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AirDoctor Replacement Filters

Why do we need an air filter? Well, everyone needs clean air to breathe in, that’s why!

Your job doesn’t end with buying an air filter because it requires frequent maintenance, such as filter replacement.

The AirDoctor air purifiers have quite a reputation in this field. They have options for every indoor setting, from sizes to modes and uses. The basic idea is to have an air purifier that filters the surrounding air.

An air filter plays the most important role in the whole mechanism. Proceeding content mentions the different models of Air Doctor air purifiers. The assembling, replacing, and use of other Air Doctors are mentioned.

So, dive in to have complete insight.

Air Doctor 1000 Replacement Filters

Carbon/VOC Filter

Air Doctor 1000 Carbon VOC filter

Your house may be contaminated with VOCs, which you might be unaware of. VOCs are the Volatile Organic Compounds that are present in your homes. They may be at low levels or increase gradually. And yes, they are harmful.

However, long-term inhaling of VOCs can lead to major health issues. Thus, a VOC filter is vital when making your surroundings harmless and clean. The carbon in these filters removes the VOCs in the air.

Air Doctor 1000 comes with a filter, and they are readily available for replacements. According to the everyday use of the air filter, a VOC filter should be replaced at least every 6 months.

Ironically, VOCs are also byproducts of many house cleaning agents. Even electronics and makeup products all play a part in off-gassing VOCs at some point.

Hence at the end of the day, a purifier with a VOC filter is important if you are looking forward to breathing toxin-free air.

UltraHEPA Filter + Pre-filter

Air Doctor 1000 UltraHEPA Filter

The Air Doctor air purifier has a pre-filter and an UltraHEPA filter. The pre-filter connects to the HEPA filter itself. And it is this Ultra HEPA filter that distinguishes AirDoctor from other air purifiers.

This filter can filter up to 0.003 microns of contaminants and particles. The pre-filter usually filters the dander, hair, pollen, and other particles.

It keeps the larger pollutants from reaching the other two filters. And since it is built-in with the Ultra HEPA filter, individual replacement is not an issue. However, the particles from the Pre-filter can go off quickly.

On the other hand, the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is recommended to be replaced every 6 months in the Air Doctor 1000. The HEPA filter is available separately and in a set, along with the Carbon/ VOC filter. The filtration of viruses, mold spores, micropollens, and other contaminants occurs by the UltraHEPA filter.

For any filter to work best, the CADR and the room size coverage are the most vital features to consider. The Clean Air Delivery Rate is the configuration that decides the air filter’s performance.

It is calculated keeping the room size in mind and the coverage the filter can perform. An Air Doctor 1000 can filter 285 sq. ft. 4x/hour and 570 sq. ft. 2x/hour. Any space bigger than the mentioned will require you to consider a more compatible model.

How To Replace Air Doctor 1000 Filters 

The ideal period is replacing the filters on an AirDoctor 1000 every 6 months. The method is easy and quick, making replacement a breeze.

  • The unit must be turned off and plugged out before replacing the filters.
  • The filters can be accessed from the rear end of the purifier. Remove the cover from the rear by pulling the lid towards yourself from the upper end.
  • Carefully pull out the filters onto the top and bottom tabs.
  • The outer one is the UltraHEPA filter with the Pre-filter. The inside one is the carbon / VOC filter. The AirDoctor 1000 filters come as a set, and the complete unit is replaced. If complete set replacement is the task, both filters will be removed and replaced.
  • Slide the filters back into the rear of the appliance.
  • Place the cover first into the bottom grooves and click on it from the top. Make sure that the cover is not loose.
  • Plug the AirDoctor and reset the Change Filter indication. This is done by holding the ION and DIM buttons together for 3 to 5 seconds or until the sign disappears.

Your AirDoctor 1000’s filters are replaced, and you can start purifying the air again.

Air Doctor 3500 Replacement Filters


AirDoctor 3000 Replacement Pre-Filter

The pre-filter is a screen for the other two significant filters. It attracts and traps the larger pollutants that are always part of the house: dust, hair, visible smoke, ash, and animal dander. If you are a pet owner, pre-filters add extra precaution and care.

They are excellent at eliminating the nasty dander that may be causing allergies. They filter out the tiny hair and fur from the air before carrying it to the other filters.

Pre-filters in an Air Doctor 3500 are attached to the Carbon / VOC filters. They are like a thin layer of sponge or mesh covering the other filter. Usually, the other 2 filters need replacement every 6 months and after a year.

Since Pre-filters are likely to get dirty faster than the other filters, they can be cleaned. You can occasionally brush off the trapped particles from it or even vacuum away to make it as good as new. The debris, fur, and hair build-up can also clog the Pre-filter.

Or, if need be, you can remove the Pre-filters and replace them. They are available as separate filters, and you can buy them easily. Taking care of them prolongs their lifetime. however, they can replace either of the two filters. You can replace the Pre-filter too.

Carbon Gas Trap/VOC Filter

AirDoctor 3000 Carbon Gas Trap VOC Replacement Filter

VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are more common than you can imagine. Renovations, new furniture, and floorings all give outgasses. Over the long run, these toxic gasses become very harmful pollutants. Especially people prone to allergies and asthma are more sensitive to them.

These have a more damaging effect on young and older ones. Hence, air purifiers play an important role in getting rid of them. The carbon-activated filters (usually charcoal) trap the air-borne chemicals.

They get adsorbed onto the carbon filter bed and remain stuck until the filter is replaced. The AirDoctor 3500 VOC filter has a larger surface area than the AirDoctor 1000.

UltraHEPA Filter

AirDoctor 3000 UltraHEPA 
Replacement Filter

Air Doctor 3500 comprises the UltraHEPA filter that can filter up to 0.003 microns of contaminants. These are the tiniest of particles in the air. Breathing in clean or at least less harmful air is the main aim of anyone acquiring an air purifier.

Ultra/HEPA Filter ensures maximum pollutants filter out from the atmosphere. The pleated air filter removes 99.97% of dust, mold spores, airborne bacteria, and even pollen. This filter requires replacement in the AirDoctor 3500 once every year.

The ability of these filters in this model is up to 638 sq. Ft of room area 4x/hour and for an area of 1.274 sq. ft. 2x/hour. Hence, a room with a bigger capacity will need to consider the type of air purifier.

On the other hand, having a small purifier for a bigger area will not give the desired outcome or will take longer to clean the air. Moreover, the filters might need replacement earlier than their expected life.

How To Replace Air Doctor 3500 Filters

AirDoctor 1000 and AirDoctor 3500 have very different filters in size and shape. The 3500 model is big; hence, the filters are too.

The shape differs, with AirDoctor 1000 having cylindrical filters as part of the compact model. Meanwhile, the Air Doctor 3500 has rectangular filters according to its shape and dimensions. But replacing filters is very easy regardless of size, weight, or shape.

  • Turn off the device and unplug it.
  • Remove the cover from the front. The cover pops off when pushed outwards from the sides.
  • The first filter facing you is the Pre-filter attached to the Carbon/VOC Filter. This Pre-filter can be, as mentioned earlier, vacuumed frequently.
  • Replacing the Pre-filter will also mean replacing the Carbon/VOC filter. Thereupon, it is better to wait for the replacement of the Carbon/VOC filter to get a new Pre-filter as well.
  • The rest of the time, it can be cleaned manually. You can remove the filter as it slides outwards when you pull on the little tag that’s attached to it. Or hold it and pull it out.
  • The next filter is the UltraHEPA filter with a weaved platform. Remove that, too, if you intend to replace it. Otherwise, you can only remove and replace the Carbon/VOC filter.
  • The lid can be fixed back on once the filters are removed and replaced. Plug the air purifier.
  • Press the ION and the DIM buttons together for 5 seconds until the change filter indicator is turned off. And your AirDictor 3500 is ready to get back to work.

Air Doctor 5500 Replacement Filters

So here we have the actual Pro of all the air purifiers. Designed for large rooms and open kitchens, this Air Doctor 5500 has a large room coverage. The air circulation is 1,001 sq. ft. 4x/hour or 2,001 sq. ft. 2x/hour. So, this is the device for your high-ceiling rooms or spacious halls.


AirDoctor 5000 Permanent Pre-Filters

The Air Doctor 5500 has double the number of filters than its previous versions. Which, of course, includes 2 Pre-filters as well. Replacing Pre-filters is not a serious agenda. You can vacuum once a month to prolong their life. Moreover, you can easily replace the other two filters because they are made of durable material and are less of an issue.

The best way to clean these Pre-filters is by vacuuming them often. Pre-filters are responsible for trapping fine dust particles and hair that may be present in the air.

Besides, if you are a pet owner, the Pre-filters take the fur and the dander, too. It is the first filter that the circulating air has to pass through. So, the larger pollutants, including anything airborne, will be trapped in it.

The Pre-filter is like a mesh. There aren’t any sticky particles to deal with, and the structure is not very complex. You can clean them often. However, if they damage over the long run, their replacement would be the best option for the air purifier’s efficiency.

Carbon Gas Trap/VOC Filter

AirDoctor 5000 Carbon Gas Trap VOC Replacement Filter

With Air Doctor 5500, you get twice the filtration of VOCs and other gaseous pollutants. Not only these, but insignificant odors filter out, too. Not all VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are harmful, but studies suggest that toxic VOCs at low levels are alarming.

Over a long period, inhaling these low levels, too, can result in potential health problems. VOCs are released into the air by the process of off-gassing.

They can be in various products that are very common in a house. Paint, personal care products, carpets, glues, etc., are all toxic-release VOCs.

Thus, an air purifier must be able to eradicate these VOCs. The activated carbon in these filters plays a part. The gas molecules stick to the carbon (charcoal) and adsorb it.

We do not quote it as absorbed because the gasses do not. When you do not replace the filters, they release the VOCs back into the air. The reason is that they have either run out of space or the conditions are not favorable. Overall, bad odors, asthma-inducing gasses, and other toxins filter from the air.

UltraHEPA Filter

AirDoctor 5000 UltraHEPA Replacement Filter

The Pre-filter has taken care of the flying pollutants, and the Carbon/VOC filter has eliminated the toxic gasses. An UltraHEPA filter handles the remaining particles that must be cleared from the air.

The fabric is woven and folded, increasing the filter’s surface area. This allows the air to filter all the invisible particles to the human eye. An Air Doctor’s UltraHEPA filter can trap up to 0.003 micron-sized particles. This size of particles is microscopic.

This ability to filter the finest bits makes Air Doctor stand out from the rest of the air purifiers. And being able to trap the tiniest of particles ensures 99.97% of air purification.

And since the Air Doctor 5500 consists of two filters, the results are more than assuring. This device can circulate the air in 1,001 sq. ft. 4 times an hour or 2.001 sq. ft. 2 times an hour.

How To Replace Air Doctor 5500 Filters

The Air Doctor 5500 has 6 filters—3 on either side of the purifier and one of each type. Both sides must get the best results to replace any one type of filter.

  • The air purifier must be off, and the cord must be removed from the electric supply.
  • Firstly, we remove the outer lid of one of the sides.
  • The first filter is the Pre-filter, which traps dust and pollutants. You can use a vacuum to remove the build-up and particles it holds. It can change if you replace all the filters. Removing the Pre-filter needs a little budging from the top or the bottom.
  • Secondly, it’s the Carbon Gas Trap Filter, which, too, can easily slide off.
  • Thirdly is the UltraHEPA filter, which can also be smoothly removed.
  • All the 3 filters are then replaced and assembled back one by one in the order they were initially there. First, it’s the Ultra HEPA Filter on the innermost side. Then, there is the Carbon/VOC, and then, finally, the Pre-filter.
  • Once all the filters are in place, the lid returns, and one side of the filter replacement is complete.
  • The other side requires the same procedure for replacing the filters.
  • Once both sides are done, your Air Doctor 5500 is ready to work.
  • The AirDoctor 5500 filters require changing once every 6 months for the Carbon/VOC filter and once a year for the UltraHEPA filter.

How Much Do AirDoctor Replacement Filters Cost?

The AirDoctor filters are available for replacement on their official website. They vary in price according to the model you need the filter for.

The complete filter set for the Air Doctor 1000 is available for around $80.

All three types of filters are placed together in the Air Doctor 1000. The Pre-filter, the Carbon/VOC filter, and the UltraHEPA filter come as a single pack. The replacement period for these filters is 6 months.

The filters for AirDoctor 3500 are available for purchase. The UltraHEPA filter is around $80. The Carbon /VOC filter, too, is for around $80. However, the Pre-filter is available in a pack of three for just around $20.

For the Air Doctor 3500, the Carbon /VOC filter needs replacement every 6 months. Meanwhile, the UltraHEPA needs replacement once a year. The pre-filters are safe to maintain by vacuuming them once a month and replacing them when needed. The Pre-filters can also change when replacing the other two.

A one-year combo pack is also available for this device. It rounds off to around $145. The pack includes 1 UltraHEPA Filter and 2 VOC filters.

AirDoctor 3000 Filters One Year Combo Pack

Similarly, another combo pack is available for Air Doctor 3500 users for further convenience. This bundle comprises 2 Filters and 4 Carbon/VOC Filters. It is a 2 years combo pack for around $249.

AirDoctor 3000 Replacement Filters - Two Year Combo Pack

For Air Doctor 5500, the filters are available in pairs. Each pair of UltraHEPA and VOC filters is around $125. at the same time, the Pre-filters pair is for about $35.

These filters also come in combo packs. One-year and two-year combo packs are available. The one-year pack contains 2 HEPA filters and 4 VOC filters. The price for this bundle is around $355.

AirDoctor 5000 Filters One Year Combo Pack

The one for 2 years has 4 HEPA filters and 8 Carbon filters. The price tag on this set is $700.

AirDoctor 5000 Replacement Filters - Two Year Combo Pack

All the items you will order have additional shipping charges. So, consider what’s in your best interest and economical at the same time.

In Conclusion

Knowing your climate, surrounding plants, and more before deciding on the purifier is crucial. What’s outside affects what’s inside. Similarly, your health, sensitivity to chemicals, the humidity, and the floor on which you will.

Gathering and utilizing the information will help you get the best Air Doctor model that gives an efficient output. Being the leading manufacturers in the industry, there is just a suitable device for everyone.

Regular cleaning of the Pre-filters and following the indication of the change of filters will keep things running smoothly. Every appliance demands care and consideration. AirDoctor air purifiers are no different. Since they care for your surroundings, their maintenance will eventually be positive for you.

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