What are All Causes, Prevention, and Treatment For Sick Building Syndrome

A sick building syndrome (SBS) is nothing but a particular medical condition if someone realizes any specific symptoms of feeling unwell or illness for no apparent reason. These symptoms might be increasing in the severity level with the time they spend in the building and develop over time or also disappear when they are out of the building.

Sick Building Syndrome

Identifying SBS:

The primary identification for this SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) is an increased discomfort on the various body parts such as eye, headache, throat irritation, nose, dizziness, fatigue, and also nausea. The severity of these symptoms is linked to the amount of time you spent in the building even though no particular cause or illness can be identified.

Causes of sick building syndrome:

The major causes of the sick building syndrome will be,

  • Flaws in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.
  • Harmful contaminants produced by outgassing of any of the building materials.
  • Development of molds in the various parts of the building.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Light industrial chemicals used.
  • Improper exhaust ventilation of ozone.
  • Lack of enough fresh air intake or air filtration.


The humans who are all exposed to sick building syndrome can get a variety of undesirable health effects. They include,

  • Sensory irritation of the nose, throat or eyes
  • Skin irritation
  • General or neuro-toxic health issues
  • Some infectious disease
  • Non-specific hypersensitivity reactions
  • Odor & taste sensations

Sick Building Syndrome Sources

Important facts:

The sick building syndrome (SBS) has no specific cause in general, but some of the known causes of this illness will be formaldehyde fumes, lead poisoning, and also many other substances with the individual buildings. At the same time, there is no diagnostic test for this syndrome and no particular treatment. The complication of this syndrome could be ranging from the severity of the symptoms and the inability to tolerate staying inside that building.

Can it prevent sick building syndrome?

Prevention of sick building syndrome (SBS) is challenging to diagnose because of the unknown cause, no defined treatments, and no diagnostic tests. But some of the healthcare treatment centers have given the simple prevention methods for this syndrome with the diagnosing of the construction materials and air-moving systems used in the building.

Considerable signs:

Whenever you are looking for the considerable signs of the sick building syndrome, the nosebleeds are the most common ones. The nasal bleeding will spontaneously occur when the membranes in the nose dry out, crack, or crust, especially in the dry climates or the winter season. When the surrounding air is dry and warm from your household heaters, you will experience this sign frequently. For this condition, you don’t need to take any other blood clotting medications because it might be risky with this condition. Some other incline factors include trauma, infection, non-allergic and allergic rhinitis, alcohol abuse, hypertension, and also inherited bleeding problems.

Why is SBS controversial?

Nowadays, SBS, which is sick building syndrome, is highly controversial. Even though many individuals and some of the clinicians hope in this kind of syndrome related to the internal environment of the building, particularly the quality of the indoor air, most of the other clinicians and medical industries don’t believe in this kind of medical syndrome. This is why the controversy exists in the cause and condition of this sick building syndrome because of various reasons. Another main reason for the controversial opinions of this SBS will be that there are no defined causes, symptoms, and also treatments for this syndrome.

Types of medical specialists:

When the employees working in a building or ordinary people living in a house are suffering from illness due to the structure, first of all, you should have to find the right type of medical specialist who can treat this condition. You can go to the primary health care physician or also a pediatrician to usually treat all your sick building syndrome symptoms due to the air quality and other substances in the buildings. Some other medical specialists are also involved in the treatment of this syndrome including,

  • Allergists
  • Specialized building inspectors
  • Immunologists, etc.

All of them can easily determine the cause of health issues and suggest the best ways to solve them.

Other conditions of SBS:

The above-mentioned causes are not only the reason for the development of the sick building syndrome in the males and females, but there are also some other conditions developing this condition in them. They include some of the medical conditions like COPD, asthma, etc. Whenever any of your colleagues or family members will be affected by these diseases, it will also affect you slightly or severely. Some other compounds in the building such as radon, formaldehyde, paint odor, cigarette smoke, or biologics such as black mold, fungi, or the indoor house plants.

Preventative measures:

The following are some of the suggested but beneficial preventative measures for the sick building syndrome in humans. They include,

  • Using ozone in order to remove many sources like molds, VOC, viruses, mildews, bacteria, and even odors.
  • Complete roof cleaning without pressure for the removal of mold, algae, and also Galoecapsa magma.
  • Use of the adhesives, paints, pesticides, and solvents in the well ventilated
  • Replacement of the water-stained carpeting, ceiling and
  • Use of the pollutant sources during the nonworking periods in the company.
  • Frequent and proper maintenance of the HVAC systems.
  • Increasing the number of air exchanges and a lot of medical care specialists are recommending at least a minimum of 8.4 air exchanges within 24 hours.
  • UVC light in the available HVAC plenum.
  • Regular vacuuming the floor using the vacuum cleaner with the HEPA filter is really very essential at all.
  • It increased ventilation rates.

When all of these preventative measures are followed, the employees in a company or the people in the home are not affected by this sick building syndrome.

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