Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A Whole House Humidifier Review

Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A Whole House Humidifier Review

If you are searching for a humidifier that can add some extra moisture to the air in your home, then the Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A whole house humidifier would be ideal. This is going to be one of the best models that you can purchase that won’t break the budget that you have set aside. This can easily be mounted on your current furnace or even on the air ducts that run throughout your home, so keep reading on to find out our review of this model.Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A Whole House Humidifier Review


  • Lightweight
  • Can work with either the furnace or the heat ducts
  • Installation kit and required parts are included


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Quality of the parts might be sub-par with others
  • Might not cover entire 3,000 square foot house properly

Design and Size

Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A Whole House Humidifier Review

If you are searching for something that has a good design, then the Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A whole house humidifier should be a contender. It has a simple design with high-quality exterior parts to keep it from rusting or suffering any other damage. This is pretty small and it can be placed in any location near your furnace and the measurements are 9.5 x 15.7 x 15.3 inches and it weighs 5 pounds.

It is ideal for placement in a small corner in your basement where you won’t need to access it very often. When it comes to the basement the size doesn’t matter, but you are going to want to measure the available space and see what model is going to work the best. This would also be fully dependent on the side that you want it to be placed, so think about where it should ideally go.

Performance and How it Works

This is a simple machine and you would need to attach it to the air ducts or the furnace and that is going to be based on the system your house uses. Once it is attached to these, then you can set the humidity level that you want it to be in the house and the machine would start pumping air. If you are using the duct system, then it would be pushed through the vents and the same for the furnace.

You can easily set the humidity level that you want throughout your whole house and you can easily turn it off when you aren’t using it. This machine uses one of the best technologies available to ensure that the water is effectively used and that there isn’t too much water that is going through, which is called PerfectFLO. Ensure that you have the machine checked by an expert regularly to ensure that it is working right.

Main Features

This is going to be simple to use the machine since all you need to do is install it on the air duct or even the furnace depending on your home. There are plenty of features that you can enjoy, such as:

  • Capability to install it on either side of the furnace or the ducts
  • Easy to operate with a single switch
  • Ability to change the humidity level to your desired settings
  • Continuous moisture is being pumped into the air
  • Easy to install if you read the instructions thoroughly
  • Uses PerfectFLO technology for water usage and efficiency

These are just some of the main features that you are going to want to know about the Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A whole house humidifier. If you know what they are, then it will make it easier for you when it comes to deciding what machine you are going to go with when it comes time to purchase one.

Noise Level

Everyone knows that these types of machines can be louder than their smaller counterparts. However, this really isn’t that important because for the majority of the time this would be used in the basement where you won’t have to hear it. This is one of the noisier models, but you won’t have to listen to the sound that it makes when it is downstairs and you are upstairs so you can use it easily without needing to worry.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A Whole House Humidifier Review

One thing that you need to consider when it comes to the Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A whole house humidifier is the maintenance and upkeep that you would have to deal with. This machine doesn’t require much maintenance on a regular basis, but at least once a year you need to do a thorough cleaning of the machine and all of the parts. Some of the tasks that would need to be completed includes:

  • Removing the cover and the pad of the humidifier
  • Taking out the assembly pad and rinsing the various nozzles and prongs
  • Replace and remove the pad
  • Cleaning all of the fittings for the drain pipes
  • Use pressurized water to clean out the pipes and hoses
  • Re-install a new pad
  • Putting the cover back on and turning the machine on

You would need to make sure that you know exactly what steps would need to be taken when you are attempting this work. However, if you aren’t sure that you can do this type of maintenance on a regular basis, then you might want to engage the experts to do this. This should be done every year and there are also other tasks that should be done at the beginning and start of the seasons when the machine would be in use.

Final Thoughts

Ensure that you are thinking about what models for humidifiers would work for you, such as the Honeywell HE240A2001 HE240A whole house humidifier. This is a great model that is going to be very affordable and that will cover your entire home with ease and it is easy to operate. You might want to get the experts to come in and do the installation since it is complicated, but you can do it yourself. This is definitely something we would recommend to anyone searching for a humidifier for your home. So go and get the best for yourself and set the comfort for the family.

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