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7 Best Water Ionizers

Water Ionizers are devices that can efficiently examine and enhance the quality of water by applying the electrochemical process of electrolysis. The main purpose of applying electrolysis is to increase the alkalinity of the water. This alkaline water has an increased pH that has several uses, including cooking and drinking. Besides, the oxidized or acidic water contains a lower pH level, making it suitable for sterilization and disinfection purposes in several households through washing hands and dishes.

The unique nature and functioning of a water ionizer can be seen by the way it separates an incoming stream of water into streams of water that are alkaline and acidic. Therefore, this ionizer system helps the users efficiently use both the acidic and alkaline streams of water and enjoy their unique benefits.

The alkaline streams of water are usually of greater interest to people due to higher levels of different minerals such as calcium and magnesium that provide a person with different cosmetic and health advantages compared to regular water from the taps. Therefore, one can find several different water ionizers in the market known for their specifications, features, and essential factors that play a vital role in helping them choose the most suitable ionizer.

With the help of guides all over the Internet, one can understand the advantages and health benefits of buying a water ionizer. Some companies or brands of water ionizers are pretty popular among customers like Aqua Tyent, Kangen, health, and various others. To evaluate the best deals for a water ionizer, one must look through its different factors and features like the type of ionizer, price, range of ionizer options, speed of the ionization process, requirements for maintenance, and the flow rate of water that is ionized.

Top 7 Best Water Ionizers 

1. Best Overall: Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer Review

The Tyent UCE-13 plus water ionizer is considered among the above-the-counter ionizers and is manufactured by an American company named Tyent. The slim and rich features and specifications of this water ionizer make it a popular choice for customers. In addition, the Tyent ACE-13 water ionization machine comprises thirteen titanium solid or hybrid electrolysis plates coated with platinum. This coating of titanium and platinum makes it an essential tool that improves the overall speed of the ionization process.

The hybrid nature of the plates in this water ionizer helps increase its surface area along with the effectiveness over which the process of electrolysis takes place. One can find eight different settings in this ionizer known for producing water containing pH characteristics ranging between 1.7 to 12.5 based on the use.


  • The sleek design of this ionizer helps in saving space.
  • It also features a convenient touchscreen.


  • The warranty of this ionizer is not valid outside North America.

2. Alka Viva Athena H2 Water Ionizer

Alka Viva Athena H2 Water Ionizer review

The Athena H2 water ionizer uses the highly advanced and unique hydrogen infusion technology that enables improved H2 antioxidants or molecular hydrogen levels. This infusion technology specifically applies the infusion of hydrogen antioxidants into the water and optimizes the ionizer’s performance. The continuous cleaning feature of the Athena H2 helps in maintaining overall good performance. In addition, this machine’s auto-adjustment feature helps maintain high-quality filtration by maintaining optimum levels of ph.


  • Versatile Installation
  • Automatic cleaning


  • No safe default

3. Aqua Ionizer Pro Water Ionizer

Aqua Ionizer Pro water ionizer review

The aqua ionizer pro is known for providing hydrogen-rich water that significantly improves mitochondrial function. Besides, the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties of this water are beneficial to the overall health of any person. In addition, the high pH of this water helps reduce the chances of muscle cramps and fatigue.


  • Easy to install.
  • Under-counter or over-the-counter.


  • Filter needs to be changed after a certain point.

4. Tyent H2 Hybrid Above Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent H2 Hybrid Above Counter Water Ionizer review

The Tyent hybrid consists of an LCD display and touch screen. This water ionizer’s convenient and unrivaled technology allows the user to filter the water through a dual filtration system.


  • Comes with a molecular hydrogen boost.
  • Easy to use the controller.


  • Requires some above counter space near the sink.

5. Intel Gadgets IONTECH IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer

Intel Gadgets IONTECH IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer review

The Intel Gadgets IONTECH IT-757 ADVANCED Alkaline Water Ionizer purifies water by removing chemical impurities and pollutants, including salts, chlorine, pesticides, and several others. This carbon filter can efficiently convert the regular water into alkaline drinking water that can be later used for different purposes and applications like cooking, brewing coffee, sterilization purposes, acidic cleaning of water, and various others. The ionizer can even alert the user if there is any need for thorough cleaning with the help of a 2-minute cleaning cycle.


  • Easy to install.
  • pH adjustment options.


  • Filter needs to be changed.
  • Only 110 volts.

6. Tyent Edge 9000T 9 Plate Above Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent Edge 9000T 9 Plate Above Counter water ionizer review

This ionizer’s brand new design and compact size make it a popular choice among customers or clients. The high-quality materials used for this ionizer are useful in perfectly placing and fitting it in kitchens. The presence of the JOG dial adds more convenience to the users while they use the Tyent Edge 9000T 9 Plate Above Counter water ionizer.


  • Jog dial for convenience.
  • Compact size and powerful performance.


  • Less number of plates used than other models.

7. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine review

The Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is considered suitable only for the Countertop as it connects to the faucet or the water line located below the sink. One can get alkaline and acidic water with a pH range of 3.0 to 12.0 from this ionizer. It is said that this ionizer is most suitable for use with potable municipal tap water. This is mainly because this ionizer would not sanitize or disinfect the source water.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Multiple modes for different water needs


  • Requires water pressure of 20 psi.
  • Cannot be instantly under the counter

Water Ionizer Buying Guide

What are water ionizers?

Water ionizers can enhance the quality of water by treating it by applying the electrochemical process of electrolysis. Through the process of electrolysis, the water ions are split up to increase the alkalinity of the water. The main electrolysis components are alkaline water known for having an increased pH level that usually ranges between 8 and 11, and it can be used for several purposes like cooking, drinking, and making beverages like tea and coffee.

On the other hand, water that is oxidized or acidic and contains a lower pH can be used for sterilization and disinfection purposes in households for washing dishes and hands—besides, ionization of water results in two different water streams that have quite contrasting qualities. However, the alkaline stream is preferred more by people due to the presence of several health benefits that one can enjoy by directly consuming this water or indirectly through cooking where ionized water has been used.

People interested in buying water ionizers prefer to go through the various options to understand their unique capabilities and specifications. The primary purpose of purchasing an ionizer is to enhance water quality and get access to alkaline and acidic streams of water. In the past few years, there has been the introduction of some unique water ionizers that have different accessories for filtering water, like carbon filters that are activated to ensure that the water contains more minerals from the process of ionization and is ultimately safer for consumption by humans after the installed filters efficiently remove bacteria.

7 Best Water Ionizers Of 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

How does a water ionizer work?

A Water Ionizer uses a process that involves two steps. The first step involves filtering out the harmful components present in the water like chlorine, phenols, odor, taste, sediment, trihalomethanes, waste, and bacteria of different kinds. Several companies in the market have manufactured water ionizers that consist of a multistage filter of activated carbon that contains coral calcium and tourmaline. Next, a small charge of electricity is introduced into the water through the titanium electrodes coated with platinum.

The complete electrolysis process would take place in a chamber that has been designed to efficiently separate the water into two different streams of ionized water. First, the positively charged ions are gathered at the negative electrode to create reduced water that concentrates the available alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium from the source water. The ionized alkaline water is later drawn for drinking, and cooking through the main stainless steel spout. On the other hand, the negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make water oxidized and concentrate minerals that are acidic like sulfides, nitrates, fluorides, and chlorides from the source water. This ionized and acidic water can be used for external purposes.

There is a setting for pH in an ionizer that ranges from neutral to very alkaline or very acidic and is adjustable just with the help of a button. Electrodes are usually cleaned with the use of a cleaning cycle that is automatic.

Difference between alkaline and regular water

Alkaline water is known for having a high pH level than regular water used for drinking and other purposes. This is why people consider that alkaline water can efficiently neutralize the acids in a person’s body. For example, normal water has a pH of around 7, but alkaline water has almost 8 or 9.

What’s so good about alkaline water?

Alkaline water offers individuals several health benefits, like helping them lose extra weight by naturally neutralizing the acids present in the body. The loaded minerals of alkaline water are quite helpful as it provides a person with potassium, calcium, and magnesium that improve the overall health of the bones.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water can benefit a person in ways that cannot always be measured in the mirror or any scale. However, several studies and research materials by some of the most reputed health professionals have shown that alkaline water can help increase energy levels in a person and reduce weight loss. In addition, the abundance of hydrogen ions present in alkaline water can be pretty helpful in decreasing free radicals in the body of a person. From their latest studies, scientists worldwide have discovered that alkaline water can be highly effective in neutralizing free radicals. These harmful oxidants are often a primary reason for early aging, cellular decay, and degenerative diseases in humans.

This unique water can even help in neutralizing and realizing waste that is acidic and, in the process, promoting weight loss. With the help of alkalized water, a person can get the overall acidity of their body neutralized and even increase their overall strength. In addition, people who are conscious about their health sometimes prefer to consume alkaline water because it helps in speeding up their recovery periods after specific exercises.

The presence of antioxidants in alkaline water is highly suitable for efficiently boosting a person’s immune system and protecting their body from common colds, flu, and infections. In addition, the consumption of alkaline water can help a person get a healthier and clearer tone of complexion as it flushes out the harmful toxins from their body.

What To Consider When Buying A Water Ionizer?

Several reputed companies in the market manufacture and supply a wide range of water ionizers. An individual must be aware of the different aspects and factors that would help them buy the most suitable water ionizer. Some of the key factors that any person considers before buying water ionizers include:

  • Under the counter vs. Countertop: Any person who wants to purchase a water ionizer and place it in their kitchen must check the total amount of free space present to understand the type of ionizer they should choose efficiently. Kitchens that do not possess a lot of space include an under-counter unit. But if there is no issue regarding the area, one can get an ionizer installed.
  • Filter efficiency: Usually, a water ionizer comes with an additional water filter that can efficiently purify and remove contaminants like sediments, heavy metals, microbes, and others. Some ionizers have dual or multiple filters and hence cost more. Even the frequency of changing filters depends on the price as some filters need to be replaced with e erythromycin for four months, and some can be replaced every year or annually.
  • Quality of the water: The type of ionizer that a person must select depends significantly on the water quality they would use. In the case of water with a higher concentration of sediments, one must use ionizers that contained scientifically proven filters and preferred for using certain filters that can remove them. Some other filters can also deal with the microbiological organisms present in water and make it suitable for use. For example, the ionizers that consist of a less sophisticated filtration system are commonly used in situations involving municipal potable water.
  • Range of Oxygen Reduction Potential or ORP: Most experts consider that the oxygen reduction potential or ORP of ionized water can be highly recommended for people who are pretty conscious or concerned about their overall health. The lower ORP values of ionized water make it much healthier with the help of its anti-oxidizing effects.
  • pH range of water: The various water ionizing systems present in the market have different degrees of pH of the ionized water. In situations where the users need alkaline water and are required for removing stains during washing or in cases where one needs acidic water for efficiently disinfecting the water, the ionizers that can provide the desired pH level can be used.
  • The number of plates: Most water ionizers contain plates of titanium that consist of platinum coatings for undertaking the process of electrolysis. The ionization process can speed up with the help of a higher number of plates and increased surface area for the electrolysis process. This implies that if an ionizer contains more plates, it will perform more quickly and effectively. Besides, the ionizers consisting of more plates would use more electrical power than those with a lower number of plates.
  • Simplicity in the installation process: Countertop ionizers are known for being much easier to install as they are available in an assembled state than the under-counter units that involve a complex installation process as they need to be assembled by the users themselves. This is why sometimes people prefer to hire an experienced individual who has the necessary mechanical skills and the right tools for properly installing under-counter ionizers.
  • Budget: Budget is one of the main issues that any person would like to consider before buying a water ionizer. There are ionizers in the market that have a more straightforward design and cost less than those with much more sophisticated and complex systems. Therefore, the price ranges of ionizers play a vital role in determining the ones that the buyers would choose based on their affordability.
  • Support from the Manufacturer: Water ionizers nowadays are designed in a way that they can be installed like DIY units. However, the installers might face challenges in installing an ionizer under certain circumstances. They might even end up encountering technical problems in the day-to-day functioning of the ionizer. The manufacturer of the ionizer must assist the customers in such situations. Manufacturers who can be easily reached are considered much more attractive to existing customers and potential buyers of ionizers than those who are challenging to get and receive technical assistance and support.
  • Warranty period: The span and nature of the ionizer’s warranty period play an essential role in helping the buyer decide the product that would suit them. Some ionizers, for example, have a warranty period of almost one year. On the other hand, some ionizers have a lifetime warranty period on their parts and labor. Most buyers prefer the ionizers with lifetime warranty offers because it indicates that the manufacturers have enough confidence in their products and are ready to fix them whenever necessary. In addition, manufacturers usually send some of their most experienced and talented professionals who would select parts or aspects of the ionizers without any hassle.

7 Best Water Ionizers Of 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Features to look for in a water ionizer

  • Filtration system: It is a well-known fact that access to clean and healthy drinking water is of great importance to the health of any person. Several scientists and experts worldwide have mentioned that alkaline water is the best source of drinking water. This is why it is advisable to buy the best quality water ionizers as they can filter the water and block the harmful contaminants found in it. There are different types of water ionizers in the market that use other filtration systems, some even electrically operated. The water ionizers that use electricity are known for having an installed Filtration system.
    The latest electrically operated ionizers use ceramic filters that are highly effective in removing bacteria, lead, protozoa, and other harmful substances to ensure that the customers consume entirely safe water. Some electric water ionizers consist of a single or dual filtration system. Customs nowadays prefer to buy the ionizers with double filters over those with single filters as they help them receive maximum possible nutrients and benefits. Non-electric water ionizers, on the other hand, involve the use of multiple filters to efficiently remove or eliminate bacteria or sediments that are present in transforming regular water into alkaline water.
  • Quality Ionization certificates: Before one trusts a water ionizer brand or company by investing their money, they must ensure that the brand is recommended professionally for their products and services by a vast number of organizations and business enterprises that are present around the world. This step is essential if the customer or client wants to buy an ionizer that would not break down easily and is of exceptional quality.
    Some of the most common certifications of quality that any international ionizer brand providing high-quality water would possess include European conformity or CE, International Organisation for standardization ISO,  American national standards institute ANSI, Underwriters Laboratory or UL, Good Manufacturing process or GMP, and several others.

How to install your water ionizer?

Almost any water ionizer available in the market comes with an instruction manual, including the installation process. However, if the customers want to install the water ionizer themselves, they would not find an instruction manual. Although the installation process would vary depending on the model and type of the ionizer, there are some general steps that one can follow to get their ionizers installed.

  • Sink: In some cases, customers need to uninstall their sinks to place a water ionizer unit. Some ionizer units even come with faucet diverters that allow them to efficiently divert the water to the water ionizer unit whenever necessary. In these situations, the customer can turn a handle on the faucet. But if the unit is connected directly to the waterline, they would need a plumber’s expert guidance and assistance.
  • Faucet converters: Faucet converters usually come with water ionizer units. But if a person decides to buy their ionizer from a local hardware store, they might not get the faucet. The standard faucet converter would include a male fitting of 15/16”.
  • Connection procedures: The user should first attach the metallic tube to the unit. The aerator should be removed at the faucet to ensure that the tap has been adequately linked to the faucet diverter. Some experts even advise customers to use Teflon tape to wrap the inlet of the elbow. A screwdriver can be used to screw the Elbow to the inlet of most water ionizer units. One end of the hose can be connected to the faucet driver, and the other end can be connected to the other end of the inlet elbow. The hose that is provided to customers can be of different colors.
    The left part of the hose can now be connected to the bottom of the unit which consists of the outlet hole.
  • Connection with the power: The last step in installing the water ionizer is connecting the unit to power. The water ionizer should be connected to the unit’s outlet and later turned on to start the channeling of the water.

7 Best Water Ionizers Of 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a water ionizer do?

A water ionizer restructures water, reduces surface tension, and makes the minerals in the water bioavailable.

How long does ionized water stay ionized?

Around 18 to 24 hours.

Are our water ionizers safe?

The alkaline water that is acquired from water ionizers is generally considered to be safe.

Final word

The primary purpose of using water ionizers is to enjoy similar benefits to any standard water filter. If a person wants to use clean and safe water for drinking, cooking, sterilization, and several other purposes, they must buy a water ionizer.

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