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Do Air Purifiers Cool The Room?

An air purifier provides clean air inside the house by absorbing harmful pathogens and allergens. Because of these functions, clean air circulates in the room. Sometimes, an air purifier releases cool air, making most people wonder if it can cool the room.

Air purifiers don’t cool the room because they don’t have any cooling mechanisms. However, it feels like they release cool air because air purifiers with fans circulate the available ventilation inside the house.

You may feel cool air if you have good ventilation, but if there is not enough air in your room, you won’t feel the cool breeze coming out of the air purifier.

Do Air Purifiers Cool The Room?

Unlike air conditioners, air purifiers don’t have a cooling mechanism to do the job. So, an air purifier cannot cool the room for a usual scenario. Their only function is to trap the dirt in the air to provide you with a fresher one. However, air purifiers with fans can circulate the air inside the room to feel cold when you are near them. 

If your air purifier can produce the maximum airflow, it can cool a room if set at high speed. However, these kinds of air purifiers are designed for large spaces. They can produce more noise, and they can increase your electricity bill. If your purpose is to cool your room, the practical device to use is an air conditioner.

Why Can An Air Purifier Make The Air Feel Cooler?

Air purifier air flow

When an air purifier releases fast-moving air, air circulation takes place. The devices pull and push the air as fans do. If the air is going in your direction, it creates a cooling effect on the skin due to the evaporation of the sweat that is taking place. 

If the movement of the air is strong enough, convection may take place. The breeze coming out from the air purifier can push the hot air above the room so that the cold air can occupy the space below. Most of the time, air purifiers only release a weak breeze that makes it impossible for convection to happen.

Although some air purifiers have fans, they cannot cool the room, especially on hot days. These fans are also designed to create air circulation to trap the dirt and particles in the air and not cool down a room. 

Does An Air Purifier Work As A Fan?

Although you may feel a slight breeze coming out from your air purifier, it cannot work as an alternative to your fan. Fans are made to circulate the air inside the room, providing a cooling effect. On the other hand, air purifiers use air circulation to absorb the allergens, pathogens, and harmful pollutants to provide cleaner air in the room.

Because of the weak breeze released by the air purifier, you also have to go near it so that you can feel its cooling effect. So instead of wasting your time waiting for the air purifier to cool down your home, it will be better if you turn on your fans or air conditioner.

How Could the Airflow from an Air Purifier Cool?

Using an air purifier that can produce more than 900 CFM of airflow can cool down the air, even in a large space. These air purifiers operate at a very high speed. Another way of cooling down the airflow is by using tower-style air purifiers. Most of these models provide forward airflow direction.  

These kinds may work as stand fans because they pull the air from the backside and push it on the front. Examples of these air purifiers are Dyson air purifiers, Honeywell AirGenius 6 Air Purifier, and Germ Guardian Air Purifier.

People Also Ask

Do air purifiers make the room hot

Do air purifiers make the room hot?

An air purifier cannot make the room hot, although it can produce a minimal amount of heat like other appliances inside your house. This device uses an electric motor to run the fan blades, but the heat generated is insufficient to warm your room.

Can an air purifier be used as a fan?

No. Although air purifiers release breeze, it is not strong enough to provide the cooling effect you need. Instead of using an air purifier, you can turn on your fan, or you can cool your room with an air conditioner.


Air purifiers create air circulation, pulling and pushing the available inside the room. However, the air is not strong enough to cool a space. Compared to fans, air purifiers utilize air circulation to absorb the harmful particles and dirt in the room and release clean and healthy air. It does not have cooling units, unlike with air conditioners.

Using your air purifier as a fan may only frustrate you, especially during warm days. Although there are ways to cool the airflow from your air purifier, they may result in higher electricity bills. The best way is to use a fan or air conditioner to cool a room.

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