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Secondhand Smoke | Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Secondhand smoke is also called environmental tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke is the combination of 2 forms of smoke from smoking tobacco – Sidestream smoke and Mainstream smoke.

Sidestream smoke is the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

Mainstream smoke is the smoke exhaled by a smoker. The tobacco will keep burning even when it is not smoked because of chemicals.

Why Is Tobacco Smoke a Problem?

Secondhand smoke holds up to 7,000 chemicals, including trace quantities of poisons like formaldehyde, arsenic, DDT, and cyanide. More than 250 of these chemicals are poisonous, and at least 70 are known to cause cancer.

Secondhand smoke can affect health in many ways. For example, secondhand smoke can cause heart disease, lung cancer, worsening asthma, asthma-related problems, wheezing, coughing, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Exposure to secondhand smoke while pregnant raises the chance that a woman will have a spontaneous abortion, stillborn birth, low birth-weight baby, and other pregnancy and birth problems.

Secondhand smoke quickly affects the heart, blood vessels, and blood circulation in a harmful way.

Where Is Secondhand Smoke a Problem?

Everywhere someone smokes – in public places, work, home, car, etc.

It is essential to keep your home smoke-free because we spend more time at home than anywhere else. In addition, a smoke-free home protects your family, guests, and pets.

What Can Be Done Regarding Secondhand Smoke?

  • Quit smoking if you are not already a non-smoker. I have an excellent guide for you, with a 98% success rate. –> I want to quit! Or smoke e-cigarettes instead. 
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke anywhere in or near your home.
  • Do not permit anyone to smoke in your car, even with the windows down.
  • Choose restaurants and other places that do not allow smoking.
  • Teach your children to stay away from secondhand smoke.
  • If you can’t avoid smoke in your home (smoking neighbors) or at work (smoking colleagues), you can use an air purifier. It will help you to get rid of the smoke.

Austin air allergy machineIn my opinion, the best smoke air purifier is an Austin air allergy machine.

It is very well made, built of quality material, and powerful. It has excellent purification, 360° air intake, casters for an easy move, color choice, minor maintenance, and long filter life.

Removes dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gasses, viruses, bacteria, and more.

If you are tight on a budget, look at air purifiers for smoke under $100.

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