LG LT1016CER Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Review

What’s the primary purpose of buying an AC? Cooling, right? But in this endless hunt of discovering a perfectly suitable AC for ourselves in the massively vast market, we somewhat forget or ignore this factor.

Nonetheless, even this didn’t stop one of the most renowned companies, LG, to bring up some superior ACs which, not at all, compromise with the cooling effects.LG LT1016CER Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Review

The LG LT1016CER is a powerful, efficient, and sturdy thru-the-wall Air Conditioner with the most comfortable effects on your surroundings. Is it enough to impress you? Come; let’s study some more features and other specifications of this outstanding product from every single angle.


  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Gold-fin coating
  • Ideal fan speeds and operating modes
  • Powerful performance
  • Lots of accessories included for extra convenience


  • Limited features
  • Produces high decibels

Design, Size & Warranty 

The design of the unit is straightforward and basic. No cost enhancements have been put as such by the manufacturers to make it look too stylish or appealing.

The design is based more on the functioning and less over the looks, and this is why this AC is one of the most efficiently working ACs.

The size of this thru-the-wall AC is very convenient as it fits very well in almost any kind of sleeve smoothly and safely. The compact dimensions of the unit are 24” x 14.41” x 20.09.”

LG offers a 1-year warranty on labor and parts to the customers of this AC. For any query or issue related to this product, you can confidently contact LG’s supportive customer satisfaction team.

Product Features

  • 365 Problems? 365 Solutions!

The LG thru-the-wall AC can help you solve all your weather-related issues effectively and affordably. It offers different operation modes for performing suitably in different seasons. 

The dehumidification mode slurps your surroundings’ moisture to give you a dry, clean, and comfortable environment in the most humid of weather.

This dry mode can remove up to 2.9 pints of water in an hour, which is much more than standard dehumidifiers.

  • Alter the Speed

You can easily choose from the three ideal fan speeds that provide the utmost comfort as per your wish.

  • Sometime Later!

The efficient Timer function offers delayed operation at any required time within the range of 24 hours.

  • Air All Around…

The 4-Way air deflection technique used in this unit offers a wide, uniform, and consistent spread of the air’s desired temperature in all corners of the room.

  • Go Green

The Energy Saving function offers enormous relief to your electricity bills while operating the unit in a satisfactory temperature maintenance mode.

  • Hey! Clean it Pls…!

The Filter alarm feature quickly reminds you to clean the filter avoiding the dust particle to affect the AC’s performance.

  • Power…!

The AC’s robust operation can spread consistent, comfortable air in areas as large as 450 sq ft in turbo-fan speed. The AC’s ability makes it extremely suitable for larger spaces like halls, living rooms, basements, and offices.LG LT1016CER Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Review

  • Come Back

The Auto Restart function available with this AC starts the unit automatically after halts due to power outages or inconsistencies.

  • Gold FinTM, the helping hand!

Like other LG’s appliances, the anti-corrosion Gold Fin coating in the LG AC is a highly protective and top-quality feature that adds to the product’s value.

  • Remotely Controlled

The Wireless remote control included with the unit allows more comfortable and more convenient usage of the AC. It is a highly user-friendly remote with just six operating buttons for more convenience.

  • Fits Everywhere!

The Universal fit for the sleeve structure of the LG AC adds excellent convenience in installing the unit.

Noise Level

In terms of noise, this AC stands on a little darker side of the list. The robust operation of the unit, in turn, produces significant noses.

In the case of turbo-fan speeds and lowered temperature settings, the maximum noise level can reach as high as 61 dB, which is not that impressive compared to other ACs of its kind.

Though the average Decibel Rating slips down to 56 dB, yet you may not rely that much on this data, keeping in mind the inclusion of the energy-saving mode, which is a rare operation.

However, it is not that scary as 61 dB is not that high to disturb you in the peak of your sleep. But still, if you consider ultra-quiet operation as the benchmark, this AC is not that suitable for you.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) And BTU Cooling Capacity

Energy Efficiency is undoubtedly the more strong point of this AC. The EER of the AC is 10.7, making it one of the best in the thru-the-wall category.

Moreover, the even more impressive SEER of 10.6 offers excellent reliability in all weather conditions. The Energy Saving Mode adds to the value of the product.

Overall, this marvelous and eco-friendly appliance will work perfectly well, without giving any load on your electricity bills. 

The Cooling Capacity of the unit is 9,800 BTU, which is unique and optimum for homes and offices.

Installation and Usage

The thru-the-wall installation of this AC is straightforward and safe. Also, the massive installation kit with loads of useful accessories adds to the convenience.

However, in the case of window installation, you will inevitably have to take a professional’s help as the unit is slightly improperly vented for such standard windows.

The ideal dimensions of the unit and smart structure fit it perfectly well in all the sleeves. You must follow the instruction manual clearly for best and safe results. 

The robust operation of the AC is perfectly suitable for larger spaces. You can easily control the unit using either the control panel or the wireless remote control panel.

The digital electronic controls, along with the top-quality clear LED display, adds to the convenience.

Final Thoughts

Alright, fellas! We are after understanding every bit of detail associated with the powerful and top-quality LG LT1016CER thru-the-wall AC. 

It is an impressive and performance-based appliance as the manufacturers have emphasized less over the stylish looks and luxurious features. However, this makes it a very easily affordable choice, making it suitable for all categories of customers.

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