Top 10 Best Oil Filled Heaters | Reviews And Buying Guide

If you have a small home and don’t want to spend a lot of money heating them using electricity, you can opt for the oil-filled heaters. These can also enhance the current system you have, and they can be used in your bedroom and numerous other spaces in your home. If you feel that the area is too cold, make sure that you are considering which of these many options will fit your needs, no matter what they might be.

Here is everything that you need to know about these oil-filled heaters, including how to choose the right one, how to keep them running efficiently, and much more. Keep reading on to find out what we thought about these top 10 models that you will want to check out.

Top 10 Best Oil Filled Heaters

There are numerous models of oil-filled heaters that you can opt for, but you need to know everything about them before you can make a decision. Here are just 10 of the top models that we checked out and what we thought of them, including:

  1. Best Overall: De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space HeaterDe’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

If you want a silver model, then the De’Longhi oil-filled radiator space heater is going to do the job nicely. It can handle a small room, and it has 5120 BTUs it will give or 1500W, and it is an extremely quiet model, which means you can sleep while running. There are 3 heat settings that you can choose from, and you can also use the thermostat to change the temperature based settings easily and quickly.

This would work well in a room that is no bigger than 250 square feet, which means it will be perfect for your bedroom. Those who purchased them said that they had lasted them a long time, which is the best brand they have used.


  • Automatic shut-off to prevent any overheating
  • Long-lasting
  • Very quiet


  • Not ideal for larger rooms or apartments

  1. Runner Up: AigostarPangpang Oil Filled Electric HeaterAigostarPangpang Oil Filled Electric Heater

The AigostarPangpang oil filled electric heater has 7 fins to give off extra heat no matter where you place it. It has 1500 watts of power, which means it can handle a room of 100 square feet to 160 square feet easily with the 3 heat settings. You can also adjust the temperature based on your personal preferences by using the thermostat, and it doesn’t require any maintenance.

This model can also be moved easily around your home due to the attached wheels, and you don’t have to carry the wire since there is an attachment location. This is definitely a model to check out if you have a small budget and want something perfect for your smaller room.


  • Has an automatic shut-off feature if the machine tips over
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Some have said it doesn’t work as well as older models.

  1. Aikoper 1500W Oil Radiator HeaterAikoper 1500W Oil Radiator Heater

If you are looking for something that can be moved around easily, then the Aikoper 1500W oil radiator heater in black is going to be great. There are 3 settings for the heating, and you will be able to customize the temperature level based on how warm you want the area. This machine’s surface temperature will be lower than others, which means it is great if you have small children or even pets in your home.

There is also a handle that will help you shift this from room to room as you need, and it also has wheels to make it easier. Those who bought it found it to be extremely lightweight and easy to use.


  • Highly affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Quiet


  • Not suitable for large rooms or apartments

  1. Lifeplus Portable Oil Radiator HeaterLifeplus Portable Oil Radiator Heater

If using a remote control to operate the machine is important to you, then the Lifeplus portable oil radiator heater will be perfect. You can set the timer to allow it to run for up to 12 hours at a time, and it is very quiet, which means you can use it anywhere in your home. This has a sleek and elegant design that will fit into any area of your home, including your office, without standing out.

There are 3 modes for heat, and there is also an adjustable thermostat so you can easily turn the temperature down or up based on your feelings. This will be a great purchase, and you would be able to easily fit it into any corner or extra space in your home.


  • Lightweight
  • Customizable timer


  • More expensive than other models
  • Wheels stick out on the sides and take up more space.

  1. Pelonis 1500W Oil Radiator HeaterPelonis 1500W Oil Radiator Heater

If you are interested in getting your heater in a few different color options, you should make sure to check out the Pelonis 1500W oil radiator heater. This one comes in black, and the face can either be purchased in gold or silver based on your desires. There is a remote control that allows you to turn the machine on or even adjust the temperature without moving from wherever you are sitting.

This doesn’t have any bright lights, and it is very quiet, which means you can place this in any of the rooms in your home without worrying about it disturbing anyone. This model is definitely one you should check out if you want something easy to use, portable.


  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very thin and lightweight


  • Wheels are slightly wider than the machine
  • Remote is small and can easily be misplaced

  1. Honeywell Whole Room Oil Radiator HeaterHoneywell Whole Room Oil Radiator Heater

For those looking for a machine with a timer you can set, then the Honeywell whole room oil radiator heater might be a good option. This has a sleek yet sophisticated design that would fit into any room of your house without looking out of place, especially in your office or the living room. It will be easy to turn on and off, and there are 2 heat settings along with a thermostat that you can choose.

This operates on 900W on the low setting and 1500W on the highest setting, and it can take care of a 250 square foot room. Those who purchased this model loved it and said that it really helped cut down on their utility bills.


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Automatically shuts off if tipped over


  • Can’t customize the hour settings
  • Heavier than other models

  1. Homeleader Mini Oil Filled Radiator HeaterHomeleader Mini Oil Filled Radiator Heater

For those looking for something smaller than the normal, the Homeleader mini oil filled radiator heater will check all the boxes. This one has a maximum heating capability of 700W, and you can change the heating settings by the turn knob on the front. This is perfect if you live in a smaller or even medium-sized room where you need some extra heat without worrying about using a complicated machine.

Those who purchased this said that it was a great purchase, and they were thrilled with how easy it was to operate.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Extremely lightweight


  • No wheels to move it.
  • Not able to tell the temperature level

  1. Air Choice Portable Oil Filled Radiator HeaterAir Choice Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Another option for small rooms is the Air Choice portable oil filled radiator heater that you can easily shift from one spot to another as you are moving around. This is very quiet, which means that you can have it on while you are talking on the phone or even on a video call without anyone being wiser. It can handle a room of up to 120 square feet easily, which means it will be ideal for a small trailer or RV.

The switch to turn it on and off is easy to use, and you can adjust the temperature level by turning the knob on the front. If you are looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of effort to use, this is the best one.


  • Simple to operate
  • Affordable
  • Very lightweight


  • Sometimes the machine can make a clicking noise.

  1. Costway 700W Portable Space HeaterCostway 700W Portable Space Heater

If you have a small budget and want something to move around with you or take camping, then the Costway 700W portable space heater is ideal. This will be very quiet, and you can easily put it in the corner and forget that it is even there while it is on. You also don’t need to worry about adjusting the thermostat when you can turn the dial to turn the heat up or even turn it down as well.

It heats up very quickly and is the right size for your bedroom, office, or even the front room if it is small enough.


  • Great customer service
  • Very quiet
  • Perfect for small offices or rooms


  • Can’t be used around animals or kids

  1. De’Longhi Quiet 1500W Radiator Space HeaterDe’Longhi Quiet 1500W Radiator Space Heater

If quiet is something you are searching for, the De’Longhi quiet 1500W radiator space heater should be on your list. It has a simple design, and you can get it in both silver or black so that your smaller rooms can be heated up quickly. The thermostat can easily be adjusted to your preferred temperature, and there are 3 settings for the heat, and the LCD screen is easy to read.

This is great for those who want to have a bit of extra heat in their homes without spending a lot of money, and everyone who bought it was impressed.


  • Easy to move due to the wheels
  • 3-year warranty
  • Very silent during use


  • More expensive than the other models
  • Heavier than other options

How Oil Filled Heaters Work

There is a lot that you are going to want to know about how the oil-filled heaters work, and the majority of them have oil that is sealed within the machine. This means that you need to turn it on, and then the oil would start to move throughout the fins, which would then emit the heat throughout the room. You need to plug them in, which means using electricity, but these are great things to get if you need extra heat in one room or another.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Oil Filled Radiator Heater

One will want to consider plenty of things when thinking about which of the many oil-filled radiator heaters would be the best for you. Here are some of the top factors to consider, such as:

  • Size – The size you opt for will depend on a wide variety of things, including the amount of space you have available. You will also want to think about the room’s size that would need heating and then choose the machine based on that.
  • Material – Another thing to consider is the material that the company used to make the machine. You want to find one that would be made of high-quality products that won’t break or melt when the temperature increases.
  • Output – The output is also important, so make sure that you know the wattage of the machines you are looking at. This would help you determine what size you will need since they would take care of different room sizes based on how much heat they generate.
  • Portability – Another thing to consider is if you want to move it around your home and how easy it would be. If you are looking for something portable, you will want to go with the smaller options, especially if you don’t need it for a large room.
  • Thermostat – You will also want to consider if there is a thermostat so you can choose the temperature for yourself. Some models would have this, and others where you can’t really see what temperature you are picking, so this is important.
  • Automatic shut-off – Another factor that you want to think about is whether the machine would have an automatic shut-off. This should happen after a specific number of hours or even if it happens to fall over to prevent any damage from occurring.
  • Timer – You would also need to think about whether or not the machine has a timer, which would allow you to choose when you want it to start. This will be ideal if you want it to start a few hours after leaving home, especially if you want to have the home or room warm when you come back.

These are all important factors that you will want to consider when buying the right oil filled heater for your home.

Oil Filled Heaters vs. Ceramic Heaters

If you have been looking at both the oil-filled and the ceramic heaters, the most important thing you will want to know is the difference. They both create the heat in the same way, but the difference is how it is pushed into the room, and the oil heaters use their fin structure for this. However, the ceramic ones would use a fan to push the heat out into the room, making it a much noisier option than the oil-filled ones. If you are looking for something efficient, you want to check out the oil-based ones rather than the ceramic ones.

Do You Need to Refill Oil-Filled Electric Heaters?

One of the major questions that everyone has if the oil-filled electric heaters would need to be refilled, and the answer is no. The oil is sealed inside the machine, which means that you don’t have to worry about refilling it or changing it. It would be best to make sure that the machine isn’t leaking when used or cold to prevent damage.

5 Ways to Keep Your Oil Filled Space Heater Running Safely and Efficiently

There will always be ways to keep your space heater running efficiently and safely, but do you know what they are? Here are 5 of the top things that you need to know, including:

  1. Turning the machine off when you aren’t using it or if you are leaving your house
  2. Please don’t use them when you are sleeping.
  3. Make sure that you are wiping them down regularly to keep all debris off of them.
  4. Keep them away from anything that would catch on fire when near heat.
  5. Storing them after wiping them down in a closed space indoors when you aren’t using them

These are just a few of the top ways that you can ensure that your space heater will keep running effectively for a long time and that it will be safe as well.


There will be a few questions that you or someone else might have, so here are some of the top questions and answers you need to know.

  • Are these machines safe to be left on?

If you are thinking about leaving them on while you are away or sleeping, you want to make sure they have an automatic shut-off. This will turn the machine off if it tips over or if something else happens, and it is safe to leave these on since they tend to heat up slower than other methods.

  • How long do the oil filled radiators stay hot?

You will want to know how long these will stay warm, and that depends on the machine. Sometimes it can take an hour for them to cool down completely, and sometimes it can take around 2.5 hours depending on the temperature that they were set at and the temperature of the room.

  • Do they produce any carbon monoxide?

You should know that these oil-based radiator heaters don’t produce any carbon monoxide for those who are leery of carbon monoxide. This is why they are safe to keep running for hours at a time without having to worry about anything getting into the air.

  • Can these be used around children and babies?

If you have a family, you will also want to know if these machines can be used around infants and children. They can be, but you should make sure that the small children and infants who can walk or crawl can’t get near them. This will help prevent any injuries since the machine’s fins can become quite hot.


You must choose the right radiator space heater for your home if that is what you are looking for. You will want to make sure that you find the perfect one that will fit into the available space that you have and heat the required area. These are an effective way to keep your home warm if you don’t want to increase your electricity bill by a lot, so make sure to look at these models and consider which one fits your needs the best.

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