AirDoctor 5000 VS Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i Review

With the rising population, the demand for buildings and apartments is increasing. Not just that, the workplaces and commercial buildings are also constructed all around the world. This has both pros and cons. The increasing factories and facilities are giving employment to people but making the living conditions worst.

Today the air quality is slowly deteriorating due to the rise in pollution and less greenery due to deforestation. Moreover, according to a recent report, it has been found that more and more people are suffering from respiratory diseases that are making people seriously ill.

The air inside our house is more polluted than the air outside due to less circulation. You can control the quality indoors better but using air purifiers in your house and commercial space.

There are plenty of air purifiers that are available in the market today. Among these, we will be comparing two popular air purifiers, AirDoctor 5000 and Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i. Start with the short comparison chart and jump below for a full review.

Better Performance
Air Doctor 5000
Consumes Less Energy
Blueair HealthProtect 7470i
Air Doctor 5000
Blueair HealthProtect 7470i
2 Pre-Filters, 2 Carbon/VOC Filters, 2 UltraHEPA filters
SmartFilter (Pre-Filter, Polypropylene Air Filter, Carbon Filter)
Coverage 5x/hour
Coverage 5x/hour
868 sq. ft.
674 sq. ft.
Coverage 2x/hour
Coverage 2x/hour
2170sq. ft.
1685 sq.ft.
CADR (Smoke)/CFM
CADR (Smoke)/CFM
Fan Speeds
Fan Speeds
Power Consumption
Power Consumption
10 - 100 watts
8 - 76 watts
Noise Levels
Noise Levels
30 - 50 dB
25 - 53 dB
16” (D) x 16” (D) x 29.75” (H)
33.9 (H) x 13.4 (W) x 13.4 (D) in
33 lbs
43.2 lbs

 AirDoctor 5000 Vs. Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i – Design Comparison

AirDoctor 5000 VS Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i Review

AirDoctor 5000

  • The AirDoctor 5000 air purifier available in the market today is compact and fits in all spaces quite brilliantly.
  • These have a length of around 28.75”, and the width of this device is about 16”.
  • There are wheels at the bottom of the air purifier and handles on the side of the air purifier, making it easy to move from one corner to another.
  • These should always be kept in an area that has an electrical socket.
  • The manufacturers of AirDoctor 5000 have made this unique and straightforward. These are highly versatile and can fit in every décor quite amazingly.
  • The air purifier captures the polluted air from the sides and releases the purified air from the top.
  • These are built with a pre-filter that captures the large particles easily.

Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i

  • The Blue Air HealthProtect is user-friendly and has plenty of buttons, unlike the other air purifiers available today.
  • The single button design makes it easy to understand, and therefore people do not have to spend hours learning about its work and performance.
  • These do not have any knob to adjust the speed of the fan. However, this can be done easily using that one single button. These can also be used in automatic mode where you do not have to do anything. The sensor will regulate the speed of the fans depending on the quality of the air.
  • This air purifier also has Wi-Fi control features.

AirDoctor 5000 Vs. Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i – Functionality

AirDoctor 5000 Functionality

  • The air purifier efficiently removes all kinds of allergens and pathogens from the air inside the house.
  • The Air Doctor 5000 has two stages of air filtration system placed on two sides of the device.
  • The air that needs to be purified is intake by the sides of the device. Therefore, one should keep the air purifier at least six inches gap from all sides to take in the polluted air without any trouble.
  • The air that goes inside the air purifier passes through the pre-filter and then dual carbon filter along with VOC.
  • The UltraHEPA filter helps remove 100% bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and allergens from the air and makes it extremely clean and pure.
  • The air filter can also remove all kinds of air pollutants from the air, including the ones that are 0.03 micron or smaller in size.
  • A warning system will help you learn when to change the air filter and clean it so that the purifier can do its work without any trouble.
  • This is a perfect choice for people who suffer from different respiratory issues, including asthma.

The Blue Air Pure HealthProtect Functionality

  • Blue Air HealthProtect air purifier removes all kinds of particles that are harmful to the human body. These particles include dust, dirt, pollen, smoke, harmful gases, and much more.
  • The air purifier has a three-stage air filtration system.
  • There is a pre-filter that helps us to trap the larger particles. These are washable and reusable.
  • You will get an indicator that helps you understand the air quality inside your house or commercial area.

AirDoctor 5000 Vs. Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i – How Do They Work?

Air Doctor 5000

AirDoctor 5000 Air Purifier Filters

the AirDoctor 5000 is known widely for its three-level air purification system. This is the latest technology that has been used in these air purifiers so that the air can be filtered faster and easier. The three stages are as follows:

  • The pre-filter is the first stage. In this, the larger particles such as dust, dirt, pet hair get collected. This filter is washable and can be reused again. You will get notified when you should clean this pre-filter.
  • The next stage is the dual carbon or VOC filter. In this, the air is filtered, and harmful gases and odors are removed from the air.
  • Lastly, the air passes through the UltraHEPA cleaner that cleans the air by removing the smaller particles of 0.03 micron or even smaller size. After the last stage, the air is re-released in the room.

You will get an auto filtration option as well that makes the air purified automatic. The sensor will check the air quality, and the fan’s speed will increase or decrease accordingly.

Blue Air Pure HealthProtect 7710i

Blueair HealthProtect 7470i filters

The Blue Air pure HealthProtect also has three-stage air filtration. This is more or less similar to AirDoctor but doesn’t have an UltraHEPA filter.

  • Same as AirDoctor, the first stage in Blue Air Pure is pre-filters. It catches the larger particles before the rest of the air can go on to the next step of cleaning and filtration.
  • Secondly, the air is passed through a polypropylene air filter, where the air is filtered to remove odor and other gases that can be harmful to the human body.
  • Finally comes the carbon filter that removes the other small particles from the air and makes it clean and pure to keep the people safe and secured.

The Blue Air Pure HealthProtect is not so effective as the AirDoctor as Ultra HEPA filters remove particles 99.99% from the air making the air quality way better and safe.

AirDoctor 5000 Vs. Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i– Features

Air Doctor 5000

Today the air purifiers are built with numerous features that make them efficient and excellent for use. The features of AirDoctor 5000 are also a reason why these are significantly in demand in the market. These features help you choose better and compare it to the other air purifiers available in the market. Some of the features are as follows:

  • It has a dual carbon/gas/ VOC filter.
  • This air purifier has an UltraHEPA filter that is better than normal HEPA.
  • It removes dust, mold, smoke, and other particles quite easily.
  • It has whisper jet fans which means that it causes no noise when used.
  • It also has a night mode that helps you to dim the light and reduce the noise.
  • You can turn on the automatic mode, and it will filter the air sensing the quality of the air.

 BlueAir Pure HealthProtect 7710i

Some of the features of this air purifier are as follows:

  • It has a LED display that shows the quality of the air. Three lights indicate the air quality.
  • These are designed with a single button. Therefore, you won’t get confused while using it or changing the features. These are easy to use and user-friendly.
  • The filters can be changed easily due to the indicator that shows when you should change the filter.

AirDoctor 5000 Advantages over Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i

  • AirDoctor 5000 has UltraHEPA filters, unlike Blue Air HealthProtect
  • An air purifier is small and compact
  • You do not have to maintain it regularly
  • Covers larger area
  • More fan speeds + auto mode

Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i Advantages over AirDoctor 5000

  • The Blue Air HealthProtect 7710i has a unique filtration process. It has SmartFilter that includes carbon filters and polypropylene filters that remove odors and harmful gases.
  • BlueAir HealthProtect has a single button to control the machine and is easy to use. As a result, it doesn’t have to spend hours learning how to use this air purifier.
  • The air purifier has an automatic mode that helps you purify air even when you are not home. It automatically starts cleaning and purifying the air when the quality is low.


The air purifier is one of the most necessary devices in every household and workspace today. With the deteriorating air quality, we must take care of everyone’s health by using air purifiers.

Considering the size, design, functionality, and other such attributes of these two air purifiers, it can be said that people who are busy every day should choose AirDoctor for its low maintenance quality. On the other hand, people should select Air Blue if they do not want anything complex but a user-friendly, easy-to-use device.

Depending on your needs and preferences, choose the one that suits you perfectly.

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