Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser Review | Essential Oil Diffuser

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser Review

What’s better than starting your day with a refreshing aroma with fresh and clean air…woah…sounds tremendously positive right? Well, the Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser with its attractive looks offers you exactly the same. This affordable humidifier offers you a sackful of features while being cool to your pocket. The ultrasonic technology won’t bother you in your dreamy nights.Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser Review

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier has a large tank with a very convenient top-fill design that gets you rid of the refilling headache and mess. For an even more enjoyable experience, you can directly mix some scented oils and can turn on the moody LED lights of the humidifier to create a perfectly heart-whelming environment. Along with its excellent quality, the Homasy secures some awesome features that we’ll be discussing below.


  • Large water tank capacity
  • Super-quiet 
  • Less frequent and easy refilling


  • Plane & large lid gives rise to water pooling in ‘High Mist’ function
  • Sudden halts in case of inconsistent power supply

Design & Size

The overall one-piece design of the unit is not only very convenient but also is highly eye-catching. The unit has a top-fill design to easily refill the tank and even mix the essential oils directly. The capacity of the water tank is very large and you do not have to refill the bucket before 24 hours of the previous refill, in any given mode. The dimensions of the unit are 7.3” x 7.3” x 11.6”, placing it in the medium-sized humidifiers category. 

Moreover, the unit has a very user-friendly control panel with two soft-touch buttons, one to change the humidification mode and the other to alter the color of the mood light. The top sprinkler spreads the mist in a large area in a 360° range.

In addition, these humidifiers come with soothing in-built 7-color optional light modes for a positive atmosphere and optimum intensity for bedrooms and other sleeping rooms. 


The Homasy humidifier, being an ultrasonic humidifier has a slightly complex working. 

First of all, let us gather information on some basic parts associated with an ultrasonic humidifier. They are Nickel electrodes, Ceramic disc, and a bucket/tank of water.

Let us now try to break it down into some simpler steps:

  • The power cord transfers the electric current to the electrodes
  • These electrodes dissipate the energy in such a way that they periodically vibrate (oscillate) the ceramic disc placed below the water tank. 
  • The frequency of these oscillations is ultrasonic which means it is beyond the hearing capacity of humans (above 20,000Hz).
  • The ceramic disc passes on the energy to the water surface which follows the same frequency and, in turn, forms large crests over the original level. 
  • Tiny water particles, detach out of the crest (due to higher energy) in the form of mist. And this mist, in turn, humidifies your surroundings.

The Homasy humidifier works in 2 different intensities of mist modes (high & low). It also features a very convenient sleep mode for greater automation and sound sleep.

The efficient and top-quality mist nozzle placed on the top of the unit imparts 360° and wide-ranging humidification as mentioned earlier.

Main Features

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser Review

The high-quality Homasy humidifier besides its extraordinary performance also bags in a plentiful of features with itself. Some of which are:

Holds Well

The Homasy humidifier features an extra-large water tank of 2.5L capacity that requires rare refills and you’ll stay untroubled for at least up to 24 hours.

Whether you see or not

The translucent water tank allows proper visibility of the water level, without compromising with the look of the product.

No water, No problem

The Waterless auto shut-off feature offers great convenience. The unit will automatically shut off in case the tank gets empty. This feature enhances its energy efficiency as well, by preventing static electricity wastage.

Speedy Sprinkle

The efficient and quiet nozzle sprays cool mist at a high speed of 180ml/L.

Controls? Huh…piece of cake!

This user-friendly appliance features soft-touch efficient controls that switch modes within no time.

Light-up my Mood

The Homasy humidifier, as stated above, comprises 7-color LED Mood Lights that are masters in altering the environment.

Noise level

The ultrasonic humidification method, as described above, provides an absolutely soundless atmosphere to the user. Precisely, the maximum noise level of these humidifiers is merely 28dB which is quieter than the working of a computer. This ultra-quiet humidifier causes zero interruption to your sleep, offering you to relax in a perfectly silent environment.

Maintenance and Upkeep

One thing that must be given utmost importance by the user is the cleanliness of any humidifier. This is because humidifiers are directly related to your breathing processes. And any dirt or dust that combines with the mist sprayed by the humidifier is likely to trigger symptoms of allergies, asthma and other breathing-related problems.

The cleaning process for the Homasy humidifier is extremely easy. The manufacturers quite clearly recommend weekly cleaning of the Homasy humidifiers. 

You just need to follow these simple steps given below to ensure proper disinfection of your unit:

  • Remove the lid and wipe the tank with a wet cloth. The large area of the top-fill provides enough space to freely move your hand.
  • Using a damp cloth or the cleaning brush, included with the product, clean the machine slot gently and thoroughly
  • Do not forget to clean the lid as the pooling of water over it might attract lots of dirt, dust and other infections, it may even cause scaling over the lid.

The effortless cleaning of this humidifier is much better than its other competitors in the same category. The top-fill and ergonomic design plays a major role in this.

Final Thoughts

With its smart design and wonderful features, the Homasy humidifier is one of its kind. The ease-of-use is unmatched and the convenient top-fill makes it even more suitable for all types of customers. The colorful LEDs along with the aromatic abilities of this remarkable product work perfectly well to alter your ambient and offer you a quiet and refreshing environment, a source of all kinds of positive vibes!

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