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8 Easy Steps on How to Clean a Space Heater

Space heaters are available in different sizes and shapes. They can increase heating costs around the house, or you can also use them in spaces that don’t get the type of heat or temperature you want. Whatever is the reason for using a space heater in your home, you need to cleanse a space heater. So, it is an excellent idea if you install a space heater in your home.

What Do You Need to Clean Your Space Heater?

Space heater supervision is particularly essential for your protection, specifically if you use them day in and day out. They develop dust, dirt, and more, and no one likes a fire danger lurking in their own home.

8 Steps to Do To Clean Your Space Heater

  1. Wear Protective Gear

It is crucial to wear a dust mask when cleaning a space heater, particularly if you have any dust allergies. If you don’t want this dust in your space heater, then you most certainly don’t desire it inside your lungs as well.

  1. Switch Off Space Heater

It would help if you permanently moved on the alert side when dealing with electrical machines. It is very important to turn off your space heater before cleaning it. After unclogging it, make sure that it is not hot to the touch. If it is, give it a few minutes to cool off before starting.

  1. Don’t Spray Water Directly!

Never spray water or cleaning chemicals directly onto the heater when you clean it from the outside (and inside) of your space heater. Instead, always spray your towel, cloth, or whatever you use instead of the device instantly.

  1. Clean Space Heater Exterior

When it comes to the order of functions, you need to start with the exterior of the space heater. Using a wet rag, cloth, or even a paper towel, all you need to do is swab down the exterior of your space heater. Once you are done with that, make sure to air dry your space heater, so there is no tinge of moisture left before you plug it back in.

  1. Disassemble Your Space Heater

If you have the manual laying around for your space heater, this is where that’s going to come in handy. You must follow the guides and carefully scatter your heater. Don’t forget to memorize where all of those nails and parts came from. The last thing you want is skipping parts when you put your space heater back together.

  1. Clean The Inside Of Your Space Heater

After you wiped down the exterior and disassembled the space heater, the next step you need to do is to give those insides a suitable cleaning. In all actuality, this step is the primary and most crucial step. All the months you have had that space heater running inside the home, there will be a ton of dirt, dust, and trash hanging out in there. It is an excellent thing if you have a consolidated air duster, but if not, cloth or towel will work just good. Avoid using any soapy liquids on the inside of your space heater. The last and the most important thing you want is extra dampness or cleaning chemicals damaging the insides of your heater. Now that you are in there, gently brush or blow off any marks of dust that you see sticking to the inside of your space heater.

  1. Reassemble Space Heater

Once you are sure that everything is back in place, all that is left to do is one last wipe down with a cloth or paper towel, and you are okay to go. Plug the heater in, turn it back on, and feel that warmness once again.

  1. Final Wipe Down

It is favorably advised that you need to do this at least once every couple of months, mainly if you are using your space heater often. A messy space heater is not only a blight but could be a fire risk inside your home.

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