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Haier ESAQ406P Window Air Conditioner Review

Haier is a well-known brand that manufactures air conditioners, and the window-mounted AC is one perfect choice for people who stay in cozy apartments.

The air conditioner for the window is suitable when the room is not too big as the window AC spreads cool air evenly in the rooms around 250 sq. Ft.

With the harsh temperature and change in the outdoor climate, it is tough to live without an air conditioner, and people need to have a worthy AC due to this.

Window AC is suitable for people looking for cost-effective solutions, and the Haier ESAQ406P window air conditioner comes with an efficient performance.

Cool rooms are necessary for a pleasant sleep, and to withstand the heat, there is the need for smooth airflow in the room, and with the high-efficiency AC, it is easy to enjoy every season happily.Haier ESAQ406P Window Air Conditioner Review



  • Not too stylish look.

Haier ESAQ406P Window AC Design, Size & Warranty

Haier ESAQ406P Window Air Conditioner Review

The Haier ESAQ406P window air conditioner is designed to cool the indoor space efficiently, perfectly fitting the normal windows with an opening width of 26.1 inches.

The air conditioner comes with dimensions of 21.3×18.1×12.4 inches and weighs around 55.6 lbs. The window AC requires professional support for installation and comes with a filter indicator light.

It works outstandingly with high energy efficiency and spreads cool air evenly in the room, which comforts people. Due to the compact body and quality features, this window air conditioner is the best choice for people who love to sleep in peace in all the seasons.

With 3 speeds of the fan, this air conditioner has a minimum temperature of 16 degrees and a maximum of 30 degrees.

Controlling the window AC is easy as everything can easily operate with the remote control. The window-mounted AC basic functions include cooling and dehumidifying the room up to the size of 250 sq. ft much efficiently.

With a compressor cooling system, the air conditioner is apt for people looking for energy-efficient solutions. The wonderful window-mounted AC comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Haier ESAQ406P Window AC Features

Haier ESAQ406P Window Air Conditioner Review

The Haier ESAQ406P window air conditioner has outstanding features, and people looking for cost-effective options can get this AC installed. The wonderful features of the air conditioner make it a special and worthy choice.

  • Certified ac: The window-mounted AC is energy-star qualified, ensuring that it consumes less energy and uses a standard 115 V electrical outlet. The efficient AC has AHAM certification and EEV, UL, and CUL, making it amazing cooling equipment with outstanding performance.
  • Sleep mode: The sleep mode assures complete rest, and it creates a warm serenity that is perfect for sleeping. Due to the low noise, the window AC is considered the quietest window AC, which is apt for light sleepers. Also, the AC has a 24 hr timer, which can be used as per the preference. Moreover, the mode helps adjust the temperature overnight in the sleep mode, making it a comforting feature.
  • 4 modes: The amazing feature of the window-mounted AC is that it works in 4 modes. The AC’s functioning can be enjoyed in every mode, including energy saver, cool, fan, and dry mode. In addition, one cab uses the mode according to the outdoor temperature and season.

Haier ESAQ406P Window AC Noise Level

Of all window AC units, the Haier ESAQ406P window air conditioner is an ultra-quiet air conditioner that promises a cool and pleasant sleep.

The airflow is smoother, and the noise is only 44 dB due to the strategic placement of the sound insulators.

The AC even has a compressor blanket for reduced noise, which makes this a quiet window AC.

Haier ESAQ406P Window AC Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

The equipment’s energy efficiency ratio (EER) is 11.2, which can be considered high efficiency. The cross-flow fan for stronger airflow ensures the air spreads evenly and smoothly with 5 Amps.

The wonderful window AC has 4-way airflow, the maximum dehumidification capacity is 35.9 pint/24 hrs, and the cooling capacity is around 6000 BTU/h.

For the same price, you can get an 8,000 BTU LG LW8016ER window AC or a bit more expensive one, Friedrich Chill Premier. Both models will cover larger rooms. They are noisier, though. 

Haier ESAQ406P Window AC Installation and Usage

To install the Haier ESAQ406P window air conditioner, one needs to look for professional supervision, and one can schedule service with the service provider when there is a need. 

The dual-motor design and the cross-flow fan helps in stronger and smoother airflow as the controls are exclusively installed for airflow control.

Depending on the cooling need, the fan sped can be changed to 3 speeds. The airflow volume CFM is almost around 160-200 CFM. The accessories and other parts are easily available, and one can replace them whenever there is a need.

It has both off and on-timer functioning, which ensures better performance. Checking the filter alert is easy, and the auto cool function and the thermistor thermostat control make it much efficient.

You must clean it regularly to prevent dust and mold and make it last longer. 

Final Thoughts

The window-mounted AC is the perfect choice for people who live in rooms sizes 250 sq. Ft as this is the perfect cooling option.

The Haier ESAQ406P window air conditioner is apt for 4-mode functioning every season with high functioning features and wonderful performance.

The fan speed can be changed, enhancing the functioning and quiet performance, making this one worthy window air conditioner.

People looking for cost-effective cooling options can easily pick this as their window AC and enjoy amazing functioning.

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