
  • Humidistat
  • Smart auto mode


  • Humidifies quickly
  • Large room coverage
  • Its extra features make cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Delivers clean and hygienic mist free from bacteria
  • Quiet
  • Accurate humidistat


  • Difficult to fill
  • Expensive
  • High maintenance

2. PureGuardian H7550 Ultrasonic Humidifier

PureGuardian H7550 90-Hour Smart Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier,1.32-Gallons

The PureGuardian H7550 is a dual mist ultrasonic humidifier with small room coverage of 300 sq. ft. It comes packed with many vital features like a low water indicator, auto shut off, a multi-directional mist that allows you to increase the area covered by the mist, a timer, carrying handle and mist output control that allows you to adjust the amount of mist that goes into the room.

Even though the H7550 comes with these great features, we couldn’t help but notice it lacked some critical features like a humidistat and made a gurgling sound during use.

The H7550 comes at an affordable price and received generally favorable reviews, with 45% of 262 customers giving it a 5-star rating.


  • Room Coverage: 300 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.32 gallons
  • Weight: 5.45 Ibs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Low water indicator
  • Automatic shut off
  • Timer


  • Humidifies quickly
  • Its extra features make cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Delivers clean and hygienic mist free from bacteria


  • Small room coverage
  • Makes a gurgling sound during use

3. BONECO/Air-O-Swiss 7147 Dual Mist Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss BONECO/Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

The AOS 7147 from Boneco is a feature-packed dual mist humidifier that should meet every user’s need. It has extensive room coverage up to 600 sq. ft. And a tank capacity of 1.5 gallons.

The AOS 7147 comes with more features than the LV600HH, and although it has a higher price tag, it would easily make for the best dual mist humidifier on the market.

With the basic features like a humidistat, auto shut-off function, and low water indicator, the AOS 7147 takes maintenance, ease of use, and convenience a step further with additional critical features like a timer, an auto mode, and a sleep mode, and a maintenance reminder. Maintenance features like a built-in Hydro Cell, whose primary function is to remove impurities from the water before it gets released, a demineralization cartridge to prevent white dust production during use, and an EZCal Cleaner and Descaler for removal of limescale.

When it comes to performance, the AOS 7147 could likely be unrivaled with a warm mist output of 3.4 gallons per day and a cooling mist output of 2.5 gallons per day. Considering its high output and performance, the AOS 7147 is pretty much quiet during use and consumes less energy than other dual mist humidifiers.

With all its smart features and high output, you should expect the AOS 7147 to be slightly pricey. The AOS 7147 will also cost you more during long-term use since you will have to use and replace the cleaning accessories regularly.


  • Room Coverage: 600 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Humidification Performance: Warm mist: 3.4 gal/24 hrs, Cool mist: 2.5 gal/24 hrs
  • Weight: 9 Ibs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Low water indicator
  • Auto shut off, timer, 
  • Dual Jet Nozzle
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Humidistat
  • 3 Output Levels
  • Auto Mode, sleep mode.
  • Hydro Cell, Demineralization Cartridge, EZCal to reduce limescale


  • Humidifies quickly
  • Its extra features make cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Delivers clean and hygienic mist free from bacteria
  • Consumes less energy
  • Large room coverage
  • Quiet
  • Auto humidity control


  • Bright LED light
  • High maintenance; requires weekly cleaning

4. TaoTronics TT-AH007 Humidifier

TaoTronics TT-AH007 humidifier

The TT-AH007 is another great feature-packed humidifier on our list. It offers all the key features and high humidification performance you would expect from a more expensive at an affordable price.

The TT-AH007 has a 1.45-gallon tank capacity and covers areas up to 600 sq. ft. in size, which means you can use the TT-AH007 for large and medium room coverage.

In terms of features, the TT-AH007 comes with the basic features you can find in many humidifiers like humidistat, timer, sleep mode, auto mode, a low water indicator feature, and a 360-degree nozzle, which allows you to control exactly where you want the steam to go.

Unfortunately, the TT-AH007 comes with some flaws. Most users have complained that the warm mist it delivers is not warm enough, while others complained about the lack of readily available replacement filters.

Despite its flaws, the TT-AH007 is still a tremendous dual mist humidifier due to its affordable price and features. If you are looking for something affordable with the right key features, then the TT-AH007 is your best option.


  • Tank Capacity: 1.45 gallon
  • Humidification Performance: Warm mist: 2.5 gal/24 hrs, Cool mist: 2.2 gal/24 hrs
  • Weight: 5.25 Ibs
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Auto shut off, humidistat.
  • Low water indicator
  • Carrying handle
  • Timer, Sleep Mode, Auto Mode
  • 3 Output Levels
  • Memory Function
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Filter for keeping the water clean


  • Runs quietly
  • Humidifies quickly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Delivers clean and hygienic mist free from bacteria
  • It provides warmth and increases the humidity of the environment.


  • It is quite difficult to clean, which could increase the chances of it spreading bacteria and germs. Small room coverage.
  • Difficult to purchase replacement filters

5. BONECO 7135 Dual Mist Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7135

Although it would be more expensive for most users, the Boneco 7135 comes with many features and a high humidification performance that easily makes it the best dual mist humidifier in the market.

The 7135 has a tank capacity of 1.7 gallons and room coverage of up to 650 sq. Ft making it ideal for both large and small room coverage.

When it comes to features, the 7135 got it all. The 7135 comes with key features like a humidistat, auto shut-off function, low water indicator, timer, rotating mist outlet, auto mode, sleep mode, and maintenance reminder. More key features like a built-in Hydro Cell, whose primary function is to remove impurities from the water before it gets released, a demineralization cartridge to prevent white dust production during use, and an EZCal Cleaner and Descaler for removal of limescale.

The 7135 is the best option if you look for a dual mist humidifier with great features and high humidification performance.


  • Room Coverage: 600 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.75 gallons
  • Weight: 8 Ibs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Low water indicator
  • Auto shut off,  Timer
  • Rotating mist outlet
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Humidistat, Auto Mode, Sleep Mode
  • Hydro Cell
  • Demineralization Cartridge
  • EZCal to reduce limescale


  • Humidifies quickly
  • Its extra features make cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Delivers clean and hygienic mist free from bacteria
  • Consumes less energy
  • Large room coverage
  • Quiet
  • Auto humidity control


  • High maintenance; requires weekly cleaning
  • Hard to clean the water tank
  • Expensive

What is a dual mist ultrasonic humidifier?

Ultrasonic humidifiers can either emit cool mist only, warm mist, or both. Ultrasonic humidifiers that can emit both cool and warm mist are called dual mist ultrasonic humidifiers.

The Dual mist and cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers are the popular choices among the three.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are a unique type of humidifier that uses a diaphragm that vibrates at ultrasonic speed to break down water into a mist. In some models, a silent fan pushes the mist up and out into the room.

Ultrasonic humidifiers don’t use wick filters, so you don’t have to worry about replacing anything, although you will still have to refill the tank and clean it occasionally.

The main downside of ultrasonic humidifiers is that in breaking water to create a mist, white dust is also produced, spread around the room during use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dual Mist Humidifier

Things to Consider When Buying a Dual Mist Humidifier

When picking out a specific model of dual mist humidifier, there are some factors you need first to consider before settling for that model.


The cost of Dual mist humidifiers ranges from $20 to over $500. The reason for the price differences is due to several factors. One of these factors includes the features present in the models. A model with a low water indicator feature, an automatic shut-off function, and a humidistat will cost more than one which lacks these features.

However, the main factor affecting the price of different models is the amount of space the humidifier covers – a whole house humidifier will cost you more than one that only works in small spaces.

A humidifier like the Boneco 7135 reasonably costs more than the TaoTronics TT-AH007 dual humidifier due to its abundance of features and auto options.


Every type of humidifier requires constant maintenance for it to keep functioning correctly. They also need constant tank refills, which could be twice or thrice a day, depending on your model’s tank capacity.

Many users often complain of difficulty getting the tank and other parts of their humidifiers clean due to poor design. It is recommended you only get a humidifier you would clean adequately to prevent the spread of bacteria, algae, and viruses.

Some dual mist humidifiers come with an EZCal Cleaner and Descaler for the removal of limescale. Having a humidifier with these features could make cleaning and maintenance easier.

When picking a humidifier, always go with the one you would easily maintain to prevent health complications from unclean air and waste of resources due to early damage or breakage.


  • Whole-house humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers are the largest humidifiers on the market based on room coverage. They hook onto the HVAC system and forces steam into the ducts, and moving throughout your home. 

You should only consider this option if you have central heating and cooling.

The main advantages of whole-house humidifiers are that you wouldn’t need to purchase multiple humidifiers and require less maintenance.

  •  Single room humidifiers

If you are want to humidify a space below 1000 sq ft, then getting a single room humidifier is the best option.

Single room humidifiers are more flexible as they allow you to set your desired humidity level for a particular room, unlike whole-house humidifiers.


If you’re placing your humidifier in your bedroom, you need to consider whether the noise will affect your sleep. ability

You should also consider the size of the humidifier you are searching for since large humidifiers tend to produce more noise than small portable humidifiers.

Filter or Filter Free

Humidifier filters

Some dual mist humidifiers include filters that trap impurities before they are released into the air.

Humidifiers that come with filters are more expensive during long-term use than other types of humidifiers due to the regular replacement of filters. If you want to purchase a humidifier with the filter option, make sure you check if replacement filters are readily available.

Tank Capacity

Most users of small humidifiers complain about having to refill regularly. If you’re someone who would find that pretty annoying, you would want to go for a humidifier with a larger tank capacity.

However, the tank capacity is directly proportional to the amount of space the humidifier covers.


Some humidifiers come with some key features that make them better in comparison to others. These features make them easy to use and maintain and also make them last longer.

Humidistat – A humidistat monitors the humidity in the room. A humidistat works by automatically turning off the humidifier when your set humidity level has been reached.

Auto Shutoff – This works in hand with the humidistat when the level of desired humidity is reached. The auto shut-off features shut off the humidifier when the water in the tank gets too low.

Low water indicator – These features including a lighting system. In most cases, a green LED light signals a full tank, and a red LED light signs a low water tank.

Timer – The timer feature would come in handy, especially if you don’t want the humidifier running all the time. The timer will automatically turn on and off the humidifier at the set time. This can help prevent your room from becoming too humid and save you from refilling the tank often.

Advantages of dual mist humidifiers

Dual mist ultrasonic humidifiers save cost since they can produce both warm and cool mist. You will no longer have to purchase multiple humidifiers as it covers your needs for every season.

Dual mist ultrasonic humidifiers are quieter compared to other types of humidifiers. This feature is one of the reasons why they are a trendy choice in the market.

Disadvantages of dual mist humidifiers

Due to the abundance of features and options, dual mist humidifiers tend to be more expensive than other types of humidifiers.

Mistakes People Make While Using Humidifiers and How to Avoid Them

Over humidifying the environment

When using humidifiers, it is advised to purchase one with a humidistat to help keep a check of the room’s humidity level. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your bedroom’s humidity level should be below 60 percent in the summer and, ideally, between 25 percent and 40 percent relative humidity in the winter.

Getting the right humidity level would help alleviate your allergy symptoms, but it would be counterproductive when it becomes excessive.

If your humidifier lacks a humidistat, you can buy a hygrometer (humidity meter) to measure and check your indoor relative humidity more accurately.

Not cleaning the humidifier enough.

The fact that most humidifiers require constant maintenance could become annoying to most users, and some would, at some time, forget to clean their humidifiers or not clean them well enough.

Careful and constant cleaning of your humidifier is a must and based on the manufacturer’s instructions, you might have to clean your humidifier every day. Since a humidifier releases the mist which you breathe, it is paramount to take its maintenance seriously.

If you fail to clean its tank and filters regularly, it can breed mold, bacteria, and algae and release these organisms into the air you breathe. This would worsen your allergy symptoms and possibly give you an infection.

It is recommended you check the user’s manual for cleaning instructions and follow them to the core.

Using Tap Water

Most users of ultrasonic humidifiers often complain of a white residue (white dust) that sets on surfaces and furniture while making use of their humidifiers.

This white dust is due to the minerals present in the tap water used by the humidifier. This white dust could do more than deface your furniture and other surfaces; it would also promote bacteria and mold growth n your humidifier.

To combat this, some manufacturers include a demineralization cartridge in their humidifiers. If your humidifier lacks this feature, you can use distilled or demineralized water.

Final Thoughts

Dual mist ultrasonic humidifiers give you an option between warm and cool mist during seasons, saving the cost of purchasing multiple humidifiers for different seasons. This makes them a much better choice for users.

When settling on a specific model, ensure you note the features, output performance, and cleaning instructions before purchasing. Some humidifiers are affordable upfront but cost more during long-term use. It is essential to check if your model could cost you more to maintain before making your choice.

Ryan is the creator and leader of content at IndoorBreathing.com. He had problems with polluted indoor air and smoking neighbors, so he had to study how to get better indoor air. Ryan now has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge working in the indoor air treatment industry. He has tried and tested a lot of air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, heaters, and more.

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