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PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Review

Reduce your worry about the indoor air’s purity by placing the coziest and most beautiful PARTU BS-07 air purifier, which comes with advanced technology.

Transform the polluted air into the most healthy air with the Hepa air purifier designed with a modern touch.

Please get rid of allergies, and this cleaner is safe for houses with pets and babies as it makes zero noise. The air purifier promises a silent, clean, safe home to live happily with family.

The device ensures the room is safe from all the household smells, harmful gases, and other allergens that cause breathing problems.

PARTU air purifier ensures that the air that circulates in the room is entirely free of dust, dirt, and other pollutants creating a safe sleeping environment.PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Review


  • Highly efficient filters
  • Decreases smoke effectively.
  • It makes no noise and is the calmest air purifier on the market.
  • Easy operation.
  • 7 changeable night lights create a pleasant look.


  • The fan is too noisy when it is at high speed.

PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier Design, size, placement

The PARTU air purifier is almost 6.5 pounds and is not very tough to carry. It can be placed in any room due to its modest size and awesome body.

With dimensions 15.3×6.9×6.9 inches, the air purifier has a powerful motor and comes with excellent performance. The cylindrical shape is suitable to place anywhere in the room without a fuss.

The buttons make the operations easy, and managing the bright light is simple with a light button. Please turn on the filters to save energy, maintain a pleasant ambiance in the rooms, and even eliminate all kinds of pollutants from the air you breathe.

All the buttons are placed on the top of the device so that it is easy to handle, and the filter button helps understand the time to change the filter.

How does it work, and what sources of indoor pollution destroy?

The PARTU air purifier cleans the air in 4 ways, which are much effective and makes the cleaner unique. The PARTU filter holds the harmful particles and ionizes the air where the pollutants are collected, leasing the filtered air into the room.

The powerful motor comes with the latest technology, due to which the worry of overheating is not seen. Every filter holds particles of all sizes and ensures that the air is immaculate and breathable.

  • Pre-filter: The air’s largest particles are trapped in the filter initially and ensure only pure air circulates in the room. This filter collects all dirt, dust mites, pet hair, and bacteria from entering the room.
  • HEPA filters: the HEPA filters are used to monitor indoor air quality and maintain reasonable control. This filter deposits the dust that irritates the respiratory tract, and the filter achieves turning the air 85%pure.
  • Carbon filter: Designed to remove atomic dust, gases, toxins commonly released by household equipment, and paints. This helps eliminate the stubborn odor and kills the germs that cause smell indoors.
  • Anion: Anion neutralizes pollutants, and the device does not produce ozone, which is harmful to the lungs and safeguards the home thoroughly.

PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier Key Features

  • Easy to operate

Using the air purifier is not as tough as it comes with various interesting features.

For example, there is no need to turn it off as an inbuilt program operates the device. The PARTU air purifier is designed to purify and improve indoor air quality.

  • Multi-layer filter

The multi-layer filter is effective and holds the culprits that cause health issues, assuring only pure and clean air into the room.

The filter is specially designed to hold pollen, dust, pet dander, and other particles, which are the major reasons for causing breathing irritations.

  • Calm functioning

The best part of the air purifier is that it works quietly, and the user does not have a challenging task.

The best part is that one can use the auto-off feature, which ensures quality functioning, creating a healthy atmosphere.

  • Changeable night light

This ensures that the night sleep is not disturbed, and sensitivity to light can change to some soothing color. One can turn off the light by holding the light button for 3 seconds.

PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Review

PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier Noise level

The fan makes no noise and is the most silent air purifier. It produces 25 decibels of sound and is much quiet.

The purifier promises good air quality with zero noise and is apt for baby rooms. But, no doubt disturbance as the device is elegantly designed to drive away pollutants from the air.

PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier CADR, Room Coverage

Partu BS-07 CADR is 129 CFM, and it covers 222 square feet of large spaces, cleaning air 5 times every hour or once every 12 minutes.

Unfortunately, Partu can’t be bought anymore; I suggest checking any of the following air purifiers:

PARTU BS-07 Air Purifier Maintenance

The filter has 5 layers that are easy to clean and even replace whenever necessary. The HEPA filters collect 99.97% harmful particles, and one can change the filter every 6-8 months.

The filter warning appears according to the frequency of usage, and the button reminds us when the change is necessary.


The polluted indoor air is the major reason behind asthma, breathing troubles, headaches, nausea, and other people’s health issues. Additionally, allergies are commonly seen irrespective of age due to the polluted air.

Therefore, get rid of all health problems and start inhaling the pure air by placing a PARTU air purifier that catches hold of all culprits that are the reason for several issues and promises a refreshed morning.

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