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Are Air Purifiers Safe for Babies (and Newborns)?

Whether you have a newborn or are on the verge of becoming a parent, you must be skeptical about getting air purifiers for your home, especially due to their many chemicals. While some air purifiers are completely safe for babies, others can be incredibly harmful to them.

Since the baby’s lungs are still developing, parents must keep the air around them as clean as possible. Smoking, dust, volatile organic compounds, and harmful chemicals can all dangerously affect the baby’s sensitive lungs.

Air purifiers help eliminate all those air particles but are they safe for babies?

Are Air Purifiers Safe for Babies (and Newborns)?

Yes, most air purifiers are completely safe for babies. Why most and not all? Because not all air purifiers are made the same way, some risks are involved.

Air Purifiers remove pollutants from the air, so they are not even safe but also help your baby breathe healthier air.

When Air Purifiers Can Be Dangerous For Babies?

Air purifiers can be dangerous if you place them in the wrong places, for example, too close to your baby. Avoid that and keep the air purifier at a safe distance from your baby.

There are available air purifiers that produce ozone. As you might already be familiar with, ozone is a respiratory irritant that can cause coughing, shortness of breath, and even damage to the lungs.

Though most air purifiers that produce ozone emit a super low amount, I suggest avoiding using these in the baby’s room.

Yes, clean and fresh air helps people to sleep better. And as air purifiers make your air free of contaminants and clean, it helps to sleep better.

Benefits of Air Purifiers for Babies or Newborns

Benefits of Air Purifiers for Babies or Newborns

The lungs of newborns or babies, in general, are developing. Their smaller lung capacity leads to higher air intake than adults, and they are prone to infections and allergic reactions.

One can never know the number of bacteria, molds, viruses, and other allergens floating in the house. The air inside the house could even be more polluted than the outside. This is because homes are airtight, and once any pollutant enters, it’s hard to escape.

Unfortunately, nurseries and children’s rooms are at high risk because of the airborne contaminants that new parents bring into the room.

The crucial benefit that an air purifier offers to your baby is protection from pollen, viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, odor particles, dust, and other such particles.

The health benefits include:

  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduced allergies
  • Lower chances of developing respiratory dysfunction
  • Lower chances of developing asthma or bronchitis
  • Lower chances of developing cancer from exposure to harmful chemicals

The best are those who work and can clean harmful airborne particles. The best are air purifiers that use fans and filters to trap particles. So next, you should check what kind of filters they use because not all are good.

Then you can look at other parameters such as noise level, size, design, energy consumption, etc.

I have an article about the best air purifiers for babies and how to choose one, so give it a read.

air purifier necklace

Air purifier necklaces use electrostatic technology similar to air purifiers with ionizers. Negative ions from the necklace force harmful airborne particles to move away from you.

Necklace air purifiers can’t provide protection against viruses and bacteria. They can even be more harmful than good. Because the negative ions necklace air purifiers emit can also interact with other molecules in the air. That can cause health issues.

Should You Use Air Purifier Necklace for Baby?

No. Necklace air purifiers do more harm than good, especially for babies and older people.

Final Thoughts

Based on the above discussion, it can be safely concluded that most air purifiers are safe for babies, given that they do not include harmful ozone-emitting filters.

If you’re making a purchase soon, look for air purifiers that offer the true HEPA and activated carbon filters. These two filters offer the same quality and purifying feature but are safely and effectively suitable for babies. 

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