The 6 The Best UV Lights for HVAC Reviews

If you are hoping to keep your air even cleaner before it comes out of your HVAC system, then you want to have a UV light installed. There are plenty of options and models out there that you can pick and choose from, so make sure that you are looking at them. You need to know what these devices can do and the benefits you would get from having them.

If you have any questions, you should keep reading our comprehensive guide that will help you see the top models and know the factors to consider.

Top 6 UV Lights for HVAC Reviewed

When you are looking at UV lights, it can be unclear to decide which ones to go for. This is because there are so many models that can become complicated quickly, so keep reading on to find out more. Here are just 6 of the top models that we checked out, such as:

  1. REKO Lighting R2000 UV LightREKO Lighting R2000 UV Light

If you are hoping to purchase the best of the best, this model will be the one you want to have on your list. This is a UV-C based light system, and it was created to be installed inside the ducts of your HVAC system. The bulbs have an output of 253.7N, M, and it is UVC with an a120-volt plug and power cord that is 9 feet long.

This will be extremely easy to install and you can do it if you know you are doing or you can hire an expert to take care of that for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Works fast


  • Expensive


If you don’t mind buying an expensive light to purify the air, then this is the best one to go for, so make sure to check it out.

  1. REKO Lighting PURE24V UV LightREKO Lighting PURE24V UV Light

This is the next best product that you can go for,r, and it has a power input of 24 volts, which means you will need a 24 V transformer to hardwire it to. The bulb is 14” in size,e and it is a UV light that is germicidal so that all of the germs, bacteria, and other harmful viruses that are in the air will be killed off before being circulated in your home.

This is also going to be very easy to install since there is a magnetic bracket that will be attached to the duct so you can just place it wherever it needs to go.


  • Easy to install with magnetic bracket
  • Long bulb
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with the plug


For those who want something that will be very easy to install, then this model would be ideal with the magnetic brackets.

  1. Bio Shield BUVAS-1 UVBio Shield BUVAS-1 UV

For those who want to have a UV light that will help with killing all of the viruses, bacteria and even the allergens, then this is a great model to check out. This is extremely affordable and this is a 4 pin LED light that is 12” in length and it is 20 watts. It has a life of 12,000 hours and it is a UV germicidal light with 254nm.

This one can be placed within any pin holder that you might have that makes installation extremely easy.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Comes in 18” as well


  • Not sure if the wattage for the 12” and 18” are the same


If you just need to replace the light bulb in your system, then this is going to be the right option for you to buy rather than an entire new system.

  1. Coospider AC Coil Duct UV LightCoospider AC Coil Duct UV Light

If you are searching for something that has a strong ability to clean the air around you, then this 253.7nm wavelength model would be ideal. The base and bulb are created separately so that you can replace the bulb without having to remove any part of the base. This is also going to be very easy to install since you just need to create a hole, insert the base and then screw it in.

If you don’t want to work with the experts and pay for them to install the light, then this might be the right option for your needs.


  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Mounting plate can be loose


If you aren’t interested in hiring the experts or if you want to install it yourself this would be the perfect model for you to use.

  1. D200 Germicidal Duct UV LightD200 Germicidal Duct UV Light

Another great option that you can easily install into the HVAC ducts in your home is this model. This is ozone free and there is the electronic ballast along with a sight glass where you can see if the unit is on after it is installed. All of the bulbs for this unit are 253.7nm and germicidal UVC to keep your entire family safe from germs.

This system is very easy to install and there will be 4 bulbs included so you have 2 spare bulbs for when they need to be replaced.


  • 2 spare bulbs are included
  • Installation is easy
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive


For those who want something that is going to be powerful and easy to install and that comes with spare light bulbs this might be the model for your needs.

  1. Mammoth 18W BioShield Air Treatment SystemMammoth 18W BioShield Air Treatment System

This is an IOSHIELD UV system that can be used with your HVAC unit. There is an indicator that will tell you when the lamp needs to be replaced or checked and the installation would be easy. It would also have a long lifetime with 12,000 of usage with the low voltage, which can be used whether the HVAC system is running or not.

The ballast uses 24 volts and the ballast is controlled by the light and this has the FCC, RoHS and CE safety certifications.


  • Affordable
  • 1 year warranty
  • 18W through 2 9W bulbs


  • Bulbs might not work after shipping


For those who are searching for something that will be replaced easily if something is broken, then this model has great customer service.

UV Lights for HVAC Buying Guide

You should always make sure that you are considering whether or not you are going to get UV lights installed in your HVAC system. You need to decide if you want the air to be cleaned even more before it goes into the ducts or before it leaves and these UV lights can help. They will get rid of all germs, bacteria and more, so keep reading to find out a few of the top things to help you with buying the right model.

Can UV Lights Really Help My Air Quality?

If you are wondering if installing any UV lights would really help with the air quality, you should know it will. These lights are often used for those who have severe allergies since the allergens would be reduced with the lights’ usage. This is why hospitals and clinics utilize UV lights to keep the various medical surfaces disinfected and clean.

If you have these installed directly into the HVAC system, they will help with cleaning the indoor air and the entire system. If you have one of these going, then all of the microbes in the air would be killed as they go through the system. The ducts can often contain allergens, bacteria, fungi, I, and mold, and the UV lights are a great way to avoid using chemicals to sterilize and kill the mold, organic growths, and bacteria.

How Do UV Lights Help?

The HVAC units can become contaminated with bacteria, allergens, viruses, dust, and much more, and if you use the UV lights, it will help. These lights will kill bacteria and allergens, and mold that would build up in the system that you might not be able to see. These aren’t things that you can see with your naked eye, and the UV or ultraviolet systems will help prevent the build-up of everything on the surface of the ducts and coils of the HVAC system. These will also improve the energy efficiency and the airflow of your system, which means you won’t have to clean the ducts as often.

This will be important if you live in a humid area where mold is prone to grow faster or even those with severe health-related issues. Ensure that if you are thinking about what system you are going to use and what other additions you can get, the easier it will be. These will help with sterilizing and disinfecting any of the air that is going through your home.

Benefits of Installing UV Lights for HVAC Systems

Before you can make a final decision about if the UV or ultraviolet light is going to be right for your HVAC system, you need to know some of the top benefits. There are numerous benefits that one should be aware of to make an informed decision, such as:

  • Reduces allergies and illnesses – Many allergens and illnesses can be spread through the air that goes into the HVAC system. However, if you use the UV lights in the right strength and placement, then the majority of these microorganisms that might be lurking can be killed. These can be found not only in the air ducts but the coils, and these might be hard to spot. If you have bad allergies or are often sick, this might be considered for your home.
  • Gets rid of odors – There are occasionally going to be odors that would be transported through the HVAC system, including burned food, paint, tobacco, or any other contaminants that might be in your home. This would go through the entire house, and these odors might not be just annoying, but they can be dangerous as well. However, if you have one of the UV light systems installed, they will be able to help eliminate these compounds in the air so you can breathe easier with fresh air.
  • Better airflow – Also, the contaminants that would be building up in the duct would be reduced by using the UV lights. This means that you will have more airflow throughout the system since the lights, once installed, can help with clearing up everything building up. If you have a better airflow, you can control the air coming into any room, and you would be able to shut them completely if needed.
  • Saves money – Another benefit you need to know about is that if the UV lights are cleaning up your system, you will save money. This would be in the maintenance and repairs area, and you won’t have to worry about any issues with dust collection in the ducts. This would also mean spending less on energy and electrical bills because everything is running smoother.
  • Improved efficiency – The final benefit you need to be aware of is that your system would be much more efficient. This is because the system isn’t going to be clogged up like debris, pollutants, and dirt since it would be cleaned. This means that your system will deliver more air to the various rooms after the build-up is removed in the coiling coils, pipes, and ducts by the UV lights. Also, a more efficient system means that you will end up spending less on energy costs over time as well.

These are just some of the top benefits that you will want to be aware of, so make sure that you know what they are. If you know the various advantages, you can use them to help make your decision even easier when the time comes.

Types of UV Lights for Your Air System

You need to be aware of the various types of UV lights that you can use for your HVAC system. These include both the air sterilization and the coil sterilization options, and you should know what they are. Here is what you need to know about these types of UV lights, including:

  • Coil sterilization – This type uses the stick based lights that would be installed inside your return air duct. This would help sterilize the coil that handles the air, and the UV light would operate 24/7. This is the most popular type of light since it is also the most affordable option.
  • Air sterilization – This is a full UV unit for the lights installed to sterilize the air as it is moving. This would be placed into the return air duct so that the air can be cycled along with the air handler blower system.

Ensure that you are aware of the various types so that you can choose the one that will fit your requirements. You should know what the options are so that you can make an informed decision.

Things to Consider When Buying a UV Lamp for HVAC

You also need to consider a wide variety of factors that would help you decide what UV lamp to purchase. Some of the top factors include:

  • Installation – You want to consider how easy it will be to install these lights and if you can do it yourself. Think about if the instructions will be clear or if you would want to hire the experts to deal with this.
  • Power consumption – You also need to know how much energy the device is going to use to determine if it will save you money. This will help you determine what model will be more energy efficient if that is something you want.
  • UV light type – You would also need to think about what type of light you are going for, the coil or the air. This would be determined by the budget that you have and the usage that you want to be able to have, which could be in the return or access duct.
  • Bulb type – Another thing to think about is the type of bulb used, and you should find the best one. It would help if you also thought about how easy it would be to get a replacement bulb and how much it would cost you.
  • Ozone pollution – Also, ozone pollution is something that you want to consider, especially if you want to avoid this. If you don’t mind, you want to find the bulb or system with the lowest levels, and some don’t have ozone used.
  • Extra features – There are many extra features that you might need to look at, including an indicator for letting you know the bulb needs to be checked or replaced and much more. Think about what features you want, and then find the right system that would have those.

These are just some of the top features and factors that you would need to choose when purchasing your UV light system.

How to Install a UV Light in an HVAC System

It would help if you also considered how you would install the UV light in your system. There are numerous steps that you should follow, including:

  1. Choose the exact location where you would need to install the UV light.
  2. Drilling the holes that are required for the installation in the right location
  3. Screw the housing of the UV light to the furnace or the ducts and make sure you aren’t tightening the screws too much
  4. Plug the device in using the power device into any outlet nearby

There are easy steps to help you install the UV light, and you need to make sure to change your bulb every year or at least every 2 years. If you aren’t sure that you can handle this, then go ahead and call the experts to get the help that you need for installation.


  • Are these going to be safe for children?

These would be very safe to use around children since the actual light isn’t going to be anywhere near them. The light would be installed around the furnace or air conditioning, where the air would then go throughout the home.

  • How do I know when the light bulb would need to be changed?

Some models would have an indicator light that would let you know when it should be changed. However, if there isn’t one, you want to change it at least once every year or even every 2 years to keep it operating the best.

  • Do the UV lights run all of the time?

This would really depend on what type of UV light bulb you get and what you purchase. If you are choosing the UV lights put into the air handler, they will be all of the time. However, if they are placed in the ducts, they will only be required to be running while the AC is going.


You should always make sure that you are thinking about if a UV light system will work in your home. This would help with removing and keeping your HVAC system cleaner, which means it would last longer. Think about how much it will save you in maintenance and energy costs and which device would work the best for you when trying to determine what to buy.

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