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Top 7 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Reviews

The indoor thermometers are essential as they give you an idea of the inside temperatures, helping you adjust your air conditioner to your comfort level.

However, knowing the outdoor temperatures would help you plan your daily activities in a better way. For example, you can dress up to suit the outside ambient temperature or plan to move out or remain indoors as per the day’s weather forecast.

Selecting the right type of indoor-outdoor thermometer can be challenging, with so many options available in the market. And even more, each brand owner claims its appliance to be better than the others.

Well, to help you out in shopping for the best appliance, we will share with you the reviews of the top 7 indoor-outdoor thermometers. You can select a few among them and finalize the most suitable one by referring to the buyer’s guide provided after the reviews.

Top 7 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

1. Ambient Weather WS-2902B Osprey WiFi 10-in-1Ambient Weather WS-2902B Osprey WiFi 10-in-1

The Ambient Weather WS-2902B Osprey WiFi 10-in-1 is one of the best thermometers available today. The thermometer comprises a color LCD. The sharp and easy-to-read screen can display 10 measurements, including the temperatures, wind velocity & direction, humidity levels, etc.

The thermometer has an array of sensors integrated into a single device and can also monitor rainfall in the area and the localized UV and solar radiations. The best part is that the whole system is wireless. The sensors connect through the radio frequency to the console that displays different monitored readings.

The second level of data transmission is through WiFi connectivity. You can use any WiFi-enabled device to view online weather conditions. These data can be integrated with the world’s largest network of personal weather stations.

You can get reports on different weather parameters to analyze to forecast weather conditions in your local area. 


  • High accuracy
  • Monitoring of 10 different parameters
  • Smart data integration
  • Worth its cost
  • Wireless transmission at two levels
  • Brilliant easy to use LCD


  • Higher price range
  • Difficult to install and setup


Suppose you are looking for a sophisticated, high-tech indoor-outdoor thermometer that can monitor other essential weather parameters. In that case, the Ambient Weather WS-2902B Osprey WiFi 10-in-1 is the perfect choice for you.

2. La Crosse Technology C85845 Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerLa Crosse Technology C85845 Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

The La Crosse Technology C85845 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer is a beautiful appliance for monitoring basic indoor-outdoor temperatures. The bright and alluring screen displays the monitored readings of temperatures, current date & time, and forecast information on the local weather conditions.

The display is pretty user-friendly. You can read the values easily from a distance and adjust the screen’s brightness to get more clarity.

Besides, you can set alarms for extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Moreover, you can also get the maximum & minimum readings of both these parameters every day.

Though it does not monitor multiple parameters, it provides accurate information on whichever parameter it monitors. The console uses the main AC power outlet for continuous operation and a 3AA battery for backup. However, the outside sensor runs on battery power.

You can also opt for an additional radiation shield for higher accuracies of the parameters.


  • Ideal for indoor-outdoor temperature monitoring
  • Very easy-to-read display
  • Easy setup
  • Highly affordable
  • Impressive console


  • No remote monitoring


The La Crosse Technology C85845 is the simplest solution for those looking for an essential indoor-outdoor thermometer. 

3. ThermoPro TP65A Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerThermoPro TP65A Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP65A is one of the market’s most reasonably priced indoor-outdoor thermometers. However, despite being affordable, it does not compromise on its accuracy and is known to be one of the most reliable thermometers in its category.

The big jumbo size 4” LCD screen is user-friendly. Besides, it is highly portable as it runs on battery power. You can mount the unit anywhere per the outside sensor’s range without worrying about the power socket.

Moreover, the unit is very easy-to-read and quite user-friendly. The console also has a backlight to view the readings in the dark.

The screen displays the current temperature and humidity levels on the functional front. In addition, it also shows the all-time maximum & minimum readings of both these parameters.

Moreover, it displays the running trend of temperature & moisture levels to give you a holistic view of your recent ambient conditions. You can use these data to take appropriate actions to adjust the inside conditions to suit your comfort level.

The outdoor sensor has a range of 200ft. You can then mount the sensor and the display accordingly to get the most accurate readings of different parameters. The appliance also can connect with two more sensors.

This feature enables you to monitor two additional locations’ weather conditions, thereby saving on the investment required in monitoring extra locations.

The company endorses the quality of its product by offering a 1-year warranty for all customers. However, you can extend the warranty term to 3 years by registering with the company.


  • Jumbo size screen with backlight
  • Very accurate and reliable
  • Highly affordable
  • Three remote sensors simultaneously
  • 3-year extended warranty


  • No alert system for weather extremities


If you want an accurate, reliable, affordable indoor-outdoor thermometer, the ThermoPro TP65A would be an ideal instrument.

4. Ambient Weather WS-10-X4 Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerAmbient Weather WS-10-X4 Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

The Ambient Weather WS-10-X4 is an ideal indoor-outdoor thermometer for multiple locations. With the capacity to support 8 sensors, the thermometer is handy for large spaces requiring monitoring at multiple places.

The included 4 remote sensors can have additional 5 sensors. Besides, the display unit also has an inbuilt sensor for indoor monitoring. The unit is powered by a battery that lasts long, avoiding frequent replacement. Besides, it offers high portability to the console.

The unit can accurately measure the temperatures and the humidity levels inside and outside the home on the basic function. It can also allow you to set the visible and audible alerts for parameters deviating from the set values. 


  • Can monitor 8 different locations
  • Alert for deviation in parameters
  • Durable battery
  • High portability
  • Highly affordable


  • The display is not pretty impressive & user-friendly


For a basic indoor-outdoor thermometer for a large area covering multiple locations, the Ambient Weather WS-10-X4 offers a perfect solution.

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5. La Crosse Technology V10-TH Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerLa Crosse Technology V10-TH Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

The La Crosse Technology V10-TH is a pocket-friendly indoor-outdoor thermometer having impressive high-tech support functionalities. The basic functionalities include monitoring the temperature and humidity of the inside and outside premises.

Besides, it displays full calendar and time functions, including the date, weekday, and the current time. Moreover, the instrument has a big range of 400ft from the sensor.

The La Crosse Technology V10-TH offers these basic services using high technology channels most reliably and accurately. The appliance can provide access to online weather forecasts via WiFi connectivity.

To add to the high convenience features, the appliance is capable of remote reporting. The La Crosse View app allows you to monitor all the parameters and set the critical alerts. Besides, you can also receive messages on your smart devices.


  • High range of 400ft
  • Remote reporting through the smart app
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Accurate monitoring


  • No local forecast


If you want a high-tech yet affordable thermometer for your indoor & outdoor needs, the La Crosse Technology V10-TH would be your best choice.

6. Ambient Weather WS-2801A Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerAmbient Weather WS-2801A Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

The Ambient Weather WS-2801A is an advanced instrument to monitor indoor-outdoor temperatures in your apartment.

The model comprises an attractive and user-friendly color display screen that shows the biometric pressure and humidity levels apart from the temperatures. Besides, the instrument can forecast weather for the next 48 hrs.

The sensor has a decent range of 300ft. You can also set alerts for the deviations in different parameters. Besides, you can sync the unit’s clock with the US time to get the accurate time. You can also get the contemporary moon phase.

The unit can also support three more sensors, thus avoiding extra thermometer investment for extra locations.


  • Wire-less thermometer
  • LCD on every sensor
  • 48 hrs forecasting
  • Atomic clock
  • 300ft range


  • Not easy to read the display from certain angles


If you want an advanced wire-less thermometer that can accurately monitor basic temperature, humidity, and pressure, do not look beyond the Ambient Weather WS-2801A thermometer. 

7. La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerLa Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

The La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT is yet another fantastic indoor-outdoor thermometer from the house of La Crosse Technology. The thermometer comprises a digital thermometer along with a remote.

The thermometer sensors can transmit signals to a range of 330ft. This capability offers tremendous flexibility to mount your display unit to your preferred location. The battery-powered display unit gets maximum portability with this feature.

The unit registers daily maximum & minimum temperatures and can do that for up to 3 different sensors. Furthermore, you can select the unit of measurement between Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can also toggle the format of the time between 12/24 Hrs. 


  • Wireless transmission
  • Extra-large easy to read digits
  • Maximum/minimum temperature
  • Wide temperature range
  • 330ft range


  • Battery replacement is pretty difficult


If you want a wireless thermometer that is accurate, robust, and wide temperature range, the La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT will end your search.

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Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer Buying guide

So, these were the reviews of the top 7 best indoor outdoor thermometers available in the market.

You can shortlist 2-3 thermometers that fulfill your broad requirements.

I would recommend that you refer to our buyer’s guide below to get more insights about these special types of thermometers. This will help you in selecting the most suitable thermometer for your purpose.

What is an indoor-outdoor thermometer?

What is an indoor-outdoor thermometer?

An indoor-outdoor thermometer is a special thermometer used to measure the temperature inside and outside a building simultaneously.

The device comprises a thermometer to measure the inside temperature and a remote temperature sensor to measure the outside temperature. It has a screen to display both these temperatures.

What to Consider When Buying an Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer?


Accuracy is one of the most vital factors of any instrument. The thermometers used for residential purposes normally work within an accuracy level of ±2oC. 

This is fine if you use it to plan your daily activities as per the weather conditions like dressing up etc. However, those using it to regulate temperatures in their grain stores or greenhouse would require a more accurate thermometer.


Most thermometers use screens to display the indoor and outdoor temperatures of the building. However, there are a few important display aspects that you should consider while finalizing a thermometer. These factors would help you to get the right information whenever you need it.


The screen size and the fonts are the primary aspects of a good readability. Larger screens offer a clear vision of the displayed readings.

The bigger font size allows you to view the temperatures from a distance. The viewing angle also affects the readability; mainly, a reflection of sunlight on the screen can make it difficult to read the correct readings.

Some models also have a backlight that allows you to view the readings in the dark. 


Different models use different types of power sources. For example, some models use the main powers, while others use the battery as the power source.

Batteries often cannot support the large display screen for a long duration and lose their power quickly, thus dimming the screen brightness. Another flip side with the battery-powered model is that you need to either replace the battery frequently or use rechargeable batteries.

However, battery models offer higher portability than the main power outlet.

The most recommendable option is to have the display screen powered through the main power and backed up by the battery during the power interruption. 


The mounting of an indoor-outdoor thermometer is also a significant factor to consider from multiple angles. Though the thermometers have their inherent accuracy level, the sensors’ mounting can significantly affect the accuracy of temperature readings.

Indoor mounting options should also get similar importance as the outdoor sensors. The indoor display units also have in-built thermal sensors to measure the temperatures.

The display unit comes with varied options. Some come with free-stand tabletop mounting, and others have wall mounting arrangements. The power source would also be a deciding factor for the type & location of mounting.

It would help if you mounted the display powered through the main power outlet near the power socket. However, a battery-powered display would have the flexibility to mount anywhere at your convenience. 

Take care to mount the display far away from the devices radiating heat as they can interfere with the sensor function and show incorrect temperature readings.

For the outdoor mounting, select a shaded open location not affected by harsh weather conditions. Like the indoor unit, install the outdoor sensors away from the radiating heat devices.

Remote Monitoring

It would help if you had a WiFi-enabled model to monitor temperatures remotely on different devices like your PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can even share this data with other devices. Many high-tech models offer a straightforward method to set up connectivity with multiple devices.

Barometric Pressure

The air continuously exerts pressure on the earth’s surface; Barometric Pressure measures this continuous air pressure. Advanced thermometers also can measure barometric pressure.

The barometric pressure readings are beneficial in forecasting weather conditions. For instance, if the barometric pressure is high, it indicates low temperatures to pull the clear skies.

On the other hand, low air pressure indicates high-temperature air rising in the atmosphere and may cause strong winds to form and accumulate clouds.  

Barometric pressure monitoring is generally recommended for barometric pressure changes that bring drastic changes in weather conditions.


To select the model, you should first determine the distance between the outdoor sensor and the location you are planning to mount the display unit.

However, this still would be a rough estimate. The thick walls between the sensor and the display unit can seriously affect the range. Besides, the wireless signals emanating from cell phones and internet devices can also affect the appliance range.

So, get a device with a higher range than the distance between the two devices, and while mounting both the devices, try multiple locations to find out and finalize the location showing the most accurate readings.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a good indoor-outdoor thermometer from among the numerous varieties available in the market can be daunting.

However, the task becomes pretty simple if you have the correct information. With this article, we have tried to provide you with relevant information to help you make the right decision while buying the best indoor-outdoor thermometer for your specific needs.

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