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Top 10 Best Garage Heaters for Warm Working Conditions

The garage heater has the property of warming up large spaces in a quick time. Selecting the correct type of heater will ensure that you get the required temperature without burdening your monthly power bill. Besides, it will also ensure your safety, comfort, and convenience while heating your garage space.

We are reviewing the top 10 best garage heaters available in the market, each having some or other unique features. You can shortlist a few among them to finally select the most suitable heater by referring to the detailed buyer’s guide presented after the review section.

10 Best Garage Heaters

1. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Propane Radiant Heater Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Propane Radiant Heater 

The F232000 MH9BX is a radiant heater that is suitable for spaces up to 200 ft2. It has a rating of 4,000-9,000 BTU. The heater connects with a propane cylinder of 1 pound capacity. It comprises a swivel regulator to facilitate easy-changeover from cylinder to standard gas connection. The heater has auto shut-off safety systems for tip-over, low oxygen levels, and pilot light turning off.


  • Fast heating
  • Affordable
  • Compact and Portable
  • Dual heating
  • Impressive safety features


  • Not Suitable for a large garage area


The highly portable heater is perfect for your small to medium garage areas and also a good option for camping purposes.

2. STANLEY 655704 High-Velocity Blower Fan STANLEY 655704 High-Velocity Blower Fan 

The STANLEY 655704 is a perfect heater to warm your garage area. It has the patented pivoting action that facilitates changing the blower’s direction to heat the intended area. The blower has three high-velocity adjustable speeds to provide extreme comfort in harsh weather conditions. The portable heater has a convenient handle to carry it from one place to the other.


  • Patented pivoting fan-head
  • Three high-velocity speeds
  • Convenient to carry handles
  • Dual 120V power supply outlets


  • High noise level


If you are looking for a garage heater that offers you all the essential features at an affordable price range, the STANLEY 655704 is the perfect heater for you.

3. Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage

The Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater is a heavy-duty heater for large-size garages. The heater has an in-built thermostat. You can adjust the temperature in the range of 45 to 135 degrees F. The heater has provision for wall mounting as well as ceiling mounting. It has effective protection for over-heating. The FUH has the mechanism to keep the fan running after switching off until the heaters cool down. 


  • In-built Thermostat for comfortable heating
  • Heavy-duty
  • Wall and ceiling mounting
  • Over-heating shut-off


  • Poor Assembly


If you search for a heavy-duty flexible mounting heater for indoor and outdoor spaces, the FUH electric heater offers a great option.

4. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space HeaterLasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

A sleek and stylish heater, the Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater is one of its kind. The heater blows high-velocity air to warm, distant spaces of your garage area. With a rating of 1500 Watt, the heater is suitable for areas up to 300 ft2. For safety purposes, the heater has auto over-heat protection. The unit also has a remote control that allows adjusting heat setting, temperature, oscillation, and timer settings.


  • Very high-velocity air
  • Effective heating
  • Highly functional Remote control
  • Sleek and compact
  • Highly portable


  • Not effective for large spaces


If you want a high-performance, compact, and stylish heater, the user-friendly Lasko 751320 ceramic tower provides you with a wonderful option.

5. NewAir G56 5600 Watt Garage Heater NewAir G56 5600 Watt Garage Heater

The NewAir G56 5600 watt garage heater is a powerful heater to warm your large garage. The heater has a temperature range from 45 to 95 and can heat areas as large as 800 ft2. The heater offers an effective overheat protection system. The manually adjustable thermostats are very easy to use. The heater is highly portable- thanks to the compact size, lightweight, and easy to carry handles.


  • Effective large area heating
  • Highly durable
  • Portable
  • Easy-to-adjust thermostat


  • Doesn’t include mounting brackets


If you want a rugged, durable, and portable appliance to heat your large area garage effectively, the NewAir G56 5600 watt garage heater will be a perfect choice for your purpose.

6. Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater 

The self-regulating Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater is a strong, sturdy, and a highly durable heating option for your garage area. The heater has a unique pivoting arrangement to adjust the direction of heating. The 1500 watt heater comprises a thermostat for controlling the temperature and three different fan settings to select low-speed, high-speed, and fan-only settings.


  • Three fan settings
  • Pivot arrangement for adjusting the direction of the heating
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Highly convenient carry handles
  • Pre-assembled


  • Restricted upward rotation


Want a garage heater that is highly powered, stylish, and comfortable? Go no beyond Lasko 675919 Stanley.

7. Cadet RCP502S 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater Cadet RCP502S 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater

The Cadet RCP502S is a portable heater with a rating of 5,000 watts. It is suitable for large garage areas that are not easy to heat. It is a highly durable appliance made with 20-gauge steel material. Besides, the structure has a baked-on powder coating to enhance the durability of the unit. While the heater offers comfort during winter, running with a fan-only setting will offer high comfort during summers.


  • Suitable for large areas
  • Silent running
  • Quick to heat
  • Compact and lightweight


  • A shade expensive


The RCP502S 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater is one of the best options for effective heating of large garage areas.

8. Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater 

Another classic product from Mr. Heater’s house– the MHVFB30NGT, is an ideal heating option for garage areas spanning up to 1000 ft2. The heater has an adjustable thermostat that offers controlled and comfortable heating during the coldest of days. The heater runs on Natural Gas. The included electronic ignition system makes it extremely easy to start the appliance.


  • Very effective for large areas
  • Low running cost
  • No odors
  • Easy to start


  • Blower doesn’t come with the packaging


If you don’t want to be dependent on the electrical power supply, the MHVFB30NGT Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater offers you a great option for heating your large garage.

9. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A 

The DR-988A Infrared heater is a great heating solution for many hard-to-heat large areas, including your garage. The portable unit has a temperature range of 45-95 degrees F. The heater is pretty silent and generates a noise level as low as 45dB.


  • Suitable for large areas
  • Low noise level
  • Highly portable
  • Direct object heating


  • The thermostat is not very easy to adjust


This small-sized heater provides comfortable heating for large areas. The highly portable unit has an added advantage of silent operation.

10. TPI Corporation Wave Heat Electric Portable Phase Three Salamander TPI Corporation Wave Heat Electric Portable Phase Three Salamander 

The TPI Corporation Wave Heat electric heaters offer unique cylindrical shape heaters. It is powerful and heats the spaces very fast. The heater has a temperature range of 40 to 100 degrees F. It comprises a thermostat to adjust the temperature. The appliance uses very high-quality heavy-duty wire for high durability and safety.


  • High-quality wiring
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Compact


  • No cords with the heater


This electric heater is very effective for small insulated areas. If you want a quiet environment while heating your garage area, your search ends with the TPI Corporation Wave Heat electric.

Garage Heaters Buying Guide

So, these were the top 10 best garage heaters to provide you warm and comfortable working conditions. You might have selected a few heaters among the reviewed ones that broadly match your requirements. We recommend you refer to the buyer’s guide here to finalize the best one for your garage.

What to Look for in a Garage Heater

Power Rating 

This is one of the basic parameters to know before buying the garage heater. The power rating will depend on the size of the garage area that you intend to heat. Generally, heaters with a power rating of around 4-5kW work effectively for large spaces like a garage.

To find out the appropriate rating, you should measure the room size and select the heater accordingly. A little higher rating is better as the manufacturer’s power rating is evaluated considering the ideal room condition.

Type of Heater

There are many different types of heaters available to warm your garage space.

Fan-forced heater

This is one of the most popular types of heaters. It comes fitted with a fan and can quickly warm up small to medium-sized garages. 

Radiant or infrared garage heater

These heaters use infrared radiation to heat space. Rather than heating the in-between air, these heaters directly heat the objects. These heaters provide a more comfortable heating effect as compared to conventional heaters.

Diesel, kerosene, or natural gas heater 

These heaters are ideal for the garage space having no electricity supply or for the areas where electricity is costlier. They are available in fixed or portable types. You can select as per your need. These heaters, however, are not safe to operate in an enclosed area. 

Safety Features 

The safety of the individuals and their surroundings is of utmost importance while working in a garage. Different manufactures provide different safety features to ensure the safe working of the heaters. The following are some of these safety features.

  • Auto Tip Shut-off system will shut off the heater in case of the heater tips over for any reason.  
  • The cool-to-touch feature ensures that the heater protective grill is cool even when it is running and does not cause skin-burns to touch it. It is particularly important if there is a probability of kids and pets coming inside your garage.
  • The auto shut-off feature ensures that the heater shuts off automatically as soon as the desired temperature is achieved. This prevents excessive heating of the heater and eventual breakdown or fire.
  • A shock-proof heater body does not give you a shock if you touch the heater accidentally or otherwise.

You should check the catalog to ensure that there are enough safety features in the garage heater that you decide to buy.


The garage heater’s high portability helps you carry the heater from one place to another without any problem. This gives you the flexibility of using a single heater for multiple rooms, one after the other.

Small heaters are generally lightweight and therefore have very high portability without any additional transportation arrangement. The bigger heaters, however, require caster wheels and handle arrangements for desired portability.


There are many additional features apart from the features enlisted above. They include,

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Direction adjustability
  • Remote control
  • Temperature display and so on.

Power Cord Length

Garage areas are generally large. So, you may need to place it at a distance from the main power supply outlets. For this, you must ensure that there is enough cord length available with the heater to place it at different garage locations without needing any extension. 


Maintenance is necessary to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and durability of any appliance. So, while selecting the best garage heater, ensure that it has minimal wear and tear. It would also help if you also tried to select the heater with low maintenance requirements and easy-to-do repairs.  

How to heat your garage efficiently

There are a few important factors that you should follow to get the most efficient and safest performance of your garage heater.

  • It is essential to place the heater at a proper location.
    • The heater should be placed off the floor and other surfaces.
    • Avoid placing the heater near an entrance and exit door. This can create an unsafe condition if the heater tips over during a situation requiring an emergency exit.
    • Mounting the heater over the wall or the ceiling is the safest way to keep it out of anyone’s reach. However, you may require the help of a technician to mount the heater safely on the wall.
  • To get the best heating effect, you should choose the direction of the heater towards your workplace. In case there is more than one workplace, you should adjust the heater’s direction to heat the center portion of the garage.
  • You should ensure that the heat does not escape from any unwanted opening for the most efficient heating. You should also ensure proper insulation of the garage space to prevent unnecessary heat loss from the walls, roof, doors, windows, and other garage surfaces.

Benefits of the Best Electric Garage Heater

Electric garage heaters offer many benefits over other types of heaters. The following are some of those benefits offered by the best electric garage heater.

Provides Comfort

The heater helps in keeping your garage area warm and cozy. Working in a warm area provides you a comfortable atmosphere and helps in improving your efficiency, as well. 

Improves sustainability

The best electric garage heater combats the harsh cold weather conditions effectively by avoiding the garage space’s freezing. It helps in making the area more sustainable. 

Extends life of Garage 

Avoiding your garage from freezing and keeping it warm helps in preventing wear and tear of the area. It, therefore, helps in reducing the maintenance requirements and in enhancing the life of the garage. 

Improves efficiency of the vehicles

No vehicle functions properly in a frozen condition. Vehicles resting in the garage also need protection from the low chilling temperatures. By providing a warm atmosphere, electric garage heaters help enhance the efficiency and performance of these vehicles.


Electrical heaters are very easy to use. It does not require any technical know-how to operate these heaters. 

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Most of the electric garage heaters are almost maintenance-free or, at the most, have very low maintenance requirements. You only need to engage the expert once in a while to check the heater, which is mostly a preventive measure.

Works Safely

Manufacturers provide many safety features in the modern electric heaters to ensure their safe working inside your garage.

Affordable prices

With a lot of technological advancement coupled with an increase in demand, electrical heaters now come in a much more affordable price range than before and compare to the other types of heaters.


Garage heaters offer multiple benefits during cold weather conditions. There are many different types of garage heaters available in the market. In this article, we reviewed the top 10 best garage heaters to help you select the best heater for your specific purpose. We hope that the reviews and the buyer guide presented here were useful in identifying the most suitable heater for your garage area.

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