Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Compressor Dehumidifier with Pump Review

When it comes to dehumidification, nothing can be compared with the 70-pint dehumidifiers. These powerful and efficient units are capable of removing 8-9 gallons of water each day!

One such mighty dehumidifier is the Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Compressor Dehumidifier

Talking about its energy efficiency, you can directly go by its name, it’s a complete stellar when it comes to optimum power consumption.

The compact and portable yet powerful dehumidifier is loaded with high performing, user-friendly features. Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Compressor Dehumidifier with Pump Review

We will share with you its performance, pros & cons and the upkeep requirements in detail, while we unfold the unique features of this one of the most efficient dehumidifiers available in the market.


  • Highly efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Unique filtration & evaporation system
  • Compact & portable


  • Higher Noise level


Energy Efficiency

Ivation 70-pint dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR certified and rightly so. They have been designed to give maximum efficiency to this compact equipment.

The efficient 16W pump works effectively to pump out the water irrespective of the level and location of the unit.

Also, the Auto Shut-off & Restarting feature ensures that the pump is ‘on’ only when needed, thus avoiding wastage of energy.

Moreover, the auto-defrost system too helps in conserving energy thus adds on to its efficiency.

Noise level

High. Yes, the noise level is quite high and if you are particularly sensitive towards the continuous loud humming sounds, this dehumidifier may disappoint you.

Moisture Removal

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Compressor Dehumidifier with Pump Review

Ivation dehumidifiers can dehumidify a large space covering 4,500sqft. It can remove 70-Pint of moisture/day.

Be it the large storage godowns or the insides of your home, Ivation does it with great precision and efficiency

Key features 

The key features of Ivation explained here, ensure a safe and comfortable environment in varying operating conditions.

Compact yet Powerful

At a mere 40lbs, this compact dehumidifier can fit in a very small space anywhere.

Despite being so compact, it can remove 70-pints of moist air in a single day, and can pump water to a height of 16.4’ through a 16W built-in water pump.


While the lightweight and compact size make it easy to handle and store, the almost hidden caster wheels add to the portability of the dehumidifier.

The rollers are pretty smooth and don’t leave any scratch marks on the floor surface.

Long Cord

You don’t need to worry about the electrical supply point nor do you need any extension cord. Thanks to the 6’ long cord you can place the dehumidifier at any place of your choice.


A combination of many different functions and controls ensures efficient performance of Ivation at all times.

Water Reservoir

Ivation dehumidifiers comprise a 1.3 Gallon water reservoir. To provide convenience it is fitted with a level indicator to check the level in the reservoir at any time.

You can connect the drain hose at the outlet for continuous drainage. However, if you have not opted for the hose you can manually empty the tank during auto-shutoff. The design of the reservoir ensures easy handling and transportation.

Unique Filtration & Evaporation System

This innovative and unique system prevents mold growth and keeps the atmosphere safe and healthy at all times.

Air Filter

The air filter of the dehumidifier machine is reusable. You can simply remove the filter, rinse and fit it back without losing its effectiveness.


Though the hose for drainage does not come with the machine, it is available as an optional accessory with the dehumidifier. You can fit it in the outlet to drain the reservoir when required.

Defrost Mechanism

The auto-defrost system helps in conserving energy by defrosting the dehumidifier automatically when prompted by the frost sensors. Besides, it also helps in the protection of evaporator coils

Automatic Shut-off and Restart

The auto shut off system turns the equipment off as soon as the reservoir reaches its high level and restarts at a low reservoir level. The auto-restart function also helps in restoring settings during an unexpected power interruption.

Advanced LCD and Controls

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Compressor Dehumidifier with Pump Review

Whether you want to check the humidistat to monitor the humidity or wish to change different settings the advanced user-friendly LCD interface allows for easy access to all of these parameters.

You can select from the 2 fan speeds viz. Regular and turbo speed. Besides, you can check and set the humidity level with the Humidity Level Meter.

You can further set a timer to run the dehumidifier to run at a scheduled time in 24 hours.

Ease of Use

The dehumidifier is very user-friendly and easy to work with.

The lightweight, compact size dehumidifier with easy caster roller makes it very easy to handle and install. Besides, the reservoir design adds to convenience while handling the machine. With the optional hose for the drainage, it further enhances the ease of use of the equipment.

Electronically, the LCD interface and other controls offer a very user-friendly experience as is evident in their description above.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The dehumidifier does not require much upkeep and maintenance. Yet following a few simple measures will surely help enhance the life of the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Cleaning

  • Ensure to disconnect power from the power supply by turning off the power and removing the power cable from the power supply socket.
  • Ensure not to use any evaporative liquids like gasoline to clean the dehumidifier.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth to clean loose dust from the outer case.
  • Use mild detergent to remove stubborn dust or grease.
  • Use a brush to clean the grill of the dehumidifier.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the reservoir with water.
  • You can set a frequency of 3-4 weeks to clean the reservoir.

Air Filter Cleaning

  • Remove the outer receptacle.
  • Pull the filter out of the unit.
  • Take lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent
  • Clean the filter, rinse and allow it to dry naturally.
  • Do not dry under heat or by using a hairdryer.
  • You can fix the schedule for cleaning the filter every 250 hours.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ivation 70-pint dehumidifier is a high quality, energy-efficient, compact and portable equipment. It can provide you relief from the humidity and allow you to breathe clean and healthy air.

If you are searching for an efficient, effective and easy to use dehumidifier this machine is the right choice for you.

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