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Top 5 Wood Pellet Stoves For Your Living Room

Have you ever looked at wood pellet stoves for those looking for a great way to heat their home? These are great ways to heat your home without spending a lot on electricity or even gas since you need to refill the pellets. Ensure that you are thinking about what size you are going to want and the size of the room that you will want it to heat up.

It can be not very easy when you are trying to decide which option will work for you since this might require a huge investment at first. However, over time as you use the pellets to heat your home, you will see a major difference in the amount you are spending on your utility bills. Here are just a few of the top wood pellet stoves that you will want to check out and how to make that decision to get the best of the models out there.

Top 5 Wood Pellet Stoves

You must be checking out all of your options regarding which wood pellet stove you are going to purchase. Here is our general guide to help you make that decision, and here are 5 of the top models that you are going to want to check out, including:

  1. US Stove Ashley 130 Pound Pellet StoveUS Stove Ashley 130 Pound Pellet Stove

When it comes to heating your home easily, the US Stove Ashley 130 pound pellet stove is going to be perfect. It can handle a house of around 2,200 square feet easily, and it uses 48,000 BTUs for the heating system. It has a hopper that is 130 pounds, which means you aren’t going to have to refill it as often as you might with a smaller one, which means less work for you.

There are 5 heat settings you can pick from, and that determines the number of pellets that would be released, which can be between 1.5 to 6 pounds. The CFM fan is mighty at 120, and this stove even has automatic settings so you can have it turned on whenever you need to, even if you aren’t home. You can also easily connect this to your thermostat so you can change the temperature in the entire home.

This will be perfect for anyone, and those who purchased it were happy with the amount of heat that was given off with this stove.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Can be connected to the external thermostat
  • Good for small spaces


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

  1. US Stove Small Pellet 5040 StoveUS Stove Small Pellet 5040 Stove

If you are starting the search for a smaller wood pellet stove, then the US Stove small pellet 5040 stove is going to be something to look at. The design of this is simple, yet sleek and you can easily open the front door to make any adjustments that are necessary. This stove has a hopper that can hold 40 pounds of pellets.

The fan pushed out by the air is dependent on the heat level that you choose, and the higher settings will give you a faster fan speed. This will work for a home of around 1,800 square feet, and there is a feature that prevents any soot from collecting on the glass window. The firebox is also easily removed so that you can clean up everything easily and without a lot of effort.

This will be ideal for a smaller home or even a large apartment, and it will work perfectly for your family, including all types of mobile homes.


  • Lighter than other models
  • Can be installed in mobile homes


  • Not ideal for larger homes

  1. Ashley 60 Pound Pellet Stove by US StoveAshley 60 Pound Pellet Stove by US Stove

If you don’t want to sacrifice in terms of design or even the hopper capacity, then Ashley 60 pound pellet stove by US Stove is definitely a contender. The design is basic yet elegant, and it can easily be fit into your living room without standing out. The hopper can hold around 60 pounds of pellets, and it can heat a house of about 2,200 square feet, which is ideal for its size.

It can heat your home for 32 hours straight on a single hopper when on the lowest heat level and for 10 hours when on the highest. The controls are digital, which means you can change everything up easily without learning how to program or change the various settings. This can also be hooked up to your current thermostat if you want so that your entire home can be heated easily.

Everyone who purchased this model was extremely satisfied with how it worked and the hopper size, making them have to fill it less frequently.


  • More affordable than other models
  • Lightweight
  • Small and able to fit into any corner or tight space


  • No programmable timer

  1. King Mini Wood Pellet Stove by US StoveKing Mini Wood Pellet Stove by US Stove

For those who want something that would heat a small room, US Stove’s King mini wood pellet stove is the item to go for. This might be a mini version, but it can still handle a room or home of 2,000 square feet with the 48,000 BTUs it lets off. The design is straightforward yet elegant, and you can place it in a spot of honor in your home without ruining any of your décors.

The power button is easy to use, and it can be turned on and off quickly. And there are 5 heat settings that you can choose between. You also can use the manual method of choosing the heat level or even connect it to the thermostat to allow for automatic control. This model’s hopper is 25 pounds, which means it is ideal for anyone who doesn’t mind filling it regularly.

It can burn for 13 hours when used on the lowest setting, making this perfect for someone who wants to use it overnight or throughout the day.


  • Extremely small in size
  • Can be used in either the manual or automatic modes
  • Lightweight


  • Smaller hopper than other models

  1. US Stove Bay Front Pellet StoveUS Stove Bay Front Pellet Stove

If you are looking for something that will be stylish, then the US Stove bayfront pellet stove is something to check out. You can open it using the handle on the side that opens the entire bay window in front of the stove, making it easier to make any changes that are needed. This has 6 different settings that allow you to adjust the heating to the level that you want easily, and the blower is 120 CFM to blow all of the heat into your home.

There is an LED screen on the side that allows you to make any changes that you want quickly and easily without having to worry about any knobs. This would work in any home in your house, and you can easily add more pellets to the storage area on the top of the stove. This lasts a long time, and it is perfect if you have a house that is around 2,000 square feet that need to be heated quickly.

Everyone who purchased this loved it and would recommend it to others, and they said that the heat builds up quickly.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Easy to use LED screen
  • It gives great heat off even at the lowest setting


  • Extremely heavy
  • It can be hard to keep the glass window clean

Wood Pellet Stoves Buying Guide

There is plenty that one will want to know about wood pellet stoves before you decide to buy one, which includes what these stoves are. You also want to know the benefits of using this type of stove and how to choose the right model. Keep reading if you want to figure out a few more of the top factors to help you with making the right purchase.

What is a Pellet Stove?

These stoves use some compressed wood or other types of burned pellets to let off heat. These are great for industrial or even home spaces since the hopper or the storage container will continuously feed the pellets into the stove while it is on. This is going to be perfect if you are searching for a renewable type of heating for your home or if you want something that needs a constant flame that won’t need physical adjustments.

Wood Pellet Stove Benefits

There are also plenty of benefits that you will want to know when it comes to using one of these stoves. Some of the top advantages include:

  • Easy temperature adjustment

You can easily adjust the stove’s temperature, either using the room thermostat, the remote control, or even the control board on the stove. Some models can be operated or programmed through a mobile-based application or text message. However, no matter what, you can turn the stoves on to burn, and then you can leave it alone without having to worry about the temperature going too high or low.

  • Efficient

The pellet stove is much more efficient than other heating methods, and it has a 90% efficiency level. This means that only around 10% of all energy generated when the pellets are burned would be dissipated from the chimney. This is much higher than the traditional wood-burning stoves, and you can easily make sure that your utility bills are going down by using one of these stoves.

  • No chimney

If your home is older, you don’t have to worry about having a chimney installed, which can be expensive. This is because there are active smoke extraction systems built-in to these stoves using their blower system. This means that all of the combustion-based gases are going to be blown into the existing chimney. Also, a thin tube can be used to extract the smoke, and it should be run through the wall and to the outdoors.

  • Runs for a long time

If you are hoping for something that would run for hours without you having to do anything, then the pellet stoves are the perfect solution. They can run for around 12 hours daily if you are using the full power, which means you will have to fill the hopper at least 1 to 2 times per day. However, if you are using it at a lower capacity, then you don’t have to refill it as often.

  • Pellets are cheap and convenient.

The pellets are easy to find, and you can purchase them in around 30-pound bags that are compact and simple to store. They will also be ready to use, and you can easily pick them up to fill up the hopper when required. You can also find them in smaller bags depending on your needs, so make sure to check that out.

These are just a few of the top advantages that you will want to make sure that you are aware of when you are trying to decide if using a pellet stove would be useful in your home.

How to Choose the Right Pellet Stove for Your Home

There are plenty of tips that you will want to make sure that you are using to choose the perfect wood pellet stove for your needs. Here are some of them, including:

  • Heating area

The first thing to consider is how much space you will want the pellet stove to heat up. Different models can handle much larger spaces than the other, and you want to ensure that the model you are looking at will heat the entire space.

  • Installation

Also, you will want to consider what changes will be needed for installation and what that requires. Ensure that you are asking an expert what they think would be needed and include this price in the budget. You would also want to consider what else would need to be installed, like a tile flooring space during the process,

  • Brand

You will also want to find a reputable brand for the pellet stove that you are interested in. Find out which brands will offer you a better warranty and which ones have good customer service when you have any issues.

  • Size

Another thing to consider is the amount of space you will have in your home and where you are looking to install it. You want to find the model that would fit into there, so ensure that you are measuring it and comparing it to the stoves’ sizes.

These are only a few of the top factors that you will need to consider when it comes to which of the many wood pellet stoves you will want to check out. The more you know about making the decision, the easier it becomes, and the better choice you will make for your heating and family needs.

Pellet Stove Maintenance Tips

Depending on who is doing the maintenance, there might be some tips that you will want to know about to make it easier. As the owner, you are going to want to make sure that you are doing a few things daily or even weekly, such as:

  • Emptying the tray of any burnt ashes or wood pellets
  • Refilling the hopper and making sure nothing is stuck.
  • Wiping down the stove when it is cool
  • Making sure that you are watching for any smoke that isn’t normal

These are just some of the main things that you need to ensure that you are regularly doing as the owner. However, there are also a few things that the experts would do when they come yearly, including:

  • Inspection of the auger plate and hopper
  • Checking the latch switches and pressure
  • Cleaning the ash from all exhaust pipes
  • Inspection of the vacuum sensors, heat switches, and electrical wiring
  • Testing of electrical ignition and sensors

Ensure that you are calling the experts yearly to do their inspection and let you know if there are any problems. If you have them do this yearly, you are less likely to face any problems, so don’t avoid any necessary maintenance that would come along with owning a wood pellet stove.


There are most likely some questions you will have, and you want to get the answers before buying anything. Here are some of the top questions to know the answers to, such as:

  • Do these stoves require floor protection?

The easy answer will be yes, so make sure that you have them in an area where tiles are already laid down. If your home is carpeted or has wood flooring, you will want to ensure that you have tiles laid down. They should withstand the heat, and they need to be even and properly installed to keep the stove in place.

  • Which is better, a top or bottom-feeding stove?

It really depends on what you want since the top feeding is less likely to have a fire burning into the hopper because of the delivery system. With the top feeding one, you will want to use the higher quality pellets, while with the bottom-feeding, you don’t need the highest quality. However, you will have to get rid of the ashes weekly with the bottom-feeding one and clean out the bin that you might not have to do as regularly with the top feeder.

  • Are these stoves noisy?

If you are wondering how much noise these stoves make, then they don’t make a lot. However, there will be a bit of noise since they release the pellets and burn them, but most of the noise comes from the fans and the auger. Most of the noises that come from these stoves can be tuned out after a short period of time, and they won’t be too loud.

  • How do I start the fire in the stove?

This really depends on what model you have since some have automatic ignition, which means you need to push a button. However, if you have the manual ignition models, you will need to use a solid material or gel to start the fire. Just add some wood pellets to the stove and use it to start the fire using a match or use the self-heating device for a start-up.

Final Thoughts

You must be choosing the best heating option for your home, and that might be the wood pellet stoves. These are easy to use, making warming up large spaces easy since you don’t need to worry about turning them on or off during the day. You would need to make sure that you have it set to the right temperature and that the hopper is full of wood pellets before they start to empty. These are just a few of the options that you can go for, so make sure to check them out and do your own research before making a decision.

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