Emerson Quiet Kool Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner Review

As the name suggests, Emerson Quiet Kool is a quiet through-the-wall AC. At 12000 BTU, the AC can provide effective cooling in a room size of 550 Square feet.

The unit is designed for the window sill’s installation. Being a through-the-wall Air Conditioner, it can’t be installed as a standard window AC.

The fancy interior fitting and covering enhance the room’s aesthetic while providing the convenience of cleaning and XYX.

The power supply required for the AC is also not the standard 115V requiring 230 V/ 20A electrical supply to operate.

With the features including Auto Restart and Sleep Mode, the noise-free AC allows a very comfortable experience throughout the day under varied temperature conditions.

Emerson Quiet AC would immerse you in the cool and quiet enclosure and decouple you with the heat waves of the outside world.Emerson Quiet Kool Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner


  • Very effective for small to mid-size rooms
  • Low noise levels
  • Attractive interior trim kit
  • 3 Fan speeds
  • 3-tier warranty 


  • Can’t run on standard 115V power supply
  • Users cannot install it as a standard window AC

Design, Size & Warranty

The smart in function AC presents an equally smart and attractive design to its exteriors. The attractive interior fitting adds further to the looks of this through-the-wall AC.

The machine’s dimensions are 24.2” X14.5” X20.3”. The depth of 20.3” facilitates easy through-the-wall installation.

Emersion shows its confidence in its manufacturing quality and services by providing a 1-2-5 years warranty with the AC. The 3 tier warranty includes a 1-year warranty for labor, 2 years warranty for the parts, and 5 years for the AC’s major component, i.e., Compressor.

Product Features 

Auto Restart

This feature keeps you free of worry during the power outage. The Auto Restart function ensures that you do not lose any pre-programmed settings of the Air Conditioner unit. It restores those settings when the power supply to the unit returns.

Fan Speeds

The AC has the option of selecting 3 different fan speeds as well as the auto speed option.

This enables you to adjust the speed to your comfort level among slow cooling, quick cooling, and air circulation mode.

Remote Control System

This feature provides you great convenience of adjusting various settings and the flexibility to turn off from any distance inside the room. 

Sleep Mode

This is perhaps one of the most important features that many AC manufacturers ignore. But this feature, in fact, allows you to get real sound sleep as the AC automatically regulates the temperature to the most convenient levels.

Timer for Scheduling

This feature enables you to schedule the time to turn on or off the unit for 24 hours. It allows you to save time and energy while providing you comfort at all times.

Temperature Display

The running temperature is on continuous display through the LED display of the AC. You can read it any time of the day, including the night time.

Technical Excellence

Emersion is known for its technical excellence among the AC manufacturers. Emersion Quiet Kool is no exception to it.

The most coveted Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification showcases its excellence in safety science, following the best business practices and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Air Filter

To add to the convenience, AC is fitted with very easy to remove and clean air filters. The filter can be cleaned quickly by rinsing it with normal water and fitted back in the machine.

It allows the equipment to provide clean and hygienic air free of harmful bacteria while keeping your free of any bad odors and other tiny particles. 

Use as a Dehumidifier

The AC not only cools. With the 50.4 pints/ day dehumidifying capacity Emersion Quiet Kool ensures your room to have just the right humidity to provide you the optimum combination of temperature and humidity.

Easy Fitting

The through-the-wall AC does not need to provide special window sills. It fits into most of the existing sleeves. Thus, the existing window sill does not cause constraint if you wish to replace your existing AC with a more efficient and effective Emersion Quiet Kool AC.

4-way Louvers

You do not have to sit at a few fixed places inside the room in want of cool air. Thanks to 4-way Louvers, you can adjust them in the direction you want to sit and feel the coolness of the air.

Noise Level

The Quiet Kool model of Emersion with Noise Level of 60.5dB allows you to have a sound sleep throughout the night. It also ensures that the noise does not disturb you when you want a silent environment in your office cabin.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) And BTU Cooling Capacity

Energy Efficiency Ratio

The Energy Star certificate ensures that the unit is tested for and certified with high energy efficiency ratings. AC has an EER of 10.6, making it highly efficient ACs in the category.

Cooling Capacity

The Air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 8000, 10000, and 12000 BTU making it highly efficient ACs in the small to mid-space category.

Heating Capacity

With 10600 BTU, they again ensure excellent units for providing comfort for up to 550

sq ft of room sizes.

Installation and Usage 

The through-the-wall AC can be installed over the existing window sills. The unit comes with a complete kit having all the necessary components required for installation, including the most attractive interior fittings.

The AC is pretty simple to use and does not call for any technical knowledge to operate and maintain it.

The remote control provided the unit offers great convenience in operation while the washable and reusable air filter keeps the maintenance requirements to the minimum.

Final Thoughts

With its extraordinary quality and unique performance, the Emerson Quiet Kool Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner is an absolute wonder.

In total, its super-cool features and appealing operation bring in great value for money to customers of all categories. If you could match up your requirements precisely with this AC’s features, it is surely a very recommendable choice for you!

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