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3 Best-Of-The-Best AirDog Air Purifiers

In the pursuit of healthier living indoor breathing environments, the importance of clean air cannot be overstated. Whether you’re combatting allergies, asthma, or concerns about airborne viruses like COVID-19, ensuring optimal air quality in your home is paramount. Fortunately, advancements in indoor breathing technology have paved the way for innovative solutions, with smart gadgets designed to purify the air we breathe. Among these, the Airdog air purifier stands out as a reliable and efficient option for improving indoor breathing air quality.

With an array of pollutants lurking in indoor spaces, ranging from allergens and germs to gases and viruses, the need for effective air purification has never been greater. The Airdog air purifier addresses this challenge head-on, boasting impressive capabilities in removing a wide range of harmful particles from the air.

One of the standout features of the Airdog air purifier is its activated carbon filter. Unlike many other air purifiers on the market, Airdog incorporates this advanced filtration technology to effectively eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other hazardous pollutants present in indoor environments. This is particularly beneficial for individuals sensitive to chemical odors or those living in areas with high levels of air pollution.

Moreover, Airdog sets itself apart with its patented TPA (Turbulent Purification Technology) technology. This cutting-edge innovation ensures thorough air purification by targeting and neutralizing 99.99% of airborne particles, including bacteria, viruses, and allergens. By harnessing the power of TPA technology, Airdog provides peace of mind, especially during times of heightened health concerns such as flu seasons or pandemics.

In addition to its exceptional performance, Airdog offers practical advantages that further enhance its appeal. Unlike many traditional air purifiers that require frequent filter replacements, Airdog’s filters are reusable. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also minimizes waste, making it an eco-friendly choice for conscientious consumers. By eliminating the need for disposable filters, Airdog ensures long-term affordability without compromising on air purification effectiveness.

When considering an air purifier for your home, reliability and affordability are key factors. Airdog excels in both aspects, offering a dependable solution at a reasonable price point. With its comprehensive filtration capabilities and innovative technologies, Airdog provides an optimal balance of performance and value.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking to enhance the air quality in your home, whether for health reasons or simply for a cleaner living environment, look no further than Airdog air purifiers. With their advanced features, including activated carbon filtration and patented TPA technology, Airdog stands as a trusted brand in the realm of air purification. Invest in cleaner, fresher air for you and your loved ones with Airdog – the smart choice for a healthier home.


3 Best-Of-The-Best AirDog Air Purifiers

Here are their top 3 air purifiers:

  1. AirDog X8 air purifier
  2. AirDog X5 air purifier
  3. AirDog X3 air purifier

1. For Extra Large Spaces: AirDog X8 Air Purifier Review

AirDog X8 Air Purifier Review

One of the most potent air purifiers explicitly made for household usage is the Airdog X8 air purifier. It can ventilate 470 cubic feet of air per minute, outperforming other air purifiers on the market. The X8 model, on the other hand, is significantly more expensive than theirs.


  • Uses a novel three-stage filtration technology 
  • Certified to work for those with allergies and asthma 
  • Outstanding in big areas
  • Filters don’t need to be purchased, which lowers maintenance costs.
  • Effective at removing viruses and germs
  • It has a high airflow rate


AirDog X8 Coverage Area

AirDog X8 can cover up to 600 square feet of large spaces with air change per hour 5x, which means it can clean this area every 12 minutes. Recommended is at least 4x ACH so that you can use AirDog X8 in even larger spaces up to 750 sq. ft.

The closest performance shows Coway Airmega 400, which can cover 624 sq. ft. based on 5x air change per hour. Alen BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA Air Purifier covers a bit smaller area – 520 square feet and AirDoctor 5000, which has a similar design to AirDog, can cover 868 sq. ft.

AirDog X8 CADR Rating

Generally, the Airdog X8 CADR is 470 CFM, but for gases, the CADR is just 190 CFM. So perhaps it doesn’t perform as expected despite having such powerful fans.

The Airdog X8’s ACH ranges from 2X to 5X. Our tests confirm Airdog’s claim that the flagship Airdog X8 can clean 8.5 times per hour in a 450-square-foot space.

AirDog X8 Power Output

The predecessor’s DC brushless motor is still in the Airdog X8, requiring 110 watts.

You would pay $40 a year if you used the Airdog X8 for at least 8 hours daily.

AirDog X8 Type Of Filters, Lifespan

Airdog X8 Home Air Purifier AirFlow

The TPA technology (patent pending) used by the Airdog X8 air purifier guarantees that the filter eliminates particles of 0.0146 microns and is more extensive.

This is considerably less than the conventional HEPA filter removal of 0.3 microns. In addition, it eliminates all germs and viruses that employ high voltage to eliminate 99.99% of the contaminants it takes in.

Due to the primary filter’s metal construction, washability, 10-year lifespan, and ability to be recycled after use, there are no expensive filter replacement costs.


A pre-filter screening is required to remove big particles of pollutants like hair and dander from the polluted air. It is both washable and enduring.


The Airdog X8’s principal filtration technique and the generator wires’ surface (or emitter wires) are where the ionic field is formed.

As a result, even tiny particles as small as 0.0146 microns, such as bacteria, germs, and viruses, can be destroyed by it. 

Plate Collecting

Even though it is not a layer of protection, the collecting plate is necessary to collect the hazardous particles inside.

Using these durable but dishwasher-safe plates, you won’t need to purchase pricey replacement filters.

Composite Catalyst

This Airdog X8’s last filter is an activated carbon filter that removes chemicals, smells, and smoke.

To ensure the purest air quality in your house, the Airdog X8 also stops ozone release here.

AirDog X8 Noise Level

The Airdog X8 has a tranquil operating sound because of its ionization filtration mechanism. In addition, the device’s noise level is between 22 and 57 dB(A), depending on the fan speed used.

For such a size and performance air purifier, that’s an excellent noise level.


Overall, the Airdog X8 is a premium air purifier with the most cutting-edge technology available. It succeeds in distinguishing itself from both conventional HEPA filters and those that are comparable to it.

It is a must-have due to its 5-step filtration, Wi-Fi connectivity, environmentally friendly and washable plates, and quiet motor.

Even though the initial cost could be considerable, washing the filter rather than changing it every time allows you to save on maintenance expenditures.

2. For Medium Size Spaces: AirDog X5 Air Purifier Review

AirDog X5 Air Purifier Review

The Airdog X5 air purifier, which employs ionic filtration to remove common contaminants from your air and has washable collecting plates that save maintenance costs, is somewhat expensive upfront.


  • Unique 5-stage filtration system built. 
  • No need to replace the filter
  • Zero-waste air cleaner 
  • Excellent customer feedback 


  • The loudest fan setting is at its highest (up to 63 dB)

AirDog X5 Coverage Area

The Airdog X5 air purifier is designed for rooms of average size. Therefore, 400 square feet is the recommended coverage area, and ACH 3 is included in the calculation.

Installing an Airdog air purifier in a 400-square-foot space will entirely transform (and purify) the air every 20 minutes. Thus, there are three air changes per hour.

To compare it to other brands, we must look at how large a space it can clean every 12 minutes or 5x ACH. So with ACH 5x, it can cover 270 square feet.

Brands that have similar performance are Alen BreatheSmart 45i, Medify MA-40, and Okaysou AirMax8L. The strongest competitor is Bissell Air 280, which covers a 280 sq. ft. large area.

AirDog X5 CADR Rating

AirDog Top PerformanceOn the 2.5 PM CADR rating, X5 receives a 200. The EPA defines 2.5 PM as minuscule inhalable particles with a diameter typically 2.5 micrometers or less.

It’s understandable why Airdog X5 is so exceptional in eradicating even the smallest particles.

Particles up to 20 times smaller than typical HEPA filters can be removed effectively using the Ionic Wind-based technology.

AirDog X5 Power Output

The device is exceptionally energy-efficient in auto mode compared to conventional air purifiers and only consumes about 0.5 kWh daily.

The Airdog X5 uses just 55 watts of power thanks to its fantastic DC brushless motor. Unfortunately, this is the typical power usage for a high-end air purifier like this one.

You would have to pay $20 a year if you used the Airdog X5 for at least 8 hours daily.

AirDog X5 Type Of Filters, Lifespan

AirDog X5 Air Purifier filters

To destroy even the tiniest particles, Airdog X5 uses the most advanced ionizer, Ionic Wind technology (or Two Pole Active technology), instead of the most common HEPA filter.

Numerous tests revealed that the Airdog X5 could clean particles as fine as 0.0146 microns, which is 20 times smaller than the industry standard for HEPA filtration.

There are no high-priced filter replacement expenses because the primary filter is made of metal, is washable, has a 10-year lifespan, and is recyclable at the end of its useful life.

AirDog x5 reusable filter

AirDog X5 Noise Level

When operating in Turbo Mode, the Airdog X5’s noise level can exceed 57 dB. Most people consider 57 dB to be typical restaurant chatter, but it won’t bother you much.

The drawback is that the internal ionizer will inevitably make a cracking or zapping noise.


An intriguing air purifier, the Airdog X5 claims to stop waste and eliminate HEPA filters.

Practically, the California Air Resources Board’s standard certification of 0.0467 ppm for ozone emission makes it safe to use.

Additionally, this air purifier can eliminate even the tiniest particles, as small as 0.0146 microns (14.6 nm).

Without the cost of a yearly filter, you will receive a lifelong investment to enhance your indoor air quality with such a performance rating.

3. For Smaller Spaces: AirDog X3 Air Purifier Review

AirDog X3 Air Purifier Review

People who want to experience Airdog’s non-HEPA air filtration but cannot stretch their budget to purchase the Airdog X5 might consider the Airdog X3 air purifier.

It will cut a few items here and there, but it’s far more compact and suited to a small home.


  • Dishwasher-safe filter
  • Four distinct filtering steps
  • Low upkeep 
  • Decent technology and concept
  • Smaller style
  • Smart supplementary elements


  • The green lamp can’t be turned off (maybe annoying during nighttime)
  • The catalyst filter is a bit too small and doesn’t fit perfectly in the slot

AirDog X3 Coverage Area

Sadly, the Airdog X3’s weak fan power renders it ineffective. Even though I’m simply trying to be sarcastic, perhaps the issue is with innovation.

The maximum recommended room size for the Airdog X3 is 215 square feet, but the most effective coverage area should be between 100 and 150 square feet.

Based on 5 air changes per hour, it can cover 129 square feet of large rooms. That’s a really small room like a bedroom, office, bathroom.

But that’s what this model is made for – for small spaces. For larger, you should pick X5 or X8.

There are few other brands in this niche; for example, Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier covers 142 square feet, Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier covers 140 sq. ft., Levoit LV-H132 covers 129 sq. ft., Okaysou AirMic4S – 140 sq. ft.

AirDog X3 CADR Rating

The Airdog X3 has an ACH of 2X to 4X. Although the recommended room size of 2X air changes per hour falls short, air purifiers are designed to be used for extended periods.

The Airdog X3 has lower fan power than even the Levoit Core 300 on a budget, thanks to its average CADR of 120 CFM.

AirDog X3 Power Output

A very energy-efficient air purifier, the Airdog X3 has a rated output of just 27 watts.

You would only have to pay $10 a year if you used the Airdog X3 for at least 8 hours daily.

That’s the same output as Levoit LV-H132 and Okaysou AirMic4S have. Hathaspace HSP001 output is 40 watts.

AirDog X3 Type Of Filters, Lifespan

The Airdog X3’s mechanical components, such as the pre-filter and collecting plate, can be mass-produced, but the ionizer gives the device its performance.

So yes, the ionizer is operational. However, you should know that it must pass the CARB test. 

Although the firm made some strong claims about the Airdog X3’s performance, in actual tests, the air purifier performs worse than the opposition.

For example, although it could capture viruses, its effectiveness against typical airborne particles down to 0.3 microns was just 99.7%. (1 hour run in 200 square feet room). 

AirDog X3 Noise Level

Sadly, despite not being particularly powerful, the Airdog X3’s maximum fan power gives us the impression that it is.

For an air purifier with such a powerful fan, its noise level is about 22 to 50 decibels (dB), which is the industry average. 


As you can see, the AirDog X3 is an air purifier that is reasonably priced and well-engineered. As a result, it may be utilized in almost any place in your house and is a respectably mobile device.

In addition, it has a great appearance and is simple to maintain, even when it gets dusty, which it invariably does. 

It is not at all perfect. It probably won’t be to everyone’s taste because it creates some ozone.

AirDog FAQ

Does Airdog Air Purifiers Produce Ozone?

In 24 hours, the Airdog only emits trace ozone levels at a rate of 0.01 ppm (parts per million).

Furthermore, the X5 is EPA-compliant and certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), so you can rest easy knowing the device is safe to use in restricted spaces for extended periods. 

How To Clean AirDog Air Purifier?

1. We advise a thorough cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

2. Initially, unplug the power source. Pull out the ionization wire frame and collect plates by opening the back panel.

3. Remove the protective rubber sleeve.

4. By the earlier instructions, properly clean the collecting plates and the ionization wire frame.

5. The protective rubber sleeve’s notches should also be cleaned with a moist cloth. Wash the entire rubber sleeve with water for improved results.

6. With a moist cloth, clean the air purifier’s interior walls.

7. The pre-filter can be vacuumed or washed in water.

8. Put the pieces back together after they have thoroughly dried.

Overall AirDog Assessment

As you can see, airdog Purifiers is a sophisticated air purifier with many settings, is easy to maintain, and comes with my unequivocal endorsement.

Furthermore, Airdog’s purification beyond HEPA requirements is highly appealing from a health standpoint, and getting the most excellent filtration possibly makes this device a practical choice for consumers.

Overall, people who are worried about the air quality or respiratory health in their homes can find comfort in the knowledge that the Airdog purifier is at a rate that is quite effective.

Additionally, the absence of disposable filters lowers the unit’s life-cycle cost and guarantees clean air for many years.

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