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Top 12 Best Indoor Hygrometers

Our body requires the right level of humidity to perform at peak efficiency. On the one hand, dry air can cause various medical conditions like cough, congestion, asthma, and allergies.

On the other hand, a high moisture level promotes the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

A hygrometer measures the humidity level and guides us in deciding the correct type of appliance required to create a healthy and comfortable environment around us.

But to decide the best hygrometer is also pretty challenging.

To help you select the best hygrometer, we are sharing the top 12 best hygrometers available.

Top 12 Best Indoor Hygrometers 

1. Best Overall: ThermoPro TP50 Indoor HygrometerThermoPro TP50 Indoor Hygrometer

The hygrometer with a 2.7” size smart display is very easily readable from a distance. The portability of the meter makes it move from place to place without difficulty.

It monitors humidity level & temperature regularly and records the highest and the lowest records for both the parameters.

The humidity level indicator indicates Low, Comfort, and Wet conditions depending on the monitoring area’s humidity level.

The kickstand and magnetic mounting help mount it at convenient angles and locations.


  • Low-cost option
  • Smart easily readable display
  • Accurate reading
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • The display does not glow at night


If you wish to have a handy, accurate, and easy-to-read hygrometer that can record the maximum & minimum readings, ThermoPro TP50 would be an excellent choice for you.

2. Runner-Up: Homidy 360-degree HD Digital Hygrometer Homidy Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

A durable, top-quality device that boasts a classy and durable body, the Homidy 360-degree HD is one of its kind. It has environment-friendly machine parts and efficiently offers some must-have features.

This attractive hygrometer bag in a wide variety of features with exceptional accuracy in measuring temperature (+0.3%). It also offers an accurate measurement of humidity (+3%).

Also, the unique 360o operation of this efficient product adds to its value. Also, it features six comfort and mood levels to give you the perfect idea of your ambiance.


  • 360o operation
  • Included stand
  • Top-quality HD screen
  • 3-year warranty


  • Update frequency of 3 seconds
  • Poor user manual


Overall, Homidy 360o HD, with its attractive quality and unit, this wonderful hygrometer, with its unique performance, is sure to win your hearts.

3. Best Budget Option: AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer with Humidity GaugeAcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer with Humidity Gauge

If you are looking for an easy-to-use & multitasking hygrometer that fulfills all your requirements in terms of performance, AcuRite 00325 is perfectly suitable for you.

The manufacturers have focused mainly on the device’s performance against the looks. The unit can display humidity levels in the wide range of 16%-98%. The temperature range is around 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for all surroundings.

Besides, this unit features a convenient magnet back and a clip for easier placement.
Moreover, the display is easy to read. Thanks to its ideal dimensions of 3” x 2.5” x 1.3”. The design is simple and basic.


  • Highly Affordable
  • Easy to place
  • Easily readable
  • Multifunctional


  • A bit crowded display.
  • Looks might be too essential for some.


Overall, the portable and multipurpose AcuRite 00325 is a perfectly suitable choice for all types of customers. It is affordable and easy to use.

4. ThermoPro TP67 Waterproof Weather StationThermoPro TP67 Waterproof Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Hygrometer Barometer

With its advanced remote sensor and unmatched quality, the ThermoPro TP67 is one of the most impressively performing hygrometers. It is a waterproof device with a long battery life of more than a year.

Moreover, it comprises a large 4” LCD that offers remote monitoring with various indicators and readings. It has a sizeable wireless thermometer that can efficiently measure indoor and outdoor temperatures.

It can even record the minimum and maximum records of your surroundings.


  • Waterproof
  • Remote sensor
  • Large screen
  • Record storage


  • Slightly Expensive


Overall, the ThermoPro TP67 is a good quality product with a wide variety of features, making it suitable for all categories of customers.

5. ThermoPro TP65 Digital Wireless HygrometerThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer

The 4” large LCD shows the humidity and temperature readings. The numbers’ size is extra large and can easily be seen from a distance.

Also, the screen displays a low battery indicator.

The meter stores past 24-hours reading. You can use this feature to know the trend of humidity & temperature and take the required actions.

The backlight allows reading in the dark through manual activation.

You can connect the meter with 3 remote sensors. So, the meter can display humidity and temperature readings for 3 different areas.


  • Extra-large display
  • Backlight for reading in the dark
  • 24 hours reading record
  • May connect 3 remote sensors


  • Outdoor sensors are not too sturdy.
  • The backlight is not bright enough


The ThrmoPro 65 is a beautiful product having an extra-large display for easy readability with 3 remote sensors in a single device.

6. Meade Instruments TM005X-M HygrometerMeade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Thermo Hygrometer

A big jumbo size LCD is the key feature of Meade Instruments TM005X-M hygrometer.

The readings are displayed in big sizes and can be toggled between humidity & temperature readings very easily.

The meter can receive data from 3 different sensors. The sensor can send data to the meter from as long as 100 feet.

The meter records & stores the highest and the lowest readings of humidity & temperature.


  • 3 remote sensors readings
  • Data transmission from 100 feet distance through wireless sensors
  • Very easy to read LCDs


  • Lacks magnetic mounting


This convenient and user-friendly hygrometer, with its impressive features, is a suitable choice.

7. La Crosse Technology 302-604B Indoor Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer StationLa Crosse Technology 302-604B Black Indoor Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Station

La Crosse Technology 302-604B is a top-quality product that bags some advanced features in addition to the most basic ones. Moreover, it can save the minimum and maximum records of your ambiance.

It features a ‘comfort icon,’ indicating a comfortable humidity level of 40%-60%.

The operational range of this device is -4oF to 122oF. The unit includes an easily changeable CR2032 button cell battery for added convenience.


  • High accuracy (+3%)
  • Comfort-level indicator
  • Quite Affordable
  • Appealing design


  • Slightly confusing AM/PM display.
  • No backlight


If you are looking for a handy hygrometer that efficiently checks your room’s ambient conditions, the La Crosse Technology 302-604B is perfect.

8. Habor GEHM118AB Indoor HygrometerHabor GEHM118AB indoor hygrometer

Habor GEHM118AB is unique due to its quick response feature. Its 24 VENTS monitor humidity & temperature in a quick interval of 10 seconds.

It can measure temperature between 32 to 122oF and humidity between 20 to 95%, with accuracies of ±2.7℉ & ±5%, respectively.

The unit indicates 3 different conditions, viz. Comfortable, uncomfortable, and normal.
The easy-to-read LCD allows reading from far distances.

The multiple mounting options, viz. magnetic, table-top, and hanging on the wall, make it convenient to mount anywhere with ease.


  • Short interval (10 seconds) readings
  • Bright panel with easy-to-read LCD
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 3 comfort level indication


  • Too simple a design


The Habor GEHM118AB has many unique features up its sleeve. There are multiple reasons to keep it on your top priority list of good-quality hygrometers.

9. Bengoo BEN-TM6-1 Home Humidity MonitorBENGOO Home Humidity Monitor Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

The Bengoo BEN-TM6-1 is a well-finished, efficient, and user-friendly hygrometer with high readability and impressive performance.

It is a multi-tasking device that works with both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Moreover, it features a massive 4-inch LED screen, a durable back stand, and a magnetic strap.

The variety of icon indicators allows remote and convenient monitoring of the device.

Besides, the operational range of this device is -4 to 158oF. Furthermore, the humidity display range is 10-99%, which is also very high compared to other such hygrometers.


  • User-friendly
  • Large screen
  • Wide operational ranges
  • Easy-to-place


  • Slightly low accuracy
  • Not quite an attractive design


The Bengoo BEN-TM6-1 is an easy-to-use product that best suits those looking for a large hygrometer with wide working ranges.

10. Brifit Wireless Hygrometer

Brifit Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor, Wireless Hygrometer with Touchscreen Backlight
Brifit Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor, Wireless Hygrometer with Touchscreen Backlight

It is a luxurious device that can make Wireless connections with your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Also, it offers an exceptional variety of functions, including weather, indoor ambiance, outdoor ambiance, large memory storage, alarm clock, timer, low battery indicator, date, and whatnot.

This AAA battery-powered device displays unique icons for presenting your area’s indoor/outdoor conditions.

It is a top-quality tabletop hygrometer with an extra-large colorful LCD screen that allows easy remote monitoring.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • A wide variety of functions
  • Top-quality display
  • Luxurious quality


  • Quite Expensive
  • Slightly tricky to use


For those looking for a top-quality hygrometer that brings in many advanced features with a large and good-quality screen, Brifit Wireless is a perfect choice.

11. AcuRite 00613 Digital HygrometerAcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer

With its awesome portability and reasonable price, the AcuRite 00613 is a great choice, especially for first-time users. It is a suitable quality device that can easily fit in your pockets and offer high convenience.

This compact device can keep track of the maximum and minimum readings. Besides, it can rate the current humidity of your ambiance as ‘High,’ ‘Low,’ or ‘OK.’

As far as the body design is concerned, this device comprises a durable and sturdy frame. The display has compact dimensions of about 1.3” x 2.5,” which is ideal for simultaneously displaying multiple factors.



  • Lacks a backlight
  • Smaller size hinders remote monitoring


If you want a portable, affordable, and durable hygrometer, AcuRite 0613 would be a perfect choice for you.

12. Govee Thermometer HygrometerGovee Temperature Humidity Monitor, Indoor Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer Gauge

Govee Thermometer Hygrometer is an advanced Hygrometer that brings in some of the most convenient features.

The excellent feature list of this Hygrometer includes cloud storage of records.
Moreover, this hygrometer can be operated with a single command by connecting it through your Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices.

You can also pair it up with your smartphone using the “Govee App,” which allows quick access to your ambiance stats. This way, you can also export the data storage in CSV format.

The unit has a cute and alluring design with an elegant frame surrounding the compact LCD.


  • Compatible with Amazon Echo
  • Govee App for smart controls
  • Attractive design
  • CSV format data export


  • Lacks remote monitoring
  • Slightly Expensive


If you are looking for a luxurious hygrometer, your search ends with the Govee Thermometer Hygrometer.

What Is a Hygrometer Used For?

What Is a Hygrometer Used For?

A hygrometer is an apparatus that gauges the air’s relative humidity or the amount of vaporized water that is invisible to the naked eye in a particular location.

They range from straightforward instruments like the psychrometer and hair hygrometer to more intricate gadgets like the cooled mirror dew point hygrometer, which measures humidity using condensation temperature.

Modern electronic devices may detect dampness by sensing changes in electrical resistance and capacitance. As a result, hygrometers are helpful in various environments in addition to meteorologies, such as saunas, museums, domestic settings, and the HVAC sector.

Reduce Health Issues

Exposure to insufficient humidity levels has health concerns. Therefore, maintaining the proper degree of humidity is crucial.

The likelihood of bacteria and mold growth will be greater if your home has excessive dampness. Some of these things are poisonous and can harm people and animals.

Increase Home Comfort

You may take the required action, such as turning on the ventilation or the heating system, by using a reliable hygrometer to determine the amount of moisture present.

You can always keep your home at a pleasant temperature regardless of the outside conditions by using dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Weather Prediction

A hygrometer is frequently used to record weather patterns and use those observations to forecast the future.

For example, humidity can aid weather forecasting by combining barometric pressure, wind speed readings, and temperature. With these forecasts, you may worry-free schedule activities like walks outside and travels. 

Prevents the Damage to Expensive Property

Your home’s moisture levels can be controlled using a hygrometer. When humidity levels are too low, furniture can easily bend and crack. 

Where Should You Put Hygrometer?

Where Should You Put Hygrometer?

A hygrometer works best near the top of the building, far from any windows or entrances. Because it won’t be influenced by outside elements like wind, rain, snow, or sunlight, it will provide you with an accurate estimate of the humidity levels in your home.

Try to maintain your home’s temperature and relative humidity at 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit as a general guideline (RH).

Hygrometer Placement Caution:

  • A hygrometer should be installed in a room of your home that is not too hot or cold but is nonetheless simple to get to. Placing it in the center of the home is excellent for many people.
  • The hygrometer’s results could become erroneous if any electronics are placed nearby. For instance, data from humidifiers and air conditioners will be distorted by microwaves, and cell phones have been reported to create variations when put nearby.
  • Because of the absence of ventilation and the proximity to outside elements like pollen or tree sap that can impact humidity levels, placing one close to an open window may result in a misleading measurement.

What Is a Normal Hygrometer Reading?

According to the EPA, a residence’s ideal relative humidity range is between 30 and 50 percent. This indicates that between 40% and 50% of the air is made up of water. So there probably won’t be any moisture in the air, and your throat or nose won’t get dry either.


The humidity in your house should range between 40 and 50 percent throughout the summer to be within a suitable range. Your home will get damp and clammy if the humidity level rises above 60%.


The humidity in your home must be between 30 and 40 percent throughout the winter months to be within a suitable range. In the winter, humidity levels under 40% will prevent condensation from developing on your windows and generating excessive moisture.

Which Type Of Hygrometer Is Most Accurate?

The most accurate hygrometers are dew point hygrometers, frequently employed in locations where even the tiniest amount of moisture must be determined.

Usually, the metal surface of these hygrometers is polished. Therefore, moisture condenses on the surface when humidity increases, which is how humidity is currently being measured.

By looking at the dew point temperature, you can predict how comfortable it will be outside. It will feel hotter and more humid when the dew point rises because sweat is more challenging to drain from your skin.

Less than 50 degrees is considered dry, 50 to 68 degrees is pleasant, 69 to 76 degrees is uncomfortable, and more than 77 degrees is excruciating.

Are Cheap Hygrometers Accurate?

Are Cheap Hygrometers Accurate?

Cheap hygrometers are frequently dependable and, to a certain extent, accurate instruments.

Most inexpensive hygrometers have an accuracy range between 5% and 7%. Of course, they could still be higher than those, despite everything. But until you purchase and use them, you can’t test them.

An RH margin of 5% is generally acceptable if you are not testing a sensitive region. However, you will need more accurate tools for delicate areas like your wine cellar, greenhouse, or cigar case readings.

Most inexpensive hygrometers are frequently simple and lack added functions like remote monitoring or alerting.

While inexpensive does not necessarily mean it is inferior, it could not be as advanced as the more expensive varieties.

To determine whether your hygrometer is correct, utilize calibration kits. For the task, we advise the Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit

What Is the Difference Between a Hygrometer And Humidity Meter?


A hydrometer is a tool that moves through a liquid and determines its density or specific gravity.

A hygrometer is equipment that measures the humidity or how much water vapor is present in the air.


A hydrometer determines the specific gravity of a particular liquid, which measures the liquid’s density.

A hygrometer calculates the humidity by counting the water vapor in the air.

Working Principle

The hydrometer’s working principle is often determined by measuring how much an object sinks in a liquid.

Hygrometer has numerous types, each using a unique law and a modified concept to determine the air’s humidity supply.

Factors that Support Accuracy

The hydrometer preserves accuracy, including temperature, cleanliness, and correct immersion.

Hygrometer achieves precision that must be standardized, including pressure, temperature, mass, and electrical charge.

Main Distinction

The primary division between the two is that a hydrometer determines a fluid’s relative gravity or density. In contrast, a hygrometer determines the amount of moisture in the air around it.


So, these were the best hygrometers you’ll find in the market. With their unmatched quality and surprising features, all these products claim to be better than the others.

We hope we can help you resolve your confusion regarding purchasing a perfect hygrometer with this information.

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