Top 10 Most Efficient Space Heaters for the Home Reviews

There are plenty of ways to heat your home, which includes using space heaters. However, you could opt for plenty of models, but not all of them might be as efficient as you hoped for. You will want to think about how much area they can cover and the space heater size, and much more.

If you search for something that can heat space under your desk or even a smaller bedroom, there are so many options. Here is our comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice for all of your needs regardless of what they might be, so keep reading on to find out more.

Top 10 Most Efficient Space Heaters for the Home

Knowing the available models for a space heater will help make it simpler when choosing what to purchase. Here are just 10 of the top ones that we checked out, so see which one fits your needs, including:

  1. Best Design: Dyson AM09 Fan HeaterDyson AM09 Fan Heater

If you are searching for something that can be used all year round and not just for heating, then the Dyson AM09 fan heater is going to be a great purchase. This comes in a wide variety of colors depending on what you like, including white and silver, blue and iron, and much more. This space heater uses some multiplier technology to cool or heat the space faster than other models can.

This design is modern and cool, making it perfect for any room in your home, especially the larger sized ones. This is lightweight and can be moved from room to room as needed, and those who bought it loved it and won’t buy any other brand.


  • Can be used for heating and cooling
  • No exposed elements
  • Automatic shut-off when tipped over.


  • Expensive

  1. Best Overall: Ozeri OZH1 Oscillating HeaterOzeri OZH1 Oscillating Heater

The Ozeri OZH1 oscillating heater will be ideal if you want something that will swivel and direct heat in all directions. It has a 12-hour programmable timer, and the design is sleek yet extremely thin, so it can easily go in a tiny spot. The LED display makes it easy to turn up the heat settings or even lower them and program it when to turn on.

For those who want something for their bedroom while they are sleeping or even for the office during work hours, this will be the quietest option to go for. The cord is long, which means you can plug it in and then adjust it based on where you are sitting, which a lot of people who bought it loved.


  • Extremely quiet when operating
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Priced higher than some of the other models

  1. Best Budget Option: TaoTronics Ceramic Portable Space HeaterTaoTronics Ceramic Portable Space Heater

For those who want a large yet portable model, the TaoTronics ceramic portable space heater is ideal. It heats up very quickly, and because of the curved design, it can spread the heat out more efficiently and in an even manner in different directions. It also can oscillate 70°, so you can get heat wherever you are sitting or in any room, no matter the size. This is easy to control, and there is a remote control and LED screen that lets you change the settings and easily read the current temperature.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but want something that looks expensive, then this is the option that most people have been satisfied with after purchasing.


  • Affordable
  • Expensive look
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms


  • The larger size makes it harder to move around.

  1. Life Smart Electric Tower HeaterLife Smart Electric Tower Heater

If you search for completely wood and have an elegant yet formal look that won’t stand out, the Life Smart electric tower heater is ideal. It can oscillate 45° based on where it is so that you can easily get heat all around the space without moving it. The LED screen is easy to read and operate, and you can use the programmable timer, which can be set for 12 hours based on when you want it to start or stop.

It has protection for being tipped over or overheating, so you don’t need to worry about a thing when you leave. There is also a safety lock to keep children from opening it, which many parents thought was a good feature for a space heater.


  • Safety lock for children
  • Sleek and expensive looking design
  • Remote control capable


  • Heavier than other models

  1. Trustech Fireplace Space HeaterTrustech Fireplace Space Heater

No matter what, if you are looking for a space heater, you can always go with the Trustech fireplace space heater to keep up the pretenses. This looks just like a fireplace while still heating the area without you needing to add any gas or even wood. This will be perfect for a small dormitory room or even an RV where a bit of extra heat is needed without affecting the area’s humidity.

It is extremely sturdy, and the vent is on the bottom, which means you can point it in any direction that you want. Those who bought this used it on their desk or even placed it below to warm up their feet, and it worked extremely well.


  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around


  • No thermostat

  1. KooaMo Portable Space HeaterKooaMo Portable Space Heater

Another option that you would be able to move around your home with you is the KooaMo portable space heater. This heats up within 2 seconds, and you can easily feel the heat that is blasting out of it no matter where you put it. It oscillates 70° so that all sides will get the hot air, which means you would be surrounded by heat. A handle is hidden, and the display on top is easy to operate and read.

For those who don’t need something large or want something for a smaller room, then this is the model that most people were happy with after their purchase.


  • Built-in thermostat
  • Easy to shift around
  • Ideal for your office or under a desk


  • Not good for larger rooms

  1. Asterion Portable Ceramic Oscillating Space HeaterAsterion Portable Ceramic Oscillating Space Heater

If the design isn’t something that you really care about, then the Asterion portable ceramic oscillating space heater is something to check out. It has a simple yet sturdy design, and the LED is easy to read, and the buttons are simple to use to make any adjustments. It can oscillate for 72°, and there is a remote control provided, so you don’t have to get up to make any changes to the temperature.

You can set the heating time so that it operates anywhere from half an hour to 24 hours so you can sleep peacefully. This will be perfect for your bedroom or even your office if you aren’t warm enough and everyone who bought it thought it was a good buy.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Remote control usage


  • More expensive than some of the other models

  1. Pro Breeze Small Space HeaterPro Breeze Small Space Heater

Another great yet simple to operate model is the Pro Breeze small space heater, and there are 2 knobs on the top to change the heat and the fan speed. This can also be used in just the fan mode if you want to cool down, and this is pretty small, which means you can take it with you while you are traveling. This will be ideal for your garage, dorm room, or even your office or a small bedroom.

It will automatically turn itself off if it falls over or starts to overheat, so you don’t need to worry about fires. Everyone who had purchased this thought it was a good buy and would happily repurchase it.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Can’t set the temperature levels

  1. Mueller Portable Mini Space HeaterMueller Portable Mini Space Heater

For a portable model, you aren’t always going to set the thermostat, but the Mueller portable mini space heater lets you do that. It is tranquil when operating, so you won’t even know it is on, which means you can use it in your bedroom or even for your kids. There are 11 settings that you can choose from for the temperature, which means there will be a setting for everyone.

This is perfect for small RVs, and it can easily be plugged in and then left alone to heal the area. Those who bought this said that it was great for their price, and they were happy with the heat level it radiates.


  • Small and easy to move around
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes parts inside can be loose and cause noise.

  1. Pro Breeze Tower Heater With Digital DisplayPro Breeze Tower Heater

For those looking for a taller model, the Pro Breeze tower heater is checked out. This one has the control panel on the top, making it easy to change everything, and it even comes with remote control, so you don’t have to move. You can set a timer for 24 hours, and you can also turn off the oscillation as you want if you don’t need it to swivel.

It has 6 modes of operation and a high and low setting that you can change between easily. This is popular with homeowners, and they love it and recommend it to their friends and family members.


  • Can turn oscillation on and off
  • Heats a medium-sized room


  • Led is on top, which makes it hard to see the temperature.
  • Expensive

Most Efficient Space Heaters Buying Guide

One will have to consider when you are looking at buying a space heater, including how to choose the right one. You will want to consider plenty of options, including what type of fuel you are using and more. Keep reading on to find out more about how to make the right choice.

What You Must Consider When Buying an Efficient Space Heater

Make sure that when you are looking at energy-efficient space heaters, you know some of the top factors you will want to consider before making a final decision. Some of these includes:

  • Operation mode – Think about how they will operate and run on electricity or if they need to have some gas. This is important since some would need gas like kerosene to operate, and there are others that you plug into the wall. This can be dependent on if you have children in your home or even your preferred method.
  • Size – You need to think about the space heater’s size when you are making a choice as well. Think about if you want a taller one or even if you want a smaller one that would work under your desk or even in your office. Measure the available area so you can easily pick one that will fit into the available space.
  • Room size – Another thing to consider is the room’s size that the space heater is recommended for. You want to ensure that the chosen model will handle the room size and if it is recommended for mobile homes, RVs, and much more. This is important if you use it as your primary heater, especially in a small apartment or dorm room.
  • Design – You would also need to think about the design since you have to like how it looks. You also want to consider how it would fit into the room you will use it for and stand out or look odd.
  • Price – The final factor to consider is how much you can afford to spend on these machines. Think about the most you would spend and then look only at the space heaters within this range. Make sure that you are comparing them to find the best one to fit all of your requirements.

These are all of the factors that you will want to make sure you are using when deciding which one to opt for. Ensure that you are aware of what they are to help when trying to make the final choice.

Tips for Positioning Your Heater

You will want to consider plenty of tips when placing your space heater when you are using it. Some of these include finding the area that requires the heat a bit more than other areas and then placing it a few feet away from the wall. You will want to ensure that the heater isn’t near any liquid and that it won’t be able to fall and hit any person. Also, make sure that no blankets or loose clothing are within a few feet of it to avoid them catching on fire.

How One Space Heater Might be More Efficient than Others

You need to know when it comes to how an electric space heater can be more efficient than other models. This would depend on how much electricity it would generate and how long it will run, and even the space it can heat. You also want to consider how much electricity it will be used to do this and what modes you would choose from.

If it has more settings, you will be able to change it during the day or even turn it off, which will make it more efficient. It can be more efficient if there is a timer that you can set so that it isn’t running all day. Make sure that you compare the various models to determine which one will be the most efficient option that would fit your needs.


Here are a few of the top asked questions in terms of space heaters that you need to know what they are, such as:

  • Can I use this while I am sleeping?

Yes, the space heater can be used while you are sleeping, but you will want to keep it a few feet away from your bed. Ensure that it is set to the right temperature and has an automatic shut-off feature if it overheats or even if it falls over.

  • Do the electric models of the space heaters pose a carbon monoxide risk?

If you aren’t burning any fuel, which the electric models don’t, then you aren’t going to be risking carbon monoxide. This means that you can use it for a longer period without having to worry about a single thing, and you can even use it during the night.

  • How long is it recommended that you use your space heater at once?

If you aren’t sure about how long you should use your space heater, then the recommendation is that you check the cable every few hours. You want to make sure that the cable isn’t getting overly hot, causing sparks or electricity problems. Ensure that you are turning it off now and then so it can cool down.

  • Do all space heaters have an automatic shut-off feature?

The majority of the latest models all have the automatic shut-off feature. This is to prevent fires from happening if they were to fall over or even if they were to overheat. This will allow you to use the space heaters without worrying about what would happen if they fall over.

  • What is the perfect place for my space heater?

Depending on the heater size you have, there are plenty of great places to place it. If you have a smaller one, you can put it under or even on top of your desk to get the direct heat. Also, if your nightstand isn’t extremely close to your bed, then you can put it on there. However, no matter where you put it, you want to make sure that the ground underneath it is flat and that it isn’t carpeted unless it has feet or a stand.

  • Can I place my space heater on the carpet?

Yes, you can place the space heater on the carpet, but you will want to make sure that the heating element isn’t touching the carpet. If it is, then you should put something underneath it to keep it from touching the fibers.

Final Thoughts

You will want to ensure that you are picking the right space heater for your home, which means knowing what the factors will be to choose, including area, price, brand, size, and more. It would help if you also considered which one will fit into your available space and work for your needs. These are just a few of the top models that you can purchase, so make sure that you are checking them out for yourself and making the best choice for your needs.

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