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Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier for Home Review

Air equality is essential, especially if you live in a city with many heavy industries and cars that cause pollution. It is nearly impossible to get fresh, clean air without a good quality air purifier in that area.

Airthereal is a company that produces powerful and top-notch air purifiers that can help you to get clean and fresh air even if you live in an area that is a polluted zone.

APH260 is one of the best models, which uses seven in-one air filters’ unique technology. Because of its powerful air filtration system, Airthereal guarantees to give quality air

The other name of Airthereal APH260 is “Pure morning.” This air purifier will give you the purest morning you will ever have.

Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier for Home Review


  • It is affordable
  • It has a unique and true HEPA filter system with 7-in-1 power.
  • Certified air purifier, and it is California approved
  • Lots of options as present
  • Cool design with a LED light
  • You will get two years of warranty.


  • You need to replace the Myers every six months, but the good news is that the filters are affordable.

Features of Airthereal Air Purifier

This company built-in several different and advanced technologies in their pure morning model.

Airthereal APH260 model has a unique and excellent filtration system combined with UV-C light. In the end, such a combination guarantees to better remove the pollutants from the air in spaces up to 335 sq. ft. every 15 minutes. 

It Has a True HEPA Filter (7 in 1)

The air purifier is ready to fight pollution on a new level altogether. It has seven different filtrations, but the essential filter and other devices contain the true HEPA filter. 

HEPA filter guarantees to remove 99.97% of air pollutants and airborne particles. To make the process fast, the other filters stand as a support system.

Pure morning has a pre-filter, which is better because it is the same as a shield protecting the true and powerful HEPA filter from the big particles such as dust and hair. 

The filter has an activated carbon filter to ensure no bad smell in the air. The carbon filter is covered with four different filters. 

They are photocatalyst filter, Nano mineral, molecular sieve, and cold catalyst filter. These additional filters on the carbon make sure that all the bad odor is removed and smoke, VOCs, and other toxins generally found in the air.

Anion Technology 

Anion technology is one of this air purifier’s most influential and essential features. It is a kind of ion generator that generates ozone. 

It is also tested and proven that it doesn’t release hazardous levels of ozone. Therefore along with safety, you will be getting the best from ion air filtration technology. 

Ions are a good cleaner of air. They attach to the airborne particles and make them heavy or leas the particles inside the air purifiers. This method is excellent for people who want clean and fresh air in their rooms faster.

UV-C Light 

UV light is known as a destroyer. It destroys mold, germs, viruses, and bacteria. This makes sure that nothing grows inside the air purifier

Sometimes poor maintenance can lead to the growth of certain kinds of bacteria and viruses. This generally happens when you do not follow the given manual. The UV light inside it makes sure that it never happens.

Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier Design 

At first, it will look like a regular box. Usually, air purifiers are made so that it doesn’t stand in the room. 

The pure morning air purifier can fit any style and room and blends in perfectly. It is made of white or black. These two colors are neutral, and it fits every environment.

The Display Options

Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier for Home Review

You have seven options at your disposal. On the screen, you can see the air quality, and according to that, you can choose the option from the seven options present at your disposal.

Power – It is to turn the device on or off.

3 Speed Fan – You can choose manually depending upon the air pollution.

Anion Function – You can turn on or off the ion technology.

12 Hours Timer – Turn it on or off

Sleep Mode – This mode is ideal for bedroom

Auto Mode – This will make the air purifier automatic

UV-C Sanitizer – UV light can be turned on and off

It is a Certified Air Purifier 

This product is certified and proves that the ozone level is under control and within the recommended levels. Therefore, it is qualified to be used in California. 

This is great news because one who stays in California knows that most air purifiers are not allowed to be sold in California. Air purifiers that do not have any certificate and don’t have ion generation technology are not allowed there.

The Replacement Filter of Airthereal Pure Morning

Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 Air Purifier Replacement Filter Set

Depending on your home’s pollution, you should replace the filters every six to eight months. The excellent point is that this air purifier has a replacement indicator on display, and as soon as the indicator shows, the red fishing light understands that it is time to change.

The filters of APH260 are affordable, and because of that reason, it is highly recommended to replace them as soon as possible. Everyone can change the filters, as it is straightforward.

But before doing so, ensure the air purifier is unplugged and turned off.


Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier for Home Review

This air purifier is an excellent solution for people with different allergies and respiratory issues.

It is an excellent choice for older adults, children, and pregnant women, especially those who hate to have a stuffy nose every morning.

This is also a reason why it is called Pure morning. Wake up in clear and fresh air and sleep in clear air at night.

Similar air purifiers to Airthereal APH260 are AirDoctor 3000 and Medify MA-40.

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