Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

Rumors have it that ACs cover a large portion of your electricity bills. But do they are huge energy consumers?

To be honest, ordinary ACs do suck up a lot of electricity coming to your homes. Did you just see I used the word ‘ordinary’? Yes, to resolve this big issue, the Senville SENL-24CD Mini-Split AC is what you’ve got.

It is a top-seller product with exceptional cooling capacity and Whisper Technology. This AC is a well-functioning Air Conditioner that bags some of the most exciting features. Moreover, it is capable of conditioning your environment quite efficiently in all those extreme & irritating weather conditions. Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Sounds interesting, right? So, let us move on to its detailed description and analyze whether this AC suits you or not.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Huge Cooling Capacity yet super affordable
  • High Energy efficiency
  • Provides All-weather solutions
  • Reliable Brand


  • The refrigerant is not pre-charged
  • Not that sturdy and robust

Design, Size & Warranty 

In terms of the design of the unit, the Senville AC is a funky and eye-catching product with a good quality finishing and glossy white color. 

The size of the unit is designed very smartly to ensure more excellent stability of both the units. Dimensions of the indoor unit are 32.87 x 7.8 x 11.02 making it easy to fit and simple to use, whereas those of the outdoor unit are 30.31 x 11.81 x 21.81, which is quite substantial owing to the vast cooling capacity of the unit.

The manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on the parts. You can further clarify your queries very quickly by contacting the highly responsive customer satisfaction team of the manufacturers.

Product Features Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

All-Weather Performance

The Senville AC, with its built-in efficient heat pump, is a 4-in-1 Mini Split AC is an excellent choice for usage in all weathers. 

Moreover, the integrated dehumidifier fan offers a dry mode to provide great convenience in the humid seasons of the year. 

Turbo Fan

To make the room temperature quickly reach the desired level, the product offers a turbofan mode. In this mode, the fan speed of the unit increases to a surprisingly high level.

Extensive Air Flow

The highly influential operation, coupled with the turbo mode, provides complete airflow in areas as large as 15000 sq ft. This ability makes this AC very suitable even for larger spaces like halls, offices, garages, showrooms, etc.

Moreover, the multi-directional vents of the indoor unit aid in spreading the comfortable air to all the corners of the room uniformly and consistently. 

Timer Function

This outstanding AC also features an efficient timer to both on and off the unit with a pre-adjusted delay. This function is especially very suitable for people with a consistent and vital daily schedule.

Wireless Remote

The product also features a highly user-friendly wireless remote for distant controlling of the unit. It is a durable and functional quality accessory with a bright and impressive LED display for added convenience. 

Inverter Technology

The efficient DC inverter of the Senville AC provides unmatched energy efficiency while keeping down your electricity bills. Also, this system offers a smoother and offer higher SEER ratings.

Follow Me

This AC also provides the highly convenient ‘follow me’ function wherein the remote control acts as a thermostat. This way, as the remote is kept near you, the AC automatically installs the desired temperature and fan settings.

With this mode, you get to experience optimum temperature and airflow. This provides greater comfort in varied temperature conditions.

And Many More…

  • Sleep mode for gradually altering the temperature to provide superior comfort
  • Self Clean to wash off and dry the evaporator efficiently
  • Short Cut button for restoring the previous settings
  • Three optimum fan-speeds along with auto setting

Noise Level 

The operational loudness of the unit of this beautiful AC is extraordinarily low. With its smartly engineered design and efficient DC inverter, its noise dissipation level drops down as little as 32 dB, which is just unbelievable because it’s a powerful AC with huge cooling capacity. 

The average sound level of the unit is 39 dB, which is still very astonishing, as only a few Mini-Split ACs can touch the 40 dB level at their best.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) And BTU Cooling Capacity

As far as energy efficiency is concerned, you certainly need not bother with the Senville AC in your bag. It is an environment -friendly Air Conditioner with a very impressive EER rating of 9. Besides, the SEER rating of this appliance rises to 17, which is one of the best amongst its category.

It is a powerful AC with 24000 BTU Cooling Capacity.

Installation and Usage

The Senville Mini-Split AC features a 16 ft. Installation Kit, making it super-easy to install in any room or hall. However, as both the indoor and outdoor units of the Air Conditioner are a bit heavy, the system requires professional installation to have a more stable and safe performance. 

Also, the manufacturers would provide a Communication Cable and Pre-Flared Copper Lines along with the unit.

Apart from its simple installation, this user-friendly product also offers maximum ease-of-use to its user. 

It comprises a beneficial and easy to remove the Air filter. You just have to detach the protective plate out and then simply pull out the air filters to wash them. Place them back in the exact reverse way.

The huge Cooling capacity of the unit makes an entirely suitable and efficient choice for all sizes of rooms.

Final Thoughts

Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

All in all, the powerful and efficient Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner, with its eye-catching features and exceptional quality builds up high suitability for all kinds of customers.

The extraordinary quiet performance even at such high cooling capacity offers even more convenience to the user. In total, the Senville Mini-Split AC is an affordable, efficient, and impressive choice!

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