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Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window Air Conditioner Review

The Friedrich Chill Premier air conditioner is one of the best window air conditioners from a brand known for making supreme quality machines.

You may pay a little extra from its competition for smaller BTU levels, but one thing is sure you will get the reassurance of quality.

The Friedrich window AC unit offers an excellent efficiency level, which means it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Beyond cooling your home, Friedrich Chill Premier CCF05A10A has to offer you a bundle of features as it is a connected appliance in itself.


From the house of Friedrich, a brand synonymous with top-tier machinery, the Chill Premier series represents the pinnacle of window air conditioning units. While it may come with a slightly higher price tag compared to its competitors offering similar BTU levels, investing in a Friedrich product ensures unparalleled reassurance of quality.

One of the most striking features of the Friedrich Chill Premier is its remarkable efficiency. In an era where energy conservation is paramount, this air conditioner stands as a beacon of savings, promising to significantly reduce utility bills over time. Its superior efficiency not only cools your living space effectively but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable environment.

Friedrich CCF05A10A Window Air Conditioner Review


  • This Friedrich window air conditioner has an in-built WiFi feature that allows you to control the window AC unit through the phone. Thus, you can control your window air conditioner’s settings even if sitting in a far corner.
  • Quiet and Efficient
  • Smart and Convenience
  • Eco-Friendly


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Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC Design, Size & Warranty

The Friedrich window air conditioner is one of the best and most stylish air conditioners out there. And let us tell you that being the best in terms of design and style is not easy if you look at the competition.

All this is achieved with the help of the classic design with top & mid grills. Furthermore, the look of the window AC unit is enhanced with the help of a two-tone finish.

The Friedrich window air conditioner’s main body is white, while the upper grill and control come in black.

The whole body is built with heavy-duty insulation to ensure the silent operation of the unit for the quietest performance.

You will see the wide front panel vents of your ac window unit explicitly designed to reduce airflow noise.

At first glance, the Friedrich window AC captivates with its classic design featuring top and mid grills, which not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to optimal airflow efficiency. The unit’s two-tone finish further elevates its aesthetic allure, with a pristine white main body complemented by striking black accents on the upper grill and control panel.

Beyond its eye-catching exterior, the Friedrich window air conditioner is engineered for whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a serene and comfortable indoor environment. Heavy-duty insulation envelops the unit, effectively dampening noise for a peaceful cooling experience. The wide front panel vents are meticulously designed to minimize airflow noise, while a hardened metal sheet serves as a barrier against external disturbances, guaranteeing uninterrupted tranquility.

Moreover, the Friedrich air conditioner boasts advanced features designed to enhance convenience and user experience. Equipped with an 8-way airflow control system and an anti-microbial washable filter, it ensures the circulation of clean and purified air throughout your space. The unit can be effortlessly controlled via remote, offering convenient access to all settings and adjustments.

There is a hardened metal sheet that prevents external noise from entering the room.

The whole unit is built with counterweights to ensure the vibration is limited, and the unit works silently to cool down your room.

The Friedrich air conditioner comes with 8-way airflow control backed by an anti-microbial and a washable filter to ensure the circulation of healthy and purified air inside your room.

You can set the vents according to the direction where you need the air to be thrown. Every control and setting can be controlled using a remote, which also comes with a display so you can see what you have changed or modified in your ac window unit.

Depending on the model, you can get this window AC unit in a higher BTU option. You can even get a slide-out unit option to ensure easy maintenance and hassle-free removal of the body out of the chassis.

This particular Friedrich air conditioner model comes with a one-piece frame fixed body to ensure hassle-free and quick installation. You will even be provided with expandable side curtains to help fill the window more easily.

If we talk about this unit’s size, the product’s height and width are 13.83 inches and 18.62 inches, respectively.

So the product weighs around 70 lbs, and it can’t be said that this is a heavy ac window unit. And if we discuss the warranty part, you get a 5-year limited warranty with this product.

Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC Features

Friedrich CCF05A10A Window Air Conditioner Review

The Friedrich window air conditioner comes with a three-speed fan that you can control. But the product has more premium features like an auto fan setting that will change the airflow direction to reach the desired corner and temperature more efficiently.

At the heart of the Friedrich Window Air Conditioner is its three-speed fan, giving you control over the airflow to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a powerful gust of cool air, you can easily adjust the fan speed to your liking. But what sets this product apart are its additional premium features that elevate the cooling experience to new heights.

One such feature is the auto fan setting, a game-changer in optimizing airflow efficiency. With this feature, the air conditioner intelligently adjusts the direction of airflow to reach every corner of the room, ensuring uniform cooling throughout. Say goodbye to hot spots and uneven temperatures as the Friedrich Window Air Conditioner works tirelessly to maintain a comfortable environment, no matter where you are in the room.

But the standout feature of the Friedrich Window Air Conditioner is its innovative sleep mode. Sleep is precious, especially during those hot summer nights when the relentless heat can disrupt even the most peaceful slumber. With sleep mode activated, this air conditioner operates silently, allowing you to drift off into a restful sleep undisturbed by the whirring of machinery. Say farewell to noisy interruptions and hello to nights of uninterrupted rest and rejuvenation.

In addition, you also get an impressive feature, i.e., sleep mode. This feature allows the unit to operate silently to help you sleep easily.

More features:

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Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC Noise Level

The Friedrich window air conditioner is certainly a quiet window AC unit. The manufacturers rave about how it is 25% quieter than its competition through lab tests. But all this comes true when you see the unit operating in real life.

Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC EER, BTU, And Pints

EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)

One of the standout features of the Friedrich CCF05A10A is its remarkable energy efficiency. Operating at a Combined Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 12.1, this window AC unit ensures that you stay cool without breaking the bank. With a maximum wattage of 459 watts, it not only delivers exceptional cooling performance but also consumes minimal electricity, resulting in significant savings on your utility bills.

Besides quiet operation, the unit also consumes very little electricity, saving you a lot of money annually.

Friedrich air conditioner has a Combined Energy Efficiency Rating of 12.1, and the maximum wattage is 459 watts.

BTU (British Thermal Units)

When it comes to cooling power, the Friedrich CCF05A10A doesn’t disappoint. With a cooling capacity of 5,200 BTU, this unit is well-suited for cooling rooms of approximately 180 square feet. However, it’s important to consider environmental factors such as direct sunlight, as rooms exposed to intense sunlight may require a higher BTU rating for optimal cooling efficiency.

The unit provides you with 5,200 BTU, which means the AC is good for cooling rooms of around 180 square feet.

But if you live in a room that comes in direct sunlight, you might have to get a unit with more power to cool down the same unit.

Pints (Dehumidification)

In addition to its cooling prowess, the Friedrich window air conditioner also doubles as a dehumidifier, effectively removing excess moisture from the air. Capable of extracting 1 pint of water per hour, or 24 pints when operating continuously, this feature is especially beneficial in humid climates or during the sweltering summer months.

Friedrich window air conditioner can also work as a dehumidifier and remove 1 pint of water every hour or if working 24/7 – 24 pints.

Between another small window ACs, it looks great. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E has the same specifications; RCA 5,000 BTU consumes a bit more energy but is cheaper.

A bit larger model – Haier ESAQ406P has a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity, covers a bit larger spaces, removes more moisture but consumes the same amount of energy, and is cheap, so in my opinion better alternative. 

Comparative Analysis

When comparing the Friedrich CCF05A10A to other window AC units on the market, it’s clear that this model offers a compelling combination of efficiency, cooling power, and dehumidification capabilities. While similar units like the Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E and RCA 5,000 BTU may boast comparable specifications, the Friedrich stands out for its quiet operation and superior energy efficiency.

Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC Installation and Usage

Installing this air conditioner and using it to cool down your room is not too hard. It also depends on what kind of window you need to install, for example, a casement window or sliding window

Manufacturers have designed this product in a way that doesn’t require complex installation steps.

The setup process is simple yet straightforward. Once installed, connect the window air conditioner with your smartphone and control the settings easily.

People often ask if window air conditioners even work and how long they last. They work as well as through-the-wall conditioners and can last a long if maintained neatly

The Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window Air Conditioner is a reliable solution for keeping your living space cool and comfortable during hot summer months. If you’re considering installing this unit, rest assured that the process is straightforward, and its functionality will enhance your living environment. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the installation process and offer tips for optimizing its usage.

Installation Process: Installing the Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC is a hassle-free task, thanks to its user-friendly design. Before starting, ensure you have the necessary tools, including a screwdriver, measuring tape, and perhaps a helping hand for lifting the unit.

  1. Selecting the Window: Determine the window where you’ll install the AC unit. Whether it’s a casement window or sliding window, the Friedrich CCF05A10A is versatile enough to fit various window types.
  2. Preparation: Clear the area around the window and ensure there’s enough space for the AC unit. Clean the window sill and frame to provide a stable surface for installation.
  3. Mounting the Unit: Carefully lift the AC unit and place it on the window sill. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the unit in place using the provided mounting brackets and screws. Make sure it’s level to ensure proper drainage of condensation.
  4. Sealing: Once the unit is securely in place, use weather-stripping or foam insulation to seal any gaps between the window frame and the AC unit. This will prevent hot air from entering your space and ensure efficient cooling.

Usage Tips: Now that your Friedrich CCF05A10A 16″ Window AC is installed, here are some tips for maximizing its performance and longevity:

  1. Smart Connectivity: Take advantage of the unit’s smart features by connecting it to your smartphone. With remote control capabilities, you can adjust settings and monitor performance from anywhere, providing convenience and energy savings.
  2. Regular Maintenance: To ensure optimal performance, clean or replace the air filters regularly. This will improve air quality and prevent dust and debris from accumulating inside the unit.
  3. Temperature Control: Experiment with different temperature settings to find the most comfortable level for your space. Keep in mind that setting the temperature too low can lead to excessive energy consumption, so find a balance that keeps you cool without wasting energy.
  4. Proper Ventilation: Allow for adequate airflow around the unit by keeping curtains or furniture away from the vents. This will help the AC operate more efficiently and evenly distribute cool air throughout the room.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make a 180 square feet room cold without too much noise and control your Ac through the phone, this is a product made to suit your needs.

You can easily rely on it as it is solid and designed to perform silently. In other words, the Friedrich window air conditioner is a fantastic product for the price.

The product is good-looking and well-built. You get a bundle of innovative features with this air conditioner.

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Friedrich Window Air Conditioner Reviews: Explore Your Options

While the Friedrich window air conditioner is undoubtedly a top contender, it’s always beneficial to explore other options to find the perfect fit for your needs. Consider checking out reviews for other Friedrich models such as the Chill Premier 8,000 BTU and the Kuhl Series 10,000 BTU. Each model offers unique features and capabilities, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a reliable, efficient, and quiet air conditioning solution for your small room, the Friedrich window air conditioner is an excellent choice. With its solid performance, sleek design, and smartphone control capabilities, it offers everything you need to stay cool and comfortable throughout the year.

So why wait? Invest in the Friedrich window air conditioner today and experience the difference it can make in your home cooling experience.

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