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Top 6 Best Filterless Humidifiers

It is essential that you find a humidifier for your home and that you might want to consider one that doesn’t have a filter.

Here is everything that you need to know about these types of models, including what options are available, what features to look for, and so much more.

Keep reading our comprehensive guide to learn more about these models.

Top 6 Filterless Humidifiers 

Ensure that you are looking at some of the top models that are available to purchase, and some of them include:

  1. Best Overall: UCareAir Cool Mist Humidifier

If only the best on the market did for you, this one would be great since it uses ultrasonic technology for whisper-quiet operating. Due to this device’s quiet operation, it is perfect for being used while sleeping or even in the office while you are working. The water tank can hold 2 liters of water, which means it will quickly and safely run all night.

This can easily handle a room of around 200 square feet and it will automatically shutoff when the level of water is low or if the tank isn’t in place. It also has 2 mist settings that you can pick from to suit your comfort level and requirements, including low and high.


  • Very quiet
  • Can operate for around 10 hours
  • Unit is easy to use and refill


  • Might leak if the lid isn’t properly closed


If you want something that has controls that are user-friendly and some of the top features, then this would be the right one to buy.

  1. Runner Up: Pure Enrichment MistAire XL HumidifierPure Enrichment MistAire XL Humidifier

Another great option that will ensure that you have plenty of moisture in the air in your home is this model. It will work very quickly, and it is extremely quiet, which makes it perfect for your bedroom or even the office. If the water tank level is low, then the device will turn itself off, and it also does the same thing when the tank is removed.

It has a nightlight that is great for kids or anyone who prefers some light while they are falling asleep. The mist nozzle can be rotated so you can reach any corner of the home no matter where it is placed in a small to medium room.


  • Simple to clean and refill
  • 2 different speeds to choose from
  • 360° misting nozzle allows the machine to reach all corners


  • Has to be cleaned often to avoid build-up from collecting


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you don’t mind keeping your device clean, then this will be the ideal model for all of your needs.

  1. Best for Large Home: LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large RoomLEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room

If you have a large home and need something designed to handle the entire family, this model should be checked. It can provide both cool and warm mist with 3 different levels, and it will work extremely quickly in increasing the humidity levels. You can see the current humidity level in the home from the display, which has the touch controls, and there is also a remote.

This model can work for around 36 hours straight when used on the low misting levels and it gives an output of 500 ml per hour.


  • Refilling and cleaning of the tank is easy
  • Large capacity lets it operate for 36 hours in a row
  • Can choose the exact humidity level you want


  • High maintenance
  • Can leave some white dust after operation


If you want something that is going to be great to use and that has plenty of control options, then this might be the perfect model for your home.

  1. Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist HumidifierEverlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

This is a great model that you can look at if you need something that can help increase the humidity levels in the home. It has a large water tank of 6 liters, and it has a compartment for essential oils and a built-in night-light. This model is designed to handle a room of around 400 square feet, and it has a powerful output of 270 ml of mist every hour.

It also will turn itself off when the water gets low so that the machine doesn’t get damaged nor does the tank. The rotating nozzle can reach 360°, which ensures all parts of the room can be easily reached.


  • Has a long running time
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Quiet operation


  • Can be hard to clean
  • Leaks can be common


If you want something that looks great, then this one should be looked at since it is ideal for larger rooms or homes.

  1. Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierCrane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

For those who want something that has a great design and can effectively and safely increase the moisture level, go ahead and look at this model. The design is beautiful, and there is a 360° mist nozzle so you can decide what direction you want it to go. It can handle a room of around 500 square feet, which means it will work well for an apartment or small home.

It uses analog knobs for control so you can easily use the device and the majority of the water tank is made with transparent plastic so you can easily see when the water level is low.


  • 360° misting nozzle to reach all corners of the home
  • Great for large rooms
  • Quiet when operating


  • Only does cool mist
  • Water tank capacity is small


For those who don’t need something that is overly large in size and that can work well for a few hours a day or at night, then make sure to check out this model.

  1. Honeywell HUL535B Cool Mist HumidifierHoneywell HUL535B Cool Mist Humidifier

Another compact model that you can look at that would be great for anyone with a small amount of space is this one. If you put it on the lowest setting, it can operate for around 24 hours due to the small tank. The design is good, and the water tank is transparent, so you can easily tell how much water is left.

The controls are done with analog knobs that allow you to pick from the various speeds while controlling the mist level. It will also put the auto-shut-off feature into the use of the water level becomes low or if the machine is overheating.


  • Easy to refill
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Doesn’t have aromatherapy support


If you are looking to save some money and not worry about maintenance as much, you should ensure that this model is on your list.

Filterless Humidifiers Buying Guide

You should always make sure that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to the filterless humidifiers, so keep reading on to find out more about choosing the right one.

What is a Filterless Humidifier, and How Does it Work?

Advancements in technology are constantly being made, so humidifiers are an important part of any home today. These machines don’t have a filter, which makes them cleaner and healthier for anyone around them, which is one reason they are trendy. These devices increase the air’s moisture levels while keeping it clean through the use of advanced technology for cleaning. They don’t make any noise, and they would be able to use the water in the tank to create a mist that is then pushed out into the air.

What to Consider Before Buying

There are also a few things that you need to consider before purchasing any device, which includes some of the top tips. These tips can help you with making the right decision, so a few of them has:

  • Room Capacity – You should consider the size of the room that the specific models will handle. Think about the room’s current size that you want it to be placed in, and then think about if the model you are looking at can handle that. You want a machine that will be recommended for the room capacity so it will be efficient.
  • Water tank capacity – Another thing that you need to think about is the water tank’s capacity. This is important since you should consider how often it will need to be refilled, along with how long it will be able to operate. You also need to think about the maintenance required for the water tanks and how often you would need to undertake it.
  • Humidistat – This is another important piece of the machine, which maintains the current moisture level. This will tell the device what point it shouldn’t pass since you will customize this. Make sure that you choose one with this since it can determine the moisture levels in the air.
  • Sound level – The final factor you need to think about is the noise level since almost every model will have some noise. If you are using these in your office or bedroom, you want to choose a model that won’t be overly loud while you are sleeping.

These are only a few of the top tips that you should make sure you are considering when you are picking a model. The more you know, then the easier it will be for you to make the right decision.

Benefits of Using a Filterless Humidifier

Another thing that you must know about is the various benefits of purchasing and using one of these models in your home. Some of the top advantages to learning about includes:

  • Quiet operation – The models without a filter are much quieter since they don’t have fans that are operating. This means that you can find a wide variety of models that would be nearly silent thanks to technological advances.
  • No changing of filters – Another great benefit of buying one of these types is that you don’t have to change them. This will not only save you money, but it also means there is less time required for maintenance over time. The only thing you would need to do for these devices has washed the tank regularly.
  • Energy-efficient – The filter-based humidifiers often consume more energy than the filter-free ones due to the powerful fans. However, if you choose the filter-free model, you will see a lower electricity bill since they don’t use as much energy to operate.

These are only a few of the top benefits you must be aware of when considering and trying to decide upon the right filterless humidifier for your home.

Types of Filterless Humidifiers

There are plenty of types of humidifiers that you need to be aware of, and they come in 2 types, including warm and cool mist models. Here is what you need to know about these types, including:

  • Warm mist – These models should be operated carefully, especially when there are children around. This is because the warm mist models use the water to be boiled before it is placed into the machine. This would then create hot or warm steam, which could cause burns if touched. This is a great option if you want a warm mist, but not if you have children who like to touch everything.
  • Cool mist – These are the opposite of warm steam, and they don’t require warm or boiling water in the tank. You would be able to put any water into the tank, but it is recommended that you use distilled water. These would create a mist out of the water that would then be pushed into the air, which increases the humidity levels.

Ensure that you are looking at all of these models and what is available to make the final decision. If you are aware of the available types, you can figure out and see which one fits your needs the best.


  • What do I need to do to clean the humidifier?

Keeping your device clean needs to be a top priority since you want to have healthy and clean air. You should ensure that you have white vinegar on the handle along with running water and then disassemble the machine. Wipe the outside down with some water, which includes the filter-based area.

The tank also needs to be cleaned at least 1 time every month if you regularly use it. Pour a small amount of white vinegar into the tank so the bottom and corners are covered, and then let sit for around 30 minutes. If there are parts that have build-up, you can wipe them down with a cloth before letting the entire tank dry before usage.

  • Can I leave the humidifier running all night?

It will be extremely safe to leave these running overnight, especially if you pick one with an automatic shut-off feature. This would turn the machine off if there is a low level of water or overheating. Ensure that you are placing it in a location where it won’t create damage due to the mist or tip over during the night.

  • Can I use some tap water in the machine?

You should never use tap water in these devices, but instead, you want to use distilled water. The tap water can be challenging and have debris and build-up already in it that can cause problems. If you don’t use distilled water, then you might end up damaging the device when it is being used.

  • Where is the best location to put my machine?

If you are uncertain about where to put it, you should place it in a central location. Ensure that wherever you are putting it, it isn’t on top of wood since it can wrap it. Also, make sure not to place it on carpet or any other fabric, but instead put it on a plastic stool or even on a side table. You also need to ensure that the area you choose is sturdy and won’t tip over easily, which could cause a big mess if the tank is opened or spilled.


Make sure that you are thinking long and hard about which filterless humidifier you will choose, especially if you haven’t bought one of these machines before. You should ensure that you determine what room capacity the various models can handle and what the water tank capacity is. Also, make sure that you pick one that will operate quietly when it is on and that would be easy to clean and even refill when the water tank is empty.

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