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Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Review

You have been mistaken if you thought that the pollution is limited to the external air. The indoor air that we feel is pure or clean is also polluting.

Our living spaces, which we think are the silver lining in the polluted surroundings, are also a myth. Our living spaces are exposed to different kinds of pollutants like smoke, fumes, and smells from the kitchen, pet dander, and more. These elements affect us internally by putting pressure on the lungs to purify the air and externally by causing rashes, allergies, and more.

That’s where the concept of air purifiers comes into the scene. Air Purifiers have a unique technology that can purify indoor air by 99.9%.

Since the introduction of air purifiers, many models with different capacities and features have forayed into the market.

One such model that has become quite famous is the Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier. Therefore, we take a sneak peek into this model’s design, function, and utility details. This red classic Alpine Air will brighten your room nicely.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Review
Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Review


  • It can eliminate all kinds of air pollutants, smoke, and odor.
  • It is helpful in environments like rooms, offices, cars, etc.
  • It is capable of quickly purifying indoor air.
  • Easy to control and adjust to the environment it is used in.
  • He is a quiet performer.
  • Has the same technology that was used to clean up the air in the Pentagon post 9/11


  • Doesn’t have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The manual knobs can, at times, prove to be challenging to manage.
  • Doesn’t have wheels or handles. Thus, it must be manually lifted to move around.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Design And Size

The machine looks like a large shoebox, a small griller, or a room refrigerator. The device is sleek and can easily be placed in any room corner.

The front and back have grilled outlets, and the sides have a closed metal finish.

The back has a vent that holds the filters, and the purified air is released from the front through the fan.

The cleaner comes with a chord that can be easily plugged in. The dimensions of the machine are Height- 11.75″ width- 8″ depth = 9.75″. In terms of weight, the machine weighs 15 pounds.

Air Purifier Portability

The cleaner has no handles or wheels. Therefore, the only way to move the cleaner is to lift and place it. However, as the body is sleek, carrying it is not that difficult.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Purifying Power | What Sources of Indoor Pollution Destroy?

The machine is powerful and can eliminate smoke, odors, tobacco smoke, and chemical gases. It also can kill mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

The purifier can also reduce the tiniest particles like dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or other pollutants. The machine can be placed in all kinds of closed environments.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Key Features

The machine is a redesigned and upgraded offering from Alpine. It promises immaculate and purified air.

Alpine air purifier comes with a double-prong stainless steel negative ionizer fixed in the front fan. The body is made of a durable solid wood cabinet. Thus, it makes the machine robust and low on damage.

Complementing the solid body, the machine has all stainless steel parts. The company offers 3 years warranty.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Noise Level

The machine is a silent performer. Compared to the size and the area it covers, this machine is truly a technological genius. It is silent and effective.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Power Consumption

You would be amazed to know that the cleaner’s power consumption is only 120 volt, 60 Hz AC line operation for the machine’s capacity.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier CADR, ACH, Room Coverage

The purifier has a massive capacity with a coverage range of 2700sft. This makes the machine perfect for all kinds of places like homes, offices, commercial spaces, and more.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Maintenance and Usage

The purifier comes with a three-layer filter system that includes HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter & Photocatalytic Filter.

All three filters are washable. Ideally, it is suggested to keep the machine away from the wall for effective results.

The filters are at the back. The machine sucks the unclean air, purifies it, and releases it back. The front side of the purifier has two knobs. One knob is to regulate the activated ozone (O3). The user is free to either turn it on or keep it off.

The other knob is to control the fan speed. Thus, as a whole, the machine can be called a simple usage and low maintenance machine.


Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Review
Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier Review


Alpine Air Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions

I am using the cleaner, but I feel the odor is not obliterated. What could be the problem? 

The unit placement could be one reason which is causing poor air movement. Try to keep the machine away from the wall and closer to where the odor is being generated. For example, place it at the kitchen entrance if it comes from the kitchen.

The fan seems to make some noise. Should I oil the fan?

Ideally, it is not suggested to oil the fan. Most of the time, the sound is due to some issue with the fan motor, not the fan blades. So, you could first compress air to get the fan motor cleaned of dust. Later you can dust the fan blades. Once done, turn on the machine. Mostly the problem will be solved.

Any do’s and don’ts while cleaning the filters?

It is recommended to wash the filters with plain warm water. Avoid using any kinds of soaps or detergents. Once you are done washing, let them dry completely or use compressed air to blow dry all the water.

The back filter need not be cleaned once every month unless and until it has become filthy. The washing of the filters should be based on how quickly they become dirty. Regularly, to maintain the filters, you can use compressed air to blow the external dust settled on the body of the filters.

Final Thoughts

Based on the above details of the cleaner and the pandemic, it is even more important that we breathe clean air; it is loud and clear that you have an air purifier at home.

Yes, you may say that many models and designs are out in the market. However, the fact remains that very few models can be used in different living spaces.

Alpine Air NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Air Purifier is one of the best. This cleaner is worth the price for its available cost, capacity, and utility. The machine can be easily managed by oneself using the manual. The company Alpine provides impeccable customer service to all its clients.

Thus, if you are looking at a cost-effective and high ROI air purifier, check Alpine Air Silent Thunder LA-2400 and Alpine Air Classic LA-3500 v.2.0 Air Purifier.

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