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Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

People prefer to make purchases under more renowned brands, and companies are somewhat amplifying these days.

And why not? You get to be assured about a product’s quality, services, and features to a greater extent. Honeywell is a famous brand plowed in many fields in the past years. 

Speaking of the appliance category, the company has earned a lot of appreciation after introducing the Honeywell TP70PWK Dehumidifier.

It is a top-quality dehumidifier with excellent durability, safety assurance, and a wide variety of features. These features make it a perfect choice for your basements, other remote spaces, drawing rooms, and bedrooms.

In addition, the unit provides a quiet and efficient performance with outstanding consistency.

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review


  • Highly User-friendly & Easy to maintain
  • The large draining capacity of 70 pints
  • Consistent & Durable
  • Environment friendly


  • Low compatibility of normal domestic/garden hoses

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Performance

Energy Efficiency

This dehumidifier stands out against all its competitors in terms of energy efficiency. As a result, power consumption is deficient. Moreover, negligible energy is dissipated as sound or friction, and wastage is significantly reduced.

You can be assured on this ground as the product has the ENERGY STAR certificate to wipe out all doubts.

Noise level

The noise output of the product lies somewhere between good and very good. It was a comparatively quieter dehumidifier; however, this may not be the most prominent feature.

The device generates about 50.2dB of noise at the lower fan speed, which lies mid-way between the quietest (47.6dB) and the noisiest (53.6dB).

It falls in the green category at higher fan speed, with the quietest being 50.0 dB and the noisiest being 60.9dB.

The dB value may vary with wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity. However, the average would more or less be the same.

Moisture Removal

Nothing can match the performance of 70-pint dehumidifiers regarding moisture removal. These beasts can remove 8-9 gallons of water daily. Compare that to ½ a gallon of water consumed by a healthy adult, and enjoy the Goosebumps!

This humongous water slurping capacity makes them highly suitable for basements, storage rooms, cellars, and even large halls & living rooms.

Compared to other 70-pint portable dehumidifiers such as Ivation 70 Pints or Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70 Pints Honeywell is a better choice. 

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Key features

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

Humidity Display

The front-facing display screen shows you the current humidity level. This allows you to adjust the desired level accurately in 30%-90% with 5% successive increments.

On/Off Timer

Nothingehumidifier offers a user-friendly On/Off timer for when it comes to moisture removal delayed functioning in the range of 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Sleep Mode

The highly convenient sleep mode allows you to have a sound sleep throughout the night, with the Top Display turned off.

Water-Level Indicator

The convenient water level indicator provides a clear vision of the amount of moisture slurped in the device. You also get an idea about when the tank will get filled.


The dehumidifier starts automatically if the device has to stop in a power outage or inconsistent supply unexpectedly.

Then, when the supply returns, it restores and resets the previously installed settings. This feature is especially very suitable for usage in remote spaces. 

‘Clean-Filter’ Indicator

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

The ‘Clean-Filter’ indicator lights on to alarm you to clean the unit’s filter.

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Functionality

Dust Filter

The unit comprises an efficient dust filter to restrain unwanted airborne particles and offer clean and refreshing air to breathe. Moreover, this filter is easy to clean and remove.

Drainage System

The produce dehumidifier starts automatically if it includes a drain hose for an easier and simpler drainage setup. Also, no, it won’t be compatible with your garden hose.


The ergonomic carrying handle and the heavy-duty caster wheels enhance the unit’s portability.

Compact Design

The unit’s small dimension (12.4 x 15.7 x 25.4) allows easy storage and usage.

Automatic Defrost

The auto-defrost function prevents frost build-up over the unit’s internal coils. Also, it helps in the frictionless performance of the fan to avoid waste of energy.

Operation Temperature

The unit has an extensive temperature range of 41o-89oF, where the product performs at its best.

Anti-Spill Design

The unit’s water tank, with supporting legs, provides an anti-spill design for the unit’s safety due to water spilling.

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Ease of Use 

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

The unit has a super-easy control panel with a wide variety of easy-to-use touch buttons and indicator lights. This active filter, fan-speed, power on/off, timer, sleep mode, and humidity altering +/- functions.

The unit offers two fan speeds, turbo and normal, wherein the turbofan speed can be enabled by turning on the turbo button. 

You can also easily move the compact unit with exceptionally smooth and durable caster wheels for enjoying cool, clean, and dry air in different regions.

The product includes a simple and clear instruction manual for straightforward installation and usage.

Honeywell TP70PWK 70 Pint Dehumidifier Maintenance and upkeep

The overall maintenance requirements of the Honeywell dehumidifier are shallow and easy. However, some general precautions and regulations must be followed for safety, durability, and consistency.

  • Remember to unplug the unit while cleaning it.
  • As soon as the ‘Clean-filter’ indicator light goes on, thoroughly wash the filter to avoid abnormal dust clogging and damage to the unit.
  • Carefully plug in the draining hose to avoid water spilling or damaging the hose/nozzle.
  • Read the user manual clearly, to get the best out of the product.
  • The dehumidifier should be proper, even while draining off the water bucket.

Honeywell is well known for its superior services and customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is highly advisable to contact the manufacturers in case of confusion or complaints.

Final Thoughts

Above, we discussed the features of the Honeywell 70-pint dehumidifier in detail. Moreover, we studied in detail the usage and maintenance of the unit.

Overall, with its outstanding quality and remarkable features, the Honeywell dehumidifier will impress you in all aspects.

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