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How Often To Run Air Purifier?

If your home has an unpleasant odor, buying an air purifier would be a good option for you. An air purifier comes in handy and provides clean and fresh air in practically every room. However, if you use your air purifier for several hours each day, it can be difficult to evaluate how pure your indoor air is.

At the same time, it becomes just as difficult to establish the number of times you use it. Air purifiers are often costly, and you’ll definitely want to get the value of your money once you’ve purchased one.

If you have bought an air purifier and you are not sure how long you should run and where you should put it, then you have come to the right place. Give this piece a short read whether you’re new to the realm of air purification or a seasoned pro.

How many hours a day should I run my air purifier?

If you’re new to using an air purifier for your home, then you might be asking how fast an air purifier functions and how long you must run it to get the best results out of it. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

You can run your air purifier at a minimum of 12 hours each day; however, if you want the best results, you must operate your air purifier 24 hours per day.

As pollutants and dust particles move inside your home for the whole day without stopping, that is why you should run your air purifier the whole day.  If your house has clean air running constantly, you will be able to breathe comfortably without any allergy. Running an air purifier for 24 hours helps get rid of cough, and the sinus will also not get triggered.

To get the best results set your air purifier at full speed for a few hours to boost efficiency, and after that, turn it to low speed to sustain the room air performance requirements.

Furthermore, use your air purifier daily to guarantee that the air inside your room is always fresh and clean the moment you get home. Your air purifier will filter the air inside your room in almost half an hour to 2 hours on average.

With an air purifier constantly running inside your room, you will notice a visible difference in the air quality of your room after 20 minutes. The size of your room, which needs purification, the model type of air purifier, and the extraction rate (the changing of air per hour) all play a role in how successful an air purifier is. The extraction rate is the amount of air that can be removed from a room in one hour.

In contrast to an air purifier that cleans the air at 2 air changes each hour, a HEPA air purifier that cleans the air at 4 air changes every hour takes half the time cleaning the air inside your room. The speed with which an air purifier works is also influenced by the weather and location of your home.

During the summer, there are more impurities in the air, such as pollen; hence an air filter must run for a lengthy span of time to improve air quality. Finally, the air purifier must have sufficient airflow capacity to meet the room’s requirements.

Do you need to run air purifiers all the time?

Pollen allergies

Pollen allergies do not go away, so be ready to keep your air cleaner working most of the day during allergy season. Air purification is crucial to keeping your office and home clean. It’s crucial to breathe clean air, eat healthy food, and drink clean water.

Nowadays, people buy air fresheners for various reasons, including health concerns and a desire to have a clean and fine house available for themselves and their families.

If you want to sustain the maximum air quality in your room, the best way to do it is to leave your air cleaner on all the time since it will push air past through its filters to purify it. When you switch off your air filter, it will cease purifying the air inside that room.

Since the air in your room will continue circulating normally, new pollutants will eventually infiltrate the room, bringing the air quality back to usual in a relatively short time. On the other hand, if you keep your air purifier running all day, the air will be continually filtered, and newer pollutants will be eliminated as soon as they enter the room.

Several people operate their air purifiers regularly to save money on electricity bills. However, this belief is frequently based on the assumption that air cleaners use much more power than they do.


Many individuals believe that using an air purifier for several hours is sufficient to deliver clean and fresh air for the whole day.

However, It is not the reality because airborne contaminants do not cease to exist, and an air cleaner is designed to operate continuously around the clock.

When an air purifier is turned off, airborne contaminants accumulate, and the room becomes more polluted. Cleaning the air will have to be restarted, and getting the best results takes a bit of time.

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