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Do Air Purifiers Remove Odor?

If there is a smell or odor in your home or surrounding areas, investing in an air purifier is an excellent choice.

Smells can smoothly ruin your indoor air due to water damage, cooking, and flooding. Water damage can create an ideal breeding ground for potentially harmful mold to develop if left unsettled.

An efficient air purifier helps you purify your air and eradicate awful smells and mold spores, giving you clean air to inhale.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Smell?

Air purifiers work by purifying and clearing particles that may cause bad odors. Nevertheless, the EPA says that no air purifier or filter will destroy all the particles that can cause bad odors.

Air cleaners work nicely in one room, so a single air purifier won’t be sufficient if you want to remove bad smells from your home. Also, the larger the area you try to confront, the bigger the air purifier needs.

An air purifier with a high clean air delivery rate can purify more particles, attacking a larger area.

What Odors Do Air Purifiers Remove?

This depends on the air purifier you are buying.

Some air cleaners can tackle moldy odors alongside the regular wrongdoers of pet odors, cooking smells, tobacco smoke, and other enduring aromas.

Some air purifiers also have a triggered carbon filter and a particle filter, which means they can overcome gas and chemical smells from building materials, fire retardants, and pesticides.

If you want to freshen and clean the air simultaneously from bad smells, then it is great for you to invest in a quality air cleaner. Although an air purifier is more costly up-front than candles or scented oils, it can be used for extended periods and can cleanse the air instead of wrapping up bad odors.

These advantages alone make an air purifier well worth the initial investment.

Following are some types of odors you can get rid of with an air cleaner:

  • Pet Odor

Pet Odor

No matter how often you give bathe your pet, they naturally stink. By nature, dogs, cats, and other furry friends are stinky animals that regularly relieve and fill the home with pet animosity and undesirable smells.

Not only can pet dander be a nightmare for those with allergies, but pet smell can be very embarrassing in your home.

If you want to have friends, family members, and neighbors over without feeling embarrassed about how your house stinks, or if you’re going to stop frequently sneezing due to an allergic reaction to pet dander, then an air cleaner could be just what you require.

The most effective air purifiers contain filters that can terminate not only the dander and hair that your pet relieves but will be able to soak smells from pet beds and litter boxes.

Not only will your home smell cleaner after you place an air purifier in each main room, but you will also get rid of the air of many airborne contaminants that can make life tragic for those with asthma or allergies.

  • Food Smells

Food Smells

Health specialists recommend eating at least one serving of fish a week, but cooking fish can make your home unbearably smelly for days.

If you evade cooking nutritious dinners full of omega-3 fatty acids because you cannot stand the thought of dealing with post-dinner fish scent, then an air purifier can help.

An air cleaner will not only help to lower or eradicate the odor from your leftover fish dinner, but it will also help relieve other food odors in your kitchen as well, including the powerful smell that remains after cooking with tasty but strong-smelling spices like curry or the smell of the slightly-burned chicken breast.

If you come home after a long busy day at work and you notice that your house has “bad breath,” get out your trusty air cleaner and run it on a high speed to freshen up the air fast.

They all work in various ways, but their conscious objective is to terminate contaminants and smells from the air by entrapping them in some filter or moving them to the ground so they can be extracted with a vacuum.

  • Dirty Diapers

Whether you hold some special diaper removal or throw filthy diapers away from the old-fashioned way, nothing can make your home odor like an outhouse faster than a day-old used diaper.

If you invest in a quality air cleaner, you will be amazed how much the smell in your baby’s room and home will smell sweet.

  • Garbage

Have you ever forgotten to take the garbage out after leaving raw chicken fat or old vegetables in your trash sack?

If you have been unlucky enough to undergo the smell of a day-old garbage can full of decaying meat or old vegetables, then you know how difficult it can be to rid your house of the smell, even after you have cleared the trash sack and cleaned out the garbage can. It also gives a bad impression to every person who enters your home.

Relatively than trying to hide the smell with an air freshening spray, use an air filter to entrap the lingering, stinky particles that have escaped into the air from your rubbish can. As the particles become entangled in the air filter, the smell of your home will enhance significantly.

How do Air purifiers Remove Odor?

Air cleaners work by using fans to draw in danders from the air. The identical particles they release depend on the type of air cleaner.

Some purifiers use negative ion emitting technology, which allows them to attract particles. Regardless, the EPA alerts that these air purifiers can discharge ozone emissions into the home, a health hazard.

HEPA filters prepared for home use have no widely acknowledged definition of a good version so quality may vary across products. They also need to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s policies. In addition, the power of HEPA filters to remove viruses is difficult, so they formed an independent inquiry into this.

All air purifiers are not made equally, and specific filter media are pretty good at clearing odors, while other filters will not remove any.

Generally, a HEPA air purifier can dramatically improve your indoor air quality. Still, it is important to make sure you get a model that suits your needs and will work effectively in the size of your area.

Anyone with small children, smokers, or pets in the house knows all too well that room deodorizers and air fresheners only mask the smell temporarily and don’t solve your real air cleaning needs.


No matter what type of undesirable odor you presently have in your house, a suitable air cleaner will help decrease or destroy it and make the air you respire more nutritious and refreshed.

Above mentioned, all the information will help you make your home free of smells and germs.

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