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Are Air Purifiers Worth The Money?

Wondering if an air purifier will be worth your hard-earned money?


Air purifiers are a must-have for everyone to ensure a safe and hygienic indoor environment.

There are other excellent benefits as well! Read on till the end to find out.

Are Air Purifiers a Waste Of Money?

Air Purifiers may often be seen as a luxury, only fit for rich people. But that is not true! In fact, on the contrary, an air purifier is a mandatory necessity one cannot do without it nowadays.

Buying air purifiers has absolutely nothing to do with someone’s financial condition. It is a must-have.

Ever since the beginning of industrialization, air pollution has been a problem. But never before has this problem become so fatally dangerous.

People back then did not even imagine that air pollution could become such a huge health hazard. So toxic releases from vehicles and harmful industrial emissions have been released for years without any checks.

And today, this issue has become so uncontrollably magnified that it threatens our life at every step.

Indoor air pollution may trigger various health issues, from asthma attacks and respiratory problems to cardiovascular damage and cognitive impairments. So unless you want to compromise on your overall well-being, air purifiers are not a waste of money!

Are air purifiers worth the investment?

We all work hard throughout the year to earn money. Nobody would want to spend their hard-earned money on some trivially useless purchase.

So it is completely justified to ask if buying air purifiers is worth your money or not. Yes, air purifiers are worth the investment, but you need to get the right one for your needs.

Air Purifiers For Dust, Mold Spores

Dust is a problem. Mold spores are an even bigger issue. This is because they adapt to change and are highly self-propagating organisms.

So if you hold a moldy rug, the mold spores migrate to your hands and use your hand as a suitable environment for reproduction and multiplication. This triggers potentially dangerous infections and diseases.

The problem is that most people do not know that mold spores are not only the dusty film visible on rugs, carpets, and walls. These highly infectious microorganisms are present in the air and are often invisible.

Mold spores can trigger anything from mild sneezing and rashes to reddening eyes and other severe health conditions. Air purifiers are a savior!

HEPA air purifiers are highly recommended by health experts for removing dust and mold spores from indoor air. They work wonders, effectively removing spore particles from the air and surfaces.

Air Purifiers Control Allergies And Asthma

Asthma symptoms are triggered by even the slightest presence of dust, pollens, or spore particles.

Asthma symptoms range from coughing and wheezing to extreme chest congestion and difficulty breathing in a severe asthma attack.

Asthma attacks can be fatal if left unchecked for a long time. Dust allergies are also quite commonly found in the majority of people. Air purifiers are a necessity for asthma patients and people susceptible to allergies.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters trap dust particles, smoke, Pollen grains, pet hair, and other tiny allergens. They efficiently trap and remove these impurities from the air.

Air Purifiers Remove Odors

Air Purifier removes odor

Yes. Absolutely! An air purifier takes care of big and serious issues like neurological or respiratory issues to smaller problems like bad odor in rooms. They are the one-stop solution for every indoor environment issue.

Air purifiers remove foul odor from the room by an air circulating mechanism. They circulate the indoor air to keep it flowing.

It then uses a carbon filter to trap the chemicals causing the bad odor. Thus it removes bad smells easily while also preventing air quality from deterioration.

Air purifiers are the best and safest way to ensure an odor-free and healthy room environment.

Air purifiers For Pet Owners

Pet owners have to be extra careful. Pets can be your best friends until and unless their hair and dander start flowing around in your room. This is a very commonly faced issue for pet owners. But they pose high risks.

Animal fur and dander may be anywhere—on your clothes, in the air, rugs, carpets, and even food! This may trigger severe asthma attacks in patients and other digestive problems if consumed with food.

So it is wise to install an air purifier to avoid unnecessary emergencies. HEPA air purifiers are the best for pet dander and fur removal.

They remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, much smaller than the size of pet hair. Get rid of your pet fur problems with an air purifier!

Air Purifiers For Viruses And Bacteria

Suppose you are wondering if sir purifiers remove viruses and bacteria, yes! They do.

Many air purifiers claim to trap and even kill viruses and bacteria. However, it is to be kept in mind that the best HEPA air purifiers trap disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

However, they cannot kill them. Instead, they remove them entirely from the air by its trapping mechanism.

Hence to maintain optimum air quality, you must keep your house cleaned regularly, apart from installing air purifiers.

Do I Need an Air Purifier?

Of course, you need it. However, some precautions are necessary to watch out for. Read on to find out.

Things Why I Need Air Purifier

As mentioned above, you need air purifiers for seriously big problems like asthma attacks, airborne diseases, and cardiovascular or neurological damage. You also can use purifiers to solve trivial issues like bad odor problems or dust allergies.

Things Why I Don’t Need Air Purifier

Some old models of air purifiers emit ozone as a by-product of the purification process. This further aggravates asthma problems.

So please buy only HEPA air purifiers. They are the best. They also do not kill bacteria completely.


Do air purifiers filter Covid?

HEPA air purifiers can remove germ particles as small as 0.3 microns. And the size of the Covid virus is a few nanometers, much larger than 0.3 microns.

So HEPA purifiers trap any virus particle that passes through, rendering your home safe. Although they cannot kill the viruses and they still stay alive on the purifier filter surface, they eventually die after being trapped for so long inside.

This is unless you decide to open the filter and let back the virus onto your skin and inside your room!

There are air purifiers that are tested for covid, and you have a guarantee that, for example, AirDocotr air purifiers easily filter covid particles.

Where is the best place for keeping air purifiers?

It would help if you did not put your air purifier too high in your room since pollutants eventually settle down.

So it should be kept at a lower level for efficient filtering. Also, do not place it near the window. Air purifiers are designed to work best in closed environments.

Near windows, pollutants come in randomly at high speeds. So air purifiers cannot filter efficiently. The best way to place an air purifier is to do family activities.

You can keep it in your dining space so family members can enjoy their activities without any odor or deterioration of air quality. But please keep changing the position of your air purifier by shifting it between rooms.

How do I know if I even need an air purifier?

Owing to the increasing rate of air pollution nowadays, it is recommended for everyone to install an air purifier for safety.

However, if your area has adjacent industries nearby or has much more vehicle traffic, it is high time you buy an air purifier. Also, if you have pets, you need to buy air purifiers.

Final Word

We hope you now have all your doubts answered. You should buy an air purifier since a hygienic environment means long, healthy, and disease-free life!

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