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Where To Place an Air Purifier?

Because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the alarming growth of pollution levels worldwide, air purifier companies have seen a steady increase in sales. As a result, people, just like myself, have grown to be more conscious about the air quality in their homes in addition to our concerns about health safety.

As air quality contributes to one of the main aspects of our health, air purifiers are becoming one of the most sought-after appliances. In addition to improving indoor air quality, it also dramatically improves one’s respiratory health and decreases the chances of being infected by airborne diseases.

Keeping this knowledge in mind, everyone wants to know where to place their air purifiers. The correct placement is critical as this affects the air purifier’s effectiveness.

Air purifiers must be placed in an area that uses the product effectively to answer this question.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

There are numerous factors that you must consider in regards to the placement. To find the perfect placement for your air purifiers, you must know your home well. Whenever I buy air purifiers, I factor in the technical aspects before I buy ‘the one.’ These aspects are about the little details. Details that will improve the efficiency of your purchase.

Firstly, know the area capacity of your air purifier. 

Understanding how your purifier filters fast air will also appreciate its coverage area. Typically, the screened area should amount to more than half of the room. Using an air purifier that fits this requirement reduces energy usage and avoids overwhelming the product.

For example, if your room is around 1500 square feet, I advise you to use an air purifier that can filter that big of an area, such as AirDoctor 5000. Read our full in-depth review.

Secondly, identify the area that has the poorest air quality. 

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier

For you to use the air purifier to the best of its abilities, locating a room that requires the most attention is the best place to put your purifier in. Doing so will improve your air quality much more efficiently than placing it somewhere with decent air quality.

It’s because this method avoids repeatedly purifying an area that is continuously supplied with dirty air from somewhere else. Instead, this pinpoints the source of the pollutants and avoids spreading them further.

This is especially important for those with allergies. As an owner of multiple dogs, I placed mine in an area often covered with fur to avoid allergic reactions.

Third, pick an area that has the best airflow. 

Aspects such as vicinity near open windows and doors, vertical and horizontal airflow, and an area’s openness. Avoid having your air purifiers near windows and doors that are commonly open to avoid outdoor air being purified. This uselessly increases the workload of your air purifier.

Consider both the horizontal airflow and the vertical airflow of the room. Placing your air purifier on the ground does not capture the air that rises, while placing it at a corner restricts the air it is purifying. Therefore, I recommend setting the air purifier on top of a table or desk.

Does It Matter Where You Place The Air Purifier?

Of course, it does. Placing your air purifier in random places is silly. The placement of your air purifier affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the product. The more air it intakes, the faster it cleans the surrounding area.

The placing of our air purifier affects its accessibility to the airborne particles that it filters, which directly affects the product’s capability to clean and filter the harmful pollutants in your home.

Which Room is Best For My Air Purifier?

Which Room is Best For My Air Purifier?

The most recommended room you should place your air purifier in is the room you frequently reside in. This is because the clean air reaches you quicker. For employees that work from home, placing your air purifier inside your office room is the best place for you, like I do.

Where Should I Not Place My Air Purifier?

Please do not place your air purifiers in areas that decrease their effectiveness. This includes but is not limited to:

Outside Areas

It’s essential to control the amount of air the product purifies. Placing the air purifier outside will filter needless air pollutants and put unnecessary strain on your air purifier.


Putting your air purifier in the corners of the room will restrict the airflow around the product. The air that the purifier intakes will decrease by more than 20% and limit the product’s effectiveness.

Unused Areas

Placing your air purifier inside unused rooms or rooms that you seldom use will exhaust unwarranted energy rather than putting it in rooms you frequent.

High Humidity Areas

Areas like your bathroom with high humidity can strain the air purifier. This is because humidity causes the air to become increasingly heavier, making it more difficult for the air purifier to intake.

Areas that constrict the product will prove to be ineffective and will only waste the product’s potential. Avoid places that constrict airflow and near electronic devices. Placing it near electronic devices can cause electronic interference and cause problems with the cleaner’s function.

People Also Ask

Where to place an air purifier in the bedroom?

In bedrooms, placing your air purifier near your bed allows the clean air to travel quicker to you. Places such as on top of your bedside table, your nightstand, or on any table near your bed are the best spots for your air purifier.

Can I put my air purifier on a table? 

Yes, you can. Putting your air purifier on a table is one of the most recommended places to put your air purifier on. This is because placing the product on an elevated spot, such as on a table rather than on the ground, provides the air purifier with more air to work on. In addition, by putting it on a raised surface, it intakes the horizontal airflow and the vertical airflow.

Can you put an air purifier on the floor? 

Placing an air purifier on the floor is not recommended. This decreases the floor-to-ceiling capacity of the air purifier. Although, if you have a giant air purifier that is powerful enough to purify from the ground, it is allowed.

Where to put an air purifier in the living room?

Air purifiers can be placed around the center for living rooms, where airflow is the best. I’m talking about places such as your coffee table or near your seating area.

Final Word

Everyone wishes to keep their homes safe and clean, including me. Air purifiers are great products to accomplish this. Because of its importance, the placement of your air purifier is decisive in its usability. An improper placing can cause your air purifier to become inoperative and pointless.

And so, if you want to improve your indoor air quality and inhale good quality air (I know I do), understanding and catering to the capability of your air purifier is crucial in using the product to the best of its abilities.

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