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How To Use an Air Purifier?

Today, the number of cases of the COVID-19 virus is getting higher. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), its primary transmission mode is aerosol droplets. Luckily, there is an air purifier that can help us trap pathogens in a room and, at the same time, remove any foul odor.

In using an air purifier, you need to choose the best location and the proper position in installing it to trap more pathogens, allergens, and chemicals. Also, you need to run it for 24 hours with the windows and door closed. Finally, as a reminder, clean the filters and never put the air purifier near other devices.

How To Use an Air Purifier?

Choose Location

You need to determine the exact location where you want to place the air purifier. Identifying the odor source can also help you choose the best site. As much as possible, avoid corners and tight spaces. The air purifier needs an open space to absorb the room’s odor, pathogens, and allergens.

The air purifier must be placed at least 6 to12 inches from the air outlet. For example, you can put it near the doorway to trap all the pollution that will enter your home. Another option is installing it between the living room and kitchen to experience maximum performance. Other places are the opposite corner of your TV, near the refrigerator, and the dresser.

air purifier location

Point the Flow in the Right Direction

Make sure your device is facing the right direction to clean the air more effectively. Placing it in the broader part of the room will help. For example, you may put an air purifier off the ground at least 3 to 5 feet. If installed horizontally, the air movement is from door to door. If vertically, the direction of the air is from the floor to the ceiling.

Run it 24/7

Most air purifiers are designed to operate 24 hours a day, just as a fridge does. However, some air purifiers can only be used when no one is around. An example of this is the ozone generator. If your air purifier can run while you are around, you must keep your air purifier open all day. It will ensure that the air in your home is safe and clean.

Keep windows and Doors Closed.

Keeping your windows and door closed while the air purifier runs are strongly advisable. When the windows and doors are opened, the air will continuously flow. It is more difficult for an air purifier to absorb the dirt because of continuous airflow. Ensuring the doors and windows are closed will allow the device to entrap the harmful pollutants inside the room.

Besides making the air purifier less efficient, air cleaning and continuous airflow can increase your electricity bills. If you want to feel the breeze for a moment, you can turn off the air purifier first before opening the window.

Check Filters Regularly

Most air purifiers have more than one filter. You need to check or replace them regularly to ensure the maximum performance of the air filter. Discoloration can be one of the signs that the filters need some cleaning. Some air purifiers have replaceable filters that must be cleaned monthly with a vacuum brush attachment. 

Some air purifiers have indicator lights alert. When it is time to change the filter, the light will flash. Most of the time, these indicator lights alerts are set based on the runtime of the air purifiers instead of how dirty the filters are. If you haven’t used your air purifier for a while, it may take time before it signals that its filters need cleaning.

There are also permanent filters. These models require to be vacuumed smoothly with the brush attachment. Some air purifiers have washable permanent filters that must be soaked in a mild detergent for about ten minutes. It is recommended to consult the manual for each air purifier brand to know how you will clean the filters. 

Could you not Put it Near Other Devices?

Keep the air purifier away from other electronic devices such as microwaves, fridges, stereo systems, cookers, or television. An air purifier operates with the same wavelength as these appliances. Therefore, if used simultaneously, they may interfere with each others’ operations.

Also, don’t leave the air purifier too close to the oven. If the filter has sucked too much oil mist, its life cycle can be severely reduced. When using it, avoid putting any object at the top of it. It may damage the air purifier.

People Also Ask

When should you use an air purifier?

The best time to use an air purifier is all the time. It helps clean out the air reducing and eliminating the bacteria and viruses spreading inside your home. Also, if you have pets in your house that are losing some fur, it is best to run the air purifier for 24 hours to prevent any allergic reactions from a family member who has asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Can you use an air purifier with windows open?

Although open-air is good for you, it affects the air purifier’s performance. With open windows, outdoor pollutants will continue to come in. The device will keep replacing the air in the room, but the air from the outside will continuously bring dirt and particles. Hence, it would help keep the windows closed when the air purifier runs.

Does the air purifier work with windows open?

Yes. Air purifiers can still function with the windows open, yet it will affect the device’s efficiency in cleaning the air. Opening the window while running an air purifier may result in a higher electricity bill that may cost you a lot. It would help if you understood how the air purifier works to ensure the maximum use of your device.


We are all prone to experience indoor air pollution. Air pollution may lead to chronic respiratory disorders like asthma, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. With the help of air filters, we can prevent having these illnesses. The device effectively traps harmful chemicals and pathogens at home and provides cleaner air.

Although air purifiers may look like simple devices, there are proper ways to use them. Knowing where to place them and how they operate will help us enjoy their maximum performance. Misusing these air purifiers may result in higher electric bills and ineffective air cleaning.

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