hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

hOmeLabs is a reliable brand whenever it comes to the production of very durable and high-quality air conditioners. Their 14,000BTU portable air conditioner unit is one of the finest in the market, and it is going to be the focus of this review. It has a very catchy design, functions efficiently via its multiple operational modes, and is very easy.hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review


  • Easy Maintenance: For hOmelabs, nothing is more important than satisfaction for the user. The brand has put in place a robust system to help with maintenance or repairs. All the customer has to do is either contact the brand directly or reach out to approved sellers.
  • Stress-Free Installation: Unlike some other air conditioners that are so difficult to install, this one from the stable of hOmelabs is so easy. It is done on a level surface to reduce vibration and noise near a grounded plug. It is also located a minimum of 30 minutes from the closest wall to get the maximal effect.
  • Variable Fan Speeds: With the fan button, you can control the fan speed, which comes in three modes – auto, low or high. There is a fan speed indicator that lights up to show the various fan settings unless in automatic mode.
  • Timer Function: This cheap portable air conditioner is very easy for a user to set the unit’s timing. There is also a timer on and off indicator light which shows the timer on or off settings.
  • Environment-Friendly: To activate its environment-friendly feature, the user needs to press the Sleep (Eco)/Filter button.


  • Price: With the selling price going for hundreds of dollars, some buyers feel the price is on the high side.
  • No Heating: It lacks heating function, and it also comes with only two fan speeds when it could have had a lot more.

Design, Size & Warranty

This portable air conditioner measures 17.9 X 15 X 30.7 inches. It is designed to be not just sleek and noiseless but also to function optimally. It is ideal for spaces that have a size of 450 to 600 square feet. To ensure perfect airflow through all parts of the room, it comes with an automatic vertical swing mode.

hOmelabs air conditioner units come with a two-year warranty in addition to free return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. It comes mainly in shiny and attractive white.

Product Features

hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

  • Dehumidifier Feature: Unlike what is seen with many conventional dehumidifiers that release extra heat into the room, this air conditioner releases hot air via the exhaust hose. It does this while also ensuring that your room is cooled. Those who live in areas with very humid summers are going to find this perfect. It not only cool the room but also eliminates all the extra moisture that is not needed.
  • Washable Air Filter: You get to purify your air and ensure the proper functioning of your portable AC by making use of the washable filter. You know the time to clean the filter as it has an indicator light that comes on when necessary. The cleaning is typically around once in two weeks.
  • Remote Control Feature: The air conditioner unit has a remote control that allows the user to set the temperature that you want easily. Other things that can be set as desired include fan speed, activation of the environment-friendly sleep mode, or even the cooling modes.

hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

  • Temperature Maintenance: Those who also have small or medium-sized spaces will find this air conditioner a beneficial one. It does an excellent job when it comes to maintaining a steady temperature in these spaces. When compared with other space-rated products, it is the best in terms of the cooling capacity.
  • Real Cooling: Unlike some other air conditioners that release what is not expected, this machine churns out some frigid air, and it is so cool that working in a hot environment has got nothing on you when using it. Users have reported enjoying it even inside their hot garages.

Noise Level

This air conditioner unit is not only portable, but it is also hushed, and you can be sure to enjoy a very relaxing and cool day in your apartment or office with it. The noise level clocks in at a comfortable 55 dBA. It is a lot quieter than many traditional window air conditioners, and you can be sure of uninterrupted sleep or work while making use of this.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

With an energy efficiency ratio of 9.8, this is one of the most impressive portable air conditioner units in the market.

Installation and Usage

Installation of this air conditioner unit is straightforward, and in fact, there are no heavy window units that you have to carry. It is portable and comes with wheels to move it around with no stress to any room with space for a window.

The installation is as easy as attaching the hose and the adapter for the window slide; then, you connect to the power supply; it is as easy as that. For many buyers, the installation can be done in a matter of minutes. When you are not putting the air conditioner to any use, you can remove it from the unit and keep it in your store or basement – very easy to install and use.

An easy-to-use drainage facility has to be installed because the unit releases water when at work. Please use the drainage hose that comes with the product because it does not come with its reservoir tank.

Final Thoughts

With a whole series of functions that make operation easy for the user, the hOmelabs 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner is a good investment. You get quality, excellence and reliability and the very best customer service from the brand. The unit is definitely worth its price.  

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