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Top 7 Best Portable Air Conditioners for Car (12 Volt Air Conditioner)

When it comes to your car if you don’t have a working air conditioner or the passengers in the back aren’t getting enough air, you might want to get a portable AC.

There are many options, and it cannot be obvious to decide which one to choose, but if you know what is available and how to pick, it becomes easier.

Here is our comprehensive review to help you with this decision, so go ahead and keep reading on.

Top 7 Best Portable Air Conditioners for Car

  1. Best Overall: FiveJoy 360-Degree Rotatable Car FanFiveJoy 360 Degree Rotatable Car Fan

If you want the best portable AC for your car, this model from FiveJoy should be at the top of the list. This can be used for any vehicle, including your car, RV, boat, golf cart, and more.

FiveJoy 360 Degree Rotatable Car Fan has 2 fan speeds, and it is powered by being plugged into the cigarette charger in the vehicle and is easy to use.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • 2 fans and 2 settings
  • Heads can swivel


  • Can make weird noises

Verdict: This model would be the best option for those who only want to buy the best since it is easy to operate and use.

  1. Runner Up: XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat PassengerXOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat Passenger

Another great option you can easily connect to the back of the seats in your car is XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat Passengers. The fan heads can be rotated, which is easy to attach to any car’s headrest, making it ideal for small kids or animals.

Also, a switch on the cord allows you to adjust the fan speed rather than on the device itself.


  • The speed changer on the cord is child-friendly
  • It can be easily attached to the headrest
  • Swivel heads


  • Not ideal for larger vehicles

Verdict: If you want something that you can easily attach to the back of your seat and then adjust the settings without moving, this one would be ideal.

  1. Best Budget Option: Alagoo 12V 6” Car Cooling FanAlagoo 12V 6''Car Cooling Fan

For those with a smaller budget, this model would be great, and it comes with a heavy-duty clip to attach it anywhere in the car.

Alagoo 12V 6”Car Cooling Fan consumes a low amount of energy, and there is a rotating switch to customize the speed levels. In addition, the power cable is long, so this can be placed in the backseat without any issues.


  • Affordable
  • The power cable is long
  • Easy to install


  • The clip can be hard to open

Verdict: When it comes to getting something affordable and customizable in terms of speed, this one would be ideal for your needs.

  1. evaCHILL Personal Car Air ConditionerPersonal Evaporative Air Conditioner Fan

If you aren’t driving and want an AC model that you can hold and point where you need the air, you should check out this option. It has a big water tank, so you can add water without refilling it regularly while using it.

evaCHILL Personal Air Conditioner also is easy to operate since there is a button on the top, and that is it.


  • The water tank is large
  • Simple to operate
  • Sleek design


  • Expensive
  • No real way to keep it from moving in the car

Verdict: For those who want something that will work while you aren’t moving or that you can hold while traveling, then make sure to check this model out.

  1. Bucket Breeze Portable ACBucket Breeze Portable AC

Another option you can choose if you have a larger area like an RV is this bucket-based portable AC. Bucket Breeze Portable AC comes with a huge bucket filled with water, and the fan creates cool air.

It is battery-operated, and the fan can create a lot of cool air that will make an area cool down faster than other options.


  • Great for larger spaces
  • Cools down an area faster
  • Refrigerant can last for 7 – 10 hours


  • Not ideal for a moving vehicle

Verdict: If you have a bigger area to cool down and aren’t moving, then this bucket-style air conditioner should be something you are interested in.

  1. Rechargeable Battery-Operated Car Circulator Fan with ClipsRechargeable Battery-Operated Car Circulator Fan with Clips

For those who plan on using the fan regularly, this one can easily be installed on the metal part of your headrest. Rechargeable Battery-Operated Car Circulator Fan with Clips can be moved at various angles to reach anyone in the back seat and is simple to adjust or move.

In addition, it has 4 different fan speeds, so you can pick how much air you want or how little you might want.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple to adjust the fan direction
  • It can be secured to the headrest


  • Requires batteries

Verdict: If you don’t mind using batteries and want something that can be placed and not removed for a while, this would be a great option.

  1. KMMOTORS Kooling Car FanKMMOTORS Kooling Car Fan

If you are searching for something powerful yet small, this car cooling fan would be perfect. You can attach it to the headrest of any seat, and it comes with a twin or single head, with the double being adjustable in direction.

KMMOTORS Kooling Car Fan has 3 speeds, and it is pretty quiet, so you don’t have to worry about hearing others over it.


  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Uses USB connection
  • The USB connection has a lower power ability

Verdict: When it comes to price and affordability, this one would be ideal for those who want something easy to use without spending a lot of money.

Portable AC for Car Buying Guide

Types of Portable Car AC Coolers

  • Fan – These are just fans you can attach to the back of the headrest or other spots in the car. The fans would generate plenty of air to help cool down the rest of the people in the car.
  • Box style – Another option you can go for is the box style, which might require some water to be placed in a tank. These wouldn’t be ideal for a moving vehicle unless someone is holding it in place or unless you find a way to attach it and keep it from falling.
  • Bucket – This would be ideal for larger spaces like an RV where the bumping and jostling would be less. However, these would be best suited for usage when you aren’t moving and can be used in small or large spaces.

Ensure that you know these types to decide which would be ideal for your car or RV.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Car AC

Portable AC for Car

  • Efficiency &power source – You need to consider how efficient they will be, including how many speeds they have. Also, you want to look at how they are powered, such as batteries, USB, or cigarette lighter ports.
  • Power (BTU) – Also, think about how much power it would use when running. The higher the BTU level, the more power it uses, and it is more efficient.
  • Appearance – The device’s look is also important, so make sure to find one that appeals to your needs. You also need to get one that will be installed easily.
  • Noise – The noise level is also a concern since you don’t want the fan to be louder than the conversation that would be happening.
  • Features – The other thing to consider are the various features that it would have, including how it would be installed, speed options, and more.
  • Maintenance – The final thing you want to look at is maintenance; most of these would require you to wipe it down regularly to eliminate dust and debris.

Ensure that you are using these factors when looking at your car’s various air conditioners.


  • Do these require ventilation?

Depending on which ones you are using, you might need some ventilation out of the window. However, if you have a small one, you won’t need to do this or use one of the fan-based ones if they aren’t using any chemicals.

  • Can this be ideal for all car sizes?

These can be used in any car, but you might want to use more than 1 for larger vehicles. The smaller 1 or 2-head fan ones should be used for 1 or 2 individuals rather than the entire car. If you have more than 1 seat in the back, you might want to consider getting ones with longer cables that you can install.

  • Can the fan be used for small children and animals?

These are great for animals or small children since you can adjust the fan’s direction and the air. This means that you can also adjust how much air they are getting to ensure that they aren’t overheating or that they aren’t getting too much air simultaneously.

  • What type of maintenance is required with these?

These often don’t require much maintenance, and the most you would have to do is wipe them down or vacuum them to get rid of the dust. If you don’t do this, the fan will slow down, and you won’t get as much airflow.

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