Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans for Any Type of Room

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans for Any Type of Room

The primary function of a ceiling fan is to provide fresh air through air circulation. It comprises an electric motor, a hub, and the blades attached to the hub. There can be three to six blades in a ceiling fan.

With the advancement of technology, modern ceiling fans perform more functions than just offering cool air. Many of these fans have built-in lights in them, and many come with varying speed control systems. Besides, more advanced devices come with remote control.

Apart from these features, the ceiling fans offer high efficiency, durability, and also good aesthetics.

It, however, might be impractical for you to review hundreds of ceiling fans available in the market to select the best one for your purpose. 

To assist you in selecting the suitable ceiling fan, we are presenting here the reviews for the top 10 best ceiling fans available in the market along with the buyer’s guide. You can go through the article and select the most suitable ceiling fan for your room.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans for Any Type of Room

1. Hunter 53237 Builder Plus Ceiling fanHunter 53237 Builder Plus Ceiling fan

The Hunter 53237 is a fantastic blend of modern technology with traditional artistry. The outcome is a beautiful ceiling fan with high efficiency offering more than 45% savings on cooling expenses. The fan comprises a reversible motor to operate in two different directions, respectively, during the summer and winter seasons.

The 5-blade fan operates with 120V AC supply and has a hanging height of 18.06”. The fan is equipped with three bulbs and a pull chain arrangement for controlling its functions. Besides, the fan offers very quiet operation, thus allowing you to have a good night’s sleep or to do your important tasks without any disturbance.


  • High efficiency
  • Reversible motor system
  • Pull chain arrangement
  • Quiet operation
  • Reasonably priced


  • Lacks remote control


A highly efficient ceiling fan, Hunter 53237, is a dual-purpose fan to offer you comfort during the hot summer and freezing winter seasons effectively.

2. Brightwaters 52″ LED Ceiling FanBrightwaters 52 LED Ceiling Fan

The 52” ceiling fan comes equipped with a soothing LED light attachment. It is available at a very affordable price point. The pull-down chain system offers excellent convenience to the user. Besides, you can buy the optional remote to add on to the ease of operation.

The new powerful heavy-duty motor offers very effective air circulation even in the rooms as large as 400 square feet. Besides, the quality of material used in manufacturing provides its high durability. Moreover, the fan comes with a reversible direction option to provide comfort all around the year.


  • Affordable
  • Effective for large rooms
  • High durability
  • Cool LED lights
  • Reversible direction


  • No remote control with standard packaging


If you are looking for an efficient and high effective ceiling fan for your large rooms for all the seasons, Brightwatts 52” is a highly affordable option for you.

3. Minka-Aire Wave 52″ Ceiling FanMinka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52 Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote

One of the most equipped ceiling fans in the market, Minka-Aire Wave 52” is a highly functional fan made from distressed Koa wood. The nice, aesthetic looks of the fan make it a great article to enhance the interior decoration of any of your rooms.

The three 52” blades make it a highly comfortable ceiling fan. Besides, the reversible switch option ensures that you get the same comfort throughout the year. The dimmable LED lights offer a fresh and soft ambiance to the room while you control all functions of the fan with effective remote control.


  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Highly functional
  • Reversible motor direction
  • Bright & soothing dimmable LED lights
  • Highly functional Remote control


  • A shade expensive


A super stylish ceiling fan, Minka-Aire Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan is a class apart. It is a highly functional fan that can add immensely to your comfort & convenience round the year.

4. Emerson CF765BQ 60″ Ceiling FanEmerson CF765BQ 60 Ceiling Fan with wall control

Emerson CF765BQ 60″ Ceiling Fan is a straightforward industrial design ceiling fan offering high durability. More than the features, the fan performs the best in its core function of providing adequate cooling. The 60” blades cover a large span, thus making it suitable for large spaces.

The fan comes with a wall-mounted regulator besides having adaptability with the remote control. The ceiling fan does not come with a provision of the light fixtures. You can easily install the ceiling fan with an included 6” Stainless Steel down rod.


  • Highly effective industrial design
  • Very high durability
  • High energy efficiency
  • Rugged and sturdy
  • Adaptability to remote control


  • Not as silent as other modern ceiling fans
  • No light fixture


If you want a ceiling fan that performs its core function of offering high cooling efficiency with maximum effectiveness, the strong and durable Emerson CF765BQ 60″ is a perfect fan for you.

5. Hunter 59211 52″ Sentinel Ceiling FanHunter 59211 52 Sentinel Ceiling Fan with light and remote control

Hunter 59211 52″ Sentinel Ceiling Fan has a design that can blend with any of your interior requirements. The ceiling fan, however, offers much more than the design and has a highly efficient three-speed motor that provides high cooling effectiveness without creating any noise whatsoever.

The product comes equipped with an LED light with white light casing and a highly functional remote control. Besides, the multispeed dual direction motor offers comfort in all weather conditions throughout the year.


  • Super cool design
  • Quiet operation
  • Multispeed, reversible motor
  • Cool LED lights with white light casing
  • Universal  remote


  • LED lights are not bright enough


If you are looking for a casual design ceiling fan that can fit into any large space in your home, Hunter 59211 52″ Sentinel Ceiling Fan will make a perfect fan for you.

6. Concept II LED 44″ Ceiling FanConcept II LED 44 Ceiling Fan with light and remote control

Concept II from Minka-Aire is a compact and high-tech ceiling fan offering high-quality cooling performance.  The highly functional motor with 44” blades creates a high 3783 CFM to fulfill all your cooling needs during the hot summer.

The same capacity in the reverse direction offers comfortable, warm ambient during the winter times. The four-speed fan further adds on the comfort level by allowing you to adjust the circulation as needed.

The LED lights integrated with the hub offer a soft & soothing aesthetics.  Over and above, the Smart by Bond technology enables you to connect the fan via WiFi through Bond App on your smartphone. However, to use this feature, you need to buy the BD-1000 adapter additionally.


  • High CFM
  • Excellent for small rooms
  • Dual direction function
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Soothing bright LEDs


  • Not suitable for large rooms


Fulfilling the round-the-year air circulation needs of your small room, Concept II LED 44″ is a great choice for those who want to have a high-performing compact & stylish ceiling fan.  

7. Anslee Low Profile 46″ Ceiling FanAnslee Low Profile 46 Ceiling Fan with LED light and push chain control

Anslee Low Profile 46” ceiling fans are perfect for the low ceiling rooms. The stylish and cute designs blend perfectly well with multiple interior ideas. The multispeed uni-directional fan motor offers you the solution for your year-round air circulation needs pretty effectively.

The soft LED lights with the uniquely shaped white casing not only offers effective illumination but also gives a different aesthetic appearance to your room. The 13o blade pitch means the air circulation is more efficient for the same motor capacity.


  • Ideal for low ceiling rooms
  • Uni-directional motor
  • Silent operation
  • Reversible blade
  • Super soft LED and stylish white casing


  • Not very effective for high ceiling spaces


The Anslee Low Profile 46″ Ceiling Fan is a great option for the low ceiling spaces, including your bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, and study room.

8. Kensgrove 72″ LED Espresso Bronze Ceiling FanKensgrove 72 LED Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan

Kensgrove 72″ LED Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan is one of the most innovative ceiling fans in the market. The fan has the design, quality, performance, and comfort- a single package offering multiple features.

Eight maple blades have high durability due to their resistance to different weather conditions. Besides, the massive nine-speed DC motor supported by highly functional remote control offers tremendous flexibility allowing you to tune it to your comfort level. You would not find any screws or fastening components exposed- thanks to the canopy rings and the coupling covers.


  • Eight maple blades
  • Weather-resistant blades
  • Nine adjustable speeds
  • Handheld remote control
  • No exposed screws or couplings


  • Installation is not easy


The Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72” Espresso Bronze ceiling fan with eight blades is an ideal fan for large areas. 

9. Minka-Aire F524-WHF Roto 52″ Ceiling Fan with Wall ControlMinka-Aire F524-WHF Roto 52" Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

The super silky design with a brushed aluminum body is a great indoor ceiling fan. The Three 52” Silver Blades with 22” inch blade pitch offers high efficiency to its air circulation performance. The four-speed control has a wall-mounted regulator with the switch for direction reversal provided on the fan motor.

The ceiling does not have a light fixture to fit any illumination devices. The packaging includes a 6” download for easy installation besides, an angled ceiling adapter for tilted mounting of up to 21o.


  • Very soothing design
  • Highly affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Angular mounting
  • Effective air circulation


  • No light fixtures
  • The reversible switch only on the motor


If you want a high-performing, high-efficiency ceiling fan with a touch of elegance, end your search with Minka-Aire F524-WHF Roto 52″ Ceiling Fan with Wall Control.

10. Emerson Prima Snugger 52″ Ceiling FanEmerson Prima Snugger 52 inch Ceiling Fan with wall control

Emerson Prima Snugger 52″ Ceiling Fan is yet another classy product from the house of Emerson. The unique oil rubbed bronze housing offers a classic appearance to this highly effective air-circulating appliance.

Ideal for low ceiling spaces, the fans comprise five blades and a 4-speed wall controlled motor. The 52” blades have a blade pitch of 13o offering massive 5415 CFM with an efficiency of 80CFM/Watt. You can attach a light fixture to the fan to illuminate your surroundings to your taste. The fan, besides, is reverse operational and would offer an effective solution to your round-the-year comfort needs.  


  • Unique oil rubbed bronze housing
  • Reversible fan motor
  • Ideal for low ceilings
  • Adaptable to light fixtures
  • Reversible blades


  • A shade noisy


The highly efficient and attractive ceiling fan, Emerson Prima Snugger, would save a lot on your electricity bills in all the seasons.

Ceiling Fans Buying guide.

So, after going through these reviews of the top 10 best ceiling fans, you would have picked up a few fans that broadly look suitable for your purpose. We would recommend you read the buying guide given below before finalizing the most suitable ceiling fan. This would help you learn the benefits of buying a ceiling fan and different factors to consider before placing the order.

Key Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans provide huge savings on your electricity bill. You can save up to 40 to 45% of electricity by running the ceiling fan with the air conditioner at a higher setting in the summer.

In the winter season, running the ceiling fan in the reverse direction would force the warm air from the ceiling towards the floor, thereby keeping the room warmer in the cold season.    

What Size Should You Choose?

The room size would determine the size of the fan blade. Bigger the room, bigger would be the blade size. Refer to the following chart to find out the fitting blade size for your room. 

Room Dimensions Blade Span
Up to 75 ft2 Under 36 inches
75  to 175 ft2 42 to 48 inches
175 to 350 ft2 52 to  56 inches
Above 350 ft2 More than 60 inches

How high is your ceiling?

Your room height would be the deciding factor for selecting the appropriate ceiling fan for the room. Rooms with a higher ceiling require a fan with down rod attachment. On the other hand, for a low height room, you would require a low profile ceiling fan.

Technically, for the best air circulation, there should be a gap of minimum 8” between the ceiling and the fan blades. Safety is another factor to be considered. You should hang the fan in such a way that the fan blades have a minimum distance of 7 ft from the floor of the room.

What Should be the Design of the Fan and the Blades?

There are two important factors to consider ensuring maximum performance of your ceiling fan:

  1. Buy the fan with blade pitch between 12 to 15o to get optimum air circulation and maximum efficiency.
  2. Ensure blades balancing to avoid fan wobbling.

For the aesthetics purpose, you can select among the variety of design options offered by your selected fan model. You can choose the fan blade that matches well with your room interior. You can also select the reversible blade to have more flexibility.

Do You want Lights to go with Your Fan?

Most of the ceiling fans come with the light fixtures. You can select as per your room location and its illumination requirement. A naturally lit room or the room with enough lighting provisions may not require additional lighting sources.

Consider the type of light source before finalizing the fan with light fixtures: 

Device Energy Consumption Lifespan
LED Least 50K Hours
Fluorescent More than LED 10K Hours
Halogen Even more than Halogen 1.5K Hours
Incandescent Most 1K Hours

Remote Control, Pull Chain, or Wall Control?

There are three different ways to operate the fan: 

Remote Control

The remote control is the most convenient method to operate the fan. They are lightweight and highly functional. You can use them for switching the fan on/off and reversing its direction apart from adjusting its speed. Remote controls can operate fan within a range of up to 50 ft. They are useful for all types of rooms.

Wall Control

These fan control systems, as the name suggests, are mounted on the wall. You have to press the button to operate the fan. The wall control is ideal for the kitchens and the playrooms. 

Pull Chain

This is the most common method for fan control. The highly convenient control system is ideal for the low ceiling rooms.

Ceiling Fan Efficiency

The ceiling fan efficiency depends on the motor of the ceiling fan. There are two types of motors viz. AC and DC motor. DC motors are more efficient and produce less heat as compared to their AC counterparts.

While buying a ceiling fan, you must refer to the Energy Star rating of the fan. Fans having this certificate are 20- 25% more efficient than those without it, thus contributing immensely to reducing your electricity bill.

What is CFM?

CFM is the short form of Cubic Feet per Minute. It is the amount of air delivered by a fan in a minute. A fan with high CFM would deliver more air and thus would be more effective.

The CFM efficiency is defined by the CFM delivered per Watt power consumption of the fan. 

Higher the CFM/W, the higher would be the efficiency of the fan. For an Energy Start rating, the fan should have a minimum efficiency of 75 CFM/W.

Final Thoughts

So, these were the top 10 best ceiling fans for any type of room in your home and the buying guide to select the best ceiling fan for your purpose.

We hope that these inputs would be helpful for you in deciding the most suitable ceiling fans for your different rooms within your planned budget.

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