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How Do Ceramic Heaters Work? | What is a Ceramic Heater?

Some people love the winter season, whereas some love to despise it. One thing which everyone will surely agree on is the cold temperature that it brings, which is not so lovely when indoors.

For most people, it is necessary to heat their homes during winter. If you stay in a colder country, you will require something to keep the house warm and prevent the water pipes from freezing.

Unfortunately, some people suffer from huge bill amounts at the end of each month. As a result, people have to take extra care when using heating systems. Now, if you hate to start up your wood stove every morning or live in an apartment where you do not have this option, you can choose to install ceramic heaters in your house.

Ceramic heaters are affordable and one of the most convenient ways to keep your house warm. Whether your house is one bedroom or you live in a big house with your family does not matter.

Ceramic heaters with low and high settings are an affordable, convenient way to keep your home warm, whether you have a one-bedroom apartment in the city or a large family home in the suburbs.

Ceramic heaters are becoming more popular for people looking for speedy heat without hefty costs. However, before you buy a ceramic heater, it is better that you learn what ceramic heaters are, their benefits, and much more. This guide will help you to make the right decision and meet your requirements.

What is a Ceramic Heater?

Portable Electric Space Heater for indoor use
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A ceramic heater is powdered using electricity. You have to plug it into the standard 180-watt outlet. This makes them a fantastic additional heating source for your house. This is the heating source for the central heating system.

These heaters are also available in different sizes and shapes for people to choose from. Choose a square and small or slender and tall ceramic heater for your use.

The heating power of the ceramic heater usually varies, but any ceramic heater will be able to provide you with warmth.

As mentioned above, this heater is mainly electric. This means you have to plug it into the outlet of your house. Therefore, the way your heater heats the office or home usually differs.

How Do Ceramic Heaters Work?

There are plenty of heaters available in the market today. Each model has its characteristics and features. Resistive heating is the working principle of a ceramic heater.

In this process, an electric current is passed through the conductor. This is when heat is produced. The conductor that is used in this heater is a ceramic plate.

Ceramic plates usually provide excellent thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to the electric current. However, when the current struggles while passing through the ceramic plate, it produces more heat.

Ceramic heaters are constructed with ceramic plates with attached metal coils that help conduct heat. The ceramic plates absorb heat and then are realized in the room.

Types of Ceramic Heaters

Though these heaters’ names are ceramic, they are not entirely made using ceramic. These heaters usually have plastic in most of the components and parts that are installed in them.

However, some parts are made with metal as well. The parts made with ceramic are the main heating element. These parts are made using PTC ceramic with a positive temperature coefficient.

PTC ceramic heats the air inside the room and makes the room warm. One of the advantages of ceramic plates is that the heater works for years without breaking down or being damaged.

Ceramic heaters are mainly of two types. One is a convective ceramic heater, and the other is radiant. First, look at the types of heaters and see how they differ.

Convective Ceramic Heaters

Convective Ceramic Heaters
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The large and big ceramic heaters are usually found in connective form. This ceramic heater uses a different heating method. First, electricity heats a series of aluminum parts known as fins.

The heat is then transferred to ceramic parts of the heating element. At the same time, the heating unit usually draws cool air from the heater base after this cool air is over the ceramic element and the metal parts.

After this, the heat is dispersed in the entire room. In convective heaters, you will also have a fan that blows hot air in the room where it is kept.

It makes the surrounding space warm for you to stay comfortable during winter. You can quickly warm the room using this heater. The hot air rises and the cool air begins to sink. We know that the cool air is sent downward.

Radiant Ceramic Heaters

Radiant Ceramic Heaters
Source: Amazon.com

The radiant type of ceramic heaters also uses electric power to heat the plate made of ceramic. In this type of heater, you do not get a fan that blows air inside the room.

Rather than this, the ceramic heaters usually radiate the heat directly to objects in the path. The radiant heaters release high-temperature heat compared to the objects kept around.

The radiant heaters do not heat the same as the connective heaters. The reason is that it resides inside the object rather than in the room’s air. Generally, radiant heaters are believed to be more effective enough to generate the right amount of heat.

Ceramic Heater Advantages

1. Ceramic Heaters Heat Quickly

As the plates made of ceramic are used inside the heater, it absorbs heat. They can reach the targeted temperature very fast.

It is faster than the other types of heaters available today. The heaters also cool down faster when turned off. Ceramic heaters are efficient and better than others.

2. Ceramic Heaters are Energy Efficient

The ceramic plates heat up quickly; they do not waste much energy. When the ceramic reaches the correct temperature of the electric current, that decreases and then uses the stored heat in the ceramic material.

This also means that you require less energy to produce heat.

These are economical to run and also good for our environment. It saves you from burning fossil files such as gas.

The ceramic heater efficiency varies between eighty to ninety percent. This compares you favorably to the heater types available in the market.

3. Ceramic Heaters Provides You With A High Heat For Size Ratio

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Designer Series Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat
Source: Amazon

As ceramic hearts are efficient, these heaters will produce more heat compared to the other sizes of heaters.

This is also good for premium spaces as you need a small-size heater. This is also good for large spaces requiring something extremely powerful to heat the whole area.

The ceramic heaters that have fam help heat large rooms and rooms with extremely high ceilings.

This is because the large rooms are usually had to keep warm during winter. The fans inside the heaters will help you circulate the hot air around the room.

4. Ceramic Heaters Are Safe

The ceramic heaters are incredibly safe for use. Heating elements surround the ceramic plates, so there are no risks of having sparks that cause a fire. It also has built-in safety features.

This also has fans that help in the convection of the heating process and prevent the heater from getting overheated. A thermostat that is inside the heater measures temperature. It also allows you to reduce the temperature and prevents the system from overheating.

One of people’s biggest concerns is that it is compared to heating solutions. This is usually wall-mounted and, therefore, makes it secure. These are the freestanding heaters. It could be extremely dangerous if it is knocked over.

Most ceramic heaters are built using tilt detection technology. It means it will shut off the event after it is knocked down.

The main advantage of ceramic heaters is that the gas heaters have the risk of harmful fumes. When burnt, the gas produces carbon monoxide, a faulty boiler, and will emit fatal problems.

5. Ceramic Heaters Are Portable

One of the benefits is that you need a white plug to run the heater. You can heat a small to a large area without any problem. These portable heaters, so you can move around with them whenever you want.

This is extremely useful as only one person is needed to operate it. It is uneconomical to use the ceramic heater. You can heat the whole house using this heat. One can take the heater with them when moving to a different room.

These are not only limited to the house. These can be used inside garages, caravans, studios, offices, and cellars. These are generally easy to use, better than the central heating system, and energy efficient.

Ceramic Heater Disadvantages

Small ceramic heaters are incapable of heating larger areas. You may still have to bear the electricity bills as it requires electricity.

Usually, efficient heating heaters are listed at a high price. This is not the case with the ceramic heaters that offer you a win-win situation of being affordable and running costs less.

There are a lot of things that make ceramic heaters likable. They are available in different types of models. Some heaters also provide you with cold as well as hot air. Such types are good for all-year needs.

Are Ceramic Heaters Safe?

Are Ceramic Heaters Safe?

The ceramic heaters pass electricity through the plates made of ceramic rather than exposing it to the heating elements.

As a result, ceramic parts tend to get heated faster and easier, but the plastic casing on the outside stays cool.

This is one of the best news for families with pets and children who can accidentally touch the heater. As mentioned earlier, The case remains cool and helps prevent burns.

Efficiency and Speed of Ceramic Heaters

Compared to other heaters available today, ceramic heaters work faster and easier. This is because the ceramic plates installed inside the heater get heated faster, and the hot air is dispersed inside the room.

This makes the room warm. The size of the room and the size of the heater you are using determines its efficiency to a great extent.

Ceramic Heaters Overheating Prevention and Security

Ceramic Heaters Overheating Prevention and Security

The way ceramic heaters work makes these heaters safe for use compared to the other heaters available on the market.

Combined with the inbuilt safety features, you will get the safest heaters for your home. Other features of safety in ceramic heaters are as follows:

  • Tip-Over The Protection

This feature shuts down the heater when it has reached the highest internal temperature. This protects it from getting fire sparks or becoming overheated.

  • Cool Touch

The cool touch feature keeps the outer body of the ceramic heater cold. You will not burn yourself when you touch the body of the heater.

Ceramic Heaters Size and Portability

The weight and size of the ceramic heaters make them easy to carry. You can easily move around from one place to another by carrying these heaters.

Generally, these are made for the users who need extra heating for the rooms of their house when they do not have an option for central heating.

These box sizes or tower heaters are incredibly lightweight and easy to port around the house.

When Should You Choose a Ceramic Heater?

These heaters are perfect for heating a particular room or room. However, one can not use it to heat an entire house.

Ceramic heaters are portable, which makes them energy efficient. Using these, you can take away the chill from your room. Ceramic Heaters are also energy-saving, and the heating cost is less than the other available heaters.

If you have small children or pets at home, use these heaters. The outer layer of the ceramic heater stays cold and prevents burns from accidental touching.

When Should You Choose a Ceramic Heater?

Ceramic Heaters FAQ

Do ceramic heaters use a lot of electricity?

Ceramic heaters are energy-efficient devices. These can convert eight to ninety percent of the energy to heat. This also has an immediate effect on the room temperature.

Therefore, these heaters help maintain the room’s temperature without wasting energy.

Which is better, a fan heater or a ceramic heater?

Convection heaters are usually known as fan heaters. These consist of a fan that helps disperse the hot air surroundings. These are a great deal to heat rooms faster.

A ceramic heater also has a safety shut-off device that interrupts the unit when it has turned over or tripped and fell.

Both these devices have their advantages and benefits. You can choose the better one depending on your use type.

How much does it cost to run a 1500-watt heater for 24 hours?

This depends on how much you have to pay per kilowatt-hour. The electric bill generally states the rate and where you live.

In most cases, a 1500-watt heater usually uses around 1.5 kilowatts per hour for twenty-four hours, equaling thirty-six kilowatts per hour when multiplied.

It does not run constantly if your heater is built with a thermostat. This will be used less in such cases. You can follow the same method to figure out the cost in places with low rates.

Can a ceramic heater catch fire?

The ceramic heaters have plates that are made using ceramic inside the heater. These get heated when the air outside the casing stays cold.

Therefore, these types of heaters are perfect for use. It is safe and secured and can be used overnight without any problem.

These heaters also shut down when it gets tripped off or fall. As a result, the system does not catch fire easily or spark.

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