Friedrich Chill Series Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Review

Friedrich Uni-Fit Series Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Review

What’s better than chilling in your home/office, unlinked with the scorching heat of summers outside? Well, the Friedrich Uni-Fit Series Wall AC lets you enjoy precisely the same.

Under the renowned name of Friedrich, this absolute wonder offers some of the rarest features & qualities you won’t discover in other Wall ACs.

It is a powerful & efficient AC that very effectively fights with the burning hot air to offer a comfortable and likely surrounding.

It is a remote-controlled AC with a quiet and smooth operation. The quick and ideal cooling effects of this AC are very satisfying.

Let’s go through all the essential aspects of this impressive appliance in exquisite detail.Friedrich Uni-Fit Series Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner


  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Easy-to-use Remote Controls
  • Quiet & Efficient operation
  • Powerful and Quick


  • Slightly heavy body
  • Control panel door is not so smooth

Design, Size & Warranty

The overall design of the unit is simple, sleek, and well finished. The attractive designer white color adds on to the looks.

The dimensions of the unit are 15.25” x 23.875” x 7.5”. The 7½” depth offers greater ease-of-installation through the windows.

Friedrich provides a 1-year Limited Warranty on parts and a 5-year-Sealed-Refrigerant-System that brings in more convenience to the user.

Product Features 

The Friedrich Uni-Fit Series Wall AC bags in a big bunch of features up its sleeves. These features include:

Swifty Slide

The Friedrich AC features a smooth slide-out chassis that detaches pretty quickly from the mainframe for super-easy servicing and cleaning of the unit. 

Inside Out

Friedrich AC has a Thru-the-wall option using which you can either install it at the windows or even place it through the wall using the hardware included with the unit. 

It’s Wintertime!

Four of the Uni-Fit Series models come with the electric space heater options. However, these are not the greatest of heating gadgets, and you won’t be able to depend on them entirely.

The Heating Capacity ranges from 3,800 to 12,000 BTUs.

Basics are important…

Like all other Wall ACs, the Friedrich AC also offers the must-have standard features including a 24H timer, three optimum fan-speeds, Auto-restart to previous settings, Digital Remote, and a four-way airflow.

‘APPify’ yourself

For controlling the unit, you can also use the FriedrichLink app on your Smartphone. Using this highly functional app, you can set the timer, change modes, or fan-speeds and even alter the desired temperature.

Dust-Dust Go Away

The unit of the Friedrich AC features a premium carbon filter for keeping away with odors, dust, smoke, and other pollutants. Moreover, you can very easily clean these top-quality filters.

Coolness Everywhere!

The Auto-air cools down the full room environment in a perfectly uniform and consistent manner to enjoy a comfortable temperature in all corners of the room.

Tough…Very Tough!

The back cover of the Friedrich AC is made of 20-gauge steel and a non-corrosive aluminum for extra durability and better strength.


This fantastic AC provides perfect cooling at a quick speed of 200 ft3 per minute. This indicates the efficiency and power of the unit.

And Much More…

  • Expandable Side Curtains
  • The power cord is capable of running from either of the two sides of the unit.
  • EntryGard anti-intrusion body
  • Money saver setting wherein the fan operates only when the unit is cooling.

Noise Level

The Friedrich Wall AC features a highly effective Ultra-Quiet technology for quiet and efficient operation.

The loudness of the noise is around 53dB, which is one of the best in the case of wall ACs. The air outlet is designed smartly to cut the operational noise to a considerable extent.

However, at the backside, the noise level right next to it reaches to about 60 dB, though this might not be a matter of concern for you as far as sound sleep is concerned. But it would surely have negative impacts on the energy efficiency of the product.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and BTU Cooling Capacity

The Energy Efficiency Ratio of this remarkable Air Conditioner is 12.1, which is very high as against other wall-ACs.

The particular model is available in different Cooling Capacities for various requirements, including 5.2K, 6K, 8K, 10K, 12K, 15.5K, 19K, and 24K. (Here, we have put significant emphasis on the qualities and features of the 6K BTU model). 

It is a versatile and eco-friendly AC for higher efficiency in spaces up to 550 ft2. The model comes with an ENERGY STAR certificate, which indicates the superb energy efficiency of the AC. Also, the Money Saver setting saves money as it operates the fan only for cooling purposes.

Installation and Usage

The more massive body (around 60 lbs) of the unit makes the installation process a bit tricky for some of the users. However, the apparent instruction manual, along with the excellent quality and smartly designed hardware tools, offers great convenience. 

The major and the only trick lies in finding the perfect spot for your AC to fit well. Cautiously reading the user manual would easily do the task for you.  

As far as usage is concerned, the product is a master class!

It is one of the easiest of wall ACs and offers elementary functions and upkeep requirements. You can easily remove the air filter and wash it accordingly. 

The controls panel is straightforward, and the use of remote control or the official app adds on to the convenience. 

Timer settings are super-easy, and, unlike many others, do not involve complicated mechanisms.

Final ThoughtsFriedrich Uni-Fit Series Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

It won’t be wrong at all to say that this AC is one of the best Wall-ACs available in the market. And for this very reason, we greatly recommend you to go for this wonderful option to achieve huge value for money.

Due to its great functionality and exceptional quality, the Friedrich Uni-Fit Series Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner stands out well against all its contenders to offer you great satisfaction. 

In total, the Friedrich AC, contrary to what the name suggests, would offer you great comfort against the fried air in those scorching summer seasons!

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