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Whole house Vs. Portable Humidifier: Which is better and why?

A humidifier is the most commonly used household appliance. It is mainly used to increase humidity in a particular room or an entire house, office, or other buildings based on the users’ requirements. There are two types of humidifier equipment currently existing in the market. They include,

  • Whole-house humidifier
  • Portable humidifier

From among these two various types of humidifiers, you should need to pick the best one which suits you, and based on the high-quality brand; you can get many advantages. The facts, features, and benefits of these two variants of humidifiers are explained here for your information.

Whole-house humidifier:

Whenever you consider the whole house humidifier, it is commonly used to increase the entire house’s humidity level or whole space. This kind of humidifier equipment is as well as known as the furnace humidifier. This kind of humidifier can be connected with your home’s HVAC system to circulate the humidity amongst the house or room evenly. Many house makers and building owners would often like to use this humidifier system to give the best comfort in their offices, houses, hospitals, and the industries for humidifying the entire area.

Portable humidifier:

The portable humidifier device is aimed to serve the same thing of increasing the humidity level in the air but for the particular room. Whenever you would like to improve the humidity of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, you can make use of this portable humidifier device as you desire. Due to its smaller and compact size, it cannot be used for your whole house, and it will boost the level of humidity only within a particular room.

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How to buy a suitable humidifier device:

If you have decided to purchase an excellent humidifier device for your house, office, or any place, there is a lot of confusion in choosing which model and what brand from various choices. Several buyers’ main difficulty is that they don’t know which humidifier will serve you in the best way and satisfy your needs. To pick the most suitable humidifier device, either a portable one or a whole-house humidifier, you should need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both models. It will help you in making the right decision about which one you have to purchase and why. Our full in-depth Humidifier Buying Guide is read here. 

Pros of whole house humidifier:

If you consider the whole house humidifier device, you can install it in any part of your home. When you have installed it with a suitable blower system of your house furnace, it can automatically take the water and continuously provide you the desired and the most comfortable humidity levels throughout the house.

  • The whole house humidifier device is commonly very economical because it will give you only lower maintenance and recurring charges than portable humidifiers.
  • As it needs only the one-time setup for increasing the humidity level at the beginning stage, you have to start it. Then, it will take care of your house or other building’s humidity level.
  • At the same time, you don’t need to adjust this humidifier, again and again, to maintain the required level of humidity because it has the automatic setup to adjust it.
  • It is noiseless, and the initial installment will make you invest only lower cost.

Cons of whole house humidifier:

  • Dissimilar to the portable humidifiers, these whole house humidifier devices are somewhat larger, so that you should have to make proper transportation to take it to your house.
  • For the installation purpose, it requires expert professionals who have the best installation skills.

While taking the water from your house or local office supply, this humidifier will take it along with the dissolved minerals. Then, they might get deposited inside the humidifier in the form of salts and minerals. So, the cleaning process is critical before the end of the summer season. While cleaning the whole house humidifier, you can use diluted white vinegar or any other hardened minerals to further enhance its smooth functioning.

Pros of portable humidifier:

Whenever you consider buying a portable humidifier, which is also known as the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, it is most preferably used for household use. The best thing about this type of humidifier device is that the users can use it anywhere in your house. It can be easily portable to take any part of your house to get instant humidity.

  • The portable humidifiers are available with various capabilities and in different sizes. There is a small-sized desktop humidifier available to keep the humidity in your room properly. Similarly, you can also find the most powerful humidifier devices to keep the humidity levels in more than one room.
  • Portability or flexibility is the main concern of this type of portable humidifier device. The users can take it anywhere in your house and carry it with you while going on tour.
  • It will not require a long installation process, and you don’t need professional help to install this portable humidifier. You can purchase, plug, and play this device normally and easily.
  • As it is very smaller in size, you can easily operate and maintain this device.
  • To maintain healthy environments, you can easily clean them at standard intervals.

Cons of portable humidifier:

  • Some of the high-quality portable humidifier devices are usually coming with an increased price, which is sometimes higher than the whole house humidifier.
  • It will produce some noise while using and may keep you awake at night time.
  • Regular maintenance is important for this portable humidifier, and you have to fill the water daily.
  • The latest portable humidifiers are coming with a detachable tank, but you have to supply water.


They all are good and do their job. The main question is what you need. And then regarding your needs, you can pick on ore another model. Read our humidifier reviews of the best models out there.

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