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TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Review

Air is the source of life. But what if you come to know that the air we breathe is not the source of life but a cause affecting our life? Confused? Over the years, the population has been on the rise, causing adverse effects on the environment. The increasing pollution and the decreasing greenery all have led to a scarcity of clean air.

Hold your breath if you thought of breathing easy, thinking air pollution is a problem outside and not within the home. You will be shocked to know that external and indoor air are also prone to pollution, resulting in various health issues.

You may be thinking, how to address the issue? Considering that reducing pollutants in the external air is a cumulative effort, all you can do is, do your bit. Still, it may not impact the quality of the external unless everyone does their bit. However, the silver lining is that you can address the issue of indoor air pollution.

Good news, isn’t it. Yes, driven by a mission to make indoor air clean and pure, many scientists have been working hard, which resulted in the introduction of air purifiers. As the name says it all, these machines are a boon to humanity. Designed in different capacities, there is a range of Air purifiers in the market that cater to all living spaces. However, we bring you the TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System, one of the finest and most successful Air Purifier models out of the array of options.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Review

Here is a sneak peek into every detail of the air purifier, which helps you know whether it suits your requirement.


  • Perfect for large spaces
  • Wheels make it easy to move
  • Compact design that caters to a bigger size. This makes it a minute addition to the living space.
  • Suitable for office spaces too


  • Considering the market has many well-designed machines options, this one’s exterior design is straightforward and basic. However, if you are particular about the look and feel of almost everything that infuses your living space, then TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System is not the choice.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Design And Size

The purifier’s size is 15.5″ W x 15.5″ D x 17.5″ H and can easily be mistaken for a side table. The size and shape make it exactly look so.

It weighs 37 lbs. Though there are wheels, you can also lift them easily.

The purifier comes in a single color, i.e., white. Therefore, it can easily slip into any interior aesthetics.

It has a square body with a closed front and sides. The vents are on the top and the control too.

It has a partially open back that makes the filters accessible.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Portability

It comes with a 6 feet cord that makes it easy to plug in the machine anywhere

It has a 4 wheel design that makes portability easy.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Purifying Power | What Sources of Indoor Pollution Destroy?

With the help of a multi-stage purification process, the air purifier can remove viruses, pollen, bacteria, mold, smoke, VOCs, cooking odors, pet dander, formaldehyde, and more.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Key Features

  • The purifier comes with a CarbonWeb Pre-Filter Cartridge that helps kill toxic and smoke odors, chemicals, gases, and VOC
  • In addition, the machine also has Medical grade and certified true H13 HEPA filter that helps remove harmful dust, particulate, allergens, pet dander, and more to almost 99.99%
  • comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Is made in heavy gauge steel material.
  • It has a detector that indicates filter replacement.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Noise Level

  • The machine comes with 4 fan speeds
  • Like all other purifiers, the noise level in this machine, too, is dependent on the fan speed. The sound levels in different models are as follows:
  1. Whisper Mode- 54 DB
  2. Low- 56 DB
  3. Medium- 57 DB
  4. High- 59 DB

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Power Consumption

If you thought this machine would consume more power as it caters to bigger space, you are wrong.

Thus, the power consumption is 120 volt, 60 Hz, single-phase, 1 amp, 100 watts.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System CADR, ACH, Room Coverage

Standing true to its purpose, this machine is capable of cleaning a room of 1000sft open space.

The CADR and ACH details are 4-speed-85 cfm, 150 cfm, 200 cfm, 250 cfm

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Maintenance and Usage

The purifier is a simple plug-and-play model. Find a corner in the space, plugin, and be sure of clean air.

Both the filters used are not washable.

The CarbonWeb Pre-Filter Cartridge must be replaced every 30-180 days depending on the usage and the quality of air around you.

However, the Medical Grade HEPA filter is robust and has a longevity of up to 5 years.

TRACS Portable EZ-Air Purification System Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the purifier produce Ozone?

No, the machine is made with complete detailing ensuring no release of Ozone.

  • Is the purifier available in any other colors?

No, it is available in only one single color.

  • Are the filters expensive? 

The filters are not expensive. You can either replace them or refill them based on the requirement and budget.

  • Is the purifier energy efficient?

The purifier is insured to be e energy efficient. Even if used continuously, the average increase in electricity bill cost would be $10 a month.

Final Thoughts

In the current scenario wherein we are exposed to many airborne diseases,  it has become important to have an air purifier at our living place.  Thus, be it at a workplace or home, TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System proves to be a worthy addition. Furthermore, as TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System can purify yeah in the largest faces and open places,  it proves to be a multi-utility e error purifier.  Therefore,  if you are looking at an effective,  long-lasting, and assured air purification solution,  then TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System is the best choice.

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